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Band member Q&A.

Postby Fallen One » Sat May 26, 2007 12:46 pm


I've decided to start a topic about questions the band members have already answered. A lot of people don't seem to bother browsing through the previous pages in the band members' topics to find wether their question has already been answered, and I can't blame you really.

However, asking the same question over and over clogs up the forum, takes away band members' time to answer new questions that haven't been asked yet. So, the only decent solution that sprung to my mind was to create this topic in which I'll systematically post every question asked to a band member that received an answer (quoted from their topic).

So, all that's left for you to do now is read this topic (scroll down, each member has their own post with Q&A's) before you ask a question to one of the monsters.

Mr. Amen
Miss Awa
Miss Enary
Mr. Kalma
Mr. Kita
Mr. OX
Mr. Lordi

Fallen One.
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Mr. Amen FAQ:

Q: Did you consider portraying any other characters before deciding on "The Mummy"?
A: It's a long story..but yes, there was another idea for that character. The face was exactly same but everything else wasn't. It was somekind of redneck porno-Caesar wearing on leather. I still have those pictures from that time and man, I have to tell you I'll get always good laugh when watching those! And I'm glad we decided not to do that one.

Q: Your character is well portrayed! You must be a horror film fan? What would be your favorite movie in this genre?
A: Well, I don't consider myself any more crazy horror film fan than ordinary people are. Of course I like to watch movies of that genre, like everyone else in Lordi, except Kita! Favorite one...hmm..when I was teenager I liked to watch Elm Streets, so maybe those have influenced me most.

Q: What are your musical influences or what guys inspired you to play?
A: Musical influences...hmm..what comes to a bands I could mention Guns' n Roses, SKid Row, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Mötley Crue, Anthrax, Hanoi Rocks etc. and above all:KISS! And what comes to a guitarists...well, I don't like at all "Malmsteen/Satriani" -kind of playing, that's okay, but it's not rock 'n roll as I see it. I love guitarists like Angus Young, Joe Perry, Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Slash...that kind of guitar playing is closest to my heart.

Q: Do you have any pictures of the "porno-Caeser wearing on leather" look?
A: Yeah, I have, but we won't release those but if we someday release "Lordi-box" we will definitely put some early dayz pictures of the band in to it, so you just have to wait for it.

Q: What tuning do you play in most on Get Heavy?
A: All the songs are in standard tune, except "Biomechanic Man" and "Get Heavy". In those two songs I use D-tuning.

Q: What's your rig set up?
A: I use very basic set, Marshall JCM 900/JCM 800. I have some pedals (distortion etc.) but I haven't use those in a live situation. Right now I'm testing BOSS SD-1 Over Drive -pedal which I found very cool! In a studio I use everything within reach but the sound of the Marshall amplifiers is base of my sound.

Q:Did you enjoy recording or even playing the songs on The Monsterican Dream more or less than Get Heavy?
A: A really, REALLY, hard question. I think I was having a more fun when recording Get Heavy but of course, riffs on the MD are killers and I LOVE to play those.

Q: Do you think you'll ever release an "Unmasked" album like Kiss did?
A: Hmm...u mean KISS album "Unmasked" or do you mean that are we gonna take our makeup off someday? Anyway, answer to the both questions is the same: DEFINITELY NOT! I also play in another band, unmasked, and it's lot of fun also, but Lordi without costumes, never.

Q: How did you learn to play the guitar? How long did it take, and at what stages were you at and when?
A: I learned the basics of the guitar playing by jamming along with the AC/DC -albums and I guess I learned basic-shit at very short notice. I started to play guitar more seriously when I was a teen.

Q: What were the seven songs you used your quite stylish Baritone in on The Monsterican Dream?
A: As far as I remember, those songs were:
-Children of the night (chorus)
-My heaven is your hell (main riffs, I also played extremely distorted bass in a first riff)
-Bring it on (chorus etc.)
-Blood red sandman (chorus)
-Fire in the hole (rhythm under solo)
-Wake the snake (rhythm under solo etc.)
-Kalmageddon (rhythm under solo & main riffs)

Q: You said you started to play guitar more seriously when you were a teen, how long was it before you started to get ahold of the more tricky stuff like jumping madly between strings and soloing?
A: Okay, first of all, you can't learn to play guitar if u keep on watching clock or calendar all the time, u know what I mean? I understand what you mean with your question, but it's like with a woman, again, it might take sometime to get there but in the end your efforts will you say it...bear fruit.
But seriously,
first when I picked up my acoustic nylon string guitar I was something like a five or six years old and I just played children's songs with my nanny. As a teen I started to do rock-stuff, and as soon as I got some distortion out of my guitar I started to play along with the albums I loved, u know, it was based on imitation. I guess it took a few months to learn the basic chords and different variations of those and a few months more learn to play them smoothly one chord after the other.
I never wasn't so much into soloing, I just loved the rhythms I got out of my guitar, until I collide with the blues. And I still haven't recovered from that "accident" and u know what, I don't even want to! I remember playing along blues records hours and hours per day and from there I learned the basics of the soloing. So there was a time when I played only was a two year period in my life, only blues. When I came back to my "blues heaven". I noticed that all the bands I loved used the same kinda riffs, licks, that is in use in blues. So...what was the question? Anyway, I started to use techniques I learned from the blues in rock music.

