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Fanfiction: Escalation of Madness

Postby Raylgunner » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:58 am

Escalations of Madness

Notes of the author: I don’t own shit, except for the original characters, whom will be the only ones to get descriptions, as no matter how many years I have been writing; I would not make Lordi’s characters justice.

Also, by default: Loads of swearing, gore is expected and, to be sincere? Whatever I can think of ^^. Except with drama, I can say I am quite skilled with many genres, though I can say this story is not Lordi centric in a sense (You’ll see why latter), mostly because I am not sure of the characters’ history no matter how many sources I look for.

Anyway, let’s start shall we? (Also pardon excessive detail, it simply corrodes me to not give the stories enough, ok?)

Chapter One – Opposite of that … sound.

Lordi sat in a dark room, only a throne composed of corpses jerking in agony being visible near a blue flame that was sending small ice shards at the biomechanic man’s right side.

In his imposing metal armor, with one clawed hand resting on his chin as he looked down, the demonic creature was scanning the void as the corpses that formed his magnificent yet horrid chair writhed around, trying to escape the torment they were subjugated to; torsos with only their heads being the legs of the massive chair, while half eaten skulls made the arms of the throne and a whole person, crushed and malformed, made the back of the throne, gold fused, and hot, to the poor man’s cranium.

The agony of these souls would’ve made Lordi smirk at some point, but right now he was feeling… angsty, as he let his hand idly touch at the cold flame, turning his charred and malformed flesh into a sickly white color for a second. The uncomfortable sensation didn’t help his anger to redirect; it seemed hell-bent on staying on course.

How many years? Better to say, centuries, as it had probably been that long, but who was keeping track of time now? His search has been fruitful only in finding creatures to aid his cause and to promote destruction through the countless dimensions of Earth, though one dimension, one of the most corrupted and twisted for a ‘normal’ world, as the humans called it, was perfect for him and his ‘friends’ to unwind as they played songs that seemed to incite everyone to a more brutal mindset. Maybe someday he would find his love there, but… it didn’t seem possible, at least not yet.

Certainly, his search had only served for him to see destruction, conquest, battles, adventure, horror and gore… and much, much more, but it had not served him as he had hoped, not in the long run.

‘Something is missing’ He thought as he waved his hand in front of where he was sitting, gesticulating as a cold breeze formed, blue streaks of magic essence creating an icy contraption similar to a Earth globe ‘How many have I searched through? How many destroyed? How many conquered? And yet here I am, searching for someone to love me for me’ At that he have a dark chuckle, his eyes sparkling red as his brutal teeth gleamed in the blue and pale light ‘‘Who would love a monsterman’ indeed’

How many women had captivated his interest? How many were dark, yet kind enough to light his obscure hearth with love? In truth, there had been many, but none had lasted to the end. It had either been the transformation that his dark touch induced, or it had been the fact that madness caught with humans way too soon, but other monsters didn’t interest Lordi; they were dark, ruthless and hardly knew the meaning of love, even those that had been human before.

Maybe that is why the life of those he found himself fond of lasted so little, he could love, but not touch. For a creature as dark as he was, as ruthless, as murderous… having something so precious would be a crime against nature, against life itself even! And Lordi knew ALL about crimes of ANY nature.

Yet, his love was also fickle, and if no woman could withstand his dark presence as they should, they would not last a second through that change that came to all that felt his touch. Lordi knew well that he was probably doomed to last his impressive lifespan without a warm soul that could satisfy his desire for someone akin to him, someone that was a monster, but also somewhat a kind soul.

‘Stop lying to yourself’ Lordi growled within his mind ‘You know more languages than any creature in existence, and you know you can’t lie to yourself with any word you can think of: You are a monster, with the whole meaning of the word being applied to you’

A powerful fist rose as Lordi yelled in anger, only to come down and smash one of the heads that were supporting his arms, splattering gore everywhere, including the icy globe of the Earth, smearing red over a recently formed landmass as the form changed to show a completely different composition of the continents from the Earth we know.

