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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:38 am

spoiling her with a lot of things, I'm not surprised about that :P
so the Chaotic is coming to them...oh, this won't end so well and yeah, I need to agree with Angel here. He better doesn't come back!!!
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:38 am

Hey guys just wanted to tell all my readers and fans happy easter :D Hope you enjoy all your food and your eggs and all that good jazz :) I had to work, but dinner will be rewarding :)
So here's an update for you guys, hope you like.

Monster Tamers 3. Heart of Darkness
Chapter 4. Not Alone

It'd be dark soon. He needed somewhere to take shelter. But not for himself, for the little girl freezing in his arms. She was cold and hungry, he'd never make it to Brooklyn at this rate and he was still incapable of using his powers.
" should stop. You're gonna get sick" she was worried about him.
It started to rain. Just...his...luck.
"Don't worry yourself over me. It's you I'm worried about".
He was lost, needless to say. He didn't even know if he was in New York state or not. Judging by the forest surrounding him, he was nowhere near it. He heard footsteps on crumbling leaves and hid himself and the girl behind a large tree.
"What's going-"
"Shhh, keep quiet".
For a moment, he even stopped breathing. Another human was near. The Chaotic peeked his head around and saw it was a woman. Her raven colored hair was up in a bun and it seemed to give off some kind of glow as it shined. She wore tight brown pants and a loose fitting white long sleeved shirt. She wore tall black flat heeled boots like those of explorers from long ago. Her skin was fair, her face soft but sharp, like one of those classic movie femme fatales. Her eyes were a warm chocolate color that looked as though they could see right through someone.
"Who is she?" Clarissa asked.
"I don't know".
"Maybe she can help"
"I don't want to expose myself to her".
He meant it literally and figuratively. Whoever this woman was, she radiated with power. He didn't want to subject himself to it.
"It'll be okay" Clarissa reassured him, "She won't...she won't hurt us".
Given the circumstances, what choice did he really have? Clarissa needed to be somewhere safe and if this lady could help be it. He stepped out of his hiding place.
"Um...Uh..." he was at a loss for words as she turned to face him.
She didn't run from him, as he didn't shift. He couldn't still for some odd reason.
"What are you doing out here in the rain?" she asked, concern evident in her clear voice.
"'re a bit lost".
"A bit?"
"Okay, very lost".
She laughed. "I can see that".
"Look can you help us? I'm kind of in a hurry".
"Where are you going?"
"Brooklyn, New York".
"Oh got a quite a ways to go. You're not even in New York. You're in Connecticut".
"Lovely..." the Chaotic rolled his eyes.
"Wait a minute...I know what you are".
"Do you now?" he asked, "Then what are you?"
"Human, but I can heal people. You're a Chaotic Demigod...they're supposed to be extinct though".
"In this time, most of them are".
"You don't seem to be like any kind I've read about".
"Look, do you know somewhere where at least the kid can be safe?"
"Oh" she noticed the child in his arms, "She can stay with me. Well, you both can, at least til morning, please? I insist".
The Chaotic figured it wouldn't be so bad. It was just a night. And Clarissa needed somewhere safe, warm, and dry for now.
"Alright" he nodded, "We'll go with you".
The woman smiled pleasantly. "Great. I'm Theia by the way. Theia Hatcher".
"I...I don't have a name".
"Oh my gosh! That's horrible. what about the girl?"
"I'm...I'm Clarissa" she said, "Don't worry, I'll think of a name for him".
"Awww, aren't you sweet. Well, let's get you guys home".
Clarissa smiled up at the Chaotic who tried his hardest not to feel uneasy. But it was difficult. He didn't too particularly like humans.
Personally he thought they were stupid and useless creatures. they were selfish, close minded to even other members of their own kind, and destroyed everything they ever came in contact with. It was their greed and their fear that forced monsters to create their own world back in the Dark Times.
Theia Hatcher's home was in a cabin near the river where he originally tried to kill himself. Inside it was rather cozy and warm, homely almost. It was nothing compared to near luxury of the Tamer's funeral home, but for tonight it'd work. Clarissa would be dry and, presumably, safe. If Theia Hatcher tried in any way to harm her...oh she'd get it.
But why? Why was he being so protective of the child? What difference would it make if she was safe or not? Clarissa had fallen asleep in his arms on the way there. The Chaotic hesitated as Theia offered to put her to bed.
"It's okay" she insisted, "I won't hurt her, I promise".
He kept eyes on her as he handed the girl to the woman. He watched her put Clarissa in the bed and tuck her in. Theia smiled warmly and just for a moment...he could've sworn that maybe this woman was the child's mother. The Chaotic felt bitter envy rise within him, but he swallowed just as quickly as it came.
"See? No harm done".
"For now" the Chaotic thought, but simply nodded.
"Goodness you're protective of her" her smile didn't fade, "Is she your Tamer?"
"WHAT?!" he growled at that.
How did she know about the Tamers?! His suspicion of this human spiked.
" was just a question. Here" she took something out of a nearby drawer of her nightstand.
She held it up and his eyes went wide. It was a stone, strangely mixed between emerald and obsidian.
"How did you get that?" he asked.
"It was passed down to me from my father. It's been in the Hatcher family forever".
"You're a Tamer...where's your partner?"
Theia shrugged and sat in a nearby chair. She sighed. "He hasn't come yet. I was always told someday he would. But he hasn't...sometimes I feel like he never will. I don't even know his name".
"Well if you've got that thing he'll find you, make no mistake. What's your power?"
"I'm a healer, remember?"
"Oh yeah, nice".
"Well...I've read about your kind, but I've never seen any like you before".
"Because I'm the only one of my type".
"I'm a hybrid".
"Oh wow" she looked surprised.
"Yeah, black and red".
"Well damn, that's quite a kick to the head".
"You can say that again..."
"Well c'mon, you should get some sleep. You guys got quite a ways to go tomorrow".
She left the room and the Chaotic took her chair. Looking down he noticed that his shoulder length locks of hair were turning black instead of their normal red color. Looking at the sleeping child, he had a strange feeling in his chest. It was half welcomed, half painful. His thoughts turned angry again and it stopped. He growled.
"What's happening to me?"