Q: Do you have any tips for doing solos? I have been trying stuff like finger tapping, and I have allmost got the hang of pinch harmonics, but what should I do to improve my abilities?
A: I would advise you not to take advises from anybody, ever. Just follow your fingers and ears. But I think that there is a lot of articles in internet where you can find some useful tips. And you can also take a one easy song from your favorite artist, find the tabs for that, and learn the basic stuff that way. It's slated to put up a some kinda "Amen's guitar lessons" website later this year. If it's gonna happen then we can absorbed in that issue more deeply.

Q: What is your new guitar? You have used it in the Who's Your Daddy music video and I believe you used it at the Eurovision performance too.
A: Yeah, that's right! It is custom made guitar. I will tell more about it later...but it is really really good to play and sounds sooo great! I also signed a Gibson deal one week ago, and unfortunately my Tokai is now in sarcophagus. So, from now on, I will only play with my custom guitars and Gibsons. And it is more than okay, 'cause I think Gibson guitars are best guitars in this world, so I'm really satisfied with that deal.

Q: On your solo for the "Devil is a Loser" video are all the sparks etc real or is it cgi? I saw on a live picture that you had sparks, is there something connected to the machine head which when a switch is pushed it sets of a machine?
A: Hi, this is the question I have to answer once in a week. So, thing is that there is a pyro-machine attached in the head of the guitar (like you assumed) but sparks in the fretboard is made with a computer. So it is somekinda animated effect.

Q: Have you used any new mixes in The Arockalypse? you used Barritone and some mixes with tuning for The Monsterican Dream, have you done anything similar for the new album?
A: On Arockalypse I didn't use Baritone. Rhythm tracks are recorded mostly with Gibson Les Paul Standard and doubled with the Tokai. I also used Ibanez SD-1. And to get more deeper sound, I also used 7-string Ibanez tuned in C, and with that I played the songs through with one string.
I used D-tune in songs:
-Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
-The Deadite Girls Gone Wild
-The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead
-Hard Rock Hallelujah
as far as I remember...
But the best part is, that all the solos are recorded with the original amp head of Ace Frehley!!! It is from the seventies' and Ace used it on tours like AliveII, Love Gun and Dynasty!!!!!!!!

Q: What was your first electric guitar?
A: 1st electric guitar...I really don't remember the model..but my second electric guitar was Kramer and I used that a lot back then

Q: How long does it take you to get into character? and how long have you been playing guitar?
A: About one hour. And I've been playing something like 20 years..

Q: What was with the hat at Eurovision? Will you wear it again?
A: That "hat" -thing in Eurovision...well, you know, it just happened - we were at the backstage lounge and when we heard that we gonna win, Mr.Lordi took his Lappland-hat and throwed the FInland-hat to me. So, it wasn't planned at all. And no, I'm not gonna use it anymore. And yes, it is in safe place..somewhere at our rehearsal place.

Q: Is it very difficult to play the guitar? What was the first guitar you started playing with?
A: Well, no it's not, but you know, with guitar you can always learn new stuff. My very first guitar was nylon string Landola, I still have it.

Q: What was your impression of Greece? Do you like it? We hope to have all of you here again for a concert.
A: Greece was hoooot! There wasn't so many rock clubs in Athens but we finally managed to find one - it was a crazy place, it was open as long as there were customers! I remember one morning when I was partying in there till 7am and then I walked to my hotel and put the costume on and...well, you can guess the day was loooong. It would be so cool to play in Greece again!

Q:Are the outfits and characters chosen by the band?
A: Yes, of course. And we've been doing this already years so it wasn't just for the Eurovision.

Q: What are your hobbies outside Lordi?
A: I love to play, for example NHL and Colin McRae Rally. I also watch lot of movies, horror ones etc. I try to work out if I have time, and during the winter time I ski a lot.

Q: Which is your favorite horror movie?
A: The Shining and Elm Streets

Q: Do you like Iron Maiden?
A: I like Maiden very much!

Q: What's your favourite Lordi song?
A: Not The Nicest Guy.

Q: how long it took you to learn to play guitar, do you ever feel as though you have 'gone up a level with your playing'? Or does everything just fall into place when you get better?
A: You learn the basic chords in a one or two weeks. It depends how far you wanna go with your guitar playing. You can learn new stuff everyday until you die. That's why guitar is so great instrument! Of course it is sometimes frustrating when you practice something and it seems like you never gonna get it, but if you don't give up then someday you reach the new level. Nothing comes easily in this world.

Q: What guitars do you have?
A: I have two custom guitars, three Gibsons (Les Paul Standard & NewCentury&Studio), Tokai, Silvertone Paul Stanley -model

Q: How busy are you and do you enjoy getting all the attention?
A: I'm extremely busy. But it is just great. If I wouldn't be busy with the Lordi it would be mean that no-one cares what we are doing, right. All this attention, and having fun all the time, makes Amen very happy.

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?
A: No I don't have a girlfriend.