‘Maybe I should do something different: Corrupt the world for once, and seek a soul pure enough, yet dark in the right amount to survive’ Lordi smirked to himself as he thought so, rubbing the exposed brains of the temporally deceased soul ‘And this realm… different to most copies of Earth… It could work, indeed it could’

Evil incarnate let out a chuckle as he eyed the world; it had two large masses of land, one at each side of the world, with many smaller islands all through the massive sea. While most dimensions of Earth were nearly identical, some were so different that it was fairly amusing to explore them. This one, Ox had said, had nearly fifteen ‘copies’, and all of them had latent magic that could be tampered with certain things…

That is why Lordi and his group knew how to play music, not because it was a hobby, not because it could induce madness, but because it tampered with magic like nothing else.

However there was a big ass problem: Humans usually forgot, or forced their own kind to forget, about magic until someone tampered with it, then a lot of strong assholes come out of nowhere to spoil the one fucking things up. They had never lost anyone important, Lordi had all his monsters in a ready form to kick ass even in the most dangerous and grizzly situation (Their favorite), but… it was time to make something different.

“Amen!” The yell of Lordi finally lit the room he was in completely.

A massive room, big enough to resemble that of a huge castle where festivities and feasts would be had, yet the dark look of a floor made out of bones, mainly ribcages and skulls, with the walls crafted out of dark stone and living people that moaned in anguish as the blue torches lit, some of those torches even within the fused people, as a special punishment for whatever they had done. However the worst was in the ceiling, as there where flying monsters perched in the human gargoyles that were looking down on Lordi, blood splashing, drop by drop, as the obscure and hardly seen creatures tore at the rocky flesh of the condemned.

The doors behind the horrid throne of Lordi were as grotesque, though this time monsters were the ones condemned to do the part of masonry, as two giants had been sealed within a reflecting black metal and their faces of agony had been perfectly conserved through only Lordi knows how long as they, even to this day, still tried to breathe to sate those burning lungs. Yet, while the big monsters took the attention, imps, goblins and other smaller humanoids, including lizard men, werewolves and what looked like figures of brutal looking vampires were trying to hid from what had been a rain of burning metal that sealed their life away.

Those doors, massive as they were, opened as the horrid mummy, Amen-Ra, came forth by his leader’s calling.

“This world” Lordi let one of his claws rub against one of the landmasses, though his choice was near the coast instead of the center of such huge landmass “We will go here next”

“As you wish” Amen smirked, knowing that it meant another feast and more hearts for him to devour.

“No, not like every single time” Lordi admonished his follower as he gave him a harsh look “I want this world corrupted; magic should work here… and our songs are a perfect catalyst”

Amen gave a growl as his deformed face twisted in somewhat of a scowl “What do you mean?”

“Can you still turn into a human if there is magic in the air?” Lordi gave Amen a look over “I remember you changed into a history teacher in one of our adventures to get closer to someone…”

With a loud grunt, Amen nodded, shuffling about for a second before he let his face change to start the transformation: A bald man of white skin with a dark hue, long eyebrows, smart yet cold eyes and a charred right side of his face. This form showed a toned body with a classy grey suit, white business shirt and black tie as well as alligator skin shoes, just for the classy of it. Amen had the look of a man on his early twenties with a nice body, yet a horrid right side of his face that, the last time, was hidden with whatever he found handy for his ‘profession’.

Literally he would later be known as a lady killer.

“Good enough” Lordi smirked “I don’t want us heavily involved this time… I want this corrupted, I want monsters to lead our battle” He gave Amen a ferocious, near feral look “I want us to grow in power and leave a world eating itself; all of you will change to this pitiful human form and go where you can give A SINGLE song to a promising group. I want to see them spreading destruction and conquering the land they live in, to leave as few strong humans as possible, and then to eat each other if possible”

“You want an elavorated plan instead of marking someone or controlling another dimension with a snap of your fingers?” Amen rubbed his chin as a goate formed in there, only for a more ‘classy’ look, as it was all the undead seemed to like when it came to his human form “Last time it ended in us eating the whole world, nearly literally. You sure this would work?”

