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Lordi styled-MSN

Postby Blazenaire Alda » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:03 am

Just a random story!!!

All the members are talking to each other from different parts of the world on MSN.

Mr. Lordi goes on

Mr. Lordi: Hello from England! Anyone online?

Amen joins him

Amen: Hey, how’s it going? Greetings from Oz!
Mr. Lordi: Great but London rain sucks! 
Amen: Too bad, I’ve got summer weather here! Mummy attack, Australian style! lol
Mr. Lordi: lol, if weather doesn’t clear up a little, I can’t go sightseeing
Amen: Too bad, Oprah House was kinda cool. You should see Big Ben
Mr. Lordi: I will

Kita comes online

Kita: Hey guys!
Mr. Lordi: How’s Japan?
Amen: Hey, I was gonna ask that!
Mr. Lordi: lol
Kita: lol, Japan’s awesome! Sushi for breakfast! And lunch! And probably for dinner too
Amen: lol, too much sushi for my liking!
Mr. Lordi: Steak for me! 
Amen:  Me too!
Kita: How’s your change of scenery?
Mr. Lordi: I now hate rain more than I did ten years ago!
Amen: Awesome summer weather!
Kita: A bit cold here, might watch Sumo wrestling tomorrow!
Amen: Cool!

OX bursts in

OX: Good to see you guys are having a good time!
Mr. Lordi: Except me! Raining too much! I prefer snow
Kita: lol
Amen: lol
OX: Haven’t you ever heard of a little thing called an umbrella before?
Amen: snigger
Kita: ha ha
Mr. Lordi: ...
Mr. Lordi: Yes I have!
Kita: Then why don’t you find one and use it!
Amen: LMAO!!!
OX: In Fiji, you get about ten of them a day!
Amen: Why?
OX: In little drinks
Kita: lol, send some to Mr. Lordi
OX: Nah, I need them
Mr. Lordi: Why?
OX: ‘cause um…
Amen: Um what?
OX: I don’t know!
Kita: Is it ‘cause you don’t want to give them to him?
OX: I’m starting a collection!
Mr. Lordi: Really? rolls eyes
Mr. Lordi: How are you gonna take them on the plane so they don’t get crushed?
Amen: lol, hellbull just got owned!
Kita: lol, yeah!
Amen: Sorry! G2G now! Talk later!

Amen goes offline

OX: G2G?
Kita: Got to go!
OX: Oh…
Mr. Lordi: Rain just stopped! 
Kita: Japan, no rain just snow!
OX: Fiji is just sand and surf!
Kita: Like California! Lol
OX: lol
Kita: Um… Mr. Lordi!
OX: Where is he?
Kita: Probably dancing or something! Lol
OX: lol
Mr. Lordi: Hey, I wasn’t dancing! Just looking at London without rain for the first time!
OX: Sure you were!
Mr. Lordi: groan
Kita: lol

Awa is online

Awa: Hey guys!
OX: How’s is going?
Awa: Good, There’s this cat that keeps following me! It’s fluffy!
Kita: lol
Awa: Well, it is fluffy. Only a kitten
OX: What is with you and cats?
Awa: I’m a cat person! They don’t need constant energy to be interesting like a dog!
Kita: Or hellbull!
Awa: lol, Where are the other two?
Kita: Amen left a while ago and Mr. Lordi is…
OX: Dancing ‘cause it’s not raining in London!
Awa: lol
Kita: lol
Mr. Lordi: Hey!!! I said I wasn’t dancing!
Kita: Whatever! Snigger
OX: Sorry, got to go now!
Awa: Talk soon!
Kita: Bye!
Mr. Lordi: So… How is the USA?
Awa: It’s nice, New York is quite big though! I nearly got lost!
Kita: News headline! Monster lost in New York City!
Mr. Lordi: lol
Awa: Maybe not THAT dramatic! Lol
Kita: You never know! 
Mr. Lordi: It could happen!

Nothing happens for several minutes

Awa: Ok?
Kita: What?
Awa: I have just got a message asking if I want to go to a GWAR concert
Mr. Lordi: Ok? Now that’s a bit weird!
Kita: Who from?
Awa: I don’t actually know
Kita: Oh, you could scare them!
Awa: lol, maybe not

Ten minutes passes

Awa: Hello?
Kita: BOO!!!
Awa: lol, trying to scare me? 
Kita: Yeah! 
Mr. Lordi: sorry! Just had to answer a phone call
Awa: Ok
Mr. Lordi: You said that someone invited you to a concert?
Awa: Yeah, but I’m not going!