Q: A.Is your name pronounced as "Ahhmen" with a long "ah" sound?
B."Ahmen" with a short "ah" sound?
C. "Amen" with an "Ay" sound?
D. Something new and cool that America hasn't even heard about yet?
A: I guess I choose the C. But in a bedroom I prefer A.

Q: I read that you liked Skid Row... What`s your favorite song?
A: Sooo many...I love the first two albums. Big Guns, 18 and Life, Youth Gone Wild, Monkey Business...

Q: Was the idea for the Blood Red Sandman video taken from Evil Dead 1?
A: Yea, you're right about the Blood Red Sandman -video.

Q: I would like to know, what effect/pedal etc do you use to give you that crunchy sound?
A: No pedals, just Gibson and Marshall and my fingers.

Q: Will you make a song about you as a Mummy?
A: Heh, someday...but it might be instrumental one.

Q: When you were a kid, did you even watch the Eurovision, let alone think about joining it?
A: As a kid I did watch the Eurovision, but never think about joining it.. But the thing is different with Lordi, we do things that normal bands doesn't do.

Q: Do you like movies like Lord of the Rings? Do you like movies with orks and things like that?
A: Yes, I love those movies! I'm also fan of early horror movies, like Dracula-movies etc.

Q: I know you've been in the band from the beginning, did you audition? I heard something that you and Lordi met at a KISS gig.
A: Yes, I knew Mr.Lordi before but first time I met him was on a cruising from Helsinki to Stockholm to see KISS. I think year was 1996. I also met Kita then.

Q: Why don't you jump around onstage with OX as much as you did with Kalma?
A: I do "dance" with Mr.Ox as much as I did with Mr.Kalma, guess you haven't seen our recent shows...

Q: What was it like going into the ESC? did you ever have any doubts that people might not 'accept' you into the contest because you are all monsters?
A: I think Mr.Lordi said it very well, "we were just like meat eaters in a vegetarians' table". It was a lot of fun, but like we said millions of time, it was just a bypath for us but obviously a very good one. We didn't have any specific doubts about people reactions - you know, where ever we go we always face the reactions, good or bad ones.

Q: When are you planning to release a new album?
A: We just released the album. 2007 there will be no new album.

Q: I heard that you are making new movie. Is that true?
A: Yes, we gonna make the new movie. It should be out on next spring, if everything goes as planned. It's not a Lordi movie, we are not gonna play or anything like that. It is a full lenght horror movie, but of course all the members will be on that movie!

Q: What is your new guitar? You have used it in the Who's Your Daddy music video and I believe you used it at the Eurovision performance too.
A: Sooo many questions about the custom guitar, so here's the details:
The guitar is a custom made Salo guitars double cut standard. The body and the neck are cedar, the top is maple, the fretboard is indian rosewood. The goldplated hardware is made by Gotoh, the pickup is custom wound for Amen by Jarno Salo. The ankh inlays are made of mother-of-pearl and the finish is polyurethane with a Sahara yellow base and hand painted Amen symbols. Salo guitars custom DC Standard prices start from 2500€...
And those symbols;
around the volume and tone knobs there are symbols of the gold. "The dude" is a painting of the Amen. Around the switch is the eye of the Horus. And between fretboard and mic there's a text "lordi" by hieroglyfs. And fretboard is inlayed with the symbols of the "Ankh".
I had a deal with Jarno Salo that I use it in ESC. It sounds so grrreat that now it is part of my live set.

Q: Do you have trouble switching between playing with and without costume?
A: Not anymore. Those are two different things, definitely, but nowadays it is not a problem..well, it is, but not so much than it used to be.

Q: Do you record the albums in costume in the studio?
A: Without the costumes, completely naked.

Q: What is your or the band's stance on parodies of your songs?
A: If they pay for us then it's okay. To be honest with you, haven't heard so many of those..only good cover versions.

Q: Is there any chance for me (or anyone else) to see/meet/get something from you?
A: Lot of people asks how they can meet us. Well, it is not difficult. Usually after the shows we meet fans. Our tour manager usually picks up the people from the crowd. Band members also picks up the fans, usually we prefer people who are die hard fans. But same "rules", if you see us, or someone from the crew, just ask.

Q: Do you like some anime manga?
A: why you ask.. well, I guess I like..

Q: During the Eurovision, were you guys nervous? I mean, it was very much people watching the show...
A: Nope. I really don't know what to say about know, it was just one song just don't think that there are so many people watching your just do your own thing and that's pretty much of it. But it was fun and of course we enjoyed it a lot!

Q: I saw a lot of people who asked to get backstage but didn't have the luck I did. We passed by them as they were all waiting at the stage to try and get backstage and I could hear one say "Oh, and they get to go backstage?"
A: it so? Okay, I guess that everyone understands that after the show I'm almost dead and I wanna get rid off my costume as soon as possible. Really. And there's no chance to meet 500 fans after the show, as fun as it would be. We are now planning a Fan Club and MAYBE by that we can get these meetings somehow organized. And let me tell you all, if we come to the venue at the morning and there are already fans waiting for us, then we usually give them backstage passes.

Q: No new album 2007? And what about 2008? What do you do in 2007?
A: Er...we are touring, making a movie, touring... Let's hope that new album comes out 2008. I would say that it comes out in the end of 2008...