“No, I am not” Lordi simply looked at the icy Earth globe “I only hope it is ‘fun’, and to find it at last”

Amen simply shrugged “Another warzone, another conquest, no matter how you want to do it. We will follow you gladly; just remember it hardly goes as you hope”

The mummy was usually someone with few words, but Lordi had been with him the longest, technically speaking, and Amen was able to say things others would regret. But the mummy spoke the truth; things hardly went as he wanted, no matter what he did, it always went to hell and the process of destruction and conquest went ahead as it had always been for his group.

Many times his ‘friends’ had found significant others, one time he found a significant other that he WISHED to keep SO HARD that he and the others made a pact; when they found someone they would love but that would tear their group, they would make a ‘copy’ of themselves with all the power they had, and then leave. It is how Lordi had, in the human world, a mate…

And how he hated the fact that it had been obvious to everyone that the woman was going to die if he as much as showed his real face to her.

Luckily the pact held on for everyone, no matter how many dimensions and copies they had to leave behind. To humans it could seem cold, but to monsters it was a rational thing to do when allies and ‘friends’ would be hard to come by as it is. However maybe this time would be different, but even if it came down to another copy, it would mean Lordi had found two that would held his love in history forever, and that meant that, little by little, he was approaching that one that would accompany him to his home.

If everyone could have that in here, they all would be able to happily rule with an iron fist through the dimensions, ensuring their domain through eternity.

After all, what was better than to rule with someone by your side? To do it forever and to have a legacy, that is what.

This, however, required time and patience… ‘Twenty years should do it’ He thought as he let the icy globe spin ‘Twenty years, five persons per group; molded, changed… they will create five monsters in each location… and the hordes that will follow them. Now…’ He plunged one of his claws within one of the islands, tearing the globe apart and picking up the little landmass as everything else turned to boiling water ‘I will go here’

*** Twenty years later, on this ‘Earth’, near the coastal borders of this world’s Egypt ***

For some reason, Tahdan thought that his life had been an orchestrated act that had lasted five to ten minutes when he woke up in this strangely rainy Monday. For one, in this area of the world, even being besides the sea, the rain was something that happened once a year, or two, with luck, not a whole month with no pause, when he was about to graduate no less. Maybe it was the way the world had to reward him for his effort after all the shit he had to eat during his life, as there was little else that satisfied him as the rain itself.

Tahdan, Tal for his buddies, was one of a quintet that lived in the city of Kiaran, what would be The Cairo in this world, short of. He had been one of the orphans that had been found in the streets twenty years ago when a massive sandstorm had agitated the city so hard that even some buildings had collapsed and hundreds of lives had been lost, leaving Tal himself, and many others, without parents.

Life had been hell for all of those that had lost everything, or even ‘simply’ someone, those twenty years ago. Events like the one hitting Kiaran had also happened all over the world, hitting at least eight different places at the same time, driving many families, lineages and people, to their utter deaths as well as leaving many people broken and alone.

It is the real world, sadness is common, and hurt is even more common.

Of course, Tahdan had no need of mental scars to remind him every day that he was alone when it came to family, he had physical reminders: His chest burned from neck to hips, at least the upper center side and then the lower right side, with the back sporting a huge scar from a crystal cut back then. His meter ninety six, slim complexion, Mohawk (as the rest of his head had minor burns, but hair had been utterly decimated), blue eyes and fibrous looking arms and legs were a testament of how nimble and lucky he had been twenty years ago, when he was only three, to survive a crashing building enveloped in flames.

‘Meh, was a nice place to live in while it lasted’ He shrugged as he walked down an empty street through many buildings, rubbing his face, feeling that small bit of his lip that had been torn away when he was little, with the bit of his left side of his nose where the flesh had been melted back in the day ‘At least chicks dig scars’

That was a flat out lie, as most his body was also mangled here or there, like his left ear missing half of it, his right hand having the middle finger torn away and his left leg with half of the tendons cut, making him quite a lousy runner as that leg was stiff as hell, though pain receptors had been burned and, as such, his kicks usually meant broken bones to someone. For most people he was an horrid look, but he liked the dirty looks people threw at him.

‘Makes one feel special’

He chuckled as he ruffled his died purple hair, eyeing the massive school as he looked at himself with a smirk. This time he had no uniform, only his black shirt with a microphone in the shape of a broken skull and his cargo pants as well as a pair of sandals. Fuck the rules, fuck the rain and fuck how anyone else would see his sense of what was ‘pretty’, he only gave a fuck about what few people thought, so if he wanted to go like this under heavy rain, he was going to.