Someone called Scary Alien Guy joins

Scary Alien Guy: Why not?
Scary Alien Guy: evil laugh I am the leader singer of GWAR!!!
Scary Alien Guy: BE AFRAID!!!
Awa: Random much!
Kita: lol
Kita: Yeah I do! Lol
Scary Alien Guy: YOU!!!
Kita: I know I laughed at you and I’ll do it again! lol
Awa: lmao
Mr. Lordi: Um… Why are you talking to us?
Scary Alien Guy: Because I will take over ALL this planet and DESTROY YOU!!!
Kita: Um… whatever!
Mr. Lordi: Too late! I already have!
Awa: lol
Mr. Lordi: It’s true!
Kita: With my help!
Awa: And mine too!

Amen and OX conveniently appear online

Amen: And the Unstoppable Mummy!
OX: And the all-powerful hellbull!
Mr. Lordi Mwah ha ha ha!
Scary Alien Guy: You earth beings cannot defeat AN ALIEN!!!
Scary Alien Guy: No I’m not!
OX: Then you would know two things! I’m from Hell!
Kita: And I’m an alien!!!
Scary Alien Guy: Then you did you join Lordi?
Kita: Because I have some kind of brain!!!
Awa: lol
Scary Alien Guy: You won’t be laughing for long witch!!!
Amen: And why won’t she?
Scary Alien Guy: Because at this moment my drummer is kidnapping her! Evil laugh
Mr. Lordi: Awa!!!

Not-so-scary Alien Guy joins too and Awa is offline

Not-so-scary Alien Guy: Haha!!! We have your wife!
Amen: HIS WHAT!?
Scary Alien Guy: Our plan is working!!!
Scary Alien Guy: Your witch will be transformed tonight!!!
Mr. Lordi: INTO WHAT!?
Scary Alien Guy: My new wife!!!
Kita: NOOOO!!!!!!!

OX and Kita go offline

Amen: I’ll save you Awa!!!

Amen appears offline

Not-so-scary Alien Guy: Oh no you won’t!

Not-so-scary Alien Guy appears offline

Mr. Lordi: LMAO!!! Thanks Dee!
Scary Alien Guy: No worries! Great prank! Mr. Lordi and Dee Snider strike again!
Mr. Lordi: lol!

Scary Alien Guy is offline

Mr. Lordi: Hello?

Five minutes later

Mr. Lordi: AHHH!!!

Mr. Lordi is offline
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Postby AAore » Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:14 pm

cool :P
Feel Good.
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Postby ashley122009 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:30 pm

Oh god that's just too funny! :lol:
Love the new story please write more soon :D :D :D
*i love you kita ^^*
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Postby Blazenaire Alda » Tue Jun 08, 2010 7:53 am

I'm working on the new one right now!
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New Story

Postby Blazenaire Alda » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:41 am

Mr. Lordi and Kita are in Sydney on a holiday

Mr. Lordi: Hey, anyone online?
Kita: Yeah!
Mr. Lordi: Wait! You are in the same hotel as me!!!
Kita: And?
Mr. Lordi: Then why don’t you just come here and talk?

Awa is online

Awa: Good morning!
Kita: It’s five pm here
Awa: Oh sorry, good evening! Lol
Mr. Lordi: lol
Kita: lol, don’t worry!
Mr. Lordi: Australia is certainly different to Finland!
Awa: Is it snowing there?
Kita: No it isn’t!
Mr. Lordi: Hey! Just because we are in the same place doesn’t mean you get to answer all the questions!!!
Kita: I rule! :D
Awa: lol

Mr. Lordi is offline

Awa: Oh, he’s gone!
Kita: Don’t worry! Probably to kill me! Lol
Awa: lol
Awa: So, have you done anything interesting?
Kita: Well, I’ve scared an old man but the old lady next to him started whacking me with her handbag! :cry:
Awa: lol, too bad!
Kita: Ok, my door just opened!
Awa: Are you ok?

*five minutes later*

Awa: Kita?
Awa: WHAT!!!
Kita: he is
Awa: he is what?
Kita: This is Mr. Lordi!
Awa: ok?
Awa: Or is that you Kita?
Kita: No, I just accidently knocked him unconscious...
Awa: WHAT!!!
Kita: So yeah
Kita: Oh wait! He’s moving!
Awa: Should I come over there and knock your demon behind unconscious?
Kita: No!
Kita: nubnsdghjbiu
Kita: mjsnfkugyawsfdsgfrdyh
Awa: Whatever...