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Special thanks to:
S92 for the appreciated help
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Miss Awa FAQ:

Q. Are there any songs which are composed or are there any lyrics made by you? And I think you play keys in this new album, but is Kalma still on the bass?
A. I didn’t write any songs to this album. I joined the band after the songs were already composed. But I did some arranging and played the keyboards. Kalma were still on the bass on this album.

Q. What's your favourite Lordi song?
A. Favourite Lordi song? That’s very hard question. I can say that Get heavy is our favourite song to play in gigs for all of us. Although Bringing Back the Balls might change that in the future. Damn… Can’t decide.

Q. What keyboard do you use?
A. I have two keyboards, Korg Triton and Novation’s A-station. Mostly I play the Triton.
Later post:
A. I have Korg Triton Classic and Extreme and MicroX. And I just bought a Nord Electro 2. It has very good organ sounds.

Q. What is your keyboarding history, are you a KISS fan
and could you tell us about your character?
A. I LOVE Kiss. I probably wouldn’t be in this band if it were otherwise, would I.
This is my third “real” band. I’ve played keyboards since I was a teenager and classical Piano from the age of five or six, can’t remember for sure…
Awa is very complex character. She’s a sorceress, a ghost, the vampire countess etc. She is (or were) a upper class lady and lived probably in the 1800 or 1900 century. She was killed but it didn’t stop here at all. She is possessed and very restless soul. And very unpredictable. So watch out and be AWAre!

Q. Are you a Finnish monster too?
A. Yes I’m a Finnish monster.

q. Which bands or musicians have influenced you?
I listen to a lot of different kind of bands, artists, music. Especially I enjoy live performances, if they’re great and special, even if I wouldn’t usually listen to that kind of music. I could say that the 80’s music thrill me the most and have the biggest influence to my playing. Through the years I’ve loved Kiss, Madonna, Depeche mode, Duran duran, Skid row, Nirvana... The list goes on and on and on. Heavy is great, especially 80’s hard rock but I also like electric music. The classical music has also been a part of my life ‘cause my training of playing piano and music theory. Time to time I also listen 70’s progressive rock.
If you have some bands on your mind and you would like to know if I like them or not or tell your own opinions about them, please ask and tell!

Q. Now, I'm not trying to spark up any bad feelings here (some people may be defensive over this subject), but how does it feel to follow up after Miss Enary? Granted that you're your own monster, with your own style (musically & costume-wise) and you're not trying to be Enary, but do you find that Miss Enary has rather large shoes to fill? (which I have no-doubts you'll do)
A. Yes, of course Enary’s shoes are very big to fill. But from this perspective it’s good thing that I wasn’t a huge Lordi-fan before. I just liked the idea of the band and was interested. I don’t know Enary, I haven’t even ever met her. I really respect and look up to her as a performer and musician, but from the beginning of my Lordi carrier I’ve done totally my own thing. That’s one reason why Awa looks almost opposite to Enary. I keep saying to myself I’m not replacing anyone, I’m a new character and try to do my best as a member of Lordi. But of course in real life I’m also replacing her and feel the pressure. I hope the pressure makes me work harder to make you guys satisfied!

Q. How did you come to join lordi? Did you know the members before or where you approached?
A. I knew Kita before. Our manager is a friend of mine and he introduced me to him. After Enary was said goodbye, they needed a new keyboard player and Kita called me. There were also other candidates... Don't know why they chose me!

Q. Did you do backing vocals on the arockalypse?
A. No, I just joined the band when they were done. Or... maybe I did something girlish there...

Q. What it for playing cards which you hold in your profile?
A. They’re Tarot cards. I’m a witch and they are my reading cards. Would you like to know you’re future dear mortal…?

Q. Did you have a choice of what your costume would be? Or did Mr Lordi decide on it for you?
A. Mr. Lordi were the brain and hands for my costume as a whole but we planned it together and I had quite a lot of influence to it. It was (and still is) great to think up my costume!

Q. How long had you been working with Lordi prior to your official joining? And how are you adjusting to wearing the prosthetics?
A. I’ve been working with the guys since last September. Or was it October? Well, either way not very long, hope we have still a long way ahead of us.
Do you mean by prosthetics my lovely theeth? Well… Their very important part of my character. I like them and the form was my wish. Not so great “side effect” with them is that it’s not very easy to speak naturally when I’m wearing them.

Q. Did Mr Lordi give you a choice of what you wanted your persona to be (y'know, examples of what you could have), or did he leave it completely open ended?
A. We had quite similar thoughts about my character with mr. Lordi. = Sorceress, vampire, ghost. So we made a mix.

Q. Who is cuter... Kalma.. Or.. OX?
A. Well well, they're both very hot and I like them. There’s a rumour that says I might have had something to do with the Kalmageddon order in the past. Maybe in the 1900-century or something of the kind…

Q. Do you and the other members hang out when you aren't doing band-related stuff?
A. Yeah of course. But often we’re so stick together by the band stuffs that we have to make some time to our own friends too. So we’re not hanging together like 24/7.

