The Hellhound has returned

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The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:31 pm

I missed you all. Sorry I had to get a new profile and everything. My life's been a disaster since I've been home between trying to find a job and putting up with parents :roll: But anyway, I'm back and I'll bet you're wondering what's new on my agenda. Well, recently I've been thinking of remaking my fic Monster Tamers. So I've got the Prologue written, I'm currently writing the first chapter, so I'll go ahead and post the Prologue now and maybe in a few hours post the First Chapter. Anyway, without further ado, here's Monster Tamers

Monster Tamers
Prologue. Rescue Me

He could feel the frigid air passing through him as he crawled on the snow covered ground. White snow turned a deep shade of gray in his wake as he crawled. The cold was crippling, he could feel it, even though he was dead. A gust blew, sending white snow crystals over him, blending in with his white hair and covering his back like a white, cold, shadowy blanket. Weakly, he raised his head, his emerald eyes tired, but aflame with determination.
Nothing. Nothing was to be seen. There was nothing but white snow as far as the eye could see. But he wasn't deterred. Finding his strength, he staggered to his feet. He picked up his hat and looked up, thanking whatever diety would hear him for the strength to continue his mission, which was detrimental to his world and everyone in it. He had to do this. Breathing hard, he managed to start walking. Little silver droplets fell from his free hand, covered by a fingerless black leather glove, from a wound in his arm. One of many.
He kept walking, loosing more and more blood, but his determination and hope seemed to increase with the loss. His journey felt like an eternity, but in fact was only a few hours. He feared getting lost, but it wasn't enough to stop him. Finally he reached it. The stones before him never looked so welcoming.
It looked similar to the human world's Stone Henge, but there was only ten stones, each a different color. Slowly he made his way over to the black one. Rolling up his sleeve, he let the silver blood leak on to the stone and laid a bloody palm on it. A faint black glow made the stone shine. Before his eyes, the stone dissolved, turning into a dark blue mist. He closed hie eyes and let the vapor surround him. Upon inhaling it, he let his stength go and fell to the ground. In an instant, darkness surrounded him and once more he started to crawl. He kept going until he saw another light. He smirked, knowing this was it. He kept going until finally he was free.
The first thing he felt was the plastic of a bunch of garbage bags. With an extra burst of energy, he crawled himself free of the light and it vanished behind him. He crawled until his entire body was off the bags and he felt concrete. He stopped a moment to rest, managing to sit up and sit against a nearby wall, the shadows hiding him from any humans that might dare pass by.
"Hes...too strong..."
Black clouded his vision and from there he knew nothing more...

Well how was that? I hope it was good. Anyway, leave me a comment telling me what you guys think. Don't forget to be awesome :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:46 am

good seeing you back here on mb :)
the prologue looks very good in my eyes and yeah, can't wait to read more of it of course :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:18 am

AOD! OMG! I missed you soooooo much. I missed all my buddies on here. Since you were nice enough to post a comment, I'll post another chapter for you. Hope you all like it :)

Monster Tamers
Chapter 1. Bring me To Life

Skyler felt a sudden burst of inspiration. Like something inside her mind was trying to break free, but it needed help. It was a free period for her, so she had some time to draw. Taking out a pencil and her drawing pad, she began a new creation.
Skyler Monroe was fourteen years old and daughter of famous artists Teresa and William Monroe. They weren't around often, but Skyler made up for that with her drawings and paintings. She had long, wavy, dark brown hair that had some frizz to it and had a somewhat wild look. Her brown eyes were sharp and acute, always looking over every detail. Her skin was pale, but not deathly pale. She was a little short for her age, but she didn't really think of it. Her thoughts subjected around one thing: The completion of this newest creation. Safe in her own little world, nothing else mattered.
In an hour she'd nearly completed it. All that was really left to do were to fill in the details. Her creation felt oddly familiar, like she'd seen it before. It was some kind of winged humanoid creature, but it was far from human. The wings were bat like, so perhaps it was a demon. But when she thought about it, the horns on its head were too small and subtle. It felt so familiar, safe in a strange way. The thought made her tremble, but from what she didn't know. But what struck her the hardest were the eyes. She'd made them expressive, but dark with a hint of mystery. It felt familiar, safe somehow.
The bell ran, pulling Skyler from her thoughts. Quickly, she put away her newest creation in her portfolio and then put it in her bag as the other students poured out of the classrooms, going to their next classes eagerly. It was the last period of the day on a Friday, so everyone was eager to get out and get home. Skyler quietly made her way to her next class, her favorite, art.
She smiled. It might as well had been another free period for her. For a moment, her newest creation crossed her mind. Perhaps Mr. Stello, her teacher, would want to see it. But she put the thought away. It wasn't normal of her to draw dark things, even if it felt familiar, natural, whatever. No, she'd keep this one to herself.
With a short greeting to Mr. Stello, Skyler headed straight for her work station, not bothering to hide her smile. There, already set up for her, was an easel and blank canvas waiting for her. It was perfect for abstract work, her best when it came to painting. But when it came time to select her paints, things got strange.
She had an urge to use dark and earthy colors. Red, black, deep forest green, brown, and silver. After getting her paint, Skyler got some paper towels, a brush, and a cup of water. Settled at her work station, Skyler began to paint. In the end, it didn't look so great. It looked...angry. Dark. Maybe fearful. For a reason she didn't understand, it frightened her.
"Skyler" Mr. Stello noticed it, "Are you alright?"
"Yes sir" Skyler answered quickly, "I'm fine. Just wanted to try something new".
i]Come home[/i].... a growling voice sounded, I've been waiting.....
Startled, Skyler dropped the paintbrush and palatte she was holding.
She picked the stuff up and put them in the sink.
"I have to go Mr. Stello. I'm so sorry!" Skyler grabbed her bag.
She ran out of the room, down the hall and out an exit door. Skyler looked around, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She blinked several times, but nothing changed.
She wasn't sure why, but she started running. She ran until she felt like her legs were about to fall off. When she stopped, she heard a growl.
"What do you want?! Who or what are you?!"
Come home....hurry....
Skyler took a bus the rest of the way home and ran inside. The house was empty, completely devoid of people. Even the housekeepers were gone.
"Hello?! Anyone home?!" she called.'ve kept me waiting...
Cautiously, Skyler walked up the stairs, hear heart pounding. Breathing hard, trembling, she dared to open the door to her bedroom. What she saw made her drop her bag and scream.
There, standing in her room, was her newest creation. When the screaming was done, he looked at her with those mysterious scarlet eyes.
"Welcome home Skyler. I've been waiting".