Also, it didn’t help that it was the last day of school and he had to give the middle finger somehow.

As he approached the grain colored building surrounded with huge walls and locked with those steel doors with rough spike shaped bars to stop anyone from climbing in and out, he had to admit he was lucky, he and his friends to be sincere; twenty schoolmates had started this last year, and only them five had made it past the last tests, and by sheer luck at that! They had been together since hell decided to pay this city a visit, they could say they were family to each other and they would be the only ones capable of understanding each other.

Besides, they were all weird in their own ways and they all had been hurt, which made them hardy and not easy prey for the usual asshole in the school, which this place seemed to have in high amounts. It was interesting to see how people that had life made for them had little respect, or anything but contempt, for those that had to work their way up sometimes, though he had to remember assholes were abound all over the world.

In any case, he was again doing what he always did: Too much thinking, too little focusing. He was here to talk with his tutor alongside his buddies, hear some important notice he had for them and then prepare the festival that was going to take place in the school’s huge backyard in two days.

The objectives had been set: He would sign, Atomos would be the guitarist, Umwa at the bash, Tosha would hit the keyboard and Dolgmangus would get the drums going. Music had been basically banned since god knows how long, but he and his friends cared so little for silly rules that they had wanted, since they were little and scared in that orphanage, to screw everything and yell to the sky with those songs that filled their heads. Their tutor, Gahamed Rhatmaz, had encouraged them even before they had any class with him, telling them that certain rules had to be broken and that music was one of the greatest things on the world, he had been like a father figure to all of them.

Gahamed had been one of the few reasons none of them had given the many assholes they meet what they deserved, though as he had said many years ago ‘Evil is a matter of perspective; Genghis Khan was evil to some, but he was a hero to his own people, if a bit cruel to some’. Those assholes probably had a reason to do what they did, the same as to why Tal and his buddies were going to revolutionalize the world in a few days.

As Tal approached the massive metal door, a ringing sound was heard to signal the door had been unlocked. He opened it and entered the school ground, a sandy place much like the outside streets, though a few palm trees rested here and there with a bit of grass growing near the middle of the empty space that separated the wall and the massive four stories tall school that looked old as time itself with a huge staircase leading to the entrance, guarded by a pair of sphinxes at each side of the base of the stairs.

The institute Dkalîmha, usually called ‘Tranquility’ by most ‘normal’ people, as except for those rejected by most the world, like him and his friends, everyone else had the easiest time in this massive work of art of a school. The ornate windowsills, the richly colored and decorated insides, the neat classes and attentive teachers… It surely sounded good when you hadn’t enjoyed this place for once in your miserable life.

Really, every word he thought seemed to say that this city was pure shit, but in truth it was simply that Tal didn’t like people in general. He was generalized in the thought that humans weren’t worth much, probably because he had seen his father leave his mother twenty years back.

He hadn’t died; he had fled when their house had started burning.

His own father was the cause he was like he was now.

Maybe if he hadn’t left, he would’ve been a much more normal person, sad, yes, but he wouldn’t think most ‘normal’ people were the problem of this world. He was heavily biased; he knew it and, surprise, surprise! He didn’t want to change it, no one had showed him it was worth the effort, and no, his tutor wasn’t precisely someone normal, so he didn’t count.

Maybe someday, somewhere, someone would see through the surface and find a man that was so scared of the world that his first reaction to everything was being brass, brutal, angsty and, in general, an asshole. His looks were there to deceive anyone into thinking he was something better not approached, that he was a dangerous person (which wasn’t much of a lie), and that the wrong word would get you in more problems than it was worth. Tal wasn’t delicate by any means, but he was a very gentle person inside, though he had made himself harden and hate for most part of his life, so what lied within him did so in the deepest part of his self.

However there was something to say about all of this as he entered the school and the little flood of people that walked through the halls opened up for him.

Most people left him be.

As he made his way to the fourth floor to his class, crowds of freshmen, those that had been here a few years and his peers looked at him with fear, distaste and a mix of other feelings. They had been coaxed into being much like Tal was, though towards the young man thanks to how he acted. If no one saw through the act, then he was happy not being bothered by someone whose brain was melting away in stupidity.