Yeah, I went there. I brought Theia in a lot sooner than I thought I would in the series. Unfortunately her partner probably won't be introduced til much later.
Anyway, hope you all had a happy easter :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Isa » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:29 am

I have had better Easter, I have a tooth abscess then I will go to doctor for at least get something who can help pain time I can have a appointment at dentist
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:04 pm

Easter is now over already here but also a happy Easter for you ^^ I got some Easter eggs, hard to don't eat them all :P
so they are safe for now...I wonder how it will end up for them and for Theia
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:22 am

Isa: Awww I'm sorry about that (Hugs) Wish I could help.
Angel: We're just gonna have to wait and see where it goes :)

Monster Tamers 3. Heart of Darkness
Chapter 5. My Wish

Well the party didn't go as planned, as Lauren knew about it and insisted on staying home. So the Tamers kept their comrade in her room while they prepared the rest of the house. Lauren sighed. There was a reason she hadn't celebrated her birthday in eight years. Her parents died on her eighth birthday and she'd refused to celebrate it since.
We're ready Lauren
Sighing once more, Lauren looked over at the small music box on her dresser. The Chaotic Demigod came to mind. She wondered about him often. Where he was, what he was doing. She felt compelled to turn the little knob, just to hear it.
"I'm...I'm coming, Kalma".
Lauren shook her head and made her way downstairs.
"Surprise!" the Tamers yelled.
"Well, technically it's not a surprise if you know about it, but you get the point" Kita grinned.
Lauren let herself smile. She wasn't really sure what to say. They led her to the decorated dining room where the walls and ceiling were decorated with multicolored streamers and lights. On the table was a round chocolate with white icing and crunch bar fragments. Crunch bars were her favorite candy bars, so Kalma knew it was only fitting to be the perfect cake-topper. The presents were stacked next to the table and she could've sworn she heard a very distinct, somewhat angry mew.
"You like everything?" Kalma asked, looking very eager.
"'s really nice" Lauren sat in the chair facing the cake.
Shena lit the candles as the Tamers and their partners gathered around the table. Turning out the lights they all sang happy birthday.
Through it all, Lauren had only one person on her mind: The Chaotic. Blowing out the candles, she made her wish.
"I wish...he was here, and that he was happy".
They cheered and cut the cake. Kita of course wanted to eat half of it.
"Nope, you sir gotta wait your turn" Bella told him.
"But I always gotta wait on everything!"
"Well you always gotta eat everything!"
"So, what's your point?"
After the cake and ice cream came gifts. From Skyler, Lauren got...a Grumpy Cat clone.
"I love you!" Lauren grinned at the talented young artist, "This must've taken forever, oh my god".
"Eh, it was worth it" Skyler shrugged.
From Shena she got the sapphire blue shirt and a set of lavender candles.
"Wow, this is really cool. My favorite color and my favorite scent. Thanks Shena"
"Two in one. The candles are primarily to give you tranquility in meditation".
From Izzy she got the black 3DS along with various games.
"Dang Iz, you went all the way! This thing must've cost a small fortune!"
"Wasn't sure what games you liked so I just grabbed some and hoped for the best. I hope you like them".
"Great, thanks".
From Angel, Lauren got a huge eye shadow set, having about fifty different shades of colors.
"Oh knew I had my eyes on this didn't you?"
"I know you're really big about eye shadow and I just kept hearing this calling your name you know?" Angel laughed, "I figured it was perfect".
"It is, thanks a lot".
From Bella, she got a little snow globe with dolphins in it that played By the Beautiful Sea.
"This is really neat. I like it" she turned a little switch at its bottom and a blue light came on, "Oh wow...this is really really nice".
"Oh thank god, i thought you'd hate it! It was half Kita's idea. It was either that or a pewter dragon statuette thing we saw when we were out before. I figured this would entertain you more".
