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FanFic Forum Rules

Postby Fallen One » Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:29 pm


please keep in mind these additional (the normal forum rules also apply here!) rules for the fanfic forum.

Amount of topics per user:
Please try to confine to one topic for all your fanfic work. Making a new topic every time you come up with something new will increase the amount of topic pages, and it will offer less structure and make it harder to find a fanfic.

Posting your own artwork, story, ... or a link thereof in another person's fanfic topic (advertising as it is) will be considered spam.
Randomly sending Private Messages to members of the Monsterboard to check out your artwork is not allowed.

Stealing someone's artwork, story, ... and claiming it as yours will result in severe punishment on the Monsterboard.

Non authorised copying:
The copying or reproduction of someone's artwork, story, ... without the original author's consent is not allowed. Always ask wether you can copy something. If you are allowed to copy someone's artwork, you can not claim it as your own and need to give the original author full credit for the work.

Involving other users:
Implementing any other user on the forum besides yourself into your own fanfic without their permission is NOT allowed.

Rules are subject to change.
Not having read the rules is not a valid excuse.

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