After all, he had his group of friends, they were few, they were weird, but they had been together for twenty years, and as he made it to the fourth floor and his class, he was greeted by all of them.

Atomos, Antonio Mendoza Urtiz, was of Mexican heritage if we were to talk about our Earth (Here ‘Mexico’ were five isles very close togueter). He had lost his lone father by what people that knew his family attributed to bad karma from when they had been the ruling family of their little patch of land, killing many with ruthless efficiency many years ago.

The young man of twenty four had quite a gentle face with child like features and green playful eyes, short brown hair with a very long pigtail running down his neck (the only part of his hair that grew at a decent rate), though he had a mark of his father’s car exploding shortly after the storm hit, as it tore away at his right eye and left a large scar and an empty socket. He was one meter seventy, so smaller than Tal, but much bulkier with a wide back, strong chest, arms and legs, all of them covered in copper like skin from the tanning and with barely a scratch except for the one in his face, he was also technically a fatty guy, but no one had the heart to tell him with how kind he was to everyone (and because he had demonstrated he knew pressure points that most people didn’t like touched). His favorite looks went with army gear (Mostly cammo shirts and pants as well as army boots).

Umwa, Emma Watson, of Sweden origin (a large island near the poles in this world), was a silent woman that basically acknowledged anything with a nod. She thought she had a very loving family at the age of five, but when the problems here started, her parents ditched her and she would only come to know they had survived and were happily in their homeland with a sister she would never know that, right now, would probably be at her fifteen, all because, as she recalled, her parents thought of her as a failure.

Long sandy hair, a pale and very slim complexion that was much the same to her sucked face made her somewhat of what you could find in an actual model, though slightly tall with that meter eighty seven. She was not a person fond of eating too much and she had been much less so since she found out what had happened back in the day, so she was nearly bare bones, but for some reason she was perfectly healthy, even if she looked more like an undead with her usual gothic like clothes and jewelry that probably weighted more than she did. Still she had pretty, yet sad red eyes that looked everywhere with a glint of light that her person as a whole seemed to lack. From the group, she was the only one to not have physical marks after the little happening a time ago.

Tosha was the youngest of the group at twenty one, having lost her mother when she was only one and having no other living relative that wanted her, which nearly left her with no name and no records after the sand caught her mother outside of the gates of the city. The group had given her an Arabic name, as it was the most logical heritage that she shared with any other person (or the doctor had said that, at least, when she was young), giving her the name Alimah Tubaa, though she had flung it out of the window when she decided on her nickname and said ‘fuck traditions’ to everyone.

Being bipolar, though most time being a very happy going person, with outrageous angry spurts when someone irked her just about right, this petite girl and her meter sixty were a good enough measure of her raw strength that usually came with holds and other moves that asked for finesse and agility. She was very slim, but had enough meat on the bones, an angelical face (that literally turned to that of a fury when she got angry), with gentle factions and quite a well developed, in all senses, body with a natural tan on her skin. She hardly went out with much clothing, proffering shorts, a pair of shoes and a shirt, as the girl was clearly nice, but also a tease, though she did hid her back as there were a great number of burns that made it look like a patchwork operation from when she was found.

These all were in a group near the first of the doors, leaving the rest of the corridor packed with people from other classes as well as others that preferred to wait until them all were gone to get closer, mostly because of the figure that was literally patrolling a few meters away from the group.

That person was Dolmangus.

Gold Dodger, named so by his rich parents that lived at the other side of the glove in the section of the ‘U.E’ of this world that would resemble Las Vegas, was a harsh looking person that had had quite a turnabout in life. His parents had decided to come visit some investor in this city twenty years ago, leaving his father’s brother as the lead of the casinos and other enterprises they owned in their home city. When that person heard of the ‘dreadful’ accident that his brother had suffered when the storm hit the airport as they were about to land, he made sure that Dolmangus was safely declared dead at his four years of age.

He had been old enough to know about it, and he was smart enough to hold a grudge even when he was little.