"It's really cool. I love it"
Jane was the last to give her a gift. It was a dagger of some kind that looked rather old. The handle was made of iron and shaped with a dragon's head. The blade was silver and jaggedly shaped.
" is this?"
"Just a little something I had laying around. Figured you'd need it more than I did with the possibility of the Chaotic coming back and all. Now you can stab him in that ugly face of his, kinda like what I want to-"
"Jane..." Otus interjected.
"Sorry...anyway, happy birthday, Lauren".
"Thanks Jane".
"No prob".
Lauren gasped as a cold, half leather clad hand found its way around her neck. It was Kalma.
"And my gift is this, love".
Around her neck now was a heart shaped locket with a rose in the center of it. Inside was a single lock of snow white hair, his hair. Lauren looked up at her partner and smiled.
"Thank you. It's pretty".
"Anything for you, sweetheart" he kissed her head.
Lauren knew she wasn't being fair to Kalma by thinking of one of their enemies. But it was hard not to. Somehow he'd left an impression on her mind and a place in her heart. She clung to the locket, hoping somehow she'd get over this horrid infatuation.
Happy birthday, dearest. You may hate your birthday, but I'm so happy you were born
Well damn...things were about to get complicated...

And indeed they are. Yep, again, I went there. So does Lauren really have feelings for the Chaotic? Well, you're just gonna have to keep reading to find out.
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:18 pm

you make me really curious if she has feelings for him or not...the Chaotic better doesn't come there. The others will rip his head off!!
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:38 am

hey guys I'm afraid I'm gonna hold you in suspense for a little while lol. My chapters have caught up with me, so I'm gonna wait til I get chapter 10 done to post anything else. I'm currently working on chapter 7, so don't worry. I won't be holding you in suspense for long. You know I love you guys, I just don't like having to make you guys wait for just one chapter when I can just do five and give you guys regular updates
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:18 pm

you know how to keep someone in suspence :P but take your time for it :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:23 am

I totally do lol I'm sorry about that Angel. You know I love you and all my buds on here :)
So...I'm debating something. You guys do know who Theia's partner is, but I'm not sure if I should put him in this story or wait til later. 'Cause I've got a few ideas but I wanted a few thoughts and stuff first and you guys know how much I love to hear from you so tell me what you think
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:27 pm

well, for me you can put him in the story already, it won't bother me at all :) but you need to see what's the best of course, you are the writer ;)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:06 am

That's very true, and to be honest I kinda wanted to go in order, but I've already kinda hinted at him, so yeah. And I know I've started writing chapter 8, where his back story is revealed in one of Shena's visions and identity confirmed by a legend passed down in Theia's family. So yeah that'll be a pretty interesting read I think :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:32 am

that surely sounds interesting :) can't wait to read that chapter :D
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:31 am

Hey guys sorry I didn't get on yesterday. It was just a really boring day and there was nothing really to talk about. Not that there really is anything today, but except maybe my story's taken a turn for the better. There might actually be a villain in this! I got a crazy idea as I was writing my latest chapter and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Though what it is I'm not gonna tell ya'll 'cause I'm evil like that! :P
Love ya'll much :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:03 pm

it's okay, no worries :D I'm not online often a lot anyway this week ;) take your time for posting things :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:05 am