Well, she's discovered two things in one day: Her power (Bringing her drawing subjects to life) and her partner (Mr. Lordi). Pretty badass huh? Hey, I'd scream too if one of my drawings came to life! :lol: but anyway, hope you liked :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby titanastorm214 » Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:19 am

you are amazing amari i miss i am also back on a different username. dont even remember my old one i think irt was cahira.
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:45 am

CAHIRA! Dude, I missed you too! Nice new name by the way. Anyway, since you were also nice enough to comment, I'll post another chapter. I've been really busy on this story today guys. I am in the zone! :lol:

Monster Tamers
Chapter 2. Serenity

Shena Torrent kept her room dark most of the time to help circulate the energy of the room. Before her was a circle drawn in white chalk with a star in the center. Around the star were ten different colored stones. In the center of the star was a single white candle.
Shena wore a dark red cloak over a purple dress shirt and black skinny jeans. The light of the candle brightened her cinnamon sprinkled skin. Her chocolate brown hair was pulled into a messy bun under the hood. In the candle light, her brown eyes shined like tiger eye stones. She sat cross legged before the circle, stones, star, and candle. She closed her eyes.
The scent of vanilla surrounded her, making the room feel alive. Shena smiled, focusing her power on the stones.
"I've seen you in a vision, the one called the Bulltaurus...I already know whats to come. Where are you?" she asked.
Shena was a young psychic, sixteen years old. She'd always had visions of the future ever since she was a child. She hardly ever voiced these visions to her parents, both wealthy bankers. Shena wanted nothing more than to be in control of her own future, rather than always following her parents. She'd already seen it. She was meant for greater things.
Her most recent vision had come to her in a dream. It'd shown her what was to come, a great battle mostly, that would determine the fates of not only this world, but THEIR world as well. She saw herself allied with a bull like creature, a minotaur if she remembered correctly. But it was an undead one. She knew he was somewhere in the world, seeking her out.
"Where are you?"
She didn't have to open her eyes to know a stone was moving. Shena could feel its energy. Another vision entered her mind, but it wasn't at all what she expected.
They were together in a large bedroom, lit by mostly vanilla and lavendar scented candles, giving it a soft glow and a positive energy. On the bed, he was holding her close, almost possessively. But it wasn't a bad thing. She wasn't complaining or fighting to be freed. No. She rather enjoyed his attention in this vision. He nudged her neck softly and then whispered in her ear: I love you
The voice sounded too close to be in a vision. With a gasp, Shena opened her eyes. She looked at the circle, only to see all ten stones all moved to the center of the star, circling the candle.
"Oh my god...they're here...."

They're Sorry, had to make that reference. Anyway, so yes, there is going to be romance in this, like usual in my fics. I hope you guys liked this. Leave me another comment and I'll post another chapter as soon as I can :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:57 pm

I missed you too :D I really wanted to know how it would go further with that are rewriting it, it seems but I'm happy you are back :D am I still in the story too? (A) :D
great chapters of course ;)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:22 pm

Yes Angel of course you are in this. In fact, you asked at the exact right time because this chapter actually features you! Yay :D But anyway, hope you like, you get the crap scared out of you in this, and not to mention you're probably gonna think I turned you into a complete bitch later. So on with the chapter.
Oh, a quick note on chapter titles. The titles are based on the song I was listening to while writing the chapter and gave me inspiration for the chapter. So, in this case the title, Twilight, is not to be confused with the damn twilight saga. It's the song Twilight by vanessa carlton. Yeah, I don't own that.

