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Lilyth Von Gore's book of tales.

Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Mon May 03, 2010 4:55 pm

Welcome, one and all, to my domain where I lurk and write stories. I have changed since the last time you saw me, not just appearance wise or username wise, either. I'm back with a whole new attitude.
And soon, I will be posting my first new story. But you'll have to be patient, my friends, as it will be a while before I post.

Lilyth Von Gore.
Lilyth Von Gore
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Postby TheHornSkull » Mon May 03, 2010 5:49 pm

Hmm , i can't wait to read some of your stories :P

Postby Amari412 » Tue May 04, 2010 8:13 am

Yeah! Glad to see you're back with a new attitude. Can't wait to read your new stuff.
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Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Sat May 08, 2010 10:08 pm

Warning! This story contains use of cuss words. While it is not prominent, there are still cuss words here and there. If you find that kind of thing offensive, don't read this fanfiction.
Now, to my story....

Gore Productions Present....
A story of love, anger, revenge, angst and ass-kicking monsters....
Starring: Mr. Lordi
Mr. OX
Mr. Amen
Mr. Kalma
Ms. Awa
Ms. Enary
And introducing Lilyth Von Gore


Say Hello To Ms. Crowbar


Ms. Crowbar. That’s what they call me. My title, given to me after I killed that son of a bitch with a crowbar, and ever since then that’s been my alias. The crowbar is my weapon.
Lilyth Von Gore’s the name, skinning men alive is my game.
Of course, Lilyth Von Gore wasn’t always my name. No. My name used to be Dannika, that was, until, I was murdered.
This is my story, so sit back, relax, and listen up.

Lilyth Von Gore
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Postby Police Line Do Not Cross » Sat May 08, 2010 10:21 pm

Really interesting start, maybe I'll read your story if I have time :P
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Postby TheHornSkull » Sun May 09, 2010 8:39 am

Oooh , this is going to be very interesting! :P

Postby Amari412 » Mon May 10, 2010 6:36 pm

Awesome Lilyth! Can't wait to see more!
-Amari Fenrirsulfur, the Hellhound
All Hail Amari Fenrirsulfur, daughter of Fenrir and the Hound of Lordi!
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Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Fri May 14, 2010 2:35 am

Are you all sitting comfortably?
Good. Then I shall begin my story.

"Say Hello To Ms Crowbar"

Chapter One:

I switched the tv off. There was nothing on, as usual. Sigh. Here I was, sat on the couch in the house I shared with my husband, completely bored out of my skull. Such was the life of an unemployed school drop out. I hauled myself off of the couch and made my way into the kitchen. Thunder roared outside, shortly followed by a flash of lightning, and then the rain started to fall. Yay.
I heard the door unlock and cringed. My husband was home, and he was probably completely wasted.
“D-Dannika?!” Came a drunken slur. Yup. He was wasted.
“In the kitchen, James!” I called back to him.
I heard the door slam behind him and lock, and his footsteps as he made his way through the living room and towards the kitchen.
“Dannika, wh-what are yoo doin’?” I heard him ask.
“Making dinner, James. You’re an hour late” I said to him, a note of annoyance in my voice. I felt his hand grab my shoulder and he pulled me around to face him. Shit. His face was suddenly very close to mine and I grimaced. His breath stank of booze.
“A-Are you tellin’ me that y-ye didnae make dinner when I ‘wis oot?” He slurred. I glared.
“You said you would be home an hour ago, James. I wasn’t going to make dinner only to have it go cold waiting for you!” I snarled, pushing his hand off of my shoulder. That’s when I saw the look in his eyes. The raw rage that hadn’t been there before. I barely had time to think before his hands were around my neck, squeezing the air out of me. He pushed me up against the door, pinning me there, his eyes aflame. I couldn’t breathe and was coughing and spluttering, my nails clawing at his hands to make him let go. Then I realised. My legs were free. I lifted up my knee full force, connecting with his nether region. Groaning, he let go of me. I gasped, the air rushing back into my lungs and I choked, my hands on my knees. But I didn’t know that it was far from over until I felt the cold blade plunge into my back. Too shocked to scream, I fell to my knees when the blade left my back. The knife then sliced through my shirt, cutting my flesh with it. I looked up, seeing James standing there with the knife in his hands.
“James….” I whispered, tears filling my eyes. But my words went unheard as he grabbed me and hauled me to my feet. I knew it was over when he plunged the blade into my heart. I made a funny noise. It was strange, feeling a blade pierce your heart. I looked down to see that my hands had automatically wrapped around the blade and were covered in my blood. I then looked at James, a sense of anger coming over me.
“Y-Y-You bastard- I managed to stutter out. He then pulled the blade out and I gasped sharply. I staggered forwards a bit, before falling to my knees. I looked up at him again, my mouth suddenly dry and I struggled to speak.
“I w-w-will be back, J-J-James. Y-You can c-c-count on it” I snarled. The last thing I saw was him smirk, before I fell forwards onto my front, and I died…

