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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:37 pm

Hello my readers. I have decided that yes, I will be posting Monster Tamers 2: Rise of Jane in March. So, I'd like to take the time out to let you guys know I'm starting on either the 11th or 12th chapters today. Thanks for being supportive guys. I know how much you love the story, and I'm sorry for even thinking about discontinuing it. It will be in Otus's honor guys. Again, thanks for the support and I'll do my hardest to do his character right. It'll be hard 'cause I never knew him, but I'll do whatever it takes.
-The Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:02 pm

you're welcome and I know you will write a nice story again :) can't wait to read it :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:47 am

Hey guys, I'm back and I'm in a very celebratory mood! I GOT A JOB NOW! (does a happy dance)
Recently I've been remaking yet another one of my stories (and Angel you're gonna love this!), Pharaoh and the Thief. Not sure if you guys remember that, but it was one of the many stories I never got to finish (Though, I really, desperately, wanted to, but I lost the notebook I wrote it in!). So...Since I'm in such a good mood, I think I'll post the the Prologue and the First Chapter. Hope you like it :)

Prologue. A legendary tale
Many myths come from the land of the Pharaohs. Some of the most legendary include the Osiris Myth and the story of Sekhmet. But some tales were never told. This story is one of those. It’s the tale that has everything.
A pharaoh.
A Thief.
A monster.
A maiden.
And a love powerful enough to make all of eternity their own.
This is their tale…

Chapter 1. Sheenataroma, The Queen of Thieves
Hers is a story that was probably never meant to be told, but yet has been told in many different forms. Hers is a story like none of them though. She wasn’t a slave, no, even though at first glance one would think for just a moment she was. But she was far from it.
Her name was Sheenataroma. Sheena for short. She was sharp of both wit and tongue. She was beautiful, with light tan skin and long ebony she often kept braided. During the hot days she wore the usual clothes of a lower class girl, a simple short sleeved dress made of white linen. She worked hard with her family, which consisted of just her mother and her sister. Her father had left for the Mediterranean years ago and had never returned. They worked hard, making jewelry for the most part, but their little business got them very little money. So Sheena had a different idea in mind for herself, for her family, and for all the poor of the city of the city of Lycopolis: She would become the greatest thief in all of Egypt.
For years she trained with the finest thieves in the city. As part of her training, Sheena at first stole from other poor families, but she was always sure to give it back. As time went on, her training intensified and she began to steal from higher ranking families and even priests! Those things however, she never gave back. Rather, she gave the things they had to other people who needed them more. Other times, when people didn’t need them, she’d sell them for money, which she’d split between her family and another family who was close to them.
The nobles hired certain guards to keep watch and to search for this thief. But never once was Sheena ever caught. She was never sold out by anyone in the lower class. Granted, the people didn’t condone stealing, but given their hard lives, what choice did they have? Besides, she was always a good person toward others and was pious as well, always giving offerings to the god Wepwawet, who was the chief god of the city. It was believed she even had his blessing to do this work and that he spoke on her behalf for the gods. It was during this sort of time that something occurred that would change her life forever.
Sheena stepped into the temple in her simple garb, holding a basket of dried meat and took of her stolen necklace of gold. She laid it at the wolf gods’ feet.
“I hope this offering pleases you, dear father. Protect me as you give me my new assignment” she kneeled and closed her eyes.
A vision came to her of an armored white wolf standing before her kneeling form. He looked over her with silvery gray eyes.
Your offering is accepted child and my protection will be granted on this next assignment, for you shall need it.
“What will it be?”
The opportunity of a lifetime…in more ways than one. This new assignment is extremely risky, and I and the other gods will understand if you refuse to take it.
“You know I don’t back away from a challenge”.
Very well. You are needed in Thebes. The pharaoh’s heart is empty of all things, but his treasures are unrivaled. You my dearest child, must bring the wealth back to my people.
“You mean I must steal from the pharaoh? You understand that it is punishable by death?!”
I do understand but trust me. This is worth the risk. I would not trust anyone else with this assignment. Now go, make your preparations child. Go on with my blessing and may your quest be fruitful.
The armored wolf howled and disappeared into a cloud of sand, disappearing from sight. Sheena rose, knowing what she had to do.

Well hope you guys liked it. The next chapter will be posted tomorrow when I come home from work hopefully. And I'll be typing up another chapter tonight. :)
-The Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:52 pm

oh you got a job...that's so nice to hear. Congratulations :D
I remember that story yes :) and it's nice you made a remake of it :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:29 am

I can imagine that you'd be happy :) Well here's the next chapter for you. Hope you like :)

Chapter 2. Amen, The Gods’ Assassin
Morning broke in Thebes early for him. He looked over at the girl sleeping at his side and smiled. Gently he caressed her face and saw her faint smile. He moved closer to her and whispered softly: “I love you” and kissed her cheek fondly. Another night had passed, a night of pleasure and what he thought to be love.
As the pharaoh, he had everything his heart desired. He was a wise ruler, young, but carried wisdom beyond his years. Handsome as well with his light colored skin and short black hair. But what really appealed to people were his eyes. Unlike most of his people, who had brown or black eyes, his eyes were a light blue shade, like ice. Sighing, he clothed himself and made his way back to his own chamber.
The pharaoh had secrets of his own. Secrets he hoped would never be discovered or he knew it’d be the end of him. He looked up at the blade hanging high on the wall, glinting silver in the light. A month…an entire month had gone by since he had used it. Ra hadn’t spoken in nearly a month and it almost worried him. Unlike others who had to go to temples to receive from them, Amen merely had to seek and Ra would answer.
Someone new this way comes…
Amen turned and saw an armored falcon in his window. Respectfully he bowed.
“Who is it? An enemy?”
An enemy they will seem, but in the end will give you the greatest gift of all.
That I cannot say. But I can guarantee this: You will not be left disappointed. The hole you feel in your heart will be filled.
It didn’t shock the pharaoh that the god knew him. Ever since taking the throne, something didn’t feel right. It only seemed as if he had everything, but it was a lie. The truth was that there was something missing and it made the young man’s heart ache and throb painfully when he thought of it.
“A woman?”
You shall know when you see them.
“Why have you not given me any recent assignments? Does my blood sacrifice not please you, Ra?”
You do not do it as a sacrifice for me, but as a tribute to your people. The nobles are corrupt, or have you not seen evidence of their corruption enough?
“I have. I need to be told nothing else. I thank you for this”.
The falcon vanished, leaving the young pharaoh alone once again. Someone was coming…now that he thought about it, he could feel change on its way. He looked out the window to the city of the Thebes and closed his eyes.
“If you’re out there, change…by all means come”.