Hey guys, I'm on Chapter 9 now so it shouldn't be too long before I post again. Hope you guys will like my updates :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:17 pm

that's nice to hear...looking forward to it :D
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby jorgea » Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:49 am

Well done on Chapter 22. You are improving.
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:00 am

Not too long now guys :) Can't wait to start posting soon :)
Jorgea: Glad you're liking this :) You're kinda early into the series, but that's okay :) Hope you'll keep reading
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:31 pm

yaayy, almost a new chapter ^^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:06 am

Here it is, Ladies and Gents. I've decided to go ahead and post a new chapter since chapter 9 is taking forever for me to write. Hope you like :)

Monster Tamers 3. Heart of Darkness
Chapter 6. Heavy in Your Arms

Cassandra watched the humans early the next morning from a city spire. She scanned the area with keen, sharp eyes, looking for any sign that he'd be here. But he wasn't.
The Tamers had been no help. They were every bit as much against her as he most likely was. But still he needed to be found and told the truth.
She had been afraid of him to be truthful. But her fears then had been more founded. Now she hoped he had better control over his powers. With silent resolution, the Black Chaotic decided to stay in New York. If he knew the Tamers, he'd come after them again. She disappeared into the fading shadows.

Skyler had passed out on the couch after the party the night before. She woke to a knock at the door. But who would be knocking at an old, supposedly abandoned funeral home? She hesitated to get up, but the sound of light footsteps on the hardwood floor caught her attention. With a start, she realized there was someone else in the house.
Someone who definitely didn't belong there...
"Lordi...something's not right here".
Stay put, I'm coming down.
Skyler didn't move, or if she did, she moved slowly. Walking backwards wasn't the best idea, she realized when she felt two arms wrap around her. Skyler tried to scream, but it was impossible, as a hand clapped over her mouth.
"Don't turn around" a heavily accented voice said.
That voice! With shock, Skyler realized who it was: The Chaotic!
"I'm going to let you go now. But don't turn or I'll shift into your worst fear. Now, go answer the door, and don't bother calling for your friends or I'll kill them all in front of you. Got it?"
Skyler nodded hesitantly and the Chaotic released her. Quietly she made her way to the door.
"It's him...You Know Who".
I know. I felt him. Open the door, and I'll wake the others.
The young tamer shook as she turned the door knob and opened the door to see...a lady dressed in a red velvet coat, a loose fitting white shirt, black jeans and knee high leather boots. Her hair was let loose and ebony black. Her eyes were warm and brown in color, but sharp. Behind her appeared a girl of about maybe seven years with stringy black hair. Her face was still covered in dirt and grime.
The sound of glass breaking made Skyler turn away from the visitors to find Lordi and the Chaotic battling. He looked different. Rather than red, he was black from nearly head to toe. His hair, his clothes...well for the most part. The Chaotic's hair still had tints of scarlet and his eyes were a strange mix of blue and maroon. Oddly enough, he wasn't shifting.
The other Tamers and their partners emerged. Lordi kept the Chaotic restrained as Jane drew out her blades.
"I told you" the blonde said, "That if you ever showed your face around here, I'd kill you. And you are".
"Do it then" he dared.
"NO!" the little girl screamed and ran past the mystery woman to the Chaotic's side, "If you kill him, you'll have to kill me too!"
"Clarissa get out of the way!" he growled.
"Never!" she yelled more at Jane than at her unusual companion.
"I'd rather not hurt a kid, but you're in the way of my revenge. I won't ask again, kid, move!"
"Death first!"
"Wish granted!"
In a swift motion, the Chaotic pulled Clarissa away from the blade. But there was no need. It stopped suddenly, mid strike, on its own. Jane couldn't move it.
"What the hell?!"
Everyone turned and saw Shena focusing on the weapon. She tossed it harmlessly away from the group.
"No one is killing anyone"
"Really?" the Chaotic asked, "And why is that?"