With his meter ninety sharp in height, bald head full of tattoos (most of them skulls or weapons that crawled down his back and through his legs and arms), yellow eyes (contacts, the real ones were black, but they unnerved even him), strong muscular arms, chest and legs, and those factions on his face that you would expect more from a prisoner than a young man, this smoker and bully was the most ‘normal’ of the group by default. He was clothed by a white shirt, baggy pants, sport shoes and had always his trademark baseball bat, which had one or two splatters of blood from being he the one that protected the others those times they had to be on the streets when they grew up.

Between all of them, they either had daily problems with nearly anyone, or they had quite quiet days with only their weirdness. This was going to be one of those weird, but peaceful and nice days, more so as his teacher finally put Tal out of his stupor as he patted his back.

“Hello there, Tahdan” The young man looked back to see the half masked teacher of history, his goatee sticking out of the Egyptian golden mask of old that he carried nearly everywhere, covering his right side of the face “I see you lot are scaring away the rest of the students”

Tal just shrugged “Haven’t done a thing yet, teach”

“Oh yes, I know you haven’t my boy, but since you all started here when you were kids, you all got into trouble nearly each day” Gahamez chuckled as he played with his goatee, his other hand close to his chest as he opened the case with the papers he needed for today “So let’s make everyone happy giving you all your things as soon as possible ok? Shall we get in?”

“Don’t do everyone a favor, teach” Tal half smirked as their teacher opened the door for the group to enter.

Once inside, everyone gathered around their teacher as he sat comfortably in his seat, took the newspaper out of his briefcase alongside the grade papers for everyone else. It had become such a casual thing to go into class that everyone basically started doing their own thing until someone decided it was time to speak up. Usually it was with Atomos taking one of his portable consoles and playing away the day when there were no studies in need or homework piling up, Umwa drawing something on her notebook, Tosha writing and Dolmangus having a smoke near the windows when he was not practicing his swing. Tal did whatever with one of them at a time; he was not really a specialized guy.

Today, though, the newspaper was left on the side pretty quickly as everyone gathered around Gahamez to hear what he had to say.
“Well, the good news is that you all can get the hell out of here and to university if you so want” Gahamez smilled at the group, whom returned it in kind, mostly “You all have passed with flying colors, though I suppose it is because you all got lucky and nearly everyone else keeled over, as in ‘they flunked this year’, and you got to have all the classes alone with people you enjoyed”

Nearly everyone nodded at that except for Dolmangus, who was basically snoring at this point until Tosha stomped on his foot.


“SO! I would want to congratulate you on your success” Gahamez eyed the butch student with sharp eyes “Though there are bad news for you all too… they are regarding the concert in two days”

“What the fu…!”

That was the first, and the only barely understandable, response to what the teacher had been about to say, everyone else started spelling crap like there was no tomorrow about zero point one seconds later.

They were really quick and precise when they wanted, no matter how mismatched they looked.

“RELAX everyone, please” Gahamed pleaded “The local authorities have been telling the council to stop this, but I can promise my help on this… if you guys don’t mind making a last hour change”

“Which is?” Dolmangus was quick to bring his bat to his hands, only in case.

“Sush you! The boss is thinking” Tosha growled at her friend, not wanting to get any angrier and maim someone.

“I and some of my friends wanted to make a group long ago, but here it is impossible. You could say that we aren’t the right people for the job” A weird smirk crossed Gahamez’s face as he picked some extra papers from the case “If you think you can use one of our songs, this one in special, I would be very grateful… and you would be more famous than you could imagine”

He handed copies of the song to everyone, each one having what they specialized in, letting them all see what this song was about.

“Heavy metal? ‘The kids who wanna play with the dead’?” Umwa gave a very wide smirk “I wouldn’t mind working with this, at all. I dunno what Heavy Metal is, but the name I like”

“Is this about that room of yours, teach?” Tal wondered as he eyed Gahamez “Those instruments and all… They aren’t like the ones we had prepared, but are very similar”

“Yea, my friends and I wanted to dress in a monster costume and surprise everyone with horrid songs that would send chills down their spine” At this point, Gahamez took off his mask and showed his disfigured right side to the ones in front of him “I was to be the mummy, I think I do the part, don’t you agree?”