Well that's it for now. Might post another chapter tomorrow when I get home :). I'm a bit nervous actually. I recently sent a poem to Amen and I hope he likes it. I worked hard on it. I might post that as well, but the version I sent him is a little different than the one i'll post here. Until then, toodley doo! lol
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:30 pm

yeah he will sure like what's coming his way :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:34 am

I thank you AOD for reading and commenting on this fic. At least my efforts aren't in vain. And for those of you who are reading but aren't reviewing, thanks for reading :) You guys are the best :)

Chapter 3. Proposals and Purposes
The queen of thieves took many days to journey from Lycopolis to Thebes. But once she was there, she wasn’t at all impressed. The city was rich, too rich for her taste. Why couldn’t Wepwawet have her steal from just the city? Well, that would be too easy of course. Rolling her eyes, she put on the last bit of her black body paint and was ready to set to work. Saying a small prayer, she made her way into the palace, climbing over the walls and sneaking past the guards.
“Too easy” she said.
When inside, she wasn’t sure what to do or where to go. But surely there was something here worth taking. Quietly, she made her way around, wandering through the halls. At long last she did find something…something interesting: The treasury. But she wasn’t alone in there. There was a figure cloaked in black. The figure’s face was covered in a gold mask that was in the shape of a falcon’s head. At the figure’s side was a large sword. But Sheena refused to be intimidated. She removed the blades from the belt she wore and took her stance. She nodded.
“Show me what you can do” she said.
The figure pulled out the sword and also took a stance. “Ladies first”.
“So polite” Sheena replied sarcastically and charged at him.
Ash she charged, her opponent waited patiently and finally readied his sword to meet her twin blades. She made swift slashing motions toward the mask, trying her hardest to hit it off, but her opponent made every single effort to avoid her attacks. He struck out as well, but most of his attacks were defensive rather than offensive. She charged at him again and this time he flipped her over on to her back.
“You fight as well as a man, but I fear it won’t be enough”.
“Funny…I was going to say the same thing about you” she jumped to her feet and continued her assault to his mask, which most blows he again avoided with his larger, much stronger blade.
The fight went across the room, a blur of black and gold. All the while Sheena was trying her hardest to knock the mask off of him. Who was he? He wasn’t a guard, perhaps an assassin? She wasn’t sure, but she never let her guard down.
Finally, he managed to get a good enough hold on her, pinning her between the wall and his body. She looked intensely at him, with determination in her eyes. For a moment they just stared at each other. Finally Sheena broke the silence.
“Take off your mask, if you be a man”.
“I’m much more than that” he took off the mask and Sheena gasped.
Though she had never met him, it didn’t take much to realize that it was the pharaoh she faced. She had heard of his charm, his looks, his eyes. They truly were that strange shade of blue. She breathed heavily, but didn’t dare show fear.
“As you can see I’m much more than a man”.
“I see…”
“Do you know the penalty for stealing from the pharaoh?”
“Death…So just kill me”.
The pharaoh looked at down at her, right in her brown eyes and something in him jerked it seemed. It was like a light had turned on. Some kind of warmth radiated through him, settling in his chest. Briskly, almost cautiously, he caressed her arm, taking off some of the paint. The woman trembled at his touch, but it wasn’t the type of reaction he usually got. It was a tremble of revulsion. He stepped away and put his blade down. The thief queen looked at him puzzled.
“That’s not what I do. Now that I’ve removed my mask, you know me. But tell me…what name shall I call you by?”
“You’re not going to kill me?”
“Quite the opposite. I have a bit of a proposition for you. If you take it, you’ll live”.
“Depends on what it is”.
“Your identity is a secret, isn’t it? But I know it’s you. The Queen of Thieves. I’ve heard of you. I won’t expose nor kill you if…”
“If you marry me”.
Shock radiated through Sheena like nothing ever before. Damn it, how could this happen?! How could she have done this foolish mission?! Was Wepwawet even on her side? It seemed to her like he was trying to get her killed…or worse imprisoned. To be honest, she’d sooner die. Sheena was never one to bow before anyone, not even this monster who called himself Pharaoh could break her. But still…she could change things for her people as queen. Unlike his harem, she wouldn’t be locked away and she’d have some political influence. Perhaps she could make the lower class people’s lives easier. She looked down, her ebony hair covering her face like a curtain.
“I will…but you will never, ever, break me”.
“Oh, a fighter I see. That’s alright. I love a good challenge. You’ll be quite the handful thief queen”.
The guards finally came, along with some servants. One of the servant girls looked concerned at first and then relieved to discover her master was perfectly fine. Apparently she was more than just a serving girl…
“There’s been a bit of a misunderstanding. This young woman here was simply lost and needs a place to stay for a time. Bast, if you would, my dear…take her to the other girls. They can give her quite the treatment I believe”.
The girl bowed. “Yes master. Come…You’ll be alright with me”.
Sheena glared daggers at him and the pharaoh simply smirked as she walked away. She walked with the girl for some time, seething inside at the man who dared to put her in this position. Bast led her to a luxurious, comfortable room full of cushions, pillows, and silk.
“What is this?” Sheena asked at last.
“This is the master’s harem. The other girls are resting. We’ll get you cleaned up in the morning. Don’t worry, he really takes care of us”.
“Yeah…I’ll bet…”
“You’re bitter towards him…after he spared your life?”.
“He didn’t spare it. He’s condemned me”.
“How so?”
“I’ll explain more tomorrow…right now, I just need a place to sleep”.
“Of course. Come”
Bast led Sheena to a soft couch like bed. It looked comfortable and safe enough, so the Thief Queen laid down and rolled over on her side. She felt violated in a sense. Sheena tried to pray, but the words died on her lips. It felt like Wepwawet had forgotten her…

I suck at fight scenes unless I'm actually watching one and describing it. It's sad I know. Anyway, hope you liked :)
-The Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:39 pm

she sure doesn't like what he proposed :P
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:24 am

