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Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:21 pm

I haven't written Lordi fics in years. I guess it's time to come back to my old muse. ^.^
This one is my first Lordi fic in English. Enjoy! :mrgreen:

The Child

Chapter 1

She had no idea how long she had been running in the woods. She had fallen and stood up multiple times, she was exhausted, out of breath, her whole body ached, and the open wound on her left arm attracted flies and other insects. In the state she was in, the little girl was now running so slowly she would have been faster walking.
Her body just couldn’t take it anymore ; she collapsed on the forest’s soil. She was going to die. Alone. If only her mother was still there…

He just happened to wander near the Pack’s territory that day. He went to visit an old friend in another part of the forest. It was on his way back that he saw the child unconscious on a bed of dry moss and fallen leaves. It looked so tiny, laid on the soil in a foetal position, that he could have crushed it whole with his boot. He saw the still fresh wound on its arm and understood. The little human didn’t have much time left.
He slowly crouched down beside it to take a better look. The creature was covered in dirt and its bare feet were injured beyond recognition. Thorns had visibly cut its brown light clothes multiple times. He lifted it up and took it in his arms.
It might be able to tell him what happened whenever it wakes up.

The child briefly regained consciousness near the edge of the forest. She had never been that far from home before and couldn’t really tell where she was. Wait, was she moving?
She opened her eyes to see a long-haired bearded man carrying her ; she was uncomfortably laid in his arms. He looked down at her and she saw he was neither like her nor like them.
His face looked like it had been burned, six tiny horns decorated each side of his forehead, nose and chin, and his eyes were red. The child had never seen anything like this. She opened her mouth to ask him who he was and where he was carrying her, but she didn’t have the strength to talk yet. Though, she guessed anything was better than letting them catch her.
She still felt dizzy from exhaustion and blood loss. Actually, the dizziness had gotten even worse, so it was a good thing she didn’t have to run anymore.
She closed her eyes and everything went black again.

The little human fell unconscious once more. He barely had the time to look into its brown eyes. Maybe he shouldn’t have bothered picking it up. This creature looked so fragile ; if the wound didn’t kill it, the transformation would. It was as good as dead already. Unless…

She was only partly awake when she heard someone talking.
“So, Lordi, how was your – wait, is that a child?”
“Yes. I found it in the forest after meeting Kita. Looks like a werewolf bit it. Probably a member of the Pack.”
“This child is going to die.”
“So what? I can raise the dead, remember?”
So the creature carrying her was called Lordi. The name sounded familiar somehow. Maybe one of them had mentioned it once or twice. However, she didn’t know yet who the female voice belonged to.
The little girl’s eyes were still closed and her body was still limp, so neither the woman nor Lordi noticed she wasn’t completely unconscious when he sat her on an armchair.
“What do you plan to -”
“I’ll explain later.”
Slowly, with difficulty, the child opened her eyes.

The little human looked at him and his friend and sunk deeper in the chair.
“Who are you? Where are we?”
“They call me Lordi. And this is Hella. You’re in the Monster Squad’s main headquarters. Hella, go get someone to clean that werewolf bite.”
The living doll nodded and left, leaving the monsterman and the human alone in the room.
“She’s scary…” it commented.
“Hey, so am I!”
“But you carried me here, away from them. I’m not afraid of you.”
“Don’t make me regret it” Mr.Lordi sighed. “When you say ‘them’, do you mean the Pack?”
“Yes. Mum and I escaped. But she…” tears started to grow in the child’s eyes. “At least they didn’t get her alive…”
“I guess death must be better than being a baby factory for the Pack. And you would have become one too eventually had you stayed there.”
He wasn’t the kind of person to comfort children or sugar-coat his words ; he had told the creature the truth as it was.
It wiped its tears with its dirty hands.
“By the way, do you have a name?” he asked.
She attempted to detangle her long and messy black hair with her fingers. How hold was she? She certainly wasn’t more than six or seven. No way she could survive the transformation : she was much too young. But that wouldn’t be a problem.
“Nice name. I guess your mother was one of their slaves?”
Lune nodded, tears rolling down her face and leaving clean marks in the dirt.
“Were you born in their territory?” Lordi continued.
The little girl nodded again.
That was all the monsterman needed to know. About eight years ago, the Pack’s current Alpha had decided to abduct a couple of humans for his and his pack’s own amusement. Officially, it was a way of avenging the death of one their members by human hands, but everyone knew it wasn’t the only reason. It was easy to guess what happened to the girl’s mother.
Soon, one of the monster’s own slaves arrived to take care of the child’s wounds. Lordi then silently left the room.

