Lordi vinyl LP's

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Lordi vinyl LP's

Postby Kreivi » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:59 pm

During the last year I've become quite a manic collector of vinyls, appreciating their cover artwork, lyric sheets and the overall feeling of a physical form of music.

I am also collecting Lordi, the band that introduced me into the world of music. I have now Monstereophonic and Scare Force One on vinyl. I have both of them also as a CD, and I hate to say this, but I'm quite dissappointed in the vinyl releases.

And here's why; the lack of content.

The music itself is good in quality; no complaining about that. With the vinyl versions you get, of course, superb version of the cover art but nothing more. Just the band members' faces in the gatefold along with the production notes etc. But with the CD versions of albums, you get more artwork, pictures and a lyrics booklet full of stuff!.

Why don't the vinyl releases include even a simple lyric sheet? A an avid vinyl collector I'm disappointed to say that Lordi's CD-releases are much better than the vinyl ones, regarding to their contents.
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