Well would you like it? Think about it Angel: You're a champion to the people in poverty and you go and do this mission for your chief god only to be captured and manipulated into marriage to some jackass who thinks he's better than everyone else just 'cause he's king. Not saying that Amen's a jackass, but in this he's an asshat (Loveable asshole) lol. Anyway, enough of my little conversation here. Here's the newest chapter. Oh and two more days to go before I post the prologue of Monster Tamers 2: The Rise of Jane :)

Chapter 4. Empty Space
He decided to be alone that night after his…altercation with the Queen of Thieves. Huh…he never got her name. Oh well, he’d learn it inevitably. The warmth that had radiated through him before, it was still inside him, coursing through him like a surge of power. But this was beyond any power he had ever felt.
Amen lay down, looking up at the ceiling, his heart thundering in his ears. What was this…this feeling? This warmth pulsating through him…the girl had something to do with it. No, more than that. She was the reason for it!
He put his hand over his heart and closed his eyes. He could see her sharp brown eyes staring back at him coldly. She hated him…She hated him! Why did she hate him? What was the purpose? She didn’t know him, so she had no reason to hate him right? Well, granted he had manipulated her into marrying him for the sake of her life, but still, it wasn’t such a bad idea, was it? For a moment he did feel guilty. He was taking everything from her. Her passion, her home, her freedom, everything.
Amen thought he had known love before. He thought he knew it all. But that wasn’t true…not a speck of it. Women loved him mostly for his looks, and what all he had to offer him. Material things. Then again, most of the girls in his harem were high born, wives and daughters of nobles. Bast for example was actually the daughter of one of his harem girls. He never slept with her no, but saw her more like a daughter than anything. Regardless, he was losing his train of thought. The Thief Queen…he was the first man to ever catch her and he reveled in it for a minute.
Are you enjoying your little thoughts?
“As a matter of fact, I believe I am. She was a nice prize, my lord. But sadly I don’t know her name”.
She is Sheenataroma. Sheena for short. Like you she is also in communication with the gods.
The pharaoh sat up and faced the falcon on edge of his bed. “How can this be?! She is a nothing! She is no high born!”
But she is the Queen of Thieves, appointed by the god Wepwawet himself.
“You can overturn it, can you not?”
I can…but I will not.
“And why is this?!”
It is fate! Something that even I cannot alter.
“But you have created fate, just as you have created all else! I have forced her into marriage, what else must I do to attain this…this fate I can tell you’re hinting at?!”
You have much still to learn as a young pharaoh, Amen. Much to learn…and possibly so little time to learn it.
“What must I learn?! What does this woman, this thief not to mention, have to teach me?! What must I learn from her?!”
SILENCE! The falcon god spread his wings menacingly, I have spoken! You have one very important lesson to learn. It is time for the empty space to be filled. Tomorrow it begins. Be ready, because it will be a very, very hard lesson for someone such as you to learn.
“Wait! Answer me this, I beg of you! Am I…Am I doomed to love this woman?”
You already know the answer to that, young one. Look within your heart to seek the truth and your choices will lead you down the path you are meant to go.
With a screech, the falcon vanished into the darkness…

Yep, he's so doomed to love people. Anyway, hope you guys liked that chapter. I'll hopefully post more tomorrow when I get home from work :)
-The Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:07 pm

doomed to love a woman...well, I know more bad things xD
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:37 am

Oh yeah and things are gonna get worse, trust me. Well tomorrow's the day guys. Right when I get home from work I'll be typing and posting the Prologue to Monster Tamers 2: The Rise of Jane. So unfortunately this story will have to be put on hold until that ones done. Sorry :(

