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THat,s really sad to hear , but i can understand it and i will be waiting patiently for you to come back here and ofcourse to contineu this amazing story . Couse i really want to know what will happen now :wink: It,s just , i don,t know . Every time when i read another part of your story i seem to get lost in it and that,s a really good thing . I only have that with a couple of people that writes stories and youre definately one of them :wink: So i hope to see you soon again with another great part of your story . Tilll then , keep your head up high and you will make it through this , trust me ! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it will go okay

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Aww... :(

Good luck with finishing all your work!

I shall eagerly wait your return :P
Thanks Gohu!
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Chapter 25 – Camp Out: Day one, Part one

Val and Tommy stepped inside their tent, surprise overtaking them as they took it all in. While the outside of the tent had looked like it wouldn’t hold more than two people, the inside seemed large enough to comfortably house ten. Three fur covered ‘beds’ resided within, each a comparable distance away from each other. The flooring of the tent was a soft, velvety fabric, one neither sibling could name.

A soft “ahem” broke them out of their awe, and they turned their disbelieving faces to the mischievously grinning witch behind them.

“What? You thought I didn’t know how to camp in style?” She swished past them, their packs moving silently behind her on a low wave of mist. She settled their packs on the two beds located to the right of the tent, while Awa sat gracefully on the lone bed on the left.

She adjusted her skirts and folded her hands together. “I figured since we will be here for a few days, none of us would mind having at least a little personal space. What do you think? Good, or do I need to make things bigger?”

Tommy sat nest to his pack on the first bed. “Nah, it’s plenty big enough, Lady—er, Awa.”

Val dropped her things next to her assigned spot and petted the soft furs overlaying it. She would be the first to admit, this was going a bit over the top, but she wouldn’t complain. It would be better than sleeping on the cold hard ground.

“Glad you like it.”

Val jumped as Awa suddenly appeared next to her, a parasol in her delicate grey hands. She nodded and hugged Awa. “Thank you, it’s lovely, but I’m afraid we don’t have anything to pay back your kindness.”

“I don’t expect payment from you, Val. The kindness you and your family have shown to me over the past year was so gracious; making sure you kids are comfortable this weekend is the least I can do.”

Awa hooked her arm around Val’s and led her out of the tent, leaving Tommy to his own devices.

The warming sun slid in and out of the leaves and branches above them. Awa opened her parasol above her head, leading Val slowly through the campsite.

Val nodded towards the other tent, her face inquisitive.

Awa: “That’s for everyone else. Safety and privacy issues were brought up in planning this trip, therefore it was agreed upon that I would stay with you two in our own tent while the others had their own separate dwelling.”

“I’m not complaining, I kind of like it.”

Awa gave a soft girlish laugh. They walked a little ways into the woods, following the dirt path OX created in his hasty retreat after Amen. Dogwoods surrounded them, their limbs bared to the morning sun, ever reaching. Awa’s skirts rustled lightly against the soft earth, her foot falls silent.

Val closed her eyes as the grey witch led her along. She sighed, basking in the quiet beauty around them. She was vaguely aware of Awa talking, but she wasn’t listening. She felt the stress of recent events roll off her shoulders as she walked. But she didn’t welcome the release of her tensions; rather, it kind of depressed her.

Mornings like this aren’t meant for us…for me…

“Valerie? Are you listening, girl?”

Val’s eyes snapped open to the concerned, misshapen face of her friend. “I’m fine.”

“My foot.”

“Ha, okay, so I’m not fine.”

“Pray tell?”

“Well…” Val bit her lip. She could trust Awa, couldn’t she? “Awa, it’s too perfect.”

Awa’s eyebrows raised. “…what?”

Val huffed. “This trip, meeting you guys, the chance to hang with all of you, it’s too damn perfect. We’re a magnet for trouble, Awa, anybody could see that. I don’t doubt your protection, or your friendship, but I know that this will all end, and all good things with it. I can feel it, right here,” she guided Awa’s hand to the space above her heart, desperation etched in her face.

Awa swallowed and nodded. “I know, I felt it long before you.”

Val looked away, tears stinging in her eyes. “What?“

“Since the night before I met you. I knew you would befriend us eventually, love, with sorrow and pain following closely behind.”

“How? How could you possibly know that?”

Awa brought her hand back, a deck of cards appearing out of thin air. “Never forget my profession. I am a witch, a master of Divination.” She shuffled the cards as Val watched them disperse into a thin fog around Awa’s hands. “I could’ve read it in your cards, learned your fate that way, but that is rather subjective in itself, and the future isn’t always set in stone. Instead, I dreamt of you. I could not see the events that would lead you into our circle, but I could sense your trials were to be difficult, to say the least. However, I could clearly see you, and the impact you would have on us.

“But there is still a storm brewing in the distance. You are right, once we leave this place, your troubles will intensify, and I cannot predict the outcome of your struggles.”

Awa stopped speaking for a moment. She looked up, reaching a dainty hand up and snapping off a twig from a nearby dogwood. She held it in her palm; Val’s breathing hitched as the twig suddenly produced the blooms said tree was known for, white petaled and new. Awa smiled.

“There is some good news, though. Would you like to hear it?”

Val nodded eagerly as Awa beckoned her forth. Awa took the ponytail out of the young blonde’s hair, saffron flowing down the girl’s shoulders in waves.

Awa placed a couple of the twiggy blooms in Val’s long hair, grinning sweetly all the while.

“It is my feeling that despite the difficulties you are destined to face because of our association, you will endure and you will truly be one of us one day.”

Val’s eyebrows rose. “You mean…?”

Awa nodded. “Yes, just like us.”

Val laughed nervously. “That’s just…wow! I mean, I don’t even know how that would even come to be, but…huh. Well, that’d definitely make OX happy, I think. At least then he’d be able to trust me more.”

Awa looked away, tossing her twig away. “He, ah, doesn’t trust you enough?”

“I don’t think so, no.”

“Val, Darling, let me tell you a little something about OX,” Awa began towing Val in another direction, her parasol bobbing lightly above them. “OX can be a brute at times, and he does have his reasons for being suspicious and untrusting of people and monsters alike. But I know that if there is anyone in this world that he feels the most comfortable with, it is definitely you.”

“Hmm. He doesn’t act like it sometimes.”

“You should know by now that what he does, what he thinks, and what he says, are three completely different things altogether. He acts indifferent and tough, he claims he hates all humans, but you know what? And you keep this to yourself! Deep down, he has an unrivaled adoration for you, and it scares the hell out of him!”

They both laughed at that, Val shaking her head at the thought. “I don’t know what to say! I didn’t think he thought that highly of me!”

“You’ll say nothing, unless you want to see my head mounted on the Fortress walls! My only question now is, what will you do with all this new information?”

Val didn’t miss the mischievous grin on Awa’s face. “I guess just see where the rest of this trip takes us, I don’t know! He’s my best friend, Awa, if he wants something more, he’ll let me know somehow. Right now, I need to worry about all the trouble that’s coming our way and how I’m going to deal with it. Any personal feelings I have towards OX are going to have to be put on the back burner for now. “

“Good strategy. Fix arising problems now, save the good stuff for a later time.”