"Because if you or her die the battle's over before it even starts. I had a vision about this. I wasn't expecting it to be so soon though".
"Well sorry to disappoint".
"Oh not at all. It's rather exciting. Now I can finally explain what the hell's going on".
"And what is exactly is going on?" Jane asked.
Shena put a hand in her pocket and took something out. The others recognized it and gasped.
"Please tell me that's not what I think it is" Jane went wide eyed.
"Oh my god..." Lauren mumbled.
"It can't be..." Izzy shook his head.
"Can it?" Bella wondered.
"Oh this is just terrific" Angel rolled her eyes.
"Shena are you sure-" Skyler didn't get a chance to finish.
"Absolutely" the psychic tamer made her way over to the little girl and showed her the pink rose quartz, "Do you two recognize this?"
The Chaotic looked shocked. He knew very well what that thing was. He swiped Shena's hand away, knocking the stone to the floor. He snarled, his pearly white teeth becoming fanged.
"Keep that damn thing away from me! How did you even find it?! Orinoco said she disposed of it! That I was bound to no one but her!"
"I didn't" Shena confirmed and picked the stone back up, "It just came to me".
"I never want to see that damn thing again!"
"Well that's just too damn bad" Lordi stepped up, "You've known all along you've had a responsibility to both her world" he pointed at Clarissa. "And ours. How could you want to turn that away except out of wantonness of cruelty? She did no wrong to you. But I must say the situation is rather...cruelly ironic".
"Ye keep yer damn claws away from her!" he slashed at the demontroll's hand, snarling savagely now, on the verge of shifting, his accent coming out in a vicious manner, "Next time I'll cut it off, use it ta rip open yer digestive tract, and then make ye eat both!"
"So what does this all mean?" Jane asked.
"It means we have a new Tamer...and one of our enemies is now an ally".
"Actually, you have two new Tamers" the woman interrupted and showed them her stone.
"Where's your partner then?" Skyler asked suspiciously.
"It''s an unusual situation. He hasn't found me yet".
"I can track him" Shena offered, "But I'll need your stone".
"Be careful with it. It's been in my family forever".
Skyler looked at Lordi. "Is that even possible?"
"Well apparently it is. Monsters have been going through the veil between worlds for centuries".
"So why wait til now to seal it up?" Izzy asked.
"Because before it wasn't problematic. Monsters had discretion and human fears to fall back on. They didn't have to keep themselves hidden back then. Whereas these days it's different" Awa explained, "If a human saw us, they'd kill us. It's a different world, but with the same old problems. Add monsters no longer caring about discretion and you have an impending apocalypse waiting to happen".
"They don't care about discretion anymore because they no longer want to rule humanity" OX added, "They want to destroy it".
"But why?" Angel asked, "What the hell did we do that was so wrong to you guys?".
"That's a tale for another time. HE has a choice to make" Kita pointed at the Chaotic.
"Ultimately the choice is yours. But you're one of us, you're staying with us for the safety of the girl. It's your call" Lordi growled, daring him to make the wrong choice.
The Chaotic snarled savagely back, but at a single little touch from Clarissa caused his anger to vanish. There was something about her that soothed the Chaotic, like a balm on a searing burn. She wasn't sure if anyone else could see it, but Shena could tell the two were lifebonds, similar to Kalma and Lauren, though, strangely enough, stronger. They were so different and yet so in sync. They had mixed energies but they flowed perfectly together. Kalma and Lauren were...well...not. And it was painfully obvious why judging by Lauren's smile.
She had feelings for the chaotic

OMG! Has it really been so long since I went back to this thing?! I apologize guys. I got to working on an original piece and it got in the way of everything. I'm so sorry :( Hope this chapter makes up for it.
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:23 pm

I thought you dissapeared from the earth or so :D good to see you back here :)
so the Chaotic became an alley...this will become really interesting it seems!!!
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:04 am

No I haven't disappeared just been busy with original stories and stuff. It's been super crazy. Hopefully I'll be back on here for a little while. But like I said, updates will be few and far between. So here's the next chapter for you guys