Chapter 5. Disposition
Sheena was cleaned of all her black paint. Her hair, which was usually braided, was now left down and was completely straight. It was adorned with gold pieces of string that tied some strands of hair into small braids. Her face was covered in light, gold tinted powder and her lips painted gold. She was dressed in a lovely silk gown also colored gold shimmered with silver strings under some lights. Sheena was being treated like royalty…and she despised it with every fiber of her being. She wanted to tear everything off and run. But she refrained.
“You look lovely. Lord Amen will simply adore you…if he doesn’t already” Bast commented.
Sheena stared at her reflection coldly. She didn’t look at all like herself, not at all. Again to urge to tear everything off resurfaced. And once more, she restrained herself. A thief never loses composure over anything. Everything relied on her ability to keep her composure, but the thought of marrying the monster made her shudder and tremble. Bast noticed this and inquired as to what was wrong. Angel gave her a simple look meant to just convey feelings. She had no desire to speak.
“You despise him. Why?”
“Have you not seen what this country has become? Poverty is everywhere. People are suffering and what does he do? Not a thing. If anything, he sits on his throne all day laughing at other’s misfortune. But that’s why I’m here. To change life for them because he won’t”.
“He doesn’t understand. He’s never left the palace. He doesn’t know what life is like out there for them. That’s no reason to hate him. Let me guess…he’s asked you to be his queen?”
“Yes…ridiculous I know”.
“Not really. We were all wondering when he was finally going to marry. And to think, he chose you over everyone else here. You should feel honored”.
“Honored? I feel like a tool”.
“And why is that?”
“He manipulated me into this. Either marry him or die”.
To Sheena’s surprise, Bast smiled. She ran a brush through the thief queen’s soft hair. “He wouldn’t have hurt you”.
“Why do you figure?”
“I’ve lived with Lord Amen for almost my entire life. Never before have I ever seen him strike a woman. If anything, if her honor needs defending, he’d be more than happy to be her soldier rather than her lord and king”.
“So? He probably only does it to make them think he cares for them”.
“But he does care for them. All the women you’ve seen here…he loves them all. Each one has a piece of his heart and he cares for each and every one”.
“Are you one of them?”
“No…but my mother was” Bast sighed, “She died of illness not too long ago”.
“I’m sorry”.
“All is well. I will see her again. But Lord Amen was devastated by her death and promised to help me in every way he could, just as he always did”.
“So he’s never…”
“Oh no! Never! He’s more like a father to me than anything. I just choose to stay here because this was where my mother always stayed”.
“Understandable…” Sheena looked down and away from it all. She didn’t feel like herself, not at all. If she didn’t feel like a prisoner before, she did now. And it was about to get worse.
The doors of the harem opened and there, dressed in black robes was the pharaoh himself. Sheena kept her head down as the other women approached him. Some giving affectionate looks, others gave him light caresses. He kissed a few of them just to tell them he loved them. But his blue eyes fell on the girl at the mirror, sitting alone, her head down and hair curtaining her face. Guilt stabbed his heart like a knife. He approached her wearing a sympathetic look.
“Sheenataroma…” he attempted to touch her shoulder but she shuddered away.
“Go away” Sheena said.
“Sheena…Look in the mirror”
She did and he was kneeling beside her, his expression unusually soft. For a moment she gazed into his reflection’s eyes. But after that, she looked down again.
“Don’t look that way, my dear. Honestly, I have never seen a bride so beautiful” he said.
“How he lies” she thought, but said nothing, keeping her composure.
“Come” he took her hand, “We have much to discuss”.
“Of course we do” she kept her eyes cold and her face hard as flint as she followed him out of the harem to his own chamber. Sheena was especially on her guard now.
Amen however, couldn’t have been more relaxed. He had to keep reminding himself that he was the one in control here, not her. He had no reason to fear her. Not that he was afraid, but just afraid of what she would do to herself. He sat down on the bed and beckoned her to do the same.
“With all due respect, ‘my lord’, I would rather stand” she refused.
The young pharaoh shrugged lightly and started to speak. “Tell me, is this really such a terrible arrangement? You will be queen, Sheenataroma, and not just of thieves-“
“How did you learn my name?” she demanded, cutting him off.
“Ra told me. Yes, I too am in communication with gods. Though how in the world you are I will not even begin to guess. Anyway, that is beside the point. Answer me: Is this arrangement really all that deplorable that I get nothing from your eyes but hate?”
“I give you naught but what you deserve. Have you not ever seen a man struggling to provide for his family? Have you never heard a child cry for food? Have you ever seen a woman cry at the loss of her child because of starvation? I have. I have seen many terrible things that you have never seen”.
“I will give you that. I have never seen or heard such things. But we can change that, together, you and I. Just let me have one look of affection from your eyes…just one”.
Her expression didn’t change. If anything, she hated him more. There was no way he could help since he didn’t know anything. Sheena was better off alone than anything. Amen sighed and looked down.
“What shall it take? Is it too much to ask for just one look?” he stood an approached her, “If you knew me…you would see that I am not as terrible as the world seems to make me out to be”.
Sheena didn’t back down. “Bast told me nearly the exact same thing. But I shall believe it when I see it”.
“You believe only but what you see? Am I not here before you, humbled nearly by your mere presence? Do you not see the effect you have on me?”
“What effect is this?! Huh?! The effect to pretend to be the good pharaoh you are supposed to be?! It is nothing but a charade, a lie! You try to wear this mask before me and then turn around and become someone that is nothing but a snarling monster!”
Amen grabbed her arm forcefully and gazed down at her extremely coldly. For a moment, Sheena was afraid. But she had faith that her wolf god would protect her and so she didn’t let her fear show through, even when he pinned her to the wall. Amen’s blue eyes glinted with anger and he leaned in close to whisper to her dangerously.
“I…am not…a monster!” and then he struck her in the face as his anger took completely over.
Sheena had been struck before, but for a reason she wasn’t sure of, this hurt more than anything. Her eyes stung with tears as he stepped away, a shocked look on his face.
“I…Sheena…I apologize…”
She ran past him out of the room, tears going down her face. He looked at her as she ran, guilt once again stabbing into his heart. How could he…by the gods, maybe he was a monster. He had never done that before. Never…He looked up in despair.
“I am doomed to love…”

Oh yeah, I hated this chapter to be honest. Don't worry the next one will hopefully be better.
-The Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:21 pm

oh that really wasn't a nice thing to do Amen dear...
ah the next part of Monster Tamers will come...can't wait for it :D
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:49 am

Well here it is everyone, the story you've all been waiting for for a month. Well, wait no more. Here it is. Monster Tamers 2: The Rise of Jane. Enjoy :) Oh, and also, this story is a bit of a crossover with Meredith Anne Pierece's Darkangel Trilogy. Great books, I highly recommend them :).

Monster Tamers 2

The city wasn't as tough as her.
Nothing could hold her down, with her tongue as sharp as the twin blades in her boots. Her hair was blonde and kept long and wavy. A stripe of pink went down one side of the blonde mass and her eyes were an electric blue. Her skin was pale, much to the surprise of the people who managed to get close to her enough to learn where she was from. She was from Dallas, Texas. She wore a simple jean skirt, tall knee high boots, and a black tank top under a leather jacket. She had a shoulder bag in which she carried most of her weapons, supplies, food and water.
Nobody dared approach her. Though young, she was fierce. She was every monster's worst nightmare. She was brave, strong, cold, truly heartless, and...a fifteen year old girl named Jane Florence. She smirked at the thought of calling herself every monsters worst nightmare.
Together with her lizard mutant partner, Otus, Jane launched a reign of terror from Dallas to New Orleans to Richmond and beyond. Safe to say, Jane hated monsters, of all kinds. She even despised her own partner and planned to hunt him when all this mess was over. But for now she needed him. To her, all monsters were just enormous paranormal slash supernatural pests that no one should have to deal with. Her mission in life was clear.
Hunt each and every monster and kill them one by one.
It was a mission she did gladly. Otus had told her about the veil between worlds, about how it needed to be sealed. But Jane preferred her way of hunting and killing the monsters that got through. It made her feel important, powerful, like a hero to people all over.
A dark shadwo rushed past her and she paused. She sniffed the air and through the smells of the city she could smell a monster nearby. Her powers...she had two: Super senses and the power to heal. It wasn't just any monster, but one of the species she was specifically hunting: A Winged Icarus.
"You caught that Otus?" Jane asked.
I saw him Jane. Keep moving and try making yourself discreet.
"Discreet's not what I do, Otus".
Will you just listen to me for once?!
"No. Hunt your way, I'll hunt mine".
Hunting monsters was all about two things: Timing and Location. Jane knew the Icarus wouldn't attack her in front of humans, as discretion was their thing unless absolutely necessary. An isolated place, abandoned, would be perfect. Otus followed his tamer from one rooftop to another, all the way to an old chruch.
Jane, what are you doing?
The blonde hunter ignored him, taking out her blades from her boots and entering the church. The sanctuary was actually lit by only a few sets of candles. No surprise, Icari hated the darkness, even if they were vampires. It was empty, or at least appeared to be so. But Jane knew better. An Icarus or maybe a group, were somewhere.
Looking up, she saw him. It wasn't hard to see, with the silvery pale skin and twelve jet black wings. He stared at her with soulless ice blue eyes. Truth be told, he was beautiful, like other Icari. But he was still a vampire, and, all beauty aside, still a blood sucking monster. Jane kept her blades in hand and face stern.
"Hello Janey...Why is it you keep fighting us? You know know you can't win..."
The Icarus climbed down from the cieling in front of her. The mistake proved fatal. Without answering or batting an eyelash, Jane slashed the dark angel in the throat, making it bleed lead. Seeing this, Otus immediately took action. His executioner's noose turned into a silver long sword as other Icari emerged from the dark to avenge their brother. The tamer and partner stood together, back to back, weapons at the ready.
"Let's kick some ass".
Jane and her partner leaped and attacked each dark angel, both unfazed by either beauty or charm. By the time it was over, the floor was stained with lead. A lead bloodbath.
"Disgusting creatures..." Jan muttered, putting her blades back.
"Truer words have never been spoken" Otus agrred and his blade became a noose again, "The Chaotic must be close".
"Hopefully that's the case" Jane looked down at a dark angel's head and kicked it. It instantly shattered.
"You don't need to do that, Jane. As I always tell you, the horse is dead, so just leave it".
Jane stared at her partner disdainfully. "Since when did you grow a conscience? You helped kill them".
"But I don't disrespect them the way you just did. They were worthy adversaries" Otus kneeled before one body with a peaceful look, "And to think they were all human once".
"Yeah, terrible humans most likely".
"Actually, they were probably children when they were abducted, teenagers when winged. The circumstances that made them dark angels was beyond them. They probably welcomed death".
"Well if they did they got their wishes. And I was more than glad to be their executioner". Jane laid down on one of the benches, "As long as they're dead and they stay dead that's all that matters".
Otus sighed and stayed silent until she was asleep.