Enjoy :twisted:
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Postby Amari412 » Sun May 16, 2010 6:04 pm

Gruesome way to die....but death is a beginning, I guess. Hope to see more.
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Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:37 pm

Terribly sorry that I havn't been online in a while.
I now have a job, so, as you can imagine, things are a bit crazy right now.
New job, new boyfriend (yay ^^), a whole new life beginning for me (woot!).
But nonetheless, I will update my story.

"Say Hello To Miss Crowbar"

Chapter 2:

Blackness. I was floating in blackness. I could hear nothing, feel nothing, and yet I could see that I was surrounded by nothing but blackness. Where was I? I couldn't remember anything. Why am I here? I looked down at my clothes. They were pure white robes. I don't remember wearing these.
"Dannika" Came a voice, echoing through the darkness. I turned. Who said that?
"Dannika, come back. Come back to the land of the living. Your place is not in the Otherworld" Said the voice again. I tried to speak. but no sound came out of my mouth.
Then suddenly I could feel, and I instantly wished I couldn't, because I felt pain. Searing, unbearable pain. I opened my mouth and a silent scream left my lips as a sensation like being dragged over broken glass washed over me, filled my body. A white light appeared, blinding me. What was happening?
The light got brighter and brighter until I eventually had to sheild my eyes....

I sat bolt upright, choking.
Gods above, that was a weird dream...
"IT wasn't a dream" Came the same voice that I'd heard in the dream. I looked. Around me stood silhouettes.
"Wh-What to do you mean it wasn't a dream?" I asked, breathing heavily. The figure that spoke stepped forwards. It leant down and switched a light on. My hand flew to my eyes to sheild them from the sudden light.
Slowly, I lowered my hand, and stopped short, my eyes bulging. Monsters. I was surrounded my monsters.
"Oh... My... " I whispered.
"Dannika, you have been brought back from the Otherworld. You were dead, Dannika" I looked at the one who spoke. Her skin was grey, and she had eyes that reminded me of a snake. She had two rows of sharp teeth, and her apparel consisted of a torn wedding dress, a small top hat and a veil that fell back over her black, straggly hair,
"What do you mean I was dead? Am I alive?" I asked. She shook her head.
"Not quite. You have been dead for some time. You are the living dead, Dannika. A zombie, if you like" She said. I looked away. Oh my Gods...
"What happened to me? Why was I dead?" I asked.
"This we don't know. We were hoping you could tell us. All we know is that you swore that you would return. It is our job to make sure that you did return safely from the Otherworld" She said. I shook my head.
"I can't remember anything..." I said quietly. I felt a hand being placed on my shoulder and looked up. The hand belonged to a zombie. He too had grey skin, and his nose was gone. A mane of white frizzy hair framed his face, ontop of which lay a top hat. He wore a grey trench coat. The shoulders had three large spikes, and chains criss-crossed infront of the jacket, which was buckled up. On his cuffs there were small dog collar spikes. I looked down and saw he wore grey chaps and spiked platforms. I looked back up and he smiled at me, softly.
"We don't expect you to remember so soon after coming back, Dannika. But you will in time. But for now, rest. Introductions will be done after you have gotten some sleep" The woman said. I nodded and lay back down. THe others smiled at me, then silently filed out of the room. The zombie was last. He blew me a kiss, then bowed theatrically, which made me giggle, before he left the room and closed the door behind him.
I didn't bother switching the light off. I didn't want to sleep in the dark, not until I knew I was totally safe.
But when I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, my dreams were filled with blood and screams. My screams.....

Blood. There was blood everywhere. My blood. Pain seared through my back, chest and face. I could feel blood trickling out of my body, and I grew weaker. I heard dark, sinister laughter, laughter that I recognised but couldn't quite place my finger on.
"No, please... Leave me alone..." I whispered, begging whoever it was to just leave me alone. I felt a cold blade press against my neck, and then draw across my neck. I gasped, blood filling my lungs....