Monster Tamers
Chapter 3. Twilight

She'd had the nightmare over and over again over the years, Her parents, slaughtered by a faceless, unknown assailant who had left her alive. She had only been five years old at the time. Everyone thought she didn't remember, but she did. Oh she could never forget.
Angel Morris sat up once more roused by the nightmare. She closed her brown eyes tightly, trying to get the images and memories out of her brain. She rose from her bed and went into the bathroom next to her room. Perhaps cold water to the face would help.
She turned on the light and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Angel sighed agitatedly.
"God I look old" she thought.
She was only sixteen and she really didn't look old. Sleep deprived maybe, but not old. Her dirty blonde hair was coming out of its braid in bits and pieces. She looked abnormally pale for someone living in California, with bags under her eyes. Her face had some freckles, but not too many. Angel was muscular, but lithe, sure signs of athleticism.
Sighing, Angel turned the water on and cupped some in her hands. Bracing herself, she threw it on to her face. The stinging cold water brought her dull senses back to life. If she hadn't been awake before, she was now.
Angel hadn't forgotten. The horrific deaths of her parents and their colleagues haunted her. Granted she hadn't actually seen anything, she was unfortunate enough to see all the bodies before authorities showed up. She remembered their shrieks as she too waited for a death that never came.
They'd been archaeologists, working on a then recently discovered tomb back from around 4,000 years ago. Angel had been excited. She loved to travel with her parents on their many excursions and did small things for them to help while they worked. But the night they opened the tomb...that was the worst night of her life...and the last night for her parents.
It took her the entire night to get the courage to get up and look around. She discovered everyone was dead and authorities later sent her to go live with her aunt and uncle in Sacramento, California. The only thing she had left of that night were the dreadful memories, and a woven bracelet she had found with a fossilized scarab on it.
Angel touched the scarab fossil gingerly as she remembered. The murderer was never found. Well, murderers, because surely one person couldn't slaughter an entire expedition of people right?
She still wondered why she was left alive. Angel knew she shouldn't be, but yet here she was. Unashamed, she let the tears fall. She'd always tried to be strong, but no matter what, Angel still considered herself weak.
Angel....Can you hear me? Do you remember me?
She gasped, looking around the room. but no one was there. But when she looked back at the mirror, Angel tried to scream, but no sound could come out. Her throat had gone oddly numb. It wasn't her reflection that stared back at her. No, but rather a mummy with cold. ice blue eyes staring at her with an unreadable expression.
Angel fell back, stumbling to the floor.
"AH! Sweet Jesus...ow...damn it..." she managed to get back up again and look in the mirror.
It was her again.
"I'm losing it. I swear to god, I'm losing it".
Losing what?
She ignored it and went back to bed. But it was harder now. When she closed her eyes, the cold blue eyes stared right back at her.
Angel...remember me...

Hm...I'll admit this chapter was very fun to write. As with the previous Monster Tamers, I actually love writing in Amen/Angel's world. It's so fun because they kinda have a love/hate relationship and everyone knows those are always fun to write.
AOD, I hope you liked how I put Angel in there. She's just a bit of a badass in this, but you know, nothing lasts forever. She mellows down a bit when she meets another certain Tamer who you'll meet in the next few chapters. Hope you liked and don't forget to be awesome :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:32 pm

oh I surely like this chapter :D nicely written and yeah, I'm curious how it will develop between them but you know that by now already I think :P can't wait to read more of this story...I'm addicted again :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:37 am

I'm glad you liked it AOD. Anyway, here's a chapter that features my all time favorite pairing for Monster Tamers: Kalma/Lauren. Kalauren lol.