Well I hoped you guys liked that :). I'm sure you guys are wondering what all the others are doing. Wait to see: Amen and Angel share a quiet moment over music. And later: We catch up with the other Tamers. :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:51 pm

she sure looks like someone who's very strong...I hope she won't try to kill our monsters when seeing them :P
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:48 am

Well here's the first chapter to monster tamers 2. It's not much, but I thought it'd be a sweet moment to put between Amen and Angel to kinda set the stage for what they could be later in the fic. Hope you like :)

Monster Tamers 2
Chapter 1. Amen's Lament to Ra

Angel woke to the sound of a guitar. It wasn't at all unpleasant to her, as it actually had a bittersweet sound to it. Angel gout out of bed and sat on the stairs listening to it. Sometimes it was played on an acoustic, other times softly on an electric. But every morning she'd wake to that and smile. No matter which it was played on, it always seemed to cast a spell on her.
The one playing the melody was still a mystery to her. Everyone else claimed he was her partner, but try as she might, she just couldn't remember him. She remembered everyone else and their partners, just not him. Maybe that's why his song was sad, yet hopeful at the same time. All too soon, the music stopped, the final not disappeared into silence.
"Why so short?" Angel finally gained the courage to speak.
Amen turned and looked to see her on the landing. Sighing, he put the guitar down.
"Because nothing lasts forever. I've had to learn that the hard way".
"I'm sorry" she looked at him sympathetically.
Silence reigned between them, not knowing what to say. Both of them felt awkward around each other. Amen had yet to lose his feelings for Angel, but she had yet to remember. His heart throbbed painfully in his chest, loudly. He almost feared she could hear it. He looked up to see her looking down at her feet now, a guilty expression on her face. He walked up to her beneath her perch and reached a hand out to her reassuringly.
"It wasn't your fault, Angel. It's mine. I was an idiot for making that bargain".
"But you did it to protect me, right?"
"Yes" he nodded, "I'd do anything to protect you".
"Well in a way don't you kinda have to?"
"It's what partners do yes, but for me it goes deeper than that".
The young woman sighed catching his meaning. "I'm with Izzy you know".
"I know, but just because the object of one's heart doesn't return their feelings doesn't make them any less their heart's one desire".
"Nope, just plain truth...yeah...truth..."
He wondered if now was a good time to tell her about what he had done to her, how he'd killed her parents. Amen wasn't going to let her catch on again. He didn't feel like going through that ordeal all over again.
"You okay?" Angel asked.
"Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking" he pulled his hand away.
"About?" she looked at him again.
"Many things. Angel...there's a lot of things I regret doing, and I really hope you can pardon me someday for this" the mummy sighed and looked away from his partner, "I killed your parents, Angel. They opened my tomb, woke me, and set my curse in motion. Not to mention I heard Sheena calling for me, but that's a tale for another time".
He cowered inwardly, fearing what she'd say next. But, to his amazement, no harsh word was said. Angel reached out between the bars of the stairs and put a hand on his shoulder.
"Thank you" she said.
"For what?" he asked confused.
"For being honest. I am upset that you did it, make no mistake, but it takes someone very brave to own up to something like that. You're very noble, Amen, in telling me the truth".
"When you figured it out before, you were so angry you actually drove me away".
Angel shrugged and looked a little guilty again. "I guess I'm just not that way anymore".
"Amen, my parents wouldn't want me holding it against you. I can tell you regret it, and I admire that you took responsibility. I appreciate it, very much. And maybe who knows, maybe this whole partner thing will work out after all".
"So then...are we one?" Amen faced her again, smiling.
Angel leaned down her face in front of his. "We're one".

Oh snap! The stage is set and let the drama begin! Wait to see: Next, we catch up with Bella, Izzy, and Skyler when a video tape is found showing the new tamer. And then: we catch up with Shena and OX and the hunt for Jane begins :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:33 pm

oh, this was a very nice chapter...Angel isn't angry with him anymore about him killing her parents. Hmm yeah, who knows...soon Angel will maybe discover what she really feels for him :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:00 am

Alright, here's chapter 2 of Monster Tamers. I'm proud to say I started writing chapter 13 this morning and will hopefully continue it later on tonight. Sadly updates for this may be a little restrained, as I'm also working on an original story on Anyone who wants a link to that story, can just let me know if you review this and I'll send it to you in a PM. Without further ado, here's Chapter 2 (lol, I rhymed!)