"Dannika! Dannika, wake up!" Yelled a voice. I sat bolt upright again, breathing hard. The two zombies where standing next to my bed, the male closest to me.
"Dannika, you were crying out in your sleep. What did you see?" Said the female.
"Blood, and laughter. I recognised the laughter but I don't know who it is. I can't remember" I said, hiding my face in my hands hopelessly.
The male put his hand on my shoulder.
"It's alright, Dannika. You'll remember in your own time. Just focus on dealing with being dead first. We'll help you" He said. I removed my hands from my face and looked up at him.
"Thank you" I whispered. He helped me off of the bed and lead me out of the room. The female followed behind us as the male lead me down a hall and into a living area, through double doors. There stood other monsters, the same that I'd seen just a while ago.
"Time for introductions, I think. Kita?" One said, the leader I assumed. I noticed that the two zombies had left my side and joined the others, but the male seemed to be lurking in the shadows. One stepped forward, and I gasped in shock. He was an alien, that much was clear. He had rows upon rows of sharp, yellow teeth. His skin was red. He had a row of five spike-like things along the top of his head, like liberty spikes almost, and black hair fell from the back of his head downwards. His attire looked like something a Samurai Warrior would wear. At his side sat a Samurai sword and he wore platform shoes.
"I am Kita. Alien Manbeast sent to Earth from a far away planet. Prince of my race" He hissed. He bowed, then stepped back. Another monster stepped forwards. He stood at an amazing height. His face was the skull of a bull, complete with terrifying horns. He wore a brown trenchcoat, which only partially covered his showing rib cage which was covered by a thin layer of rotting skin. He wore a belt around his waist, and below his belt there was fur covering his nether regions and his legs, and on his feet were massive hooves that looked as if they could crush your head as if it were a watermelon.
"I am OX, zombie bull from Hell, Eldest brother of the Kalmageddon Order" He growled. He too bowed, then stepped back. The next one to step forwards was a mummy, that much was clear. The skin on his face was rotting away, and the white of his skull was showing through and on the left side of his face, only a small piece of skin covered his jaw. His ribs were showing, and around his waist there was a belt adorned with hieroglyphics. There was a loin cloth also adorned with hieroglyphics. On his feet he wore gold shoes with shinguards. His decaying toes poked through. He also wore gold wrist braces on his arms.
"I am Amen, heir to the throne of Egypt, prince of the dead, son of Anubis" He said, his voice smooth, like silk. He bowed, then stepped back.
Next stepped forwards a cyborg of sorts. His armour was black and covered with battle scars. His visor was green, and I could just see his face and eyes through them.
"I am Magnum, the biomechanic man" He said, his voice computerised. He bowed and stepped back. Next was the zombie woman.
"I am Awa, countess and witch, brought back to this world by a great prophet" She said. She curtseyed and stepped back. Next stepped forwards a woman, a valkyrie. Her hair was long and platinum, on her face she wore a mask that covered all but the tip of her nose and her blue lips. Her skin was deathly pale. She wore a corset and a long, flowing skirt. A deadly looking sword hung at her side.
"I am Enary, fallen Valkyrie from Asgard, daughter of Odhinn" She said, her norse descent showing in her voice. She bowed and stepped back.
Next stepped forwards the leader. His face appeared to be covered in burn scars. He smiled, showing two rows of sharp teeth. His eyes glowed red. He had two mutated skulls of somesort on his shoulders, and around his waist was a belt with a human face on it. His hands also appeared to be burned badly and his nails were long and black. On his knees, there were two more human faces. He wore armour which was black, and on his feet were a pair of platform shoes.
"I am Lordi, leader of this family, Master of the night, pyromaniac" He grinned. He bowed and stepped back. Finally, out of the shadows stepped the zombie. He looked straight at me with his amber eyes.
"And I am Kalma, biker zombie from Hell, founder of the Kalmageddon Order" He said. He took my hand and brought it to his decaying lips, before stepping back.
"You are here, Dannika, because you swore an oath to return to this world to get revenge on the one that killed you, whoever he or she may be. And it is our job to help you. 6 months from now, Awa will cast a permanent spell to prevent you from decaying further. We will train you with all that we know, Dannika. But, because you are dead, you need to choose a new name. Have you any particular name in mind?" Lordi asked. I thought for a moment. What was the name that I'd used for years on those forums? Who was my alter ego? I looked up and smiled.
"Lilyth. Lilyth Von Gore" I said, looking at them all. Awa stepped forwards, smiling, showing her sharp teeth.
"Lilyth Von Gore it is. Welcome to our family, Lilyth" She said. The others all stepped forwards and greeted me.
I was no longer Dannika.
Dannika was gone. In her place had arisen Lilyth Von Gore, the zombie determined to find and kill the one who murdered her.