*ten minutes later*

Kita: FINALLY!!!
Awa: Finally! Understandable writing!!! :)
Kita: lol, Mr. Lordi was trying to...
Awa: Trying to what?
Kita: ...
Kita prevent me from accessing my laptop!
Kita: lol
Awa: lol, where is he now?
Kita: gone to get a drink
Awa: ok

*Mr. Lordi is offline*

Kita: He must have turned off his laptop!
Awa: Well probably since he isn’t online!
Kita: OWW!!!
Awa: *sigh* What did you do now?
Kita: Just noticed the monster-sized lump on the back of my head!
Kita: And the bruise on my arm
Kita: and leg
Kita: AND shoulder!
Awa: What are we going to do with you...
Kita: It’s not that I’m clumsy, I’m accident-prone!
Awa: Whatever you say :roll:
Kita: Oh, he’s back!
Awa: Tell him I’m gonna get him!
Kita: Ok

*five minutes later*

Kita: Ok, but he says please don’t damage any... soft spots!
Awa: lol
Kita: lol
Awa: Anything planned?
Kita: An interview on some news show hosted by comedians
Awa: Ok, I haven’t heard of that
Kita: Apparently it’s quite popular here. Comes on at about seven pm
Awa: Ok, do you know the name?
Kita: nope!
Awa: Alright, just try not to get bashed up by a granny!
Kita: lol, I’ll try
Awa: :)
Kita: Well see ya!
Awa: Ok, bye

*The next morning (Australian time)*


*Kita is online*

Kita: Hey, how are you?
OX: Ok, but SO hungry!!!
Kita: Ok but why?
OX: I didn’t eat yesterday!
OX: Or today!
Kita: Why? I thought you were the smart one!
OX: True as that may be, I was so busy!!!
Kita: I will never understand you!
OX: Yeah ok
Kita: The interview last night went ok but the host kept hitting on me!
OX: Ok, now THAT chick needs to get a taste in guys!
Kita: So you’re saying I’m ugly!!!
OX: Well, kinda! Lol
Kita: At least I don’t grunt everything I say!!!
Kita: Go eat a chair!
OX: ...

*Amen is online*

Amen: So a chick likes you! Now that’s something you don’t hear every day!
OX: lol, I know!
Kita: ...
OX: Or Kita not hitting on her as well!
Amen: lol, or him not begging her to...
Kita: STOP!!!!! OR YOU WILL DIE!!!
Amen: hold on! We were just having a laugh!
OX: Or were we...
Amen: lol
Kita: Amen shut up and OX....
Kita: SHUT UP!!!
Amen: haha
OX: Amen! Do as Kita says!!!
Amen: no! I’m an ancient king!
Amen: I can do as I wish!
OX: ...
Kita: lol

*Awa is online*

Awa: Helloo!
Amen: Hey, we better shut up now!!!
Awa: Why?
Awa: Oh THAT’S why!
Amen: ...
Kita: Mr. Lordi nearly fell off his chair on national tv...
OX: *snigger*
Kita: If only he was actually talking
Awa: I need to find that interview!
Amen: Yeah!
OX: Me too!
Kita: ok?

*Awa, Amen and OX are offline*

Kita: Yeah whatever!

*Kita is offline*
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Postby Vilce » Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:35 am

Gives a good laugh :lol: Nice work :)
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Postby ashley122009 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 7:24 pm

That's just funny! Poor Kita that's not "accidentally" knocking him unconsious that's beating the poor thing :( And if anything I'd probably be that host that was hitting on Kita XD
*i love you kita ^^*
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Postby MonstericanDreamer » Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:16 am

That's so funny! :D

keep it up! :D
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Postby Amari412 » Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:21 am

Dude, you need to continue this!
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Postby Blazenaire Alda » Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:51 am

I have finally finished my next one. It's mainly about Awa but also another character...
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Postby Blazenaire Alda » Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:53 am

Awa is online

Awa: hello?
Awa: anyone online?

Kita is online

Kita: Hey, how are you?
Awa: Good, it’s snowing today! :D
Kita: Yeah
Awa: I like snow
Kita: ok?
Awa: Very much!!!
Kita: You feeling ok?
Awa: Yes!
Kita: Are you sure you’re feeling ok?
Awa: yes, I told you that!
Awa: snow, snow, and snow!!!
Kita: Um… I like snow too?