Monster Tamers 3. Heart of Darkness
Chapter 7. Yours to Hold

He wanted Clarissa to be safe, and that was exactly what he got. They seemed to like her and he couldn't blame them. The little girl was so charming and her sweet temper enticed something in him. They were tending to by making sure she was comfortable, warm, and now well fed. He was surprised Clarissa wasn't afraid of the other monsters.
Theia and Shena seemed to be pretty close. A week had passed since the trio had come to the funeral home and at least the girls were making friends. The Tamers regarded him however as still an enemy. They weren't allies by choice, but by force and fate. That was fine with him, as long as his girl was safe and happy, he didn't care how the Tamers saw him.
One night, he himself put the child to bed. What started out as a nightly norm became something much more that particular night.
"Now, you need to get some sleep" he told her as he tucked her into the large bed.
As he went to walk out of the room, Clarissa asked: "Why do you always pretend to be something you're not?"
The Chaotic turned and looked at his young Tamer. "What?"
"Well, what I meant to say is why do you want to be something you're not?"
He sat next to her on the bed. "I don't know what you mean".
"You know exactly what I mean".
He thought about it for a moment. "Oh, you're wondering why I want to be a full blood Red Chaotic".
Clarissa nodded. "Yeah".
The Chaotic sighed. "It's complicated".
"Well we're not going anywhere".
"You need your sleep".
"Think of it as like a bedtime story. I wanna know your story".
"Look, take your pick: My reason or my story?"
"Well they're connected right?"
"My reason it is then, and the answer's simple: I don't want to be weak anymore. Black ones...they don't have power of their own. Their power comes from...ugh" the Chaotic rolled his eyes, "Their feelings, their hearts".
"Having feelings and a heart doesn't make you weak. And to have power isn't always to be strong".
"What would you know of matters like that?"
"Because" she sat up, "I know you. I've always known you. And you've always known me, but you just never heard me".
"That's impossible".
"No it's not. We're partners, so we're connected somehow. We're special".
He didn't say anything and Clarissa continued.
"I've always felt you, heard your thoughts. You're always so sad under it all. How come?"
Damn...he could hide from the others, but this girl, this human, this child...he couldn't hide from her. He didn't have to prove himself to anyone, he knew that. But she provoked something deep inside him, that something made him want to tell her. That dull ache returned to his chest and he couldn't help but wonder: Did he have a heart after all? Was that what this girl was provoking?
His heart...
"It's because of what I am. It's my destiny to be alone".
"That's not true! We make our own destinies and you have me" Clarissa took one of his hands, "You'll always have me".
"Famous last words...".
"I promise I don't wanna hurt you".
"In that way" he withdrew his hand from hers as if it burned him, "It's better to be alone. No one can hurt you then".
"Why do you think that?"
"Because it's the truth".
"But I don't wanna hurt you" she admitted, her little voice breaking, "I wanna heal you".
"Because" she got out from under the covers and found his maroon-blue eyes in the dark, "I love you...Phobos".
"What?" he looked surprised.
"I love you" her little hand rested on his chest, where his heart once was, "You remind me so much of my daddy. I miss him. Having you around is almost like having him back. Please...stay as you truly are. Please Phobos...for me?"
Her plea! Her little touched something deep inside him. In his chest, the ache increased to a near unbearable pain. Under the soft touch of this human, this little seven year old girl, something he thought to be long gone gave a strong, warm, hard, half painful beat. The ice around his was melting! Emotions he hadn't felt since early childhood bombarded it and the beating continued, a new emotion conveyed with each one.
His heart though, ultimately, was broken. Broken under the abandonment of his mother, the cruel treatment of his father, and the pain others caused him for just being what he was. He had no one to talk to, no one who would listen. But now there was this little girl, this angel of a human, with her little warm hand on his chest, melting and breaking his heart til the very ice around it bled. She was there! She was willing to listen, to understand and comfort. Unable to bear the weight of all these newly discovered emotions, he started to sob, inky black tears streaming down his face. Looking down, he found that she was crying with him as she embraced him.
"It's okay" she kept saying, "I'm here, I'll always be here".
Phobos, as he was now named, lamented all he did. He'd killed innocent people and monsters alike, partly for profit, partly for pleasure. The world hated him and he had hated the world just as much, if not more so, in return. But who would've thought this, a human nonetheless, could find who he truly was and bring it out? He decided it was ultimately safe to trust this little one with himself, with his heart and very being. She would never truly leave him and he would protect her until the end. Clarissa made him want to forget all the horrible things he'd done and go back to before all that, to start over.
It wasn't too late, at least he hoped it wasn't.
He held the girl tight as he laid down with her, afraid to lose her if he should let go. God he couldn't stop crying, but he couldn't get enough of this sweet girl's comfort either. Clarissa cuddled into her friend's chest and listened intently as the newly revived, black chaotic heart beat within him. He was good, she'd always known he was. It just took her to get him to realize it.
"You can stay with me tonight, Phobos. It's okay". last a name of his own, named for the very god his kind once served. He kept little Clarissa close, vowing silently to never let her go.