Finally. Chapter 2 done. Whew!
Review, pleaseth ^^
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Postby Amari412 » Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:05 am

Man it's been a while since I've been on here. This is awesome. I wanna see what happens :)
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Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:26 am

Whew. Writers block.
I'm in the middle of writing a novel, so ideas for this story are kinda few and far between. But I shall try my best.
On a night when I'm not working....
Dr. Sin is in, baby. Say hello to Miss Crowbar.
Kalmageddon, baby.

"Don't let anyone tell you they're better than you" - Mr. Lordi.
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Postby Amari412 » Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:19 am

Okay. That's fine :) I can wait :)
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Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:04 pm

Going to try and update.
My boyfriend left me for his ex. Bastard.
I'm not so much upset now as more angry and wanting to kill something.
INSPIRATION! I think....

Say Hello To Miss Crowbar.

Chapter 3.

As soon as the sun began to rise, we all retired to our rooms. I was lead back to the room that I'd woken up in by Kalma.
He stopped me at my door.
"Think you'll be okay?" He asked, his eyes showing genuine concern. I nodded.
"Yeah, I'll be fine. This'll just take a lot of getting used to. Being dead an all, heh" I said with a smile. Kalma smiled back.
"Alright. If you need me, I'm just next door to you. If you knock and I don't answer, just come in and wake me up" He said. I nodded.
"Thank you, Kalma" I said, pushing down the handle and opening my door.
"You're very welcome, Lilyth" He said. He leaned forwards, almost hesitantly, and kissed my cheek with his decayed lips. If I'd been alive, I'd have blushed furiously. Instead a small smile tugged at my lips and I tried to suppress it. Kalma just laughed.
"Sleep well, Lilyth" He said.
"You too, Kalma" I said, before stepping into my room and closing the door behind me. I rested back against the door and sighed, a smile still on my face. I shook my head and headed over to the bed. I found a nightgown on the bed that hadn't been there before, but I just shrugged and stripped out of my clothes before sliding the nightgown over my head. At least it was knee length.
I pulled back the bed covers and slid in under them. I just realised that I couldn't feel anything and sighed heavily.
I was dead...

"Lilyth? Lilyth, it's time to wake up, sweetheart" Came a soft voice. My eyes slowly opened, my vision blurred at first, before I blinked and cleared it. Awa stood there, smiling. I sat up.
"Evening, Awa" I said groggily.
"Today we will be training you" She said. I looked up.
"Oh? Fighting, I assume?" I asked. She nodded.
"Yup. Now, get dressed. There are some clothes in the wardrobe that should fit you" She said, before she turned and left the room, leaving me to get dressed.
I yawned ((A/N: Why do I ALWAYS yawn when I type the word "yawn"?)), then threw the covers back, getting out of the bed. I passed by the mirror, looking into it, and let out a small yelp of surprise. My skin... It was starting to decay. There were grey spots where the cells where beginning to decompose. I groaned and moved over to the wardrobe to find some clothes....

I emerged from my room a few minutes later, wearing jeans and a sleevless black top. I'd found black boots and was wearing them. They were kinda heavy. I liked them. They were good for kicking things with.
I made my way down into the livingroom where the others were.
"Morning" I said. They all looked up.
"Morning, Lilyth" Kalma was the first to say. I smiled at him and he smiled back.
"Good morning, Lilyth. Are you ready for your first day of training?" Lordi asked.
"Sure" I said with a smile. Kalma tossed me a leather trench coat, which I caught.
"Where are we going?" I asked. Enary grinned.
"Training time" She said. Kalma took me by the arm and we all left the house. Where we were going exactly, I had no idea.
I followed the others out of the living room and down a cramped hallway. We walked out of the open doorway. It was dark, and thunder rumbled through the sky. I slipped my coat on. I heard the clinking of metal buckles and grinned. I liked it.

We walked through a swamp until we saw the lights of the town. Passing through the gaps in between the trees, our feet hit the concrete. The street was empty. It must have been way past Midnight.
"C'mon, Lilyth. This way" Lordi said. I followed, still wondering where we were going.
"Geographically, where are we?" I asked. Lordi laughed.
"We're in your home town, Lilyth. Though I don't believe you ever came to this area. A lot of lowlifes hang around here, dangerous low lifes" He said.
"Ah, that would be why I don't recognise it" I said. He nodded. They lead me into an alleyway. At the end of the alleyway, I could see a gang of guys. If I could have paled, I would have.
"You want me to fight them?" I asked, looking at Lordi in disbelief. He nodded.
"Don't worry. They can't hurt you. You're dead, remember?" He said.
"Oh yeah... I forgot about that little detail...." I said. Kalma eagerly pushed me towards the gang of guys.
"Go on. Don't worry, if you get into trouble, we'll be hiding in the shadows ready to help" He said. I glared at him.
"Don't I at least get a weapon?" I asked. He laughed.
"Use whatever you can find" He said. I growled lowly at him. I rolled my shoulder and heard a couple of cracks. Eesh. I'd only been dead for a few hours and already I hated it.