Monster Tamers
Chapter 4. I Turn to You

The rain was pouring with no end in sight. Lauren knew she'd need to find food and shelter soon, or she would be in for it. Shivering, she wrapped the large coat she wore closer to her small frame. Sadly it lacked a hood, so her hair and face were drenched.
And the voices were nonstop.
They were voices she'd heard all her life.
Voices no one else could hear.
The voices of the dead.
Lauren Ringers had just run away from her last foster home and was trying to avoid detection from police and possibly knowing civilians. She'd cut her black hair shoulder length and managed to buy different colored contacts that turned her blue eyes pearl gray. Unfortunately it was all she could do for now.
Sighing, feeling miserable and alone, Lauren turned to an alley, figuring it was safe enough. Her stomach growled, reminding her that she needed food. Desperate, she looked into some trashcans trying to find anything remotely edible. It was in vain.
"Damn it!" she kicked the trashcan over.
Lauren sat down against a wall, feeling hopeless. Maybe running away wasn't the smartest thing in the world. She'd only wanted to be in control of her own life. Was that too much to ask? She was tired of constantly being moved by the system. Lauren only wanted a family.
"God I'm such an idiot!" she berated herself harshly.
Hungry, young one?
" if my luck couldn't get any better..."
I'm not one of them, young one. I wish nothing but to help you.
"You can't help me. You're just another dead person".
If you could see me, you'd know I'm not just any other dead person.
"Let me see you then".
You're a brave one, asking to see death in the flesh
"Just let me see you".
As you wish.
The shadows shifted around her and instantly Lauren was in the arms of a most interesting stranger. He was leather clad, with gray rotting skin. His white hair brushed against her cheek lightly. On the top of his head was a velvet top hat. He looked like a dead version of the Mad Hatter.
And then she found his eyes. They were a deep shade of green. They reminded Lauren of emeralds. They were beautiful. She looked at them, mesmerized. As if in a trance, she reached up and touched his face. The touch of his cold, rotting skin wasn't unpleasant. Somehow it felt right to her.
"This can't be real...there's no way".
"Do I feel real, Lauren?"
"You know my name?"
"I know everything about you".
"I just know. I saw you, and I knew. And right now I know you're starving. Here" he took some money out of his pocket, "Go eat. But come back here. Promise me you'll come back here".
Gratefully Lauren took it. "Thank you, and I promise".
With that her strange companion released her and she took off to find food. He stayed in the alley, anxiously waiting for her to return. He paced, worried she wouldn't come back.
He wasn't sure why he wanted her to return. Lauren Ringers was...interesting to him. She had this aura about her that felt empowering. When she was there, he felt invincible. Perhaps now he was.
"I'm back" her voice called him back from his thoughts.
She'd come back with some food she bought at a local burger joint, including a coke and a sundae.
"You were hungrier than I thought" he said.
"Damn straight".
There wasn't anything harsh in his voice. But rather, she enjoyed listening to him. His voice was clear, soft almost. She could listen to him talk about everything and nothing all day and not get over his voice.
"I never got your name" Lauren sat down against the wall again and started to eat.
"You know?"
Lauren shrugged. "What can I say, I'm a mythology junkie. Haven't completely studied Finnish mythology, but I know enough".
"Ah...beautiful and intelligent. Must be my lucky night".
"In your dreams zombie man" she laughed a little.
Kalma smiled a little. "You don't seem phased by me. Why is that?"
"I thought you knew everything about me".
"I do...I just wanna hear you say it".
Lauren sighed, putting her food down. She looked ashamed. Shyly, she admitted.
"I'm a necromancer. I can see, hear, talk to dead people. Ive been able to my whole life".
"And you hate it?"
"I just wanna be like everyone else".
"What, you wanna be ignorant and live to degrade people to give yourself a mightier than thou feeling?"
Lauren raised an eyebrow. "Pessimist much?"
Kalma put his hands up defensively. "Hey, I'm a vietnam vet. You can't blame me"
"You fought in vietnam?!"
"Yep. Don't ask me to go into detail, I won't".
"Alright" Lauren put her head on his arm, "Can I sleep here?"
"Of course. Hold on" Kalma took off his jacket and used it to cover the tired girl. Soon enough she was asleep.
As for him, Kalma didn't need sleep. Not to mention he had his team all over his mind. They were all supposed to be here, but so far he was alone.

God this chapter was a pain to type. I don't know why. I love Kalma and Lauren but their chapters are usually so damn long! But it's okay. It's worth it if readers love it. Anyway, catch you guys later. I'll update again probably in a few hours. Don't forget to be....AWESOME! :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:51 am

nice one again and I enjoyed reading again...waiting for more :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:04 am

Well, as a New Years gift to my readers and friends, I'm doing a double posting here. I might actually start doing that more often just to be cool :)
Anyway here's the next two chapters of Monster Tamers. Hope you like :)

Monster Tamers
Chapter 5. Nobody's Home

Bella Saranta made her way up the complex stairs, pulling her key out as she approached the door to her apartment. The apartment she shared with her mother. Sighing, Bella unlocked the door and stepped in.
Great...her mother was gone. Again. The white powder on the kitchen counter was enough to tell her everything. Her mother was off on another Drug Trip. Rolling her eyes, Bella put her keys back in her pocket and walked back out, locking the door behind her.
"She'll have to come back eventually" Bella assumed and headed back down the stairs.
With her mother gone, she decided it was okay just go on a walk, figuring she'd have to come back sometime soon or she'd stay the night with her drug addict friends. She stuffed her hands in her pockets and walked down the stairs to the street below.
Bella was fifteen years old and the daughter of a many years divorced drug addict, who, sadly, she resembled. Her hair was ebony black, with natural caramel colored highlights. Her eyes were a deep brown color, her skin was lightly tanned.
Bella knew she had a father and a brother once, but she couldn't really remember either of them. Her mother had burned all the pictures of them in a drug rage, so Bella had no idea what they looked like. Though, when her mother was high, she was accused of being just like him.
She wondered if perhaps he was a soldier. Bella had a lot of respect for soldiers, men and women who risked their lives on a regular basis to defend their country. Her brother often came to mind as a young soldier. She hoped so. And someday, she hoped to be a soldier's wife.
Bella kept walking, but couldn't shake the feeling she was being watched. She stopped and looked around, but no one was to be seen. That wasn't much a surprise. The slums were usually deprived of people at night. Bella kept going.
Bella...Bella can you hear me?
She stopped dead. Looking around, she still saw no one. But something compelled her to answer. What it was though she didn't know.
Good...I need you to come home. Meet me at your apartment.
"Why? Who are you?"
Someone who wants to help. Don't worry, your mom's safe.
"How do you know?"
I brought her home shortly after you left. I found her passed out on a corner.
"Alright..." Bella turned and walked back to the complex. When she got to her apartment though, her jaw dropped.
The door was torn completely off.
"OH MY GOD!" she screamed, "What the hell happened?!"
"Sorry about that. The door wouldn't open so I had to bust it open".
"Oh...oh my god..." Bella stepped backwards until she hit the wall.
Her mom was passed out on the couch, which was fine, but what was crouched next to the couch wasn't. It scared the living hell out of her. It was some kind of red skinned creature that looked it might be reptilian. Several small, but sharp horns adorned its head. When she saw the black hair, she figured it wasn't reptilian. There was no way. Reptiles didn't have hair. The dark eyes of the creature stared at her intently.
"What...the hell..." she couldn't finish the sentence.
The creature rose to its full height and for a moment Bella felt offended. Everyone always seemed taller than her.
"I'm your partner, Bella. I wanna help you, but I need your help in return".
"With what?! Just don't eat me!"
The creature started laughing. "Silly human, I don't eat people. I'm not gonna eat you. I don't eat humans, not enough meat on em".
"What do you want?"
"To help you. Hear me out. I know where your father and brother are".
"I'm connected. I know these things. The name's Kita, Bella. And I am very, very happy to meet you".

