The worst Lordi album?

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What´s your worst album of Lordi ?

Get Heavy
The Monsterican Dream
The Arockalypse
Babez For Breakfas
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Re: The worst Lordi album?

Postby Monsterlady38 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:24 am

Ghostrider93 wrote:I don't hate albums, all are good, but Monstereophonic is the last in my rank.

It's not for everyone :) I think the album is still growing on me. Scare Force One on the other hand, I never listened to that one often because I crawled under a rock for a bit. My best friend on the other hand ranked Monstereophonic as his #1 probably because he was only getting back into Lordi once he bought tickets for us to see them last summer. I on the other hand was still enjoying Lordi through it all.

Maybe Scare Force One is the one that I'm not fond of......YET. But I certainly do not hate it.
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The worst Lordi album

Postby JuliePoiple » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:44 pm

thats still my favorite replay of all time, GC mcv rushing my m8 as Draconas launches an 8 shadow team rush everyone played exceptionally badly, also shadow team accidental massacre at the hands of a harvester

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Re: The worst Lordi album?

Postby AAore » Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:08 am

Omg they have too many albums now HAHA. I remember when deadache was new.. I sometimes go back and listen to Lordi because of nostalgia, so I pick an album from Get Heavy to Babez. And then I'm always like "hey lets give something newer a shot" but it's too hard with a million newer records to choose from :lol: Also what happened to the beautiful and catchy melodies of the first albums?
Feel Good.
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Re: The worst Lordi album?

Postby alalitsches » Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:32 am

AAore wrote: Also what happened to the beautiful and catchy melodies of the first albums?

The songwriting became a bit "colder" with the last albums, more dissonant things, more sound instead of melody, less energy though heavier... the lyrics are shorter, a lot of repetitions, while the songs are longer so there are often parts with nothing happening. Still I think the melodies are not gone, just because the lyrics are that short, there's no space for that many great melodies like on the earlier albums.
I think the songwriting on Sexorcism was great but the production is too cold, maybe overproduced for me.
Killection was one of those very few Lordi albums that got boring to me very fast because of the repetitions. Though I think the sound of Horror for Hire and Cutterfly is the best sound they ever had. By now I only listen to these two songs, like a bee and Zombimbo when listening to the album.
Curious how they will evolve... soundwise, conceptwise... hopefully the lyrics are not getting shorter again because then they would consist of only the title ;)
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