I looked around for a weapon of sorts. There was nothing. Damnit. I growled inwardly and approached the gang of guys. They didn't notice me as I got closer to them. Not until I was almost all the way there.
"Hey baby. Whatcha doin' out here all alone at this time of night? Don'tcha know it's dangerous for little girls to be in thie neighborhood?" One of the guys said. I looked at him. Skin head. Flat nosed. Wannabe gangster. Douchebag.
I didn't reply. I just stood there in a subtle stance, my legs slightly apart, my fists clenched.
The group approached me.
"Hey, what's wrong with you, bitch? Are you deaf or sommat? Answer my question" The same guy said. My eyes flew up to look straight onto his when he called me a bitch. This guy was obviously the ring leader. He smirked.
"What's wrong, girly? Don't like being called a bitch?" He said in a patronising tone.
"I'll tell you what I don't like, mate" I said, announciating the last two letters. This guy knew he was in trouble. Let me tell you a little thing about Glasgow that you should keep in mind the next time you're there. If someone announciates the last two letters of a name they call you, that means you're in trouble. A lot of trouble.
"I don't like the fact that a bunch of low life pricks are running around terrorising innocent people, people who have never asked for any trouble at all in their entire lives. You pick on people for no reason and I am sick to Hell of standing by and letting you get away with it. So I'm here to dish out a little justice of my own" I said, glaring at him now. He smirked, then laughed, and his mates laughed with him. I just stayed quiet until they stopped.
"Oh, and what makes you think that you, a girl, stand a chance against five guys?" The ring leader asked. A chorus of "yeah"'s followed. I smirked myself.
"You'll see" Was all I said. I saw him draw out a knife and out of habit, my eyes flared in shock. He darted at me, and I jumped back. As I landed on my feet, I swung a kick at him. My kick connected with him in the ribs. He cursed as he stumbled back. His goons then jumped in, coming at me all at once. One of them, who wore a red cap, punched me square in the stomach. I thought I'd humour him and double over, pretending to be in pain. The bastard fell for it. I'd play along for now. Once I "recovered", I turned on red cap and punched him in the jaw with a single uppercut. This lifted him off his feet and he fell, groaning in pain when he hit the deck. I turned to the next guy. He looked like a complete idiot with the bandana over his mouth and nose in a cowboy fashion. I snorted. I lifted my leg, placing my foot on an imaginary wall, and as my foot went down, my other leg lifted in a kick, getting him in the nuts. He howled in pain and fell to the floor, clutching his jewels. Two down, three to go. Another goon came at me with a knife. Dimwit. I stepped out of the way, getting his arm in a lock with my two arms. I then pushed his elbow in the opposite direction and towards him. A loud crack resounded through the alley and he dropped the knife, falling to his knees as I let him go, howling in pain and cradling his broken arm. Two to go. The next guy swung at me, getting me in the jaw. Even though I couldn't feel, it sure as Hell surprised me. He then swept his legs under mine, making me fall. I hit the deck and rolled. I definately felt the force of that one, dead or not. He then hauled me up and threw me against the wall. Bastard. I was starting to lose my patience with this dick. I turned and snarled, charging at him. I shoved him fullforce, enough to make him stumble and almost fall, but he regained his balance. I then did somethign I thought wasn't possible. I jumped straight up, and whilst in the air I spun, my leg coming out. My foot connected with his head and he cried out in agony. I'd gotten him in the temple in something I'd only ever seen in the Power Rangers*. A tornado kick. I landed and turned to the ring leader. He looked scared, clutching his knife like nothing else. I appraoched him slowly and he backed off like the little whuss he was.
"You think you're so damned tough, don't you? Hiding behing a pathetic weapon like that puny little thing you call a knife. You're not so tough when people fight back, are you? You rely on that thing to get them down and keep them down. You're pathetic" I spat, real hatred in my voice. I heard a gun go off and something pierced my back. I stopped and turned. One of the goons was standing, holding a gun that was pointed at me. He visibly paled when he saw that I wasn't dead or on the floor.
"Why.... Why aren't you on the floor? Why aren't you dead?!" He cried, shaking now, scared.
"Because I'm already dead" I snarled. I was not happy. The little turd had ruined my coat. I heard the sound of something metal skidding across the ground. I looked down. Near to me lay a crowbar. A black crowbar. I bent down and picked it up. I tested it's weight and smirked. It was heavy. I looked at the goon with the gun, still smirking. I approached him, and he backed off until he hit the wall.
"How does it feel to be cornered, eh? How does it feel to be the victim for once?" I asked, glaring. He whimpered. I pulled back my arm, the momentum from the heavy weight of the crowbar pulling it back further, before I swung it at him. Blood spattered as the crowbar connected with his head. He crumpled.
The smell of blood filled my nostrils. I then turned to the other goon, who was trembling.
"I'll see you in Hell!" I snarled, running at him. Before he could run, I reached him, the crowbar connecting with his head. I heard his skull crack, saw the blood seep out, watched as he crumpled to the ground, dead. I threw the crowbar to the floor, looking around at the dead chavs around me.
I heard footsteps approach me and I turned, seeing the other monsters draw closer to me.
"Well done, Lilyth" Lordi said. I smiled.
"Yes, well done" Kalma agreed, also smiling. I smiled at him. Awa picked up the crowbar and handed it to me.
"Your weapon" She smiled. I took it. It felt comforable in my hand again. I looked back up at the others, my hair falling over one eye, smiling.
"I guess your nickname is now Miss. Crowbar" Lordi said. I looked at him.
"Yeah? Howcome?" I asked.
"Because, you use it to kill your enemies. Also you seem rather skilled with it. And, the nickname including the word "zombie" is already taken" He grinned and looked to Kalma. Kalma looked to me and smiled, shrugging his shoulders.
"Fair do's" I said, smiling. I looked over to the bodies of the gang that were still alive.
"Is there anyway that I can take these bastards back to our cabin? I'm not quite done with them yet" I said. I felt eight pairs of eyes on me and turned to look.
"Why do you want to take them back?" Lordi asked. I looked to him.
"As I said, I'm not done with them yet. Besides, I need a new pair of boots and I want to make them suffer for everything that they've done" I said. Lordi smirked.
"Very well. Grab a body and lets head back. You can use the basement, Lilyth" He said. I smiled. With that, Kalma, Enary and OX each grabbed a body, leaving the two with the bashed in skulls for the police to find, and we headed back to the cabin.