Monster Tamers 2
Chapter 2. My World

Over here! Izzy pass it!" Bella yelled and her brother kicked the soccer ball over to her.
They were playing in the large backyard of their father's New Jersey home. Bella had finally chosen to live with her father and brother until her mother was treated for her addictions. She was gladly accepted into the home, right along with Kita and Awa. Of course, their dad was oblivious to the two monsters, who were shockingly able to live together side by side without much issue.
Izzy kicked the ball over to Bella and she kicked it into the goal.
"Score! Point for me!" she yelled.
After their last adventure in the monster world, Bella, Izzy, Shena, and Skyler had all been given the clear to return home. Angel and Lauren were back in Brooklyn, at the urgencies of their partners of course. Not to mention Angel was interested in taking college classes at NYU in the Fall. They had also chosen to stay behind in case trouble rose again. The group kept in contact, but for six months nothing had come up. Kalma and Amen were constantly kept on patrol around New York state, trying to keep it clear. Sometimes they'd stop in Rochester to visit OX and Shena.
Speaking of which, the pair were still together and still very much in love. After her parents had gotten over the initial shock, they welcomed OX into the family as a sort of bodyguard for Shena. It was a job he absolutely loved. Recently, Shena had been focusing on figuring out more aspects of her abilities as a psychic. In six months alone she could read minds (Not just OX's, which was a real relief to him now), levitate herself, track others (Her tracking abilities had also improved), and, of course, still see the future. And, safe to say, she was no longer bullied at school. Partly because of OX and the other half because of her powers, which she only used on others when absolutely necessary.
Skyler had gone back to Manhattan with her partner. Her parents were home a lot more often now, which made hiding him a little more difficult. But a lot of the time he joined Amen and Kalma on patrol around the state. The three (Sometimes four) were like monster vigilantes, taking down monsters and human criminals whenever necessary, but always, ALWAYS, by moonlight.
But when he heard about a break in and apprent fight at an abandoned church in the outskirts of Brooklyn, Lordi knew trouble was just around the corner. Or worse, it was already there. Kalma, with much difficulty, was able to acquire a surveilence tape and what they saw shocked them. The three showed it to Lauren, Angel, and, eventually, Skyler.
"Wait...who's that?" Skyler asked pausing the tape and zooming in on a shadow on the roof.
"" Amen looked at it incrediously.
"Looks like the old timer's found a tamer after all" Kalma smirked.
"He's one of us" Lordi answered, "Otus, one of the ten monsters who can seal the veil between worlds".
Lordi looked at Kalma. "Pay OX a visit with this tape. Maybe Shena's already seen this. Amen, go find Awa and Kita and their tamers. We're getting a new recruit".

And so it begins, the new adventures of the Monster Tamers :). Wait to see: Next, we see if Shena reveals information about the new tamer and it seems somewhat shady. And then: A fight almost breaks out as bad blood is once again revealed between a monster and a tamer.
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:22 pm

let it all begin again :) can't wait to read the follow of this :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:15 am

Hey guys sorry I didn't update yesterday, had some internet issues. Hope this short chapter makes up for it. I know, it's a little too short, but it's all I can do for now. The next two chapters are definitely longer.

Monster Tamers 2
Chapter 3. Nightmare

Shena watched the tape with Kalma and OX, an intrigued look on her face. She took the black winged being with extreme interest, going as far as to get a book off her shelf, and then turned her attention to the young blonde girl hunting them.
"The girl...I've seen her. But nothing else".
"Who is she?" Kalma asked.
"I just know her names Jane and only a little bit besides that".
"Tell us all you know" OX tensed.
"When I had the vision regarding her...oh god" Shena shuddered, "I tried to burn it from my memory, but damn...some visions just stay with me. She was covered in blood, surrounded by the bodies of her family, screaming bloody murder. At first I thought it was her getting killed, but then I saw the knife fall from her hand".
"She killed her family" Kalma concluded.
Shena nodded. "Yeah".
"Why? Are the police hunting her?"
"I don't think so. As for why she did it, I don't know. But I had this strange, fearful feeling when I had the I was in a nightmare, but it consisted of all my worst fears. It was weird. But I know it was magic, I could feel it".
"Have you been able to track her?" OX asked.
"Her mind is shielded by her partners. Obviously someone has been tracking her through her thoughts as well. There's no way I can get through it. However, I've been focusing more on the shield and the link it has to her partner's mind. It's made of some kind of ancient, powerful psychic energy. Her partner, I think, is a master of energy manipulation. Hell, with that kind of power, he'd be near impossible to defeat. You don't forget feeling energy like that. I'd know it again if I didn't foucs on it if I was close enough".
"How far would you have to be?" Kalma asked.
"I'm not sure exactly. Since I'm going back to Brooklyn with you guys anyway, might as well see if I have to be within city limits. See, I can't feel it here right now unless I started focusing on finding it and even then, concentration has to be all on it. See, not only is it a shield, it makes Jane's mind nearly invisible".
"She's trying to keep someone out of her head" Kalma concluded and Shena nodded.
"Quesion is: Who and why?" OX agreed.
"We'll just have to find her and find out" Shena said.
"Alright, pack your stuff. We're getting the hell outta here".

Sorry that the chapter was a bit short. Trust me, it's even shorter on paper. I thought it'd be longer if I added a few details, which I did. Wait to see: Next: A fight nearly breaks out between old rivals. And then: A flash into the past brings a different solution to Angel's amnesia. See ya then :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:11 pm

quite a scary vision she had...I'm curious what will happen when they all will meet Jane.
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:37 am

Alright, here's another update for you guys. Hope you like :)