Chapter 2

Later that day, Mr.Lordi went back to the living room he had left Lune in to find her clean and her left arm covered in a thick, white bandage. She was wearing a pink t-shirt way too big for her.
“Where did you find that?” he asked.
“Hella gave it to me”, she replied.
“I see. But be careful : she isn’t part of the Monster Squad for no reason. She is… kinda unstable, to say the least.”
The Scarbie really was unpredictable, showing kindness to children one second and going crazy and murdering everyone in sight the next. That day just happened to be one of her good days.
“O… Ok…”
The little girl had no idea what he meant by “unstable”, but she feared she would find that out soon enough. If she survived this long, that is. The transformation may kill her before she could see the living doll’s bad side, and she knew it.
Most of the members of the Pack were born werewolf. Those who got bitten rarely lived long enough to join it.
“Mr.Lordi?” Lune asked, looking up at the monsterman. “Why did you save me? Hella told me it’s not the kind of things you usually do.”
“You’re not saved yet. You still have this to deal with”, he said, pointing a claw-like fingernail at her wounded arm. “But I didn’t do what I did for no reason. My help isn’t for free, you know. Whatever happens to you during the transformation, you’ll have to work for me afterwards.”
“What kind of work?” the child asked, worried she might have gone from the frying pan into the fire.
“You won’t be a slave, if that’s what you want to know.”
“…It’ll still be better than becoming a baby factory for the Pack, right?”
“I guess so.”
“And I won’t have to sleep in a cage anymore?”
“Not if you don’t want to. Beside, we have a couple of spare rooms nobody uses. Pick one.”
“So? Do we have a deal?” Lordi smirked while holding out his arm.
Lune hesitated, nodded slowly and finally shook his hand, sealing the deal.
“So, hum… what room should I use?” she asked as he let go of her hand.
“The one you want”, the monster replied. “As long as you’re not bothering anyone, that is. Now go choose one, I have other things to do.”
“But I don’t know this place and it’s full of monsters and -”
“Hey, I’m not your daddy” Lordi sighed.
“What is it like to have a daddy?” the child wondered aloud.
“Listen child, I’m the best at everything but answering this question.”
“You mean you don’t kn-”
“Follow this corridor over there. The third room on the right hasn’t been used for years. Now go to sleep or whatever human children do.”
“Thanks”, the little girl said before obeying the monsterman’s order.
“Don’t thank me,” he whispered after she had left the room. “In a few days you’ll die and join my undead army. And this isn’t a job you can quit.”

Lune was counting the doors in the corridor when a massive silhouette approached from the other end. It looked like… a kind of undead minotaure?
“H-Hello?” she stuttered.
Now that the creature was closer, she felt so tiny compared to him, like a lone bug facing the shoe about to crush it.
“Hi”, the monster replied. “You must be the child Hella talked about.”
She nodded.
“They call me OX. And you? What’s your name?”
“Lune. And… hum… Mr.Lordi told me to choose the third room on the left…”
“I see. This room hasn’t been used since Enary went back to Mount Pain,” OX told her, “so I guess you might as well have it for now.”
“Who’s Enary?”
“I don’t know her very well ; she was already gone when I joined the Monster Squad.”
The child nodded once more and opened the door of her new room.

[To be continued]
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:14 pm

I like the way you write, it's so great!
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Isa » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:35 pm

Just for say I read it :mrgreen:
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:23 pm

Merci, thank you guys :D <('u')>
*Is working on chapter 3*
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:42 pm

Chapter 3

There wasn’t any window in the room and the child couldn’t find a light switch, so she let the door half-opened to have some light. All she could find in here were a queen size bed and an empty closet. The musty smell was overwhelming : there was no doubt Lordi and OX didn’t exaggerate when they said this room hadn’t been used in a very long time.
Lune went back to the corridor to find it empty.
“Mr.OX? Anyone?” she called.
She received no answer. She was alone in a place she didn’t know.
In her young life, there had always been someone else there : her mother protecting her, or the members of the Pack watching her when mum couldn’t be in the same room. Now the feeling of loneliness was oppressing. Lune almost called for her mother before remembering she would never ever see her again.
She remained sitting on the floor between the corridor and the bedroom for a long time, staring into space and hoping someone, anyone, would come and talk to her. She waited for so long she fell asleep.