Monster Tamers
Chapter 6. Voodoo

Izzy Heart made his way over his bookcase, searching for one book in particular. It was a fascinating book, for it had been passed down from one generation in his family to the next. It was a power book, a spellbook if one would think.
Izzy was sixteen years old and son of Daniel Heart, a retired soldier. His hair was jet black and always neatly kept. His brown eyes were hidden behind glasses as he searched.
"Aha" he found it, "Here it is".
It was a small black leatherbound book, roughly the size of a small journal. But in it were tons of spells written by a single, very powerful, spellcaster.
"Awa Paysant..."
Izzy was proud that his family was tied to hers. Granted, it wasn't entirely in a positive way. But still...he wasn't like his great great uncle, who had betrayed her. No. He was much more conservative than that, despite his fascination with the occult. Right now he was reading her thoughts on astral projection, something he had yet to master.
"Alright" he sat down to meditate. In order to do it, he had to be serene, calm, but focused. It would take a lot of concentration to do this.
Izariel Heart this is way too high a level of magic for you!
That brought his attention back to reality. Izzy opened his eyes and stared in shock. There, in the center of the room, was her. Awa Paysant, the author of the spellbook he possessed, the Shadows.
"" he rose, "You're here...but how?"
"Wherever that book goes. Surely Sarantha told you that".
Sarantha was his late great granmother, who had given him the Shadows when he discovered his magic at an early age.
"She didn't tell me. But why now?"
"I come to tell you that two worlds are in grave danger. Yours and mine".
"From what?"
"A powerful spellcaster by the name Kalmaged. The veil between our worlds is now torn. And nightmarish creatures are pouring into your world as we speak. We need your help".
"I have allies, Izariel, and they must be found".
"Where do we need to go?" Izzy asked with a determined smile.
"The Gore Family Funeral Home in Brooklyn, New York".
"Alright...who else do we need to find?"
"There are five girls and their partners. They are the key. One of which has a tie to you".
Izzy looked even more determined, his expression unreadable. "Is it her?"
Awa nodded, smiling.
"Count me in".

Well that was harder than I thought. I might update later on tonight as well. Depends on if I'm feeling generous or not. Hope you liked :)
-the Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:35 pm

very nice chapters again and I really hope they will all be able to help the monsters...waiting for more like usual ^^
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby titanastorm214 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:32 pm

Awesome chapters :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:23 pm

Great to know you guys are addicted to this. At least I got two people frikkin reading this. Guys, where you at? Seriously. This is an awesome as hell fic. Since you two at least are so addicted, I'm gonna go ahead and do another double posting. I know you guys are gonna like these chapters.

Monster Tamers
Chapter 7. Sanctuary

Shena knew this was it. This was the place where she and minotaur were supposed to meet. It was a forest clearing, about an hours walk away from her home. It had a few trails going through it and she planned to use them in case the meeting went awry, but she doubted that would happen. Shena knew he was already intrigued by her and he'd let her meet him here.
"I'm here" Shena said, "Where are you?"
Patience, Shena. I'm close.
"Are you afraid of me, bulltaurus? Is this why you've kept me on this wild goose chase?"
Me, afraid? No. Interested rather. I wanted to see how long you'd continue to track me
"As long as I need to".
Typical human. You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.
"Did I really have much of a choice? Unlike you, I stick to fate's ever changing ways. You always try to find a way to escape it".
Touche, young one. But it's merely stemmed from the fact that I have no desire be controlled by anyone else but myself.
"Then shall you show yourself?"
I'm near. Stay where you are.
At long last, he emerged from the trees and shrubs. His green eyes locked on her and they both knew this was it. They'd found each other. The bond was irrevocable. They were partners, a team.
"At long last, Asterion shows himself".
She sounded sophisticated in a way, in control of her world. But she was also cryptic, unpredictible. Back in his time with the Kalmageddon Brotherhood, she would've been one of his favorite playthings. He would've sought her out and easily broken her. But now she was a challenge.
A challenge he had every intention of overcoming.
"Yes, and you're Shena Torrent, the human I can't seem to get out of my head".
Shena smirked. "What can I say? I'm talented".
"I've noticed. Do you know why we're here?"
"Yes, because our worlds are in grave danger. They're being a destroyed by a single magic user and his minions. I've seen the war that is to come and I assure you now, bulltaurus, I am ready to fight".
Ox circled her, looking her over. Sure she wasn't physically intimidating, but one look in her eyes and one would see the fire of power that burned there. She was stronger than any human he knew. She had a sharp mind and a sharp tongue to match.
"Seems like you're made for me".
"Well we are partners after all, so it's only fitting".
"Are you afraid, Shena Torrent?"
Her smirk didn't fade. "No".
"Then we know what we must do. Come with me, Shena. Our allies are waiting".