Val looked up suddenly, noting where they were. They were by the tents again, the fire pit blazing warmly, in the exact spot they’d been when they chose to go for their ‘stroll’. Val raised her eyes to Awa’s face; a Cheshire cat grin was all she received, toothy and amused.

“Did we…we didn’t even…”

“Nope, we sure didn’t.”

“So we’ve been here—“

“--the entire time, yes.”


“I know.” Awa walked away gracefully, a smug grin alight on her face as she chose a seat next to the fire. Tommy ran out of their tent, jumping onto a rock next to her, engaging in giddy conversation with her almost immediately. Her parasol was still opened above her.

Val shook her head lightly, smiling.


She jumped as Amen’s face suddenly appeared to her side, his tongue hanging out of his mouth at an alarming length. She sighed as OX came up behind him, pushing Amen down as he carried two full grown bucks on his shoulders towards the fire. Amen popped right back up, giggling madly as he led Val to a seat by the fire, to the right of Awa.

“You need a front row seat to this, ladies and brats! OX, commence the skinning!”

Both monstermen erupted in uproarious laughter as OX cleanly tore the hides off both bucks with his bare hands, causing the audience of three to squeal and groan in disgusted fascination. Awa ended up covering Tommy’s eyes with her hands, shouting angrily at Amen as he kept a shocked and screaming Val from covering her own.

OX looked up, absolute glee in his eyes as he saw the absolute terror in Val’s.
Good, now she can see what I’m capable of.

He skewered both bucks on large, sharpened wood poles, propping them up above the fire to cook. He heard a choking sound and looked up in time to see a surprised and slightly guilty looking Amen had let go of Val, who was now hiding behind Awa, the scent of tears heavy. Awa’s teeth were bared in his direction; punishment looked promising in her eyes.

Amen cringed. “C’mon, Val, haven’t you ever seen a deer get skinned before?”

She came out from behind Awa, a nervous laughter emanating from her chest.

“Aw, shit, we broke her.”

“N-no, Amen! You didn’t break me, ahaha!” She wiped her eyes, giggling still. “Dude, that was so gross! You actually made my eyes water!”

OX threw his head back, laughing. “You actually looked like you were going to chuck!”

“I thought I was going to, for awhile there!”

Even Awa had to find some amusement in that. “Well boys, now we know these two can take our special brand of humor.”

Amen’s tongue circled his face, licking off droplets of blood that had made their way to his face in the midst of OX’s ‘fun’. “Mmmm, yummy.”

He giggled at the various swears he got from everyone, including OX, who looked a bit weirded out himself.


Everyone jumped at the sound, both monstermen taking up defensive positions. The sound had come from another dead dear, bigger than the other two OX and Amen had brought back. A massive form landed silently next to it, picking up its prey and making its way toward the fire with the grace of a professional killer.

Val and Tommy watched silently, shock and fascination of a different sort clouding their minds. She couldn’t hold in a gasp, however, as it looked at her, showing her it’s full…face? The sunlight now showed he was clearly male, but where a mouth should have been, was nothing more than rows and rows of sharpened fangs.

He stared back at her, his teeth clicking menacingly at her, eyes narrowed. She couldn’t move, even as OX sat beside her, protectively placing an arm behind her, his flashing eyes a warning at the manbeast before them. Amen stepped up and slapped the newcomer’s back, a mocking grin on his face.

“Oy, you’ll have to forgive Kita here, he’s a bit of a shy one.”

Kita growled at the introduction, tilting his head at the now standing human female. She held her quivering hand out, ready to shake his hand.

“I-I’m Val. This is my brother, Tommy. I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Kita.”

His eyes shifted between the two, noting how young they both were, his eyes growing soft. He took her hand, giving it a quick shake in his rough hands before turning around and walking off towards the creek behind them.

Awa gave Val a reassuring smile. “Amen, why don’t you and OX take these two out for a nature hike? I’m going to finish cooking these in your absence.”

“Great idea!” Amen grabbed Tommy up by the arm, pushing him towards the woods. “Get to walking, boy! Some fresh air would do you some good!”

Tommy nodded, happy to do as the mummy ordered. OX grinned and winked at Val, who was sending a reproachful look towards Amen’s retreating form.
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Postby Black Lady » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:50 pm

Yay!New chap! :D But you should take your time if you're at college.I don't think any of us would mind! :)

Anyway what can i say about this chap?Ok so Val knows about OX and there is more trouble ahead....I don't like the sound of that! :o
Hopefully Awa, OX, Kita and Amen will be able to take care of Val and Tommy whatever happens. :?
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Postby monster girl » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:52 pm

:D Yay, a new chapter!

So Val will end up like the others, a monster? Lucky her! Poor her for having to see Ox skinning deer with his bare hands....

And Kita has been introduced to her! Can't say I blame her for being intimidated, he's quite scary looking!

:D Can't wait for more, keep it up!
Thanks Gohu!
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Postby ginacartoon » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:17 am

Oooh i remembered when i saw a deer being skinned ><; on the tv show "you hunt it you cook it" or something like that o_< Awesome chapter btw!!
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Chapter 26 - Children of the Night

Amen swung from tree branch to tree branch, cheerfully conversing with Tommy about "monster stuff." With Val and OX lost in there own little chat, he was stuck with answering the curious child. Not that he minded; it was nice to have someone genuinely interested in the affairs of his 'human life'.

"Okay so like, it's pretty obvious that you're from Ancient Egypt, right?"


"So which Dynasty are you from?"

"I was a Pharaoh of the great Anubis Dynasty."

"Anubis?! He actually existed?! Have ya met him?!"

"Ja, he exists, and yes, I've met him."

"Really? So, would he have been a Pharaoh, too?"

Amen sighed sadly, his face suddenly going slack as he swung lazily through the autumn limbs. "Silly humans over the centuries have screwed our history and stories up too much to be completely accurate, boy. Anubis was my grandfather; he raised me in the way of the warrior and black magic in an era of bloody feudalism, so I was not born royalty. After my father's death at the hands of an enemy clan, Anubis swore to unite the lands of Egypt under the rule of our clan. He raised a vast army in a matter of two years, shedding blood of opposing factions all over the torn nation. I was proud to fight beside him, although I was barely a man at the time. We fought for nine years, taking down warring factions, welcoming those who chose to join us and enslaving those who wished to revolt still.

We won, of course; my grandfather's dream of a united Egypt was realized, but he would not see it. The self proclaimed grim reaper died six months before he could see the fruits born of his blood, sweat and tears."

"So I guess that left you in charge, right?"

Amen sat in a large maple now, lifting the boy up to sit on a branch beside him. "Right you are, Tommy. I led the final two battles, unifying Egypt for good. People revered me and my generals as Gods, crowning me as the God of their Gods. I named our dynasty after my grandfather; if not for him, Egypt would have collapsed on itself, failing to exist. After my death, I was mummified and entombed, only to awakened shortly after to serve alongside Lordi in the Human Wars as a general under him."

Tommy thought about that for awhile. His head snapped up then, his eyes alight with burning curiousity."Did you have a family? You know like kids and a wife?"

Amen froze, hesitating. "...Yes. My queen and I had many children together."

"Did you love her?"