Monster Tamers 2
Chapter 4. Because of you

It didn't take Amen long to find Izzy and Bella. They were in the backyard with their partners, camping outside for the night. It was Awa who first noticed him.
"Amen" she acknowledged the mummy with a simple nod.
"Hey!" Bella got up and embraced her friend, "How's it going?"
"Is Angel okay?" Izzy stood as well, with a serious expression.
"Everything's fine. And Angel's alright, she misses you" Amen answered.
"Well that's to be expected. Seeing as how she's with someone who she's unfamiliar with".
Bella released Amen and stood between him and her brother. Kita stood by in case things got ugly between them.
"C'mon guys, don't start this, please" Bella said.
"Not starting anything, Bells. Just pointing out what he did was completely wrong" Izzy replied locking eyes with his girlfriend's partner.
Amen simply rolled his eyes and looked at Bella, Kita, and then Awa. "A new tamer has been spotted. It's Otus".
"No way!" Awa looked surprised.
"You're joking right?" Kita asked.
"No" Amen shook his head, "The old timer's got a tamer, and one with just as much fight as he used to".
"Who's Otus?" Bella wondered.
"Otus, he's a veteran warrior. Some kind of lizard mutant. He can manipulate energy and can turn his noose into any weapon he chooses" Awa explained.
"Sounds powerful".
"He is" Kita remarked, "Where is he?"
"We know he's somewhere in Brooklyn, but we don't know specifics".
"Can he help Angel?" Izzy finally spoke.
Bella rolled her eyes and sighed annoyed. Awa glared at him and Kita looked away awkwardly. Amen stared at him intently, but his expression didn't hold any anger.
"Izariel, I know you're upset-"
"I'm upset?! I'm more than upset, I'm furious! Because of you, Angel has to relearn everything about the tamers and all that crap involving you! First you kill her family and then erase her memories! What's next Amen, pray tell so hopefully I can prevent it this time!"
"Izariel Richard Heart!" Awa looked apalled.
"Hold on Awa, I got this. Look Izariel, I don't know what you're so damn pissed about. If anything I've given you an oppurtunity. You love her so much, go for it!"
"That's why! You're so willing to hand her over, like she means nothing to you! Tell me, does Angel Morris really mean so little to you?!"
"Izzy stop! That's enough!" Bella yelled.
Izzy immediately quieted.
"We'll go back to Brooklyn to help with the new Tamer. We just have to let dad know if that's okay. We'll just tell him we're gonna go visit mom".
"Yeah that's fine. Teleport back when you can" Amen teleported away shortly after that.
Bella glared at her brother. "Are you crazy?! Do you live to piss him off?!".
"He knows what he did was wrong!".
"He did it to keep her safe, Izzy" Kita stood by his tamer.
Izzy looked at Awa. "Please back me up here".
"I have nothing for you".
Rolling his eyes, he looked back at Bella, "Fine. Let's tell dad and get outta here".

Oh there's still some bad blood here. Wonder if it'll ever resolve. Wait to see: A flash from the past proves another solution to Angel's amnesia. And then: the tamers learn about a new type of creature to serve as a new enemy. Can't wait to hear what you guys think :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:14 pm

Izzy still doesn't like what Amen did it seems...I'm actually curious if Angel will ever get feelings for Amen.
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:52 am

She will, trust me. Just takes a little while :wink:
Anyway, this chapter is a pretty long one. The italics are all part of the flashback in here, so yeah. Hope you like, since this chapter actually took me the longest to write.

Monster Tamers2
Chapter 5. Beautiful Girl

Amen went back to the Gore Family Funeral Home in a despaired mood. Izariel didn't understand. He loved Angel with all his heart still, but he wanted her to be happy. He wanted her to have a happy, normal life, the life he could never give her.
As much as it hurt him, he couldn't give Angel everything, or at least the things that mattered. He couldn't give her a family or a nice home. He wasn't human, not even alive.
"Amen?" her voice said his name in a lightly concerned tone.
"I need to be alone for a little while, Angel. I'm sorry" he walked past her and made his way into his room.
There was nothing in him that didn't hurt. His heart ached, throbbing painfully. A part of him wished he'd never made that bargain with Ra. But the other part of him knew that it had been the right thing.
Sheena...Amen found himself missing her. His true love, the Thief of his Heart. How could she forget him? He could never forget her. To do so would be to commit the worst sin. She'd set him free, showed him what it meant to love. She'd opened his eyes as well as his heart.
"Did I not love til her?" oh gods...he was quoting Shakespeare!
But still, had he loved before Sheenataroma? Sure, he told the girls in his harem he loved them all the time, but it didn't have the same feeling he felt when he said it to Sheena. When she came into his life, that very night changed everything.
Amen at first had only loved her for her beauty, and had manipulated her into marriage. But when time passed, he got to see more and more of her and realized how vulnerable she truly was, despite all the tough walls she built. Sheena had been lonely her whole life and had refused to love anyone outside her family. But finally though, she gave in. He remembered that night perfectly...

His heart pounded excited at he lit the last of the candles. This was the first night he'd spend with his bride to be and he wanted to make it as perfect as possible. At long last, she arrived. He looked at her, smiling softly, but it was only met with a dagger glare.
"Welcom Sheenataroma. This is our chamber" he told her.
"Yours. Not ours".
"You're right, as we're not married yet, but I like to think of it as both of ours. What's mine is also yours".
"Sheena please" he approached her trying to be as soft and loving as possible. He went to touch her, but at the touch of his hand, Sheena looked down and away from him.
"I'd like to rest now" she said plainly, her words dipped in disdain.
The pharaoh stepped away from her. "Of course".
They laid down and at one point he attempted to hold his future queen, but once again, he was turned away. Feeling alone, he also turned his back on her. For hours they laid back to back, both unable to sleep with so many thoughts.
Finally, a miracle happened. Sheena turned over and snuggled to his back. He felt her wet face against him and heard her quiet sobs.
"Sheena?" this was odd. He'd never heard her cry before. Hell, he imagined she couldn't! He turned over and saw her tears and something stabbed him in the heart, "What's wrong?"
"What isn't?!" Sheena sat up, looking devastated, "Here I am, the Queen of Thieves, trapped in a palace no greater than a grand prison while the people of Lycopolis suffer from poverty!"
He sat up with her. " don't have to stay inside. There's gardens outside you can walk. I trust you enough not to run. And if you do, I suspect I'll never see you again, but then who's fault would that be? And as for Lycopolis, I will do everything in my power to relieve them once we're married. I promise to uphold my word if you uphold yours".
Finally she looked at him. "What is it you want?"
"For you to let me court you. Let me show you that I'm not as bad as you make me out to be, Sheena. Let me love you and find ways to earn your love".
"Love cannot thrive where there is no trust".
"Have I done something to make you mistrust me? I trust you".
"Your trust is one sided. Not to mention I don't think you know how to love".
Amen caressed her face. "Then teach me to love...and I'll give you everything, be everything you need me to be" he took her hand and placed it on his heart, "I leave this wounded heart in your lovely hand, Sheenataroma. Here I am, before you, as I am. Not a ruler, but a man, with nothing but love to offer you".
She sighed and looked down, sliding her hand away. "Let us rest...I tire of this".
"As you wish".
Finally she let him hold her and for the first time he knew she was truly vulnerable and would do anything and everything to make her feel safe and loved.