Upon reaching the cabin, we headed inside. Kalma, Enary and OX made their way down to the basement. Amen pulled me aside.
"If you're going to be making boots, you'll need sharp tools. I will lend you mine. I used to skin the scalps off of my enemies back when I was Pharaoh of all of Egypt" He said. I smiled.
"Thank you, Amen" I said. I saw his cheeks stretch and knew he was smiling back.
"You're welcome, Lilyth. Now, go down to the basement and I will bring down my tools" He said. I nodded, then turned on my heel and made my way down to the basement. The wooden stairs creaked as I walked down them in my heavy boots. I stepped off the last step and through the door. Kalma, Enary and OX were all still down there. They looked up as I entered. Enary smiled.
"We were just discussing how much we were impressed with you so far, Lilyth. You're taking to this new life quite well" She said. I smiled.
"Thank you. It's still difficult, though. Realising that I can't feel anything physically" I said, looking down,
"You will get used to it, though. We're here to help you" I heard Kalma say. I looked at him and smiled. I heard footsteps on the stairs and turned just as Amen entered the room. He had under his arm what looked like rolled up suede. He "smiled" again and walked over to the table next to where the three neds lay. They were tied down to the metal gurneys, whimpering and shaking. I leaned over one of them, glaring.
"I'm about to make you suffer for all that you have done. No anasthetic, you'll feel every cut of the blade as I peel away your skin, every bite into your muscle when I feed you to Kita after I've finished with you. You can scream as loudly as you want. Nobody will hear you but us" I snarled, before pulling away. Kalma whistled.
"Whew. Dr. Sin is in, eh?" He asked. I smirked. Amen rolled out the tools. They shone under the light. I gasped.
"They're pretty, Amen" I said, running a finger over on of the blades. It shone like silver.
"Yes. I look after them like I would my children if I had any" He said. I smiled to him.
"Which one shall I use?" I pondered. Amen took my hand and guided it to one of the sharper looking blades. I picked it up and grinned. It was light, but it looked like it could cut through skin like a hot knife through butter.
I turned to the first ned, the one with the red cap. I took his cap off and threw it to the ground. Setting the knife down well away from him, and using my hands with my new-found strength, I tore his hoodie off. He screeched. I rolled my eyes.
"Scream all you want, you won't wake up" I snarled. The other monsters laughed. I threw his torn hoodie onto the cold floor below, then set about tearing his top off. Once that was gone, I grinned down at him.
"Feel free to scream. No one will hear you. Except us" I said. I heard footsteps on the stairs. Lordi, Awa, Kita and Magnum joined us. They all stood infront of the door, watching me. I turned back to the ned, placing the knife on his forehead. Looking to Amen for guidance, he nodded. I smiled at him, then turned my attention back to the ned, who was whimpering and crying. Pathetic wee shite. He screamed in agony as I began to slice down the side of his face, cutting through layer upon layer of skin at the same time. It was like I knew what I was doing. Every cut, every slice, it was like I'd done it before.
Screams rang out as I cut deep into his flesh, tracing along an invisible pattern.
By the time I was done with him, he'd passed out from the pain.
"Kita, wake him up before you devour him. I want him to feel every bite" I snarled. Kalma looked at Lordi, almost shocked. But then he smiled sadistically.
I moved to the next ned, repeating the process of skinning him. And then the next.
OX took the skins from me when I was done.
"I'll clean them for you" He said. I smiled at the Hellbull softly.
"Thank you, OX" I said.
Kalma walked over to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.
"So, man skin boots eh? Sounds brutal" He said. I just smiled at him as we walked up the stairs.