"And your kids?"


"Was there a favorite?"

Amen, wincing: "...Ja. I adored all of my children, but I think if I could have only saved one of them, had they not all been granted eternal life in the afterlife anyway and been kept mortal, then I would have tried saving my youngest first."

"What was his name?"

Amen laughed quietly, sadly. "Her name was Ma'at."

"What a pretty name."

Val surprised them both, stepping up to place a gentle hand on Amen's hand. "I'll bet she was lovely. Where is she now?"

Amen grinned, his happy-go-lucky demeanor rising full force. "This Amen is a happy old man; I hear she's with the rest of our lineage in a section of the Netherworld that still follows Egyptian traditions. She serves on an elite board that judges whether a soul may continue on through to Heaven, or be driven back into the pits of Hell. Grandfather serves with her."

"Convenient." OX snorted as Amen and Val shot him dirty looks. He instead picked up Tommy by the collar of the boy's jacket.

"C'mon, kid. I can hear Awa screechin' for you to return to the fire. Thinks you're gonna catch a cold or somethin'."

Tommy looked at his sister for reassurance; her nod calmed him instantly. Val and Amen heard his shouts of joy through the forest as OX ran off with him.

Amen dusted himself off, dropping down to Val's level. "Well, Sis, what now?"

Val shifted uncomfortably, nervous to ask her next question. "Amen? Can I ask you about something?"


"What's up with Kita?"

"Anything but that."

"Aw, c'mon! Please just tell me, OX just ignored me when I tried asking him!"

Amen giggled manically at her, his tongue dancing behind his teeth. It was an interesting tale, but: "It's not my story to tell, blondie."

"Well, I want to know, dammit!"

"So ask the Pet the Destroyer yourself!"

"The who's-n-what'sn?"

"The Pet the Destroyer, Val, it was his nickname on the battlefield."

"Huh. Tell me more?" She gave him her most winning smile, the light dancing in her eyes and under her lashes.

If Amen was a lesser man, he would've totally fell for it. However, as experienced as he was at this game: "Fat chance, chica."

She stomped the rest of the way back to the camp site, Amen's howling laughter following her as she went.


Kita couldn't help but stare at the scene before him. Night had fallen over their heads, the stars littering the sky in an almost surreal way. OX and the Lady Val sat across the fire from him, talking quietly among themselves, OX giving her trouble for being a 'silly human girl'.

The boy Tommy sat beside his sister, seemingly more interested in swapping stories with the old sandbag. Awa sat next to Kita himself, watching the same thing as him, though a bit more contented than he was able to.

She touched his arm lightly. "What's troubling you, Kita? You're too quiet." She nodded her head in the others' direction. "You should talk to them, you will need to get to know them better if you do that than if you continue eavesdropping, darling."

"I'm fine as I am, thank you."

"Stubborn manbeast. You've never been so timid before, why start now?"

His eyes softened, his teeth clicking against each other restlessly. "Awa, look at them. They are so damn young. How could we permit them into the Circle, knowing what it will entail for them? Are we wrong for doing this?"

Awa: "They already know it means hardship and pain. They'll learn the rest as they go, although I'm pretty sure Val's already guessed at certain things."

"This is so wrong."

"What's wrong?"

Kita snapped his head up to see the inquisitive look Val threw his way. Not knowing how else to react, he narrowed his eyes and hissed. "Nothing."

OX glared back at him. "Hey, sourpuss, she only asked about what you thought was so damn wrong. Excuse her for trying to be involved, unlike yourself."

"OX, please, it's okay, he doesn't have to--"

"No, human, it's not okay," Kita spat back at her, getting up to leave. OX and Amen shot up from their seats, both angered by Kita's lack of manners towards their friend.

Awa stood as well, placing herself between the monstermen. "Now, boys, can't we all just--"

"NO!" Kita growled, overtaken by a powerful surge of anger. It scared him.

He had just about taken a defensive stance against the two other advancing monstermen when a sound caught his attention. It was so quiet, he was sure no one else heard it but him and Awa, who had also turned her attention to the small distraction.

Tommy had whimpered, grabbing onto his sister, both looking terribly upset. Kita let out a shuddering breath as he realized how much they were shaking, how afraid they were of him. He stepped back, choosing to disappear into the woods for awhile.

The shadows enveloped him as he ran from his peers and the fleshlings. Shame and sorrow were heavy within him as he fought against his darkest memories, though he knew there was no escape. He found a secluded area far from the others. They would not find him here.

He couldn't hold it in anymore; holding his head in his hands, he reared back and howled in frustration and pain.

The dead would not have dared to awaken to his calls.


"Off to bed, you two." Awa pushed Val and Tommy into their tent, their protests weak in light of what had just transpired. Val waved good-bye to OX before disappearing behind the canvas flap.

Val went straight to bed, laying so she was facing the tent entrance. She closed her eyes, hoping to rid herself of her anxiety towards Kita when morning returned to them.

Awa, on the other hand, chose to busy herself by helping Tommy get settled into bed. He was still shaking from his encounter with Kita. He grabbed her hand when she tucked him in.

"Awa, is he always this mean?"

Awa sighed, noting how rigid Val became when the subject was brought up. She clicked her tongue, knowing she was about to do something she really shouldn't.

"All right, you two," She grabbed a small stool from beside her own bedding and brought it to sit between them as both Val and Tommy were now sitting up, giving her their full attention.

"First off," she started once she got comfortable on the stool."I want neither one of you to ever think badly of Kita. You will say no evil against him, either. He is the reason you two had the oppurtunity to meet me at all; without him I would still be dead."

She closed her eyes, clasping her hands in her lap. "Now, I'm going to tell you the story about the most gifted warrior to have ever graced this planet. Kita came to this planet about the time Humans were just beginning to accept demons and monsters into their world. We all lived harmoniously together, or at least tolerably. When Kita arrived, he was lost, confused, and hungry. He'd come from a far away star system that Humans will never be able to locate in your species' lifetime.

He was not lucky enough to land in an area tolerant of our kind. Sent away by countless people, he wandered far and wide until he came to an area overseen by an old snake demon. The demon seemed kindly enough, but Kita was ignorant of the ways of the snake, so he was persuaded to watch over one of the villages beneath the snake's mountain dwelling. In return, the villages would serve as a safe haven for him. The villagers were delighted to have him; he made many good friends there. The kindest of them were the children; he would play games with them in his free time, ever patient and happiest to be with them. He loved the children dearly, and vowed to always protect them, no matter the cost or reason.

One day, the snake lord called Kita to his dwelling. Kita obliged, unaware of the terrible thing the snake demon was about to ask of him. Some of the villages had angered the old snake by refusing to pay his unreasonably tributes. Therefore, he ordered Kita to bring him the village children to make an example of them. This horrified Kita to no end, but he kept his composure long enough to keep the old snake from becoming suspicious of his plan to save his beloved fleshlings.

In the dead of night, Kita worked tirelessly to gather every last child in the surrounding area and hid them in a neighboring, empty mountain. hid them deep inside the heart of the cave. He then passed his plan along to the other villagers, and they agreed to it. The villagers all left, leaving most of their belongings and homes behind. They tearfully abandoned their babies to Kita, in search of a new home, far from the snake's regime.

