10th Lordi album

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Re: 10th Lordi album

Postby MarkusHasADeadache » Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:05 am

Rockman wrote:SCG10
The first one was the best with the imitations of AC/DC, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, King Diamond, Guns ’n’ Roses and one that I didn’t recognize (Can anyone else recognize?).

Based on the illustrations in the comic book that came with the box set it's supposed to be Venom.
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Re: 10th Lordi album

Postby Rockman » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:58 pm

New album debuts number 1 on finnish physical album charts and number 8 overall! 8)
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Re: 10th Lordi album

Postby Cannibal's Candy » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:21 pm

Great to see! They deserve it for the effort and creativity they put into this record :)
Here in Germany they are on #13, the best placement since Arockalypse which was on #7.

To the album; I bought the vinyl because I was hyped for Carnivore but it was quite disappointing :D it‘s quite rare that a Lordi bonus track isn’t great, but rather one of the few weaker songs on the album.
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Re: 10th Lordi album

Postby _orc_ » Tue Mar 03, 2020 10:51 pm

I friggin love this album! Best album since Babez I'd say. Monstereophonic was great and Sexorcism was good soundwise but songs, that sexstuff gets old pretty fast. To beast or not was mostly not..beast. I won't even mention that aviation themed one. You know wich one. Babez is a classic. These that came after it don't have that potential. Killection on the other hand.

There is no song I do not like. I even like Apollyon, Blow my fuse and Zombimbo. Zombimbo is one of the best on the whole album. It's not Cutterfly or Evil, but third at least. Only thing I could live without, are the SCG10 skits..or whatever they are. Ruiz is a bit annoying dude, imo. And I think that this radioshow concept ruins this whole fictional compilation idea? Is it a fake compilation? Or a fake radioshow special?

I have two question tho. First, does anyone get that , ''it's fire in the hole!''- feeling on the intro of Scream Demon? I get the Alice Cooper reference but, just listen fire on the hole and scream demon back to back. Second, all the other album references I get, but what the hell is Super Fly Trap? It is killing me.

Carnivore is good. For a b-side.
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