Monster Tamers
Chapter 8. Hate at first sight

He felt bad, make no mistake, he really did. But he knew there was no way she'd come willingly. Not if she remembered. It was a desperate situation, so desperate measures were called for. He knew he'd have to be careful. He'd scared her earlier, so he knew to be ready for her screaming at him later.
Amen had arrived at the funeral home not too long ago. An hour at the most, maybe. Time really didn't mean anything to him. But it was empty. The others were nowhere to be seen. Sighing agitatedly, he put Angel in a bedroom and proceeded to walk around alone, inspecting the barriers and making sure everything was secure. Everything appeared in order.
It had been Kalma's home back when he was alive. But after he died, the state had turned it into a funeral home. Amen found it only fitting that Kalma was actually laid to rest in the backyard.
A scream pierced through the quiet like a knife.
"Angel!" He then reached out to her in his mind, Relax, you're safe here. No one's gonna hurt you.
"Where are you?!"
I'm coming to you, hold on.
Amen silently made his way up the stairs to the room he'd put her in. She was wide awake. Upon seeing him, she literally jumped from the bed.
"Oh my god! This isn't happening! Hell...frikkin...NO!"
"Angel...relax. I'm not gonna hurt you. I couldn't".
"LIAR!" Angel grabbed a book from a nearby book shelf and threw it at him.
"Ow!" it hit him in the head, "Now was that necessary?!"
Amen rolled his eyes and picked the book up. This was not going at all like he planned. Then again, when did anything go as he planned? Nothing recently. When he made his way into the room, he saw Angel reach for another book. Putting on a burst of speed, his hand was around her wrist in an instant.
"I wouldn't do it, Angel".
"You know my name?"
"It's not the only thing I know about you. I know about your parents...what happened to them".
"How the hell do you know?!" she struggled to get out of his hold, but it was no good.
HIs grip was firm, but not painful. Angel wanted to escape the feeling of the dried up, dead skin on her wrist. It didn't feel right to her, being touch sensitive.
Amen, on the other hand, rather enjoyed touching her like this. It was against her will, surely, but hopefully, soon, that would change. But now was it...he had to tell her the truth.
"Because I was there..."
Angel stopped struggling. "What?"
His hold didn't loosen. "I was was my tomb they opened...and it was I who destroyed them".
Angel's face paled and her eyes widened with shock. It couldn't be. The dead couldn't rise again, right? This was just a nightmare. It didn't make sense...or did it? She could feel how strong he was, he could've easily killed them, and he could easily kill her, without batting an eyelash...except he didn't have eyelashes...did he? She couldn't tell...
"Remember now?"
The shocke of it all was too much. Angel fainted. Amen caught her just before she hit the floor.
"I'm sorry...more than anything. But we have to work together now. Everything depends on it".

Hope you liked the book throwing scene AOD. I couldn't resist putting it in here. :lol:
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:31 pm

oh very nice chapters again, I really love reading this :D
of course I like the book throwing scene, I would have done it myself too :lol:
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby titanastorm214 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:40 pm

awesome book throwing scene
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:54 pm

Awesome. Well, I'll go ahead and post this new chapter. I might've skipped a few details as to how everyone got to Brooklyn, but I know at least three of them live close by, yeah. The others were either transported by plane or magic. Take your pick.

Monster Tamers
Chapter 9. Uninvited

So, within the week, six people and their partners occupied the funeral home. Space wasn't a problem, as the home was pretty much a mansion, so there were plenty of rooms and hang outs for everyone. But with so many different people around, tensions were high amongst the humans. They hardly ever really spoke to one another, keeping to themselves for the most part.
But with the Monster partners, everything was the exact opposite. They were all relaxed, as they were a unit, a team. Things were easy with them. But they had to figure out how in the world to unite their human partners. They had to cooperate now.
So almost a week after Angel arrived at the home, the humans were all called down to the living room for their first official "Meeting".
"Alright, are we all here?" Kita asked.
"Um..." Izzy counted off, "Yeah, we're all here".
"Very well...greetings humans. I'm sure some of you are probably wondering why we're all here, including one of you kinda against their will. So, proper introductions are in order. I'm Lordi, leader of this team".
"Kalma, what's up?"
"So wait, why are we all here?" Skyler asked, "You never told us anything".
"See we come from another world. Our two worlds coexist side by side. But the veil between them has been torn by a powerful sorcerer Kalmaged" Awa explained.
"And the veil is thin enough as is. But now it's been completely torn and monsters are now pouring from it. Only us and you guys can stop it" Amen added.
"So then what the hell are we supposed to do?" Angel glared daggers at Amen.
"We seal it" Shena stood up and Ox smiled, "It's only way, isn't it?"
"Yes" her partner nodded, "But there's not enough of us to seal it".
"Well how many are needed?" Bella asked.
"There's actually ten of us. Right now, only six of us have made it here" Kita stood by his partner.
"Well wouldn't it be smart to just seal it as good as we can for now?" Lauren wondered.
"We could do that, but then we'd be trapped here. We'd have to seal it after going back to our world to make sure that this never happens again. So the smart thing would be to wait. Not to mention we have to find Kalmaged as well" Kalma answered, his hands clenching into fists.
Ox was quick to notice it. "Let it go, Kalma. That's in the past".
"Anyway, bottom line, we can't do this alone"
Lauren stood and grabbed her partner's hand. "Whoever said you had to?"
Kalma smiled at her as she turned and faced the others.
"They're right. They can't do this alone. Granted, they are monsters, but they need us. Not to mention our world is being threatened as well by this Kalmaged guy whoever the hell he is. I say we find him, kick his ass, and seal the veil. All of us. Together as a team. Who's with me?"
Angel stood. "Count me out. I have my own reasons for my decision, so don't bother asking"
She glared at Amen again and walked out. Amen tried to go after her, but Kita grabbed his arm.
"Let her go man. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off teenaged girl".
Izzy got up. "I'll go talk to her".
"Alright, meeting adjourned. Get some rest everyone".
Izzy was all too eager to go after that strange, headstrong, but intriguing girl. But unbeknownst to him, he wasn't alone...