The snake lord was infuriated when he learned of Kita's deception, and vowed to cause him so much suffering, his spirit would not survive. Kita could feel the snake demon's anger, and chose to move the children farther out into a valley outside the snake's territory. There, he hunted for them and taught them basic defensive moves, knowing it was only a matter of time before the snake lord's vengeance was upon them.

A year passed without incident. Then, one bright and sunny day, the children were playing the human game 'tag' in the valley, racing in and out of the few trees that had managed to grow in the grassy valley. Kita sat beneath the tallest of the trees, watching over them, ever vigilant. Suddenly, screams of agony and fear reached him. He shot for the center of the valley, the sight before him taking his breath away. The snake lord had found them, and he had brought new slaves along. He overpowered a mournfully enraged Kita, binding him to the ground, forcing him to watch as his slaves ripped the children apart, laughing all the while.

The valley would never grow anything ever again. Red painted the ground. The snake lord had his minions burn the valley; the fiery sunset reflected the flames as they swept high. Kita was taken back to the evil lord's caves, beaten and starved half to death, but he felt none of the physical abuse. His spirit had been broken, leaving nothing but a shell; he felt and thought nothing.

With Kita now no better than a soulless drone, the snake demon locked him away in a cold, dark cell in the mountain; he was being left for dead, a reminder to his other slaves of the old demon's wrath.

It would be a decade before his body would be found by Lordi. Our master arose Kita from the dead, hoping to use his legendary skills in the Human Wars, but found only a lost, grieving soul in the place of a once proud warrior."

Awa paused for a moment, trying desperately to keep her emotions in check. Val, on the other hand, was not having such luck; tears streamed down her and Tommy's faces.

"So what made Lordi decide to keep him?"

Awa patted the blonde girl's shulder. "Honestly? Desperation. He needed the best of the best on his side, and Kita was definately what he was looking for. He whisked Kita's dilapidated form to his Fortress, steadily reviving and rebuilding the broken manbeast. Once Kita was back in shape, Lordi convinced him to fight for the freedom of monsters, demons, and the few humans left who were on our side. Unfortunately, we didn't win the war, and were all banished to our own dimension, safe from the Human Realm."

Tommy: "So is he still as sick now as he was when Lordi found him, or has he gotten any better?"

Awa smiled sweetly, "Oh, he's gotten a lot better, but over time he has gained a slight phobia of humans, or at least, humans who would be on our side. He fears what would happen to them if we were not able to protect them."

"It makes sense," Tommy yawned. His eyes were heavy and his breathing deep. Val got up and adjusted his covers, making sure not to disturb him as he fell deeper into the arms of sleep. Awa arose and led the blonde back to bed.

"I'll take care of him if he wakes up again. You get some sleep Val."

"Awa, I'm sorry for earlier, I didn't mean to upset him."

"Darling, the wind blows in the wrong direction and he worries. Just stay the course and keep trying. You will win him over in the end."

"You really think so?"

Awa nodded: "Absolutely. You won OX over, didn't you?"

Val couldn't help but smile a bit at that.
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Postby monster girl » Mon May 04, 2009 2:33 pm

:o Poor Kita! :(

Ahh that is really sad....the story about the children... :(

I hope we are going to hear how Kita saved Awa sometime soon? :) Please? *puppy eyes*

:lol: I'll stop that now. Can't wait for the next chapter, keep it up! :D
Thanks Gohu!
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Postby Black Lady » Mon May 04, 2009 8:23 pm

Oh my god! :o Poor Kita! :(
That was just so sad how he was made watch the children die! :(
Now I know why he feels like that towards Val and Tommy. :(
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Postby LIVING DEAD DOLLIE » Mon May 04, 2009 11:00 pm

O MY GOD !!! Tha last chapter was so sad and i was fighting here against my own feaking tears when i was reading about the part where those poor children died and that Kita was forced to watch it all happen right in front of his own eyes :( I,m just speechless right now to tell you the truth couse i can imagine how horrible that much be for him . I guess the only thing i can do right now is sit doen and wait patiently for you to contineu this again . And i sure hope it,s gonna be very soon from now couse it,s damn exiting . So please keep it up like this , it,s getting better and better every time

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Chapter 27 - Stranger and stranger

The morning sun had barely begun to rise when Tommy emerged from his tent, unable to sleep anymore.

There was so much he wanted to do before this trip ended! Sleep was just too time consuming for the energetically charged juvenile. Of course, he still had to wait for the others to awaken before he could do anything major, but who said he couldn't help the morning along?

Grabbing as much firewood as his little arms could carry, Tommy managed to start a fairly decent blaze in their makeshift fire pit. He had just begun frying bacon and ham over the fire when a certain sound caught his attention. It was growling.

But from where?

Tommy stood up from his rock seat and walked around the campsite, intent on finding the growler, but could find nothing. He stood beneath the great oak tree that hovered over the campsite, scratching his head. He threw his hands up in frustration:

"Good grief!"

"Grief is never good, boy."

Tommy's eye twitched as he looked up into the branches above him. There, sitting in the branches looking very uncomfortable, was Kita. His black eyes eyed the boy warily as he fidgeted in the tree limbs.

Tommy gave the monsterman a toothy grin: "Ahoy there! Whatcha doin', all spyin' on me and what not?"

Kita's teeth clicked in annoyance. "I saw smoke in the horizon and decided to see if food was about."

"Yup! I got some bacon and ham fryin' right now, and in a little bit I'm gonna put some eggs on. Holy crap, that was your stomach growlin'?! Why don't you come down here and relax?"

The branches rustled a bit under Kita's weight as he shifted. "No, I'm just fine here, thanks."

A girlish laughter made both of them turn to see Val in the tent opening, her big blue eyes dancing in the morning sun as she waved to both of them.

"Kita, come down, you don't seem comfortable up there," she called to him softly. "You're all fidgety and stuff!"

Kita growled at her. "Human! Do not mock me! I'm merely testing the branches for stability!"

Val snorted. "Yeah, just like the ground's gonna test your ass when you--"



"--fall through."

Val and Tommy helped Kita out from under the branches that landed on top of him, helping him sit up in a much more comfortable position and seat.

Tommy patted Kita's back, "Ya'll right there, buddy?"

Kita, however, was not given the opportunity to answer, as a very hyper mummy suddenly landed in front of the manbeast.

"Well, look what the hellcats dragged in! I figured you'd come back for food, you hellion!" Amen slapped Kita on the back, nearly sending the now thoroughly embarrassed alien to his knees.

Val merely shook her head, choosing to ignore Amen's current lack of manners.

Minutes later all the monsters sat around the fire, chatting pleasantly with their human friends. Kita even joined in, occasionally swapping dirty jokes with OX while Awa and Val tried distracting Tommy by getting him and Amen to goof off away from the fire.

But Kita wasn't stupid. He saw all the little looks OX and Val would share every once in awhile; how OX would "accidentally" bump into the female, or how Val would blush when the massive male would trade playful insults with her. Awa obviously saw it too, but she merely ignored it all, content to bask in the cheerful glow of the morning.