Q. How long does it take you to get ready before you go on stage?
A. It takes about 30 minutes to get ready

Q. Do you find performing easy in the mask AWA?
A. It’s easier than I thought, but of course it’s not as easy as without it. The hardest part though, is wearing the contact lenses ‘cause I have very dry eyes and the contacts are probably made from thicker plastic than normal ones. Or something. But who said it would be easy to make a great monstershow!

Q. Do you play any other instruments too?
A. No, unfortunately I play just keyboard. But I would like to learn to play bass. I’m left-handed so it makes the starting more difficult.

Q. Will you write some songs in the future of lordi?
A. Don’t know yet about writing songs. Only time will tell

Q. What's your favorite KISS song?
A. Tears are falling is my favorite Kiss song.

Q. What you think about Dream Theater?
A. Yeah, Dream Theater is really good band. I should listen it more often. Have you seen the keyboardist’s instrument? Wow, it’s Korg like mine, but it’s made especially for him. I didn’t know that but my cousin is a DT fan and we were once watching their DVD . I said ”wow look at that Korg!” Then she told me that you can’t have it like that anywhere. Cool, I’m really jealous!
My favourite Dream Theater album is of course AWAke

Q. Did you hear James LaBrie's last solo album?
A. Unfortunately I haven’t heard James LaBries latest album.

Q. What about your favorite keyboard and piano players?
A. My favorite keyboard or piano players? …hmm… Richard Clayderman?
Ok, you’ve probably already noticed that I’m not good in this, making lists of my top of something. Sorry...
Let’s just say that Rick Wakeman from Yes really deserves his keyboard arsenal in their concerts. He’s a living legend. Other wise I think it takes a hell of a lot guts to have like 10 or more different keyboards in gigs. But he’s really that talent and therefore deserves it.
Also I really respect a guy called Juha for his talent and playing style. He's from Tehosekoitin, a great but unfortunately deceased Finnish band. I don’t know what he’s doing these days...

Q. What kind of approach you prefer with keyboards?
A. I appreciate all the keyboardists who understand the greatness of 80’s sounds.

Q. Would you ever perform a keyboard solo with Lordi? And if yes what kind of solo would it be? Faster than light or something based on chords progressions and more jazzy stuffs? Or maybe it would be something based on the sound synthesis?
A. Okay your questions are not very easy to answer. Let’s just see what future brings. Maybe I’ll bring more “analogue like” (or how do you say it?) sounds to Lordi. And little bit more rough and future like sounds. But just to spice up songs a little bit. Actually I’ve already done that in our gigs.
I don’t know about the solo-thing. I have to practice more.

Q. What you think about Janne Warman?
A. Janne Warman is very very talented. I respect him a lot!

Q. Do you like being behind the keyboards? I know alot of bands keyboarders seem to be hidden like the drummer behind their instruments of destruction. Do you like it or would you much rather be running around with Mr. Lordi, Mr. OX and Mr. Amen?
A. Well, I’m not a person who wants always be in the spotlight, so being behind the keyboards is fine for me. But of course sometimes I would like to move more. That’s why after the last song I usually come to the front stage hanging. And I also have a trick on my mind to one of my bandmates. That includes moving away from my “station”. Watch out!

Q. Do you like motorbikes?
A. Yeah, of course. Especially if there's a hansom driver (I can't drive a motorbike)

Q. Hey, AWA, how do you feel playing in Lordi and having a forum where a lot of members tell you that you are beautiful and ask you to marry them?
A. Well, of course we all love it! Cool To be honest it has been little odd, but you get use to it, hah, and the beuty is in the viewers eye, isn't it?

Q. How do you pronounce your name?
A. We'll first I prefered Ay-wah but now I have decided that I myself prefer Awa. So that you pronounce the a-letters like you pronounce the name 'America'.

Q. Have you ever been in a car at 220 kph?
A. No, not in that fast speed. But I like Formula so I'd really love to be in a fast going car sometimes

Q. Do you actually lay the Tarot cards?
A. For myself and for my friends. Latelly I haven't had the time though...

Q. Do you smoke?
A. No I don't smoke. It's bad for your health.

Q. Do you know a band called Dragonforce, and do you like them?
A. Sorry, I know the band name but the music is not familiar to me. So I don't have any opinions. Not yet at least.

Q. What's it feels like te be the only female monster in the band?
A. To this question I have answered like thousand times and I understand that it interests people. Most of the time it's cool and we don't care about the gender stuff. But of course sometimes I feel different and guys don't quite get my "femalethings". But we have two ladies in our crew, so I'm fine

Q. Are you happy to have this many fans?
A. Of course it's good to be famous. But still, we want MORE. Much more! And we want to do this for a long time. Not a lousy job, you know.

Q. Do you still play classical music in your spare time or maybe even at concerts?
A. Have to be honest, haven't played the classical piano for a while. What is good about the training is the technique and understanding music theory. It makes playing more easier.

Q. Do you like beer and do you have any favorite?
A. Sorry, I don't like beer at all. I prefer wines. Prosecco, the bubbling white wine is my favorite right now.

Q. Did you get a new mask?
A. Okay, what comes to my "new look" yes, I had a facial recently. Had to do it, no choice, old skin was so worn-out. So what do you think? I know I look more angry now and probably it's a good thing, right? Although for me it's always quite hard to give up the old things I've used to live with.

