"Rider of Thunder"

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"Rider of Thunder"

Postby RukaMaze » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:47 pm

This was accidentally deleted and I've just gotten around to putting it back up. I'd still like some input from anyone willing to give it, and I still haven't decided on a name for it. I've yet to think of a worthy title. If anyone has some suggestions I'd very much appreciate it.

EDIT: I finally decided on what I think is a good name for this poem. "Rider of Thunder". What do you all think? :)

It's coming... It's coming!
The King of all things dark and twisted,
On his way, the symptoms listed;
Flames and cold and undead minions
He lords so many black dominions
O'er beast and creature living and dead
O'er monsters magnificent, so they said
A thing of machine, of serpent and time
Of Khan and demon and midnight divine

Smoke, shadow and sludge corroding
Reaching from him, all eroding
Under its deadly toxic touch
But now I'm afraid you know too much
See, for once all of this you learn,
He's got a promise, baby; you'll burn
Under his blood red eyes you'll scream
And beg to awaken from terrible dream

Wicked smirk will frame his fangs;
Upon his mercy your fate hangs
What a shame for you to find
He has no mercy, what a bind
His razor claws will part your skin
Red Sea will flow out from within
He'll crush your bones in his iron grasp
And dig through your insides as you rasp

Just as soon as you think it's done,
You'll keep on breathing, yes he's won
He'll drag out your torment until he grows weary
Of the sounds you'll keep making, isn't he eerie?
His wings of dark and impressive span
Fold to reveal his following clan
Those who will finish what he started with you
They'll rip you apart, he'll laugh 'til they're through

For what King does not feed his kind?
His subjects loyal in soul and mind
All this; just a hint of his grandeur expressed
Think he's just better? Well you're wrong, he's the best!
Is that worry I see in your eyes? Or fear?
It better be buddy; don't you know? He's here!

It's here... It's here!

Hope you enjoyed it.
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Re: Yet Untitled Poem

Postby Monsterlady38 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:49 pm

Great poem! I love reading poems! :D hope you keep writing poems in the future because they're really good! :)
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