Amen was the first to pop their little bubble. "Hey, Val! I'm kidnapping Squirt here," he said, grabbing the boy from behind, "I'm taking him away for the day! Kita, you're coming too, you lousy excuse for a can opener!"

Kita growled and huffed in mock anger as he ran off with them, neither of the monstermen waiting for her consent.

Awa patted the stunned blonde on the shoulder. "There, there, dear. it's not like they're going to eat him."

OX laughed. "I don't know about that, Awa. I mean, that is Amen he's hikin' with."

Val sighed and shook her head. This trip was turning into an exhausting one.


Meanwhile, back at home, Annie blasted the stereo as she super cleaned their house, dancing breathlessly around from room to room. The night before she'd resorted to hysterics as she wondered for the umpteenth time over her children's' safety without her.

This very morning, however, she found herself trying to distract herself from the nightmarish thoughts that threatened to invade her mind in any way possible. If it meant disturbing the neighborhood with loud music and her horrible attempts to sing along (not to mention dancing like a woman possessed) then dammit, so be it!

She was currently tearing the kitchen apart and in the process of relining all her cabinet shelves with red wallpaper boarder when the doorbell rang. Carefully sidestepping all the cleaner bottles and a bucket of bleach water that were on the floor, she barely made it to the door before her "guests" started banging on it.

Dread filled her as she reached for the knob. Please don't let this be the police...

"Annie! Annie, answer the damn door already!" Lola's muffled voice rang through the door as she banged harder against the door.

Annie laughed as she pulled the door open, revealing a very agitated looking Lola, as well as an anxious looking Laura.

Lola stepped in and leaned against the door frame. "Look, Annie, baby, I love ZZ Top as much as any other girl we grew up with, but blaring it at ten in the morning?"

Annie whipped around and turned off the radio as the other two women stepped in, hanging their jackets on the Bernette's coat hanger by the door.

Laura reached up and pulled Annie's do' rag out of her hair, "Annie, how long have you been cleaning today?"

"Since about five."

Lola's head popped out of the kitchen. "As in five in the morning?!"

Annie nodded sheepishly. Laura pulled Annie towards the hall mirror. "Annie, you can't keep driving yourself crazy like this! I mean, have you seen yourself lately?! We're worried about you, girl!"

Annie looked into the mirror. The woman staring back at her had thinned out quite a bit. Where there was once porcelain white skin and a healthy glow, her cheeks were now getting sallow and bags hung from her eyes; signs of her lack of sleep and constant anxiety. Her corn silk hair, though boyishly short, was matted to her head, and no longer shone like it once had under the light. Lines were forming in her face, and she knew her once pretty nails were now bitten down so short from nerves, the cuticles were all that remained.

The woman staring back at her wasn't her.

Lola squeezed Annie's shoulders. "C'mon, babe, let's get outta the house for awhile, hm? All you do is work and worry, what's the good in that? You need some sunshine and air! You need to relax--"

"But the house is still a mess! I can't leave it like this!"

Laura laughed softly. "It'll be here when you get back. Let's take care of you first."

Annie nodded in defeat. She was too tired to fight them right now.

After a quick shower and changing into her favorite blue jeans and muscle car shirt, Annie threw on her sneakers and grabbed her purse. She was ready.


(At the Campsite)

Awa sighed. After Amen, Kita and Tommy had left for their little 'nature hike', OX and Val had decided to head to the creek together, to relax.

Content did not begin to describe Awa at this point. The grey witch just couldn't help but be happy over how well her family was welcoming in the Bernettes'. She just hoped nothing would ruin their little vacation.

She was basking over the welcome silence, sitting by the fire pit when a sudden presence made itself be known.

"Tell me, Kita. How did you manage to get away from those two?"

The manbeast laughed. "It wasn't difficult, actually. I sent the two of them off, told them I was too tired and bored to go on."

Awa giggled. "And Amen just let you go? Just like that?"

"Actually, I got called some rather unsavory words and names, but overall, yeah, he let me go."

Awa smiled and laid her head on his shoulder as he settled down next to her. "Thank you, Kita."

"For what?"

"For everything. For not getting the chance to rat us out to Lordi and ban us from seeing the kids again. For agreeing to come with us this weekend. For coming back."

Kita grabbed her hand, studying it in his large one. He chuckled darkly over her last choice of words. "Yes, well, I know how something as simple as, 'coming back' can be worth so much more to you."

Awa closed her eyes. "You know, it didn't occur to me til this morning that I never even thanked you for that. Back then, I was too frightened to mutter anything useful, much less a simple thank you. I don't think I've ever conveyed how much I appreciated what you did for me."

"Aw, Awa," Kita wrapped his massive arms around her, hugging her close. "I knew. I was a wreck then, too, you know. But I could see it; you never had to say anything at all. And you never will."

Awa's grip on him tightened as they enjoyed the silent noon glow of the world around them.


(In Town)

Annie, Laura and Lola all headed to the corner diner, choosing to sit in one of the two tables outside the tiny establishment to enjoy the nice weather.

They'd all been shopping earlier and were heavy with bags of new clothes and accessories. Lola and Laura had been right--Annie had needed some time off! She hadn't felt this content in months!

Jeff walked out as they seated themselves. "Well, well, if it ain't Miss Annie!" He walked up behind the sitting blonde and hugged her.

Laura sat back in her chair, smiling mischievously. "So, Jeff, you gonna be our waiter today?"

"Hell no, I just wanted to see the three prettiest women this town has to offer."

"Lemme stop ya right there, bud," Lola laughed. "If Val heard you talkin' like that about her mom, she'd have you in a choke hold!"

laura nodded in mock seriousness. "She'd have your ass, man."

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Like, whatever. I could take her."

He ran inside as the three women threw playful insults his way, grinning all the while.

Once he'd disappeared and sent them a waitress, they settled down comfortably again, chatting idly as they waited for their food.

"Excuse me? Mrs. Bernette I presume?"

All three women looked up to see a rather thick, smiling man lean his hand over the table. Annie warily shook his hand. "I am, and you are...?"

He pulled a chair up across the table from Annie. "The name's Walker, ma'am."

"R...right." Annie looked at the two women beside her, both with defensive looks directed at this Walker character. "Well, what seems to be the problem, Mr. Walker?"

"Well, ma'am--"


"Er, yes...Well, Annie, as I was trying to say, I'm Agent Walker. I'm investigating what my people believe is a series of connected incidences that have taken place here in Woodcrest. We are working with the police trying to solve these strange happenings. However, it has come to my attention that your two children, Valerie and Tommy, have both been involved with at least two of the more recent happenings we are investigating. I was hoping to get some info from you about their side of the story?"

Annie felt sick. This man was interrogating her over her children?

Lola cut in, "Who the hell do you think you are, Mr. Walker? Do you even know the hell this woman and her children have been through, and you're going to sit there, act all slick, and talk to her like her kids committed some crime? Are you ignorant, or just that stupid?"

Walker flashed his fake smile over at Lola. "I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable, Mrs. Bernette, but I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this ordeal--"

"And what, may we ask, is this ordeal?" Laura regarded him coolly, folding her hands in her lap and tilting her head.

He shifted. "I'm afraid that's classified."