At last Amen opened his eyes. The ache in his heart was dulled now as he remembered his first and true love.
But she wasn't his only...
The Angel he once knew had been a challenge, a jagged puzzle. But this Angel thought clearer. She made attempts to understand him and was even close to considering him at least her partner, if not her friend. That was something she hadn't even attempted before. Not to mention she actually seemed happier. Perhaps maybe getting her memories back wasn't the solution at all. Maybe things were just better this way and that really, despite was Izariel thought, he had actually done Angel a kindness instead of harm.
Speaking of which, he felt her presence in his mind, she was outside the door, listening.
If you'd like to come in, all you have to do is ask
"Well then can I?"
Angel came in and he felt her concern. Her expression was soft, full of sympathy. She sat at the end of his bed and looked at the floor.
"I felt them..your thoughts about...Her. Sheena, her name was?"
"You really loved her didn't you?"
Yes, with all my heart".
"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to her?" Angel looked at him and found that now he was staring at the floor.
Amen sighed and closed his eyes painfully again. "She was murdered...shortly after I was".
"Oh...oh god, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to-"
"It's alright. You had a right to know. You were her, in your past life. That's why we're partners I believe. Because while our minds and hearts may not be one, our souls mated in the past life. And I think that's what ties us together".
"That's really deep, Amen. Very romantic".
"Yeah...I'm kinda, as humans put it, cheesy. But hey, I try".
"And so will I".
"What?" he looked at her and she had a determined expression.
"I'm not her, but I'll try...for you".
"Angel, I don't want you to be her. I want you to just be you. That's what I love you for, one of the many reasons. You're not scared to be yourself and I love that so much. So just be you, and I'll be perfectly happy".
Angel embraced her partner. "Alright...but it's just so sad...It hurts to see you upset about anything. Listen, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. I'll always try to be".
"Thanks Angel, that's all I could ever ask of you".

I extended this chapter, so be happy! Wait to see: Next, the Tamers reunite and learn more about Jane and their newest enemy. And then: A hunt gets awkward when Jane encounters Kalma. See ya then :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Angel Of Death » Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:14 pm

it's a cute and sad chapter at the same time. Very nice one :) can't wait to read how it will develop between them :)
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Re: The Hellhound has returned

Postby Hellhound 382 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:26 am

Sorry about the long wait for the update. I was kinda taking a small break from this story so that I can work on others. I'm working on three at once. so's stressful. But here's chapter 6 guys :)

Monster Tamers 2
Chapter 6. Angel of Darkness

"So here we are again" Shena smiled knowingly, her gaze shifting from one tamer to the next as they sat at the dining room table, the unofficial meeting table.
"So who's the new tamer?" Skyler asked.
Shena put both arms on the table and sighed. "Her name is Jane Florence and she's from Dallas".
"Dang...she came all the way here..." Bella thought.
"I told you...It's not over" Shena looked at Amen for a moment and then at the rest.
OX noticed and narrowed his eyes at the mummy who only nodded in response to her statement.
"But why? Is she looking for us?" Izzy asked.
"She doesn't appear to know we're here" Kalma answered, "But we do get a feeling that Otus does"
"So then why come all this way if not for us?" Lauren looked confused.
Everyone thought a moment. Finally Angel voiced what she thought.
"Maybe it was those things she was fighting on the video. Maybe she's hunting them".
"She's a fool for doing so if that's the case" Lordi replied, "No human, especially a female, has ever fought or hunted those things and lived to tell about it".
"What are they?" Skyler wondered, looking up at her partner.
The six monsters looked at each other grimly. Lordi was hesitant to answer. So instead he asked another question.
"Have any of you read the Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Pierce?"
Shena looked at him curiously. "I have. don't think...I mean I know there's a resemblance, but those are just made up right?"
The demon troll looked even more grim. "Sadly...I don't think...I know. We all know".
"Oh god..." the young psychic looked worried, "This is not good. Not good at all".
"What?!" Bella asked, "What's a damn book gotta do with this?!"
"Look, everyone just calm down. Lordi...Please tell us what exactly it is we're up against" Skyler politely demanded, trying to keep her friends calm as well keep order.
"Icari" Shena beat him to the answered, "Winged Icari".
"Okay, what are they?" Angel asked.
"Vampires" Awa answered, "Very ancient, very powerful".
"So...they're just winged vampires? That doesn't sound too bad" Skyler shrugged.
"You won't be saying that if you face one, little fireball".
Lauren looked down, trying to stay calm. She hated vampires. They were the only dead she couldn't control.
"Icari for those of you who don't know are an ancient race of vampire. They've been around in our world for centuries, but how they've survived, no one knows" OX explained.
"But they don't start out that way. It's a transformation process, but not evolution. So I think they may be exempt from your power, Angel" Shena added, "They start out as human children who are abducted by a water witch, a lorelei".
Everyone was listening intently at this point. They knew the information was vital. Shena went on.
"Once the humans come of age, about sixteen years old, the witch gives him wings and fills their hearts with lead to ensure their loyalty. Then she gives them a necklace with fourteen small vials".
"What are they for?" Lauren asked.
"The Lorelei sends them out into the world to collect fourteen pure human souls in the vials. Once the fourteen are collected, they return back to the witch who makes them full fledged vampires".
"Crap..." Bella sighed.
"So what do we do?" Angel asked.
"Skyler" Shena looked at the young leader, "It's your call".
She looked at Lordi and then at her other Tamers. For a moment she looked unsure and then determined.
"We need to find Jane".

Well hope you guys liked this chapter. I do recommend the darkangel trilogy. Meredith Anne Pierce owns the books and the creatures in it, not me, so yeah. I own only one creature in this, and hopefully you'll see him in a little while. Wait to see: Next up: A hunt goes awry when Jane meets Kalma. And then: a new enemy reveals himself and a tamer goes missing. See ya then :)
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