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Miss Enary FAQ:

Q: Who are some of your idols?
A: Well, KISS is an easy answer.
On keyboards I always looked up to Jens Johansson, he's the reason whe I started thinking I could play in a band myself. On the vocals I admire a few people, Paul Stanley and Eric Adams to name a few. In general, all the bands I was listening to as a kid, made me who I am now. In good and very, very bad.

Q: How long did it take you to compose Magistra Nocte?
A: Not too long, once I get the inspiration it kinda just ... comes.
It was originally ment to be an intro (now it's a combination of an intro and an and that's why it's so short.

Q: When did you first play the piano?
A: I started playing piano about 21 years ago, I still study classical piano. I started playing with all the usual pianoschool books. And now i teach my students to play from the same books.
Later post:
I usually don't make my students play Chopin, 'cause that's one composer I don't like myself...then again, I make them play a lot of Bach and Sibelius and Lordi. And huge amounts of scales and etydes.

Q: What is your costume inspired on?
A: My whole appearence is inspired by my background of vikings, and also a few movies I love, mainly Hellraiser and Gladiator. It's a combination

Q: What is with the Zombie look?
A: Hmmmmm...I'm trying to figure out what you mean... I can't see myself as a member of the cast of Dawn Of The Dead.
I think all monsters tend to look quite dead and pale. But believe me, there's more than meets the eye.

Q: If your kid asks you "mommy, why do you look like that, and why are you eating that man", what are you going to say?
A: If/when I have kids, it's my duty to teach them to behave, and I think they'll follow my example on most stuff, like eating people or saying "thank you" afterwards.

Q: What kind of keyboards do you use?
A: Right now I have a Korg Triton, I used to have a Korg N364, but I kinda burned it...

Q: What classical artists you like the most?
A: You mean composers or musicians? On composers I like so many, like Bach, Sibelius, Beethoven, lots of russian composers...ect. On musicians I can't really say, they usually play some songs so unbelievebly well, but then they're not that good in some depends...

Q: Why isn't Enary in the band anymore?
A: As the new members come in, it sadly means that Enary and Kalma are now out.
"It feels bad to let band-mates go", says Mr.Lordi. "But sometimes the situations take a turn to the direction that no-one wants them to. Things can develope into something that the band just can't cope with. No-one wanted these separations to happen, but shit happens. When you can't turn away from trouble anymore, tough decisions have to be made. The band will go on and it needs all it's individuals to work together smoothly."

Enary, who joined Lordi in 1997, was asked to leave the group in August. The band states that the personal chemistry in the group became somewhat unbearable.

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Mr. Kalma FAQ:

Q: Are you actually a different person from Magnum, or did you just change costume?
A: I'm different person.

Q: Did you write the lyrics to Kalmageddon, or did you just write the bass to it?
A: Yes, I wrote the lyrics and after that Mr.Lordi refined them to fit in his mouth! 50/50 work...

Q: I read in the booklet of the new album Monsterican Dream that you did the backing vocals with Mr Kita, did you decide to do the backing vocals by yourself or were you asked?
A: When Kita began the backing vocal recordings in his home studio, he asked me to come to do the actual recording with ProTools. He could then concentrate to the singing and not to the computer... I also sang some backings in the same process as well. We decided to try all kinds of variations in the backing vocals so they would sound as big as possible!

Q: Did you enjoy your scene in The Kin?
A: Yes I did, very much. It was really fun to do...

Q: Are you planning on doing any of the bass tabs for the the new album?
A: Right now I'm not planning to do tabs, simply because of the lack of time. That is a very good idea though...

Q: What type of basses do you use?
A: My main instrument is ESP Ltd Viper 304 and spare one is Ibanez Ergodyne. Both black of course. Amps and cabins from Warwick.

Q: What is your thought on Yamaha basses?
A: Since I've never played one, I really don't know. It would not be one of the first choices if I was to choose a new bass...Right now the Viper is fulfilling all my fantasies

Q: I read that on March 8th 2003 during a live performance in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki the pyrotechnics got a bit out of hand, I am curious as to what happened exactly?
A: Well, at least nobody was in flames or anything like that. Nobody got hurt in the incident, but it scared the shit out of the technician who caused it! It's quite hard to explain, but it was somekind of out of control-burst of flame, which destroyed fellow bands guitar equipment and a video wall owned by the finnish television company. When you play with open fire, something like this can happen. Of course we had lots of fire extinquishers and experienced security staff on duty, so the situation was over in a few seconds. But hey, it really happened on live tv show called Emma-gaala, which is like Brit Awards in Britain or Grammys in USA. We were performing there at the end of the show and this incident happened right before our performance. And it made to next mondays headline news in the papers!! Which is always nice...

Q: I read that ALL the Bass in Get Heavy was played by Magnum, and I wondered how that made you feel, Having yourself on the front of the album and Magnum only having his little space in the back. Was it hard having to learn all the bass for Lordis songs and trying to fit in with the band?
A: Fitting in the band wasn't a problem at all because I knew all the guys beforehand. And what comes to the learning of the songs, they are not that hard to play so they were pretty easy to learn...Of course we had to rehearse a lot, but it went quite smoothly. Our reheasals are pretty effective, we don't talk much shit when it's time to work!
How did I feel about Magnum playing all the basses...well when they were recording the Get Heavy album, I didn't know that I was going to be in the band, so of course that was ok to me! Of course it would have been nice to play in that album but hopefully we have lots of album ahead of us, and I can be part of them all!