"Well then, I guess she can't give you any 'info', then can she?" Lola smirked triumphantly as she lit herself a cigarette, blowing the first puff of smoke in the man's direction.

"Look, I really just came by to speak to Annie, could the two of you please--"

"You know, I can't help but feel like I missed the name of your bureau," Laura's hazel eyes flashed. "Who did you say you were with again?"

"I didn't, it's--"

"It's what? Classified?" Lola rolled her eyes. "You know, it seems to me like you don't have a lot to back your story, Mr. Walker. Your a new face in a small town from a nameless organization and nothing to prove you're worth wasting our time with. Who are you, really? A reporter? Some scumbag journalist lookin' for a hot story?"

The smile vanished as Walker leaned across the table; Annie leaned back. He was making her nervous.

"Look, I can see we're not getting anywhere today, too many interruptions," he sneered at Lola, who merely grinned widely back at him. "Here's my card. I do intend on catching up with you, and I do still need that information from you. Police reports only go so far. I'll see you ladies around."

Laura gave a short, soft laugh as Walker rose from the table, straightening his suit. "I'll bet you will, Mr. Walker."

Walker nodded at them, then left. Annie sighed. "I appreciate that, you guys. He gave me the creeps!"

"Tchyeah!" Lola put her cigarette out. "No manners what so ever!"

Laura giggled, throwing a wadded up napkin in the red head's direction. "Manners, Lola? I'm pretty sure you and him were toe to toe in a lack thereof!"

"Ah, I love it!" Annie's shaking hands grabbed one of her friends' in each. "Both my best friends, smartasses, through and through!"

All three women busted into laughter, so much so that when their food finally came, their stomachs almost hurt too much to eat it at all. ;^)


(By the creek)

OX and Val lay on their backs, watching as sunset arrived, painting the sky in fiery brilliance. They'd been like that most of the day now, just taking in all that the world had to offer them in that one moment in time.

OX sat up rather suddenly, causing Val to shoot up as well. "OX, what is it? Is something wrong?"

He shook his head. "Val. Campsite. Now."

She didn't need to be told twice.

Awa, Amen, Kita and Tommy were already by the fire pit when they arrived. OX stood by the other monsters as Val rejoined her brother.

"What's the matter? What is it?"

Awa smiled excitedly. "It's been decided by our Leader that you are trustworthy enough to show you!"

The siblings looked at each other in confusion. "Show us what?"

A deep, rumbling laughter made the humans jump. A massive being appeared from the shadows, just shy of OX's height and a bit more compact in form.

OX growled in greeting at the stranger, pushing Val closer to the new monster. "Val, This is Kalma."

Her eyes went alight with wonder, "Your brother!"

She went in to shake his hand, a big, relaxed smile now crossing her pale features. "It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Kalma! I've heard so much about you!"

"Really, now?" Kalma threw a questioning look at his brother, who looked more interested in Tommy's jacket than what Val was saying.

Tommy raised his hand, curiousity etched in his face. ''Um, hi, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Kalma--"

Kalma bowed his head a little, his top hat sliding a bit in the process. "The pleasure's all mine, kid."

"--but Awa mentioned showing us something. Showing us what?"

Kalma's skeletal grin widened wickedly as he regarded the small boy. "That's what I was sent to inform all of you about. We gonn' show you the Gate."


(Midnight; Alley behind the diner)

Silence and darkness enveloped Walker as he surveyed the small Alleyway with his flashlight. He smiled as the large metal grate behind him opened and shut, footsteps following soon after.

"Hello, Russell. Did you get everything I asked for?"

The man named Russell pulled a worn, brown leather brief case out from under his arm. "All right here, my friend. It was a bit difficult what with having to find all original records and trying to take over the cases, but I finally did it. Everything about the Bernette family is right here."

Walker took the case in his hands, rubbing it with his thumbs like a prized possession. "Lovely. I love it when things go our way. I have one more favor to ask of you, though."

Russell's head perked up. "Yeah? What is it?"

Walker handed him a photo. Russell pointed his flashlight at it; three women sitting in front of the diner, one red head, two blonde. They were laughing and obviously not aware that their picture was being taken.

Below the photograph was a written caption under each woman: Lola Danvers, Annie Bernette, Laura Harman.

Russell's brow creased as he studied the picture. "I don't get it. Sure, Annie's there, but who's the other two broads here?"

Walker chuckled darkly. "These other two are liable to get in our way. I need as much dirt and info on them as you can possibly get. If we want this operation to go smoothly, we'll need these two out of the way, pronto."

Russell nodded and left, leaving Walker to inspect the alleyway on his own once more.
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oooh i really hate that Walker guy >< and they're gonna go to the gate? wonder what their reaction's gonna be like ouo
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Well worth the wait. Loving it!
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:D Ahh, a new chapter! Well worth the wait, and I really have been missing your writing! They met Kalma for the first time? :lol: I'm suprised that they werent more intimidated, or maybe that's because they have been in the company of monsters for a while now..... And Walker! Oooh, I don't like him much! I really want to know what he's gonna do about Annie and her friends....

:lol: Ok, I'm rambling a bit now, so I'll just say it was a great chapter to read, and I honestly hope to read more soon! :D
Thanks Gohu!
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he only just arrived in the story, yet i already hate Walker :P
exciting new chap and the kids are gonna see the gate! :shock: lucky them! :lol:
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lol, wow...that is by far the longest chapter i've written in quite some time. :shock:

i'm so glad you guys liked it! soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry it took so damn long for this to come out, but my muse decided to run away and i had to look for her. :oops: luckily i found her and was able to whisk her happy ass home again, so hopefully chapters will become a regular thing again.

yeah, Walker needs to take a long walk off a short pier, if you catch my drift. and trust me, you think you hate him now? pft, you ain't seen nuthin yet ppl. :evil: :twisted:

muchos gracias to my reviewers, i love getting feedback, lemme know if i need to tweak anything pls? :D
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Just cranking this back to the top 8D So i can find it and read it all over again >U<
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thanks gina.

wow i've missed this! can't believe i've been gone for so long! i've decided to go back and correct the horrendous amount of mistakes i made in this story, then i'll post more chapters. apologies all around!
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WOOT! >u< and ye welcome >U<
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Chapter 28 - In the Company of Monsters

(Camp ground, Night)

Despite the all around eagerness about showing the siblings the Gate to their world, Kalma insisted they wait until the next evening. Kita agreed; too much could happen between one location to the other, especially with their numbers. Caution was key, best to rest up first.

They sat around the fire, chatting amiably amongst themselves as the moon and stars shone bright above them. Much like he had with the other monsters, Tommy took a quick liking to Kalma, who also seemed to be amused by both human fleshlings. He’'d asked them many questions, like where they lived, what Val did for a living, what were their hobbies, and so on and so forth. They were happy to answer his questions until a very bored Amen decided it would be funny to try stealing Kalma’s hat; emphasis on "‘try"’. He now nursed a slightly singed arm while keeping a playfully heated conversation with said bone man, who were both currently swapping ‘man stories’, as Val liked to call them.