She was later awoken by a pale man with long white hair and bug jaws in front of his mouth. Not that is was very surprising in a place inhabited by living dolls, minotaurs and whatever Mr.Lordi was.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“Mr.Lordi found me in the forest”, Lune replied, looking up at him from her seated position. “He told me to choose a room.”
“So it’s you… Well, why don’t you sleep in the room rather than in the doorway?”
“… I don’t know.”
Before the man with the bug jaws could say anything more, a third person appeared in the corridor : Lordi.
“I see you’ve met the girl”, he commented, stopping right next to his friend. “Mana, this is Lune. Lune, this is Mana, a member of the Monster Squad. Why are you sitting in the doorway? Is there something wrong with the room?”
“No sir”, the child replied.
She stood up, her body aching for having slept in an uncomfortable position.
“Then wait in there. Someone will bring you some food and water. If you need anything else, ask them.”
“Ok, but…” the little girl hesitated. “I don’t want to be alone.”
“I already told you I wasn’t your daddy”, Mr.Lordi sighed. “Beside, you’re never alone in this place.”
He and Mana soon left the corridor. Once they were out of sight, Lune followed the direction they were heading to, her bare feet not making any sound on the cold floor. She didn’t have much time before the transformation really started, so she might as well use this time to learn more about this place and its inhabitants.

“And when she dies?” Amen asked.
The five current members of the Monster Squad were gathered in a large circular room that mummy was sure didn’t even exist half an hour before. It wasn’t the first time that kind of things happened here though. All around them, each of the nine pillars supported a portion of the ceiling (even though it probably didn’t even need that support) and an oil lamp.
“You know me,” Mr.Lordi replied, “I raise the dead just as easily as I breathe. Plus this time I’ll have the chance to do it the exact second her heart stops beating.”
If it stops beating”, Hella spoke.
“The transformation killed men much stronger than her”, Mana reminded her. “Mere mortals are so fragile.”
“I was a ‘mere mortal’ and I survived being turned into this”, the living doll responded, pointing at her plastic face.
“She isn’t you”, OX said. “And this isn’t the same kind of transformation.”
The Monster Squad’s leader spoke again :
“Maybe if Lune stopped spying on us, we’d be free to discuss?”
The child stepped out of her hiding place behind one of the pillars.
“How did you know…?” she asked.
“It’s my dimension here, and my castle”, Lordi explained. “No-one can enter any of the rooms without me knowing it.”
“We’re in another dimension?”
“Yes. And didn’t I tell you to wait in your room?”
“Yes, but -” Lune started before Lordi interrupted her.
“There is no ‘but’s.”
The human nodded and left the room, thinking she would better not disobey the monsterman again.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby FlameCurry » Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:35 am

Gotta say, might be only me, but a get such a cosy and special feeling from reading Lordi fanfics. Same goes with this one ^___^
I love it, and will patiently wait for next chapter! :D
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:39 am

Thanks for your comment! :wink:
Chapter 4 is finally finished! :D

Chapter 4

Lune started to feel the fever the very next day. At first it was like any other fever she had experience in her young life, but a few hours later, the pain appeared too, invading her whole body and making it very difficult to move. She was fully aware that no medicine known to man could help her.
She was laying in the dark on the queen-size bed, on top of the covers, eyes closed and trying to focus on something other than the pain.
Lordi entered the room without even knocking, as the door was already opened.
“Hi”, she said in a weak voice.
“Hello”, he replied. “’Just thought you might need some light here.”
He put down an oil lamp on the new bedside. A flame appeared inside without any visible help.
“You’re just waiting for me to die”, the little girl stated bitterly.
The monsterman sat on the edge of the bed.
“If I wanted you to die, I would have killed you already”, he explained. “I just expect it. You are what, six? I bet you have seen full-grown men die during the process.”
“I’m seven.”
“Whatever. I told you you’ll have to work for me whatever happens to you during the transformation, and I meant it. And you already proved you could be a pretty good spy if you weren’t in my castle. But you see, shape-shifting and necromancy don’t always work well together. That means I have no way of knowing beforehand if you’ll be able to transform after joining the undead or not. If you survive, at least I’d know what to expect.”
“I will survive”, Lune stated. “They killed mum, they won’t kill me too. I’ll survive and I’ll kill them when they least expect… ouch…”
The pain suddenly and briefly grew in intensity, cutting her off.
“Now that’s an attitude I like”, Lordi smiled. “I’ll come back later to see if you keep it.”