That… horrid maw would haunt their dreams for a long while, but each of the present young men and women could do little but look at it. He looked utterly horrid, and it was not fake, by a mile, which made each one feel differently, yet everyone agreed to the fact that it was IMPRESIVE.

“That is so… cool” Umwa beamed.

“All of my friends share some kind of… specialty, something ‘unique’, you could say” Gahamed chuckled “I was to be called Amen when we started, but in this world such a thing would have been impossible. Of course… would you pass on becoming monsters yourselves my little students?” When he said that everyone felt a chill, they saw the real, and very unnerving, smile of their teacher for the first time.

For some reason the promise of becoming famous, and moreso the one of becoming monsters, became very real in their minds. For the first time they wondered why music was banned and why a teacher as classy, modest and friendly as Gahamed had such a ‘dark’ secret hidden away, and it wasn’t only the musical instruments.

“I’ll do it gladly” Umwa nearly purred “I want to give everyone a scare. Heh, I even know what I would love to be seen as”

“People around here see us as weirdos already” Dolmangus took a cigarette from one of his pouches, he wasn’t interested in talking much more if he had to get out of here and work on something “Everyone else that had problems back in the day has moved out or has had an… accident… I wouldn’t mind giving everyone here a good reprisal”

Atomos just scratched the back of his neck for a bit as he looked around “Eh… I suppose, why not? I don’t very much like monsters and all, those movies with silence corroding your bones as zombies and other creatures lurk in the shadows make me uncomfortable, though… with some music I suppose they would be even better” At the prospect of being turned into what scared him for one night, thus scaring others, seemed to turn his more playful side on “It would be interesting, that much I can say”

Tosha, much like Tal, decided not to say anything, though the first had a hidden and wicked smirk that simply said ‘I agree’, while Tal was much less receptive of things.

Mostly it was because the young man had been the one to write their original song, though that was secondary.

“Something smells fishy here, teach” He said finally as he looked at Gahamed’s eyes “You are hiding something, aren’t ya?”

“What kind of history teacher would I be otherwise?” Gahamed took back his mask to cover his deformed face as he smirked at him “Want to know my dark secret? It won’t be pretty”

“I want, teach”

Silence enveloped the class. Tal was, so to speak, the leader of the group basically because he was the boldest person on the face of the planet when he had something within his mind. If it could be done, caught, or earned some way, Tal would think of some way to get it, no matter what.

The rest didn’t share that kind of view in some things.

And, as Gahamed smirked, he knew that in this he was alone “This will not be a group thing, if someone wants to leave, you should leave now”

Tal didn’t expect anyone saying ‘sorry’ or ‘see you’, but he had to admit that it was disappointing to see some of the more ‘hardened’ veterans in this school get up and leave without another word, leaving him alone after they had picked up their grades. However, once he looked at Gahamed in the eyes again, he could see why.

“So, you want to know? Don’t you remember the old saying?”

As Gahamed took his mask back again, he let his pupil see how his clothes transformed into old garbs of ancient times, his skin turning saggy and raged, blackened into a brown leathery bastardization of what it looked a moment ago. His malformed face had turned worse, his white teeth had become yellow and his eyes looked vacant yet evil beyond recognition. Hands and arms decayed through ages, yet powerful enough to break through steel, legs that would walk tirelessly for days, months if needed be, through the scorching sun and the undying and unforgiving sand.

An ageless mummy, his teacher was Amon-Ra.

“Welcome to the end of the world, countdown? When the white sound of this world ends”

A inhuman laugher could be hear only within the room these two were in as a storm of sand enveloped Tal and Amen closed in.


*** End of chapter one ***

And this is chapter one, hope everyone has enjoyed it thus far. I must admit I said ‘chapter one’, but since I am quite occupied, I will let this be a testament of what could’ve been ,except if some of you like it, so if you have read this far and have something to say, say it! Or send me a PM if you don’t want to comment it here x3 Also, if I continue with this, I may need make up monsters, but that is a possibility for the future… for now, thank you all for reading *Bows*.
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Re: Fanfiction: Escalation of Madness

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AWAsome chapter 8)
i hope you can wright more...Please right some more :?: :roll:
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