Arm Your Doors and Cross Check

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Arm Your Doors and Cross Check

Postby Iloveamonsterman » Wed May 06, 2015 1:30 pm

So I found this:

" Occasionally heard as “disarm your doors and crosscheck,” and announced by the lead flight attendant or purser as a plane approaches the gate. The intent is to verify disarming of the emergency escape slides attached to the doors. When armed, a slide will automatically deploy the instant its door is opened. Disarmed, it needs to be deployed manually. On departure the slides are armed to facilitate an emergency evacuation. (You might hear this as “doors to automatic.”) Upon docking, they’re disarmed to keep them from billowing into the boarding tunnel or onto the apron during servicing.

Crosscheck is a generic term used by pilots and flight attendants meaning that one person has verified the task of another. In the cabin, flight attendants crosscheck one another’s stations to make sure the doors are armed or disarmed as necessary."

So the title obviously suggests in the meaning that something bad is going to happen. I also know that in an interview, Mr. L mentioned that whilst he wasn't giving away specific details, that the Words "Scare Force One" were said in Finnish on the track, which I believe to be "Pelästyttää Voima Yksi". It sounds like "Pela-stu-taa Voy-ma Y-ksi". Do you think that the title itself was and indication to the bad and dark new sound they produced, or something else altogether, maybe like the 'story of Scare Force One?
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