I think everyone knows where I'm going with this...
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby titanastorm214 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:59 pm

Claps awesome chapter :D as usual
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:28 pm

I think I have a feeling too where you are going with this :) waiting for more :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:04 pm

Alright, here's another chapter for you guys. Hope you like it :)

Monster Tamers
Chapter 10. Set Fire to the Rain

"Angel...Angel wait up" Izzy finally managed to catch up with her.
"What do you want?" Angel stopped at the door to her room.
"Just to talk. I'm Izariel Heart. But friends call me Izzy"
"Izariel? Who's idea was that?"
"My mom's I hear".
"I just wanted to know what was wrong. I know you're bitter toward the monsters, Amen most particularly".
Angel hesitated. She didn't usually trust people, but at least this boy had the decency to come and ask and see if she was okay. She didn't answer right away and he turned to leave.
"Sorry Angel, sorry for asking".
"He killed my parents...and their colleagues".
Izzy turned back around. "Oh...dear god, Angel I'm so sorry".
"I was five years old when my parents opened his tomb. I didn't see them die, but I heard them scream. Yet he kept me alive...cruel irony".
Izzy embraced her, holding her close. It was cruel irony. He understood now why Angel didn't want anything to do with her partner.
As for Angel, she was surprised Izzy was doing this for her. But here he was comforting her. Amen hadn't even bothered to apologize, not that she would've accepted his apology. She would've told him to shove it and go burn in hell. Enjoying Izzy's hold, Angel returned the embrace warmly. Her eyes stung and she started to cry again.
"Awwww c'mon Angel, don't cry. It'll be alright. Look, if you'd like, I could get you back to California in no time".
Angel let him go and shook her head. "Not this time time, Izzy. I won't run from this. I've run from it my whole life. Now its time for some payback".
"You're very brave, Angel. You know that right?"
"Thanks Izzy, for everything. Good night".
"Night. Sweet dreams".
"You too".
Angel walked into her room and Izzy turned to go to his but found his path blocked. It was Amen, his eyes flashing angrily. Izzy didn't back down though. He was angered as well after learning what this...this monster had done.
"Is that how you get your kicks? By orphaning innocent girls?" he asked.
Amen grabbed Izzy by the neck and put him close.
"Don't touch her! Don't ever touch her! If I see you as much as glance at her, you better fly out of here like a bat out of hell because if get to you, I'll be sure to send you there" Amen dropped him right there and went to walk away.
Izzy stood. "Don't test me! I'm magically gifted myself, Amen-Ra. If you take me to hell, I'll be sure to drag you in with me!"
The mummy looked over his shoulder at Izzy with cold blue eyes.
"Then so be it. I won't deny what I deserve".

See? He is sorry about it, but won't say exactly. Yep, I'm definitely going with a love triangle here folks. :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:22 pm

Izzy is very sweet with Angel and yeah, Amen clearly doesn't like that :P I'm curious how this will develop...
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:22 pm

Yep, he has made that extremely clear he does not like that. Well here's two more chapters for you. Lots of secrets revealed in the second one. Hope you like :)

Monster Tamers
Chapter 11. Once in every lifetime

Skyler threw herself on to the bed, exhausted after the day's events. Already she'd proven she wasn't a leader. Lauren had been the true leader there, right along with Shena. What made the situation worse was Angel. She wasn't willing to cooperate with her partner. Sky;er put her face into a pillow and screamed. She knew she wasn't worthy of being the partner of the leader.
If you need to scream, then scream. You don't get all the stress out that way.
Skyler looked up to see her partner against a wall, looking at her thoughtfully. He'd put her parents under the impression she was at an art camp and was probably gonna be there for a little while.
"We're in the same room together. Telepathy really isn't needed".
I know... "But your head is so fun to get into".
Skyler sat up cross legged. "Did you not see what happened down there?! I'm not a leader!"
"What makes you say that?"
"Lauren and Shena took charge down there when it should've been me! I know..."
"Okay little fireball, let me douse your flame a little bit here. First and foremost, they both did that in the heat of the moment. Not to mention Shena was answering a question and then asked one of her own. I don't see how that makes her a leader. As for what Lauren did, I thought that was beneficial actually".
"I just don't think I'm cut out for this".
"Skyler, I chose you for a reason. You have what it takes. Just your time hasn't come yet".
"When will it be my time?"
"When you will it, little fireball".
"What am I gonna do about Angel?"
"That is not something for you to worry about right now. Although I will admit that is a problem. But I think we can handle it. I just need you to do one thing: Trust me. I'll have someone talk to Amen about it since I know Angel's resentment most notably lies in him. Just trust me, Skyler. That's all I'm asking".
"Given the situation, I don't have a choice. I can't deal with her like you guys can".
"Just get some rest, Skyler. I'll deal with Amen and Angel".
"I'll try".
"And hey Skyler?"
"Don't beat yourself up about this, little fireball. Your time will come when it's needed most".
Before she could say anything else, her partner disappeared into the shadows, leaving the room empty except with her.