FINALLY updated. The next update will be soon, I promise!
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Postby Amari the Hellhound » Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:13 pm

Wow...can't wait to see where this goes. :)
As for your boyfriend, damn, I'd wanna kick his ass too :evil:
Maybe you should in this fic.....
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Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:04 pm

Updated, by the way....
Dr. Sin is in, baby. Say hello to Miss Crowbar.
Kalmageddon, baby.

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Postby Imma_HellFire_Girl » Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:28 am

Wow i'm liking this story :)
Sorry about your boyfriend, he sounds like a right little bastard.
Luck with all that happens x

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Re: Lilyth Von Gore's book of tales.

Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:23 pm

Whoa, it's been a while since I was last here. I do apologize for that my fellow Monstermanics.
I've been through a LOT recently.
Left my job, Finnish boyfriend dumped me, got a new boyfriend, Grandparents kicked me out (again) and so I am now living with my boyfriend.
I will finish "Say Hello To Miss Crowbar" at some point. I've got a huge bout of writers block, but fear not! I will get rid of it when I'm feeling less.... Depressed shall we say.

Take care my fellow Monstermanics.
Keep rocking! \,,/
Dr. Sin is in, baby. Say hello to Miss Crowbar.
Kalmageddon, baby.

"Don't let anyone tell you they're better than you" - Mr. Lordi.
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Re: Lilyth Von Gore's book of tales.

Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:45 am

Hello Monstermanics!
Lilyth has returned! With a new chapter for "Say Hello To Miss Crowbar".
Oh, by the way? I'M GONNA SEE LORDI LIVE IN EDINBURGH!!!! This will be my first time seeing them live. EVER. I am SO EXCITED!!!
*ahem* anyhoo, on with the story!

Say Hello To Miss Crowbar

Chapter 4:

Kalma escorted me up the stairs to the room I'd woken up in once again. We stood outside my door in an awkward silence.
"Thank you, Kalma" I said to him, smiling slightly. He returned the smile. I looked into his amber eyes, and he into my stormy blues.
"You're welcome, Lilyth. Now, go get some rest. It'll be sunrise soon" He said. I nodded. Hesitantly, I leaned forwards and kissed Kalma on the cheek. Before I could pull away, I felt his hand in my hair, and suddenly I was looking at him, his face close to mine. I swallowed as he leaned down, his lips brushing against mine.
I could taste decay, and the smell of leather reached my nostrils. Yet I didn't feel disgusted. Just... Fuzzy. I kissed him back, my arms wrapping around is neck. His free arm wrapped around my waist, holding me closer to him as we kissed.
We slowly broke the kiss, gazing into one anothers eyes. I was panting without any breath, a reflex.
"Don't start what you can't finish Kalmageddon" I said, the lust clear in my voice.
Wouldn't dream of it Miss Crowbar" He said in a husky growl. He turned the doorknob into my room, opening the door. He backed us into the room once we'd crossed the threshold, he kicked the rickety door shut, backing me onto my bed.
I looked up at him from where I lay, our fingers intertwined. He smiled. He leaned down and kissed me quickly, before pulling away and whispering into my ear;
I grinned.
"Hell fucking yes". He smiled, and kissed me again.
The whole time, the fuzzy warm feeling grew and grew in the pit of my stomach.....

I laid in Kalma's arms Gods only know how long later, half asleep with a big grin on my face. I looked up at him, and he down at me, smiling also.
"What's say we get some sleep? It's way past Midday" He said. I could see the sunlight shining through the holes in the wood and nodded.
"I'm not used to being nocturnal, but I agree. After that, I'm exhausted" I said, yawning as if to further prove my point. I snuggled closer to Kalma as he pulled the covers over us again.
I had to admit, it was odd not hearing the beat of a heart, his heart, as I laid my head against his chest. But it was just something I'd have to get used to.
I slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms, into what I hoped would be a dreamless sleep....