Q: You and Mr. Amen always seem to get on very well with each other and kind of play of each others actions, is that planned or do you just kind of do it?
A: What we are doing on stage comes pretty naturally. Of course we always check out each others actions on stage and react to them if necessary...We are not planning anything, we are just going with the flow Cool

Q: Do you shoot, and if so, what?
A: I haven't fired a real gun since -95, nowadays I just shoot with my love gun...or cannon, whatever

Q: On a few pictures, I saw that you carry a small metallic heart on the left arm of your costume. Does that have a special Reason?
A: It's because I'm such a nice person and a loving monster

Q: I've noticed on here that some people call you Kalma and some say Mr Kalma I was just woundering witch you prefer?
A : Mr Kalma is very polite and shows respect to me. That's nice! So, from now on, it's Mr Kalma to you all.

Q: Someone said you look like the infamous Skull Cowboy that was removed from the Crow movie (but can be seen on the DVD). Did you take inspiration from it?
A: No.

Q: How did you come up with such a great costume? What kind of process do the band members do to decide on their looks? Did you sit around together, or just go off and do sketches on your own?
A: This question has been answered many times here on the monsterboard, but anyway: all the "characters" in this band are pretty much created by Mr Lordi himself. Of course we all had some ideas and wishes for the costumes but what you see is basically coming from Mr Lordi's imagination!

Q: What type of Warwick amps you use?
A: Right now I'm using Warwick ProFet III -amp, which is quite nice actually. In larger stages like Download for example I often use bigger amp, Pro Tube IV.
Great amps, affordable price, great sound...

Q: Do you like Enary's tits?
A: I don't think that way about Enary's tits. She is my band mate and you don't wanna mess with your band mates. And remember kids: That is a rule

Q: Are you working on any future projects, new band, or something?
A: I'm quite busy with a new band, yes. And actually it's an old band, but anyway! More info from that later.

Q: Did you keep any particular souvenirs to remember your LORDI experience by?
A: I have the full costume at home. The Hat too... If I have to give them away some day, the only place is the future Lordi-museum.
(Personal Edit: Mr. Kalma's costume is on display in Lordi's Rocktaurant in Rovaniemi)

Q: How did you microphone your amp live and in studio?
A: I have absolutely no idea what the recording engineers did to my amp in the studio, I just played hard!
Live: actually there is only few times ever that I would have needed my amp and cabinet on stage, because in almost every show we took the signal from my bass straight to the and then to the amp. So if my bass had a kick ass-sound, it was because of Esp Ltd Viper-bass and our wonderful FOH engineer Jukkis who by the way can create great sounds!

Q: Was it really hard having to pick that bloke up with those shoes on?
A: The guys weight was not a problem, the hardest part was to keep him still.

Q: How can we join the Kalmageddon order?
A: Well, that's a good question. You can't join unless you are a brother of my, can you? So my suggestion is:

Start a fanclub called Kalmageddon. It could very well be a side club for the official Lordi-fanclub (I'm not even sure that such club exists yet..) or something else. That would be pretty cool, would it? I think it would... Ideas about this, anyone?

Q: Do you put the make up on yourself?
A: Yes I do. In fact everybody in the band are doing their own make-ups.

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?
A: I have women in my life, yes...

Q: What's your faveourite TV show/movie?
A: Tv show: The Simpsons
Movie: Tarantino movies

Q: Would it be possible if you could explain The Kin for us?
A: No I can't explain it. Why? Because everybody has an own opinion about the film and that's how it should be.

Q: What was your first bass, and what age did you have when you started to play it?
A: My first bass was white Vestone and I was 18...

Q: Can I have your bass?
A: Can you play it? Well, even if you can, I'm not gonna give you my bass. My musical career is not over...

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Mr. Kita FAQ:

Q: Kita, now you've landed on earth are you gonna get revenge on Arnie Schwartzenegger and Danny Glover for killing your cousins?
A: Who are those Arnie n' Danny. Do they have anything to do with finnish Armi and Danny? But seriously, those creatures that you are refering. Hmmm, They are lower cast.

Q: Why don't you give us a little overview over your drumming carreer and equipment? Oh, and: how the hell can you perform 50 minutes with full force under that costume without dying of a system overheat.
A: I've been playin drums about 14 years. But there were years that I didn't touch them much. I'm actually a former drummer who has returned to his dearest hobby. My main instrument is my voice, surprise surprise. If you have noticed I've sung most of the backing vocs on the album.

I've just bought the new drum set. Yamaha recording custom with one bass drum + 4 toms. I don't like double bass drum sets, but I do have double pedal. I'm also buying new Sabian symbals.

And what comes with the performing... I just say that It's life, but of course I have to drink lots of water during the set.