Monster Tamers
Chapter 12. Falling for you

After his encounter with Izzy, Amen was in a mix of emotions. Angst, anger, a need to kill for the first time since god knows when, and, even if he wouldn't admit it, jealousy. In the moment, he hated Izariel Heart.
Looking up at the darkening sky, he couldn't help but wonder: "If I ripped my own heart out, would that kill me or leave me with a huge mess to clean up?"
Sighing he laid down on the grass on his back. He knew what he did to Angel was beyond forgiveness. He didn't anyone, especially that prick Izariel, to tell him that. Closing his eyes, Amen tried to forget the memories of that night eleven years ago and of Izzy embracing Angel. HIS Angel.
She'd always been his, even if she didn't know it. Ever since that terrible night. Originally he'd wanted to kill everyone in that damn expedition for waking him up and bringing his curse into motion. But seeing that little five year old girl in a tent sleeping (Or pretending to sleep, rather) wrapped in a tiger blanket, clutching a little stuffed owl for dear life had an effect on him. He'd never killed children when he was alive and he wasn't about to start then.
It hadn't taken him long to catch on that Angel Morris was, in fact, his partner. And then the guilt started to pile up and heap inside him. Amen kept the guilt and pain hidden as best he could, but in moments of reflection like this, it was difficult.
For a moment, his anger vanished as he remembered that night. Upon seeing her, he felt this profound peace, the fire in his heart doused by the innocence of that child. And she hadn't even lifted a finger. It was a powerful thing, truly. Ever since then, he'd pledged his entire afterlife to her. Hell, he would've suffered the pain of death a million times over if it made her smile.
Was this love? If so, then it sucked beyond any worldly definition of the word. So Amen was now on an all new interdimensional level of suck. That's how bad this crap sucked. He wanted out, but he knew there was no way out. But again...he wouldn't admit it, even to himself.
He was in love with Angel, deeper than he ever thought he was.
Amen looked up to see Kita staring down at him.
"Mind if I join you?"
"Go ahead".
Kita sat down next to him. "So...heard issued a verbal threat to Izzy. You know Awa's pissed about that".
Amen rolled his eyes. "So?"
"Yeah, all because he hugged her?"
The mummy didn't answer right away and Kita grinned.
"I see a little green monster".
"You're jealous!"
"I'm not!"
"Denial's to be expected, but I know, man. You've gone and fallen for Angel".
"Have not".
"Have to! Dude, look at yourself! You threatened a guy who just hugged her and now you're lying out here moping!"
"I'm not moping! Just thinking..."
"None of your bee's guts".
" totally love her".
"Look, if this is all you're gonna do, go away. Take your assumptions, shove them up your ass, and leave me be".
"I'm just trying to help you see the truth".
"I've already seen the truth and it's not at all like you think".
"Maybe she likes you and just won't admit it".
Amen sat up. "You're joking right?"
"No why would I be?"
"She hates me".
"Look who's assuming now?"
"No I'm not...She's justified for hating me".
Kita took note of his friend's serious and saddened tone.
"Amen...what'd you do?"
"I...I killed her parents, Kita".
"I know. She thinks I don't feel bad about it, but she has no damn idea, Kita. For eleven years, eleven years, I've suffered for it. I won't ever ask forgiveness. I don't deserve it".
"Hey...everyone deserves a second chance. Show her you feel bad. Maybe you'll get sympathy from her at least. It's not love, but it's something. Take what you can for now".
"She'd rather have Izariel than me...damn annoying ass little prick".
"Hey! That's my partner's brother you're talking about-OH SHIT!" Kita clamped his mouth shut.
"Oh relax I already knew".
"Really?! They look alike".
"True, but don't tell anyone. Awa and I wanna see how long it takes for them to catch on".
"I won't...on one condition".
Amen sighed as he admitted the truth. "Don't tell Angel..I love her".

I loved writing the second chapter. Lots of secrets revealed and lots of angst. God I love writing Amen's world ^^
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:31 pm

Skyler feels bad about how Angel acted it seems...I can understand her...
poor Amen...he really feels bad about it...I really hope Angel will forgive him one day for what he did...
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Isa » Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:48 pm

Can I ask a little delay before you post follow ?

I try read it but there is so much to read in a so short time that I have a bit hard

Sorry if I'm slow :mrgreen:
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:02 am

Isa I am so sorry. I'm in a bit of a hurry. I'm trying to get as much updates on here as possible cause I'm only allowed to use this computer for the weekend. So yea. Don't sweat about it being slow. I gotta slow down anyway cause I gotta write more chapters. Anyway, thanks for reading Isa. Missed you too :)
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