Amen is online

Amen: It’s…
Kita: NO DON’T SAY IT!!!
Amen: What? Snow?
Amen: ok? Random much?
Kita: Awa, are you sure that you’re sure you’re feeling ok?
Amen: WHAT?
Awa: yes, I’m sure that I’m sure I’m feeling ok!
Awa: I like snow!!!
Kita: …
Amen: lol, I like snow too!!!
Awa: Yay!!!
Kita: face palm

Kita is offline

Awa: He mustn’t like snow…
Awa: :(
Amen: yeah, I guess…
Awa: dertfergtreg
Amen: ?
Awa: noirejgtpiewqur W09e4e1Q2R
Amen: ???
Awa: GfafWnlvoiaAbvsohR
Amen: Excuse me? GWAR?
Awa: oirhoghaefoihaewfkihenwgioeiejorewfew
Amen: ok?

OX is online

OX: Awa?
Amen: FNALLY!!!
OX: what?
Amen: someone sane!
OX: lol
Awa: I like snow!!!
Amen: face palm
OX: snigger
Awa: Oh no you don’t!!!
OX: oh sorry!?
Amen: …
Awa: No, not you!
OX: ?
Awa: Silme!!!
OX: ???
Amen: ?????
Awa: my friend’s daughter!
OX: oh!
Amen: sorry, I thought you lost it!
Awa: It does seem that way!
Awa: lol
OX: lol
Amen: lol!

Silme is online

Silme: Helloooo!!!!
Amen: Hi, you like snow!
Silme: SNOW ROCKS!!!
Awa: I said that you could go outside when your mom comes back!
Silme: ok
OX: lol
Amen: I might go snowboarding sometime
OX: yeah, me too!

Scary Alien Guy is online

Scary Alien Guy: I will melt all your snow
Scary Alien Guy: Evil laugh
Silme: OH NO!!!
Awa: We must stop him!
Amen: hell yeah
Awa: there are eight year olds present here Amen!
Amen: Sorry!

OX is offline

Silme: Oh no! OX is gone! :(
Amen: Don’t worry!
Awa: We will fight him with our powers!
Amen: Ancient Egyptian powers!
Awa: Psychic powers
Silme: what about me?
Amen: Awesome powers!
Silme: Yay!
Silme: Take that Scary Alien Guy!
Scary Alien Guy: …
Scary Alien Guy: You think you can beat the all mighty GWAR!!!
Silme: yeah!
Amen: OMFG! Owned by an eight year old!
Scary Alien Guy: Grrr!
Silme: We will defeat you with our magical popping candy!!!
Awa: ?
Amen: Yeah!
Amen: Wait, magical popping candy?
Silme: yeah! Awesome right?
Amen: yeah…
Awa: Are you laughing at her?
Amen: is it illegal to say yes?
Awa: …
Silme: And our all-powerful headless chocolate bunnies with their bodies on fire!!!
Amen: Yeah!
Scary Alien Guy: rolls eyes
Silme: wait! You’re not scared!!!
Silme: :(
Awa: Oh great! Now she’s crying!
Amen: tell me how it turns out!

Amen is offline

Awa: Oh no!

Awa is offline

Silme: now it’s just you and me!
Scary Alien Guy: Yeah, my alien warriors will conquer you!!!
Scary Alien Guy: And your chocolate bunnies!
Scary Alien Guy: hold on there!
Silme: ATTACK!!!
Scary Alien Guy: AAGGGHHHH!

Scary Alien Guy is offline

Silme: wow! It worked!
Silme: Yay! time to go outside!
Silme: SNOW!!!
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Postby ashley122009 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:05 am

That was...interesting :lol:
*i love you kita ^^*
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Re: Lordi styled-MSN

Postby MonsterMonster21 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:25 pm

LOL Owned by an 8 tear old girl :lol: :D
Please update soon xx :roll: :?:
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Re: Lordi styled-MSN

Postby Kitawa » Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:05 pm

Hey! I've read all of your Lordi Styled MSN, some of them even many times because I wanted to enjoy the ride again. :D You are so good at writing this kind of stories! They totally make me laugh and I can easily imagion the conversation happening the way it does in your story. Thanks for the great fan fic. If you ever feel like writing more of this series, I will definetely read them!
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