Tommy, however, sat in Awa'’s lap as she spoke quietly with Kita, absently stroking the child’'s hair as his eyes became heavy with fatigue. Val wished she could take a picture of both the scenes displayed before her. It was times like these she missed the most, where everything was quiet and everyone was content just to exist and be in one another’s company. Things had been so hectic in the past few months.

A nudge to her side had her bright blues meeting earthy greens. “"You okay there, Lil’ Bit?"”

She smiled sweetly at OX, then excused herself from the fire, OX following close behind. The others merely nodded at their retreating forms, Awa smiling knowingly.

They walked silently down the moonlit creek bend, stopping at a hidden sand bank with trees lining the ridges behind them. Val kicked her shoes and socks off. OX stood behind her, arms crossed and head tilted in curiosity.

“"Whatcha doin’, girl?"”

She sighed as she sat on the bank, sticking her tiny feet in the water. "“Nothing really. Just wanted to have some time to myself, though I’m glad you’re here."”

He hesitated for a moment, then sat next to her. "“You’'re glad to have a six foot hellbull at your side in the middle of the night?"”

She laughed. "“I’m glad to have my best friend and partner in crime at my side in the middle of the night. Besides, who better to protect me from the boogey man?"” she joked, playfully swatting him in the arm.

“"Girl, don’t you know? I am the boogey man!”" He nudged her arm with his elbow, laughing quietly.

She didn’t answer back. Instead she stared ahead and kept on smiling that small smile he’d grown so fond of since coming to know her. He took this moment to take everything about her in: her body glowing subtly in the pale moonlight, her saffron hair moving in the lightly blowing wind, and her smell! God damn, if nothing else her smell would do him in! It was a mix of her mother’s roses and the nature surrounding them and something so profoundly sweet, something he still to this day could not name.

No, you know what it is, he thought wistfully. It’s her, it’s always just been her.

She startled him out of his thoughts as she leaned sideways and rested her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes. He wrapped his arms around her and placed her in his lap between his legs. She leaned back and sighed. Her arms raised up and wrapped around his neck, her fingers playing with his hair. OX took a deep breath and let it go slowly, relaxing his shoulders as he bent forward slightly, giving her better access to his head. She didn’t disappoint.

Though she rarely does, eh, boy?

Then, just as quickly as they’d come, her fingers disappeared from his hair. He looked down at her imploringly. Was she teasing him? She was facing him now, a slight blush running its way down her neck. Another thing that drove him crazy…

Her hands played with the opening of his long coat as she seemed to contemplate what to do next. She hesitated, then gently flattened her hands against his bare abdomen. He gasped but stayed stock still, unsure of what was going on and not entirely sure he wanted it to stop.

Shaking slightly, Val’s hands traveled slowly up his abdomen and over his hard chest, bringing her body closer to his. He watched her face as she moved up, anxious and eager for whatever she had in store. Her mouth parted as she dared to look in his eyes, her hands finding their way around his shoulders. She leaned her head forward now, not close enough to touch his mouth, but enough to feel his warm breath. This was it; his move. If he wanted this, he would have to take it.

She didn'’t have to wait long.

His arms wrapped around her small frame, quickly bringing her across those final few inches, her mouth finding its way to his. He could feel her whole body forming to his as he kissed her deeply, lovingly, in a way he’d never kissed anyone before. His embrace tightened around her as a myriad of new emotions rose to the surface for both of them. Her hands found his tangled hair again and he groaned.

She pushed away from him then--too quickly for his liking--throwing her head back as she gasped for air. His arms did not lessen their hold around her; he leaned toward her, bringing her closer still as he rested his head against her chest, listening to her pounding heart and uneven breathing. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him there, leaning down over him to plant smaller kisses atop his head.

They stayed like that for awhile longer in silence as the night cast shadows around them once more.


Amen motioned his head towards Awa as she held a now fast asleep Tommy in her arms. "“Want me to throw him in his sack?"”

She looked down in surprise as she had not realized the child in her arms had finally passed out. “"No, no, I’ll do it."” She stood, grunting slightly as she brought Tommy up in her arms. She turned to face the others, "“Goodnight, everyone."”

"“Night Awa,"” a chorus of monster men sounded off as she disappeared into their tent.

Once sure they could not be heard, Amen plopped himself down next to Kita and gave him a playful push. “"Methinks you may have some competition, man beast!"”

Kita blinked at the mummy, not quite catching on. "“’Competition?"”

Kalma snickered into the firelight, the fire in his own eyes flickering mischievously. “"That lil’ boy is obviously doin’ some mad crushin’ on Awa!”"
Kita scoffed at the two monster men beside him. "“Who cares if the man-child likes Awa? It’s not like it would ever amount to anything for him anyway,"” he stopped for a moment: "“And what is my competition for what again?"”

Kalma swore at him, throwing a rock across the fire that hit Kita square in the leg. “"Seriously, man? We ain'’t stupid you know! We'’ve noticed how much you’'ve been courting the Lady Awa, ever since you dragged her soggy ass out of that lake all those centuries ago, you been pinin'’ for her like a love sick pup!"”

"“What in the nine levels of Hell are you idiots talking about?! Awa is my closest and most intimate friend, of course I would do a many great things for her, but to pine?! Have you two gone mad?!"”

Amen furrowed his brows and crossed his arms. “"You mean to say you don’t love Awa?"”

Kita hissed, his teeth clicking defensively. "“Of course I love Awa! Who wouldn‘t?"”

"“No, no, no! I mean love her, as in are you in love with her?"”

"“In love?"” Kita sputtered, lowering his head a bit. “"Well, I-you know, …it’s complicated, you see--"”

"“I knew it!"” Kalma slapped his knee, laughing loudly. Kita jumped up and punched him in the head. "“Quiet, you! It’s bad enough you humiliate me in front of a friend, but if you even think of doing so in front of the Lady Awa…!"”

Amen chuckled. "“Relax Kita, no one will say anything about it in front of her so long as you will it."”

Kita relaxed. "“Thank you."”

"“We will, however, stick to the Brotherly Code, and give you copious amounts of shit for it!"” Amen jumped up, narrowly missing a right hook from a very pissed off Kita, and ran into the woods, hearing nothing but a string of swear words from Kita and Kalma’s barely contained laughter.

(County Jail, Interrogation Room)

Chris Giles sat nervously within grey walls, tapping his fingers on the grey slab of table before him. After talking to several cops and a psycho analyst, all he’d gotten from his interrogators was laughter and ridicule. They thought he was crazy. Monsters didn’t exist, they’d said. They’d said he was the real monster for chasing down a girl and a little boy for a cat he thought was an abomination to man.

But they didn’t know about them. They didn’t know demons walked among them, waiting to pounce on their women and children. Val and Tommy were victims of black magic, even if they didn’t realize it yet. He needed to save them before it was too late, but what could he do behind bars? How could he protect his town when everyone thought he was crazy? It made him sick just thinking about it.

Groaning in exhaustion, Chris covered his face with both his hands, rubbing furiously. He could feel a migraine coming on.

The door creaked open and a guard stepped in. “You have a visitor, Giles.”

Chris laughed, mirthless. “Who this time, Santa Claus?”

“No, someone a bit more realistic.”

Chris froze in his chair, slowly lowering his hands from his face. “Walker?”