Update soon!
Dr. Sin is in, baby. Say hello to Miss Crowbar.
Kalmageddon, baby.

"Don't let anyone tell you they're better than you" - Mr. Lordi.
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Re: Lilyth Von Gore's book of tales.

Postby Missing Miss Cali » Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:26 pm

This is excellent so far! :mrgreen:
I've also read the Lillith Duskcutter fanfics and, again, they're excellent :twisted:
Update soon? :D
And I wish you well in hell
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Re: Lilyth Von Gore's book of tales.

Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Sat May 11, 2013 12:14 am

Whoo! Sorry for the lack of updates. Things are still nuts.
I saw Lordi last night. It was AMAZING!!! I headbanged that hard that I have whiplash. That's how awesome Lordi were.
I shall attempt an update. Bear in mind that this stuff is NEVER pre-written. It probably should be but I prefer going with the flow. So updates WILL be choppy.
Here we go fellow Monstermanics.

Say Hello To Miss Crowbar

Chapter 5:

I woke up that evening, sprawled against the pillows. Blinking, I sat up. Kalma wasn't next to me.
Yawning, I threw back the covers and set my feet on the floor, standing up. I leaned down to pick up my fallen clothing, pulling on underwear.
Wandering over to the cupboard, I pulled the decaying wooden doors open and raked through, seeing what clothing was available. I settled on a pair of torn black jeans and a black sleeveless top. One advantage of being dead, you can't feel the cold. Pulling them on, I found my boots and pulled them on, lacing them up, tucking my jeans into them as I did so.
I left the room, clomping down the stairs and into the main living area. The other monsters were there, and I stopped dead as I noticed two new faces.
A man and a woman, it seemed. Yet there was something horribly wrong with the woman. She looked like a living doll. My heart instantly went out to her. Gods only know how she became that way.
The others noticed me.
"Ah, Lilyth. Allow me to introduce you to Hella," The living doll waved at me, the seemingly perpetual smile on her face almost hiding the pain in her eyes.
"And Mana" Lordi continued. Mana looked at me also, nodding curtly. He had a mess of pale blonde hair tied back, and his mouth seemed stretched, almost like the jaws of somesort of insect it seemed. He wore armor of sorts, grey and metallic with a cloth dropping down between his legs. It appeared to be covered in blood.
Hella also had a mess of blonde hair, and mismatched eyes. Her face was cracked and shiny, her movements stiff and forced. She looked skinny, and wore pink shorts and boots. Her top half was covered by a black tunic, dotted with metal studs.
I felt tears well up in my eyes. How I could still cry when I was dead was beyond me. There was a hollow feeling where my heart was the more I looked at Hella. Something about her resonated with me. I got the feeling we'd both been killed at the hands of a psychopath.
I shook the feeling off, realising that the others were looking at me.
"Sorry... I just... Hella, what happened to you?" I asked her softly. That smile stayed there. I knew it wasn't her real face.
"I was cast in rubber and plastic, my eyes replaced with these ones. I somehow survived and escaped the man who did this to me" She said. Her voice was high-pitched and unnatural. I winced visibly, placing a hand over my mouth with a sharp intake of breath.
"Lilyth, are you okay?" Kalma asked. I suddenly had a vision, a flash of a face I recognised. Something inside me said "husband" and "murdered". I gripped onto the couch for support, my legs wobbling. My husband. It all came back to me in that flash of a second I saw his face. The argument. Him stabbing me in the heart. I traced the thin silver line across my neck.
"Lilyth?". I looked up at Kalma, shaking.
"I know who did it. I know who murdered me" I said, my voice shaking. Kalma looked at Lordi, then a glare crossed his features. He turned back to me, emitting a low growl as he spoke.
"Who?" Was all he said.
"My husband, James. I remember now. He was drunk. He murdered me" I said. Kalma stood, walking over to me. He took me in his arms, cuddling me close.
"Are you sure?" Lordi asked me. I shot a glare at him,
"Of course I'm sure" I snarled. Lordi nodded, then stood.
"Very well. Tomorrow at sunset we will return to the place we found you, and from there on we will hunt the one you once called your husband, and you will exact your revenge on him" He said.

Update soon!
Dr. Sin is in, baby. Say hello to Miss Crowbar.
Kalmageddon, baby.

"Don't let anyone tell you they're better than you" - Mr. Lordi.
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