This was my favorite chapter to write. It's always nice to give a bad guy a shot at redemption. But now that Phobos is redeemed, what lies ahead for the Tamers? is there an enemy in their midst already? Will Lauren ever tell Phobos she likes him? Find out within the next few chapters lol
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:26 pm

it's okay :) I'm happy you returned :)
this was indeed a very cute chapter, I loved reading it. Can't wait to read more ^^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Rosalie » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:09 pm

Just read the whole thing and I have to say, it's epic! Keep up the good work :mrgreen:
Yeah, you reading this.
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:28 am

well this chapter may give you guys a good hint as to who else is going to be in this story :) Hope you like ^^

Monster Tamers 2. Heart of Darkness
Chapter 8. If I Never Knew You

Meanwhile, Shena was preparing for a tracking ritual in her room. On the wood floor was drawn a pentacle in a circle. She set the tracking stones in different points of the pentacle and parts of the circle, leaving Theia's stone in the center of it all. The young psychic lit the candles around her room while OX stayed close, ready to help if need be.
Shena closed her eyes and concentrated as if meditating. OX watched as the strange black and green stone floated and glowed. A vision played out in Shena's mind...

It was an old dungeon that seemed to be made out of some kind of underground cavern. In one of the cells was a somewhat tall man with a lanky thin build from perhaps the lack of food. His hair was long and dirty blonde in color. His face was covered in scabs, dirt, and dried blood. Other parts of his exposed arms and part of his back and chest were covered in scars as if he'd been tortured. A figure cloaked in black appeared and approached the cell. Small, pale hands grabbed the bars and a soft female voice whispered a name:
The man looked up at the cloaked figure with surprise and shock. He rose and limped his way toward the figure. When he got close, the figure took off her hood. It was a woman who looked almost exactly like Theia!
"Theia, my love they could kill you! Why have you come?!" the man, Simon's voice sounded dry and cracked.
"Because I needed to, love. By the goddess you look awful...look what they've done to you".
"Peace, peace my sweet. Nothing is wrong as long you're here with me".
"They're set to kill you at sunrise. Please, let them declare our marriage null and void. I just...for the love of the goddess, I can't live without you Simon, and I can't live knowing you're dead and your death will be on my hands. Please...don't do this".
"None of hell's tortures can get me to do such a thing. I love you, Theia and I would rather die and enter the lake of fire than live all my days and go to heaven without ever having loved you".
"You're so brave" her voice broke, "I have prayed to the god and goddess for strength and courage, but without you I find neither one".
"Peace be with you, my love. They want to you to save both" he stretched a hand out to touch her slightly swollen belly, "For when it matters".
"The child is strong even now. It leaves me no rest".
"Have you thought of a name?"
"Thomas, my dearest one".
"Thomas...Thomas's perfect".
"He will never know us".
"He will know you, and know of us and our love. Be happy, for we shall meet again soon, whether it be in this life or the next".
Footsteps sounded and Simon kissed her hands.
"Go...please. If they see you here they won't hesitate to kill you. May God be with you and keep you safe".

The vision ended there and Shena looked up at OX. The bulltaur looked concerned.
"What did you see?"
"I...I'm not sure. I think it may have been...a memory of some sort. And I've got my suspicions about Theia now".
"Why's that?"
Shena told him about the vision and her worry that Theia might be a time traveler. OX seemed suspicious himself now but he was more curious about finding out who this Simon Hatcher character was.
"I don't know the name. We could try the internet or ask Theia herself".
"Well let's try the internet first and if we don't find anything, we'll ask questions".
Shena blew out the candles and put the tracking stones back on the chain around her neck. Theia's though, oddly enough, was too small. It was almost like it was supposed to be on a ring, not on a necklace. With that in mind, Shena sat on her bed with her computer and OX took his place next to her.
Shena typed the name into the Bing search engine but no solid result came up. Nothing related to the man from her vision at all...
"Try refreshing the page" OX suggested.
She did but then the strangest thing happened. The screen went completely black and the lights flickered. Shena briefly felt another consciousness slide against her own, blocking out OX. A voice, deep and frightening, sounded in her head.
Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!
Shena screamed suddenly like her whole body was on fire. OX looked, for the first time, terrified! Someone, or something was hurting his tamer and girlfriend.
"Shena! Shena let go of the stone!" he grabbed the hand that held Theia's tracking stone and squeezed.
It forced her to let go. With another shrill scream, the psychic lost consciousness and passed out in OX's arms
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