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Special thanks to:
Isa for the appreciated help
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Q: The questions were not found.
A: Your questions are heard!
And here are some answers:
-me and Kalma are good fiends and
NOT the same person.
-I listen to bands like Mötley Crue,Alice Cooper,
System Of A Down,Rob Zombie.Backyard Babies and so on...
-I play Ibanez bass.
-I like Asian foods and I love you all!!!

Q:Who is your favourite bassist?
A: My favourite bassplayer is Nikki Sixx.

Q: Are you a Finnish monster too?
A: Yes,I am a finnish Bull from Hell.

Q: Please, tell me you love to play bass and you're not another frustrated guitarist!
A: I absolutely love playin' bass!
And I love playin' bass in Lordi!!

Q: Which way your name supposed to be written? OX or Ox?
A: OX is written OX with big letters.

Q: Were you in the Mötley Crüe concert last summer?
A: Of course I went to Motley Crue concert!

Q: Do you play with a pick or do you prefer to play with your fingers?
A: Most of the time I play with a pick but can also play
with fingers.

Q: What your favorite Lordi songs? \ favorite songs to play?
A: My favourite Lordi song right now is Bringing Back The
Balls To Rock from the upcoming album

Q: How did you get into being with Lordi?
A: Mr Kita called me one night before I even knew that
Kalma had decided to leave the band and asked if I wanted
to audition for the band. And I said HELL YEAH!!!

Q: Were you spotted in a previous band?
A: I've played in hard rock bands before

Q: How long does it take you to get ready?
A: It takes about 45 minutes for me to get ready
for the Lordi-show.

Q: What’s your favorites movies?
A: I like Tarantino movies a lot. Like Pulp Fiction,Jackie
Brown,Kill Bills and so on... And also movies like Seven,
Con Air,Saw... But my favourite right now is Sin City!

Q: How long you've been playing bass?
A: I was 13 years old when I started playin' bass.

Q: What's your favorite SOAD Album and favorite SOAD song?
A: And about SOAD: The best album is either the 1st album or
Toxicity. Can't decide which. I like songs like Sugar,Prison Song,
Aerials and B.Y.O.B.

Q: What kind of amps do you use and if you have any kind of effects?
A: I use Ampeg amps and cabinets. And just yesterday I bought
a "bass overdrive"-pedal,so I'm gonna use it from now on. I have
some sort of multi effects-pedal too,but I don't know if I'll use it
About slappin' and tappin': I did learn both technics. And I've used
slap-bass in different projects in the past and when jammin' with
friends,but I just can't see slap-bass fit in Lordi songs.

Q: Have you ever taken bass lessons? If yes in wich genre? Do you play also something else (jazz, funk, death metal, classical music,...) or you prefer to concentrate in hard rock/heavy metal?
A: I went to Musicians Institute in Los Angeles
in the late 90's,so I've learned a little bit of many different
music styles. But I must say that hard and heavy rock is
in my heart!!

Q: Who are your favorite bass players? What do you think about Jaco Pastorius & Mark King?
A: My favourite bass players are Nikki Sixx,Tom Hamilton,
Hugh McDonald and Lemmy Kilmister to name a few.
I'd also like to mention few records that have been like
rock'n'roll ABC-books for me:
Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper,Girls Girls Girls by Mötley Crüe,
Atomic Playboys by Steve Stevens and Pump by Aerosmith.

Q: What do you think about LT this is Lithuania
A: I've been to Lithuania once and I liked it
very much!

Q: Have you ever been to England?
A: We just came back home from doing promo in London. It was fun! London's great!

Q: How does a bull from HELL of all things comes to finland?
A: It's a perfect climate for monsters when you're
dressed in a personal sauna!

Q: Who or what influenced you to start playing bass? How long have you been playing? What model was your first bass?
A:.Well... I was 9 years old and someone brought W.A.S.P.'s first album
to school and played "I wanna be somebody". I was blown away. And
the next song I heard was Animal(Fuck like a beast),which has to be the coolest song title ever! And on top of that I saw a picture of Mötley Crüe
in the magazine and decided without hearing any of their music,that this
is the best band in the world! And it was! So that's when I sold my soul
and started beating my 3- or 4-string acoustic Landola. It didn't last too
long. But you can't really call that playing. It was violence!
At 13,I joined my first band and bought my first bass,which was some
kind of cheap copy of a Fender. I wish I still had it,but I had to sell it
so I could by a new bass. That one I still have.

Q: In the special edition of the AROKOLYPSE album, it says "All basses in this album are played by Kalma" so, which songs did you do, and which did Kalma do, cause i'm getting worried my faviroute monster wasn't in my FAVIROUTE album (i know you where, but where?)
A: I only play on "Would You Love A Monsterman 2006" and of course
the live tracks on the Special Edition. EviLove and Mr. Killjoy were
recorded in the same sessions with the Arockalypse album by Kalma.
I joined the band in october 2005 and the whole album was already
recorded at that time.

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Special thanks to:
Isa for the appreciated help
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Mr. Lordi FAQ:

Q: I was wondering if it actually hurts when you take your mask off when you have done a gig?
A: Sometimes it stings a bit when taking off the prosthethics. At its worst it can be like pulling out your hair one by one. But I´ve gotten used to it.

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