Walker nodded at the guard, who then left the two of them alone. The older man made a beeline for the security cam on the wall, unplugging it. He stood across the table from Chris, hands on his hips and a grimace on his face. “Ah, well kid, this isn’t how you were supposed to end up.”

Chris hadn’t felt like crying in years. The look of pity and disappointment on Walker’s face about did him in. “Look, Grandpa, I can explain--”

Walker waved both hands in front of him. “There’s no need to, son. I already know what happened. But the devil woman was a step ahead of you this time. You were too predictable in your actions; not uncommon in young Hunters, but definitely a major miscalculation on your part. But now I have to figure out what to do with your targets, and what I’m going to do with you.”

Chris tried to speak, but choked on his words. Walker had been there for him when his own family had not; Walker had built him up to be able to take on the threat of demons plundering the earth. And what had he done? He failed him.

Walker knocked his knuckles a few times on the table. “I, ah…I thought you should know we are going through with Project Gunner tomorrow morning.” he waited for Chris to nod his head before continuing. “And all captured targets will be eliminated on the spot.”

Chris’s head shot up, panic evident in his features. “’All’? As in, the Bernette’s, too?”

Walker remained silent. Chris didn’t bother to hold his tears in now. “There’s still time to save them, man! If we can get them away from the demons, we can--”

“What you fail to understand, Chris, is that those two kids are ruined. The only way to save them now is to eradicate the filth contaminating their souls, and that can only be done one way.”

“Tommy’s just a kid--”

“Who has spent the most time in the company of monsters--”

“Please, anyone but Val--”

“What part of ‘ruined’ do you not understand, boy?! The Hellbull has already cast his black magic on her, I have no doubt she has already succumbed to his ways. She’s dirty, and she must be purified the only way possible!”

Chris’s sobs echoed against the cold grey walls. Walker placed a hand on his grandson’s shoulder and gave a comforting squeeze. “Look, it would have happened whether I told you now or not. I thought you deserved to know, especially because you know two of the targets. I know you’ve bonded with them in the past, I know you’ve had feelings for Valerie for years. And that’s why I’m giving you the choice, son. You can either join us tomorrow in some of the later phases, or you can stay here until it’s all over. No one will blame you if you choose to sit this one out.”

Walker reconnected the camera before speaking again. “I’ll be back in an hour, Chris. I’ll need your decision by then. You would prove rather useful.”

And with that, he left Chris to his own devices.

(By the creek)

Val was asleep with her head on OX’s chest; he himself was splayed out on the ground. Her soft breaths were like puffs of warmth against his chest; a little strange feeling, but not unpleasant.

He didn’t want to go back to camp. He didn’t want to go back to the Demon Realm. He did want to take this little woman laying above him somewhere far, far away. He wanted it to just be the two of them, he wanted--no, needed, to be the only one to bask in her warmth. She was not like other humans. He loved that she breathed, loved her movements and laughter. Loved her kindness, her humor, her softness, her enormous capacity to love. Loved her bravery and stubbornness, her mind and her body. He loved her existence.

He loved her.

He mulled that thought around a bit in his mind, trying to wrap his head around it. It was a concept he was not used to, a theory that had never really seemed to apply to him until he met her. And now?

There was no doubt. He loved her. And she loved him, she’d told him as much before drifting off to sleep. Not that he needed her words, he could feel the urgency and the emotion behind her kisses and the way she touched him. The fire in her eyes whenever she said it had set something off in him.

Blue flame, he thought to himself. I like it.

The moon was lowering in the sky now. The first hints of sunrise began peeking over the clouds; he sighed and sat up, Val stirring lightly at the change of position. He snorted and grabbed her socks and shoes.

“C’mon, Val. Get your shoes on, girl. We gotta head back to camp.”

She groaned and buried her face into his chest, muttering something incoherent. He shook his head and stood up, holding her in one arm and her footwear in the other. The journey back only took him a few minutes.

The camp was silent as OX crept quietly into her tent, trying not to wake Awa and Tommy up as he passed their beds. Dropping her footwear to the side, he pulled back her blanket and settled her in, covering her with the blankets as her head hit the pillow. A smile graced her sleeping face as he leaned down and kissed her head.

“Mmlove you, OX.”

I love you too, baby.

He turned and left her to sleep, heading off to his own tent for the same thing. Besides, he needed his rest for the night to come. They were going to show Val and Tommy the Gateway to the Demon Realm later in the evening, and he would need to be on top of his game.

Not that he was too worried about it. They’d made plenty of group trips to and from the Gate in the past. Why would this one be any different?


(Interrogation Room)

Walker sighed as he opened the door. He felt a tremendous amount of pity for his grandson. He himself had been through this kind of pain when he first started his walk down the road of Holy Righteousness. But he had learned to never look back. For someone with the capacity to care like Chris, though, that would be no easy habit to form.

Chris sat stock still, a look of resolve formed into the soft features of his face. Walker was almost taken aback by the intense hatred that glared from the younger’s eyes. Almost.

“Well kid, have you made your decision?”

Chris sat up slowly, “I’m coming with you. You need me. I know this town and the surrounding woods like the back of my hand. You need me. But I’m only coming on one condition.”

Walker quirked an eyebrow. “And that would be?”

“I’m not going to have anything to do with Val and Tommy’s extermination,” he choked on the word ‘extermination’, but continued on. “I do, however, want to be the one to cleanse the Hellbull for what he has done to them. Only me.”

Walker nodded, approval evident in his grin. “Excellent. I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, I’ll go post your bail.”

Chris watched Walker’s back as the older man left him to his thoughts again. He was right. He was always right. And for making the Bernette’s have to suffer terrible deaths, the Hellbull and his little friends were going to have hell to pay.

In every sense and meaning of the phrase.
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Postby ginacartoon » Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:37 pm

Oooh how much i wanna kill that Walker right now :evil: such an evil git he is!

And with the scene with OX and Val.... :oops: oh my...though i laughed at Kita's scene with Amen and Kalma XP "Kita's in luuuuv Kita's in Luuuuv~"

still wanna kill Walker D<

Wonderfully written i must say >U<
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Postby monster girl » Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:07 pm

Wow, it has been a while since I've seen a chapter from you! :lol: I re-read the whole thing to bring me up to speed and remind myself with what was going on...

Such a sweet scene with Ox and Val, :lol: they're in luuuurve... it's very cute. I would like to read more, and find out what Walker and Chris are going to do...

Really good, and I can't wait to read more!
Thanks Gohu!
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gc: glad to make you blush. XD

mg: yeah, that thing took for ever to crank out, sorry. glad you liked it!
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You know I love it! Write more soon, please.
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okay guys here's the deal: I am writing the last chapter of Blackout as we speak, which will be followed by the sequal/2nd part, called Blackout: Inferno.

That being said, i have to say that i am extremely, exponentially and ravenously upset that Kita is gone from LORDI. therefore, the story that comes after the BO series, which is currently called Dark Lineage (already started on DA) will be dedicated to Kita as most of the story revolves around him anyway.

Kita, if you ever decide to peruse through the fanfic forums one day, know that you are still loved, no matter which road you take. good luck, Pet the Destroyer!
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