On the second day of the transformation, the fever got worse. In an attempt to cool down a little, Lune removed all the clothes Hella had given to her except for the panties (that didn’t even fit). The struggle to stay alive required so much energy from her she didn’t have any left for anything else ; she had to be spoon-fed gruel by the monsters’s slaves, as she didn’t have the strength to eat or even chew anymore. Her mind being clouded by the pain and the fever, she barely noticed them. However, they could hear her mumbling in a barely audible voice from time to time.
Sometimes the child would feel the taste of the gruel and think her mother was feeding her. Sometimes she would hear a noise and think the Pack was howling outside. Sometimes she would be certain to perceive her mother’s presence by her side ; sometimes she would relive her death. As far as she knew, the whole world was fever, intense pain and hallucinations.
The flame in the oil lamp beside her flickered, but refused to die.

The little girl hadn’t left Enary’s former room in a few days now. Her breathing was so weak it was barely noticeable. Lordi sat on the edge of the bed and checked her pulse ; her heart was barely alive. The only thing that kept Lune from dying was her will to survive. He kept his fingers on her wrist, waiting for the moment he would stop feeling the pulsing in her veins.
He waited for a long time. That moment didn’t come. The child’s heart was so close to death, yet refused to stop beating completely. Maybe Hella was right after all…
“Even after a thousand years mortals like you still manage to surprise me from time to time”, he said, not sure if she heard him or listened to him. “You’re much stronger than you appear. If you do get to grow up, you could become much more than I originally planed.”
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Isa » Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:43 am

L learn to never underestimated :twisted:
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:03 pm

(Yes, humans' will to survive can surprise even 1000+ old monsters. ^^)

Chapter 5

Lune opened her eyes. She was lying still on a queen size bed in a room dimly lit by an oil lamp standing on the bedside table. Where was she? How did she end up here? Where was mum? Why did she feel so weak?
Then, as the child fully came back to reality, she remembered.
“Mr.Lordi? Ms.Hella? Anyone?” she called while attempting to sit up straight and failing. No-one seemed to hear her. She seemed to be alone. But was she really? He said you’re never alone in this place (whatever that meant). Once again, the child tried to sit up straight in the bed and this time managed to do so. How long had she been laying there? She didn’t have a clue. At least the pain had gone away.
Wait a minute. No pain. Plus, even though she still felt weak and a bit dizzy, she didn’t feel as sick as before. She did it. She survived. She smiled for the first time since her mother and herself found an opportunity to escape the Pack’s territory.
“I told you I’d survive”, she whispered, smiling a victorious smile.
“And you did. Congrats.”
Lune nearly jumped out of bed. The voice didn’t seem to come from anywhere in particular and she could swear no-one else than her was physically present in the room. So how did he…?
“Are you here?” she asked.
No answer. Was this another hallucination? What if all of this was a hallucination and she was actually still struggling with the transformation?
Slowly, without a sound, the door opened. No-one was standing behind it. Lune took it as an invitation and stepped out of the room, using the wall to keep her balance. Wobbling, she followed the corridor until she entered the living room she had been in the first time she had woken up in the castle.
The Monster Squad was there, waiting for her. Lordi was sitting in a large armchair while the others stood by his sides.
“Once again, congratulations, Lune”, said the squad’s leader. “You proved us wrong when we thought a child like you couldn’t survive.”
I knew she’d survive”, Hella reminded him.
“I guess you’re one of us now ; you are a monster too”, OX pointed out.
Lune had no idea what to reply, so she just nodded in silence.
“By the way”, Lordi asked, “why don’t you put a shirt on?”

It took three days for Lune to recover completely. Then Mr.Lordi decided it was time to get her training started. And he happened to know just the right person to turn this seven years old werewolf cub into a fierce warrior.
Sitting on his throne, he waited for the child to show up. It wasn’t long before she did, a confused expression on her face.
“I swear last time I opened this door it was a different room behind it”, she mumbled.
“I built this castle and I can rebuild it as I please”, Lordi explained.
“How do you do that?”
“Let’s say the eighth book of Octavus was really interesting to read.”
The little girl in the over-sized pink t-shirt looked around. She had never seen the throne room before. It was bigger than any other room in the castle, and yet it was empty except for the throne in its centre and the glowing sphere above it.
“I, hum… was looking for Hella…” Lune informed him. “Do you know where she is?”
“She’s in one of her bad days. You shouldn’t approach her until it’s over.”
“What kind of bad day?”
“The ‘let’s stab everyone just to see if they make a funny sound’ kind of bad.”
“Anyway, I have something for you”, the monsterman said while reaching behind his throne to hand her a heavy-looking package. “There are warm clothes in the package. Put them on, it’s very cold where we’re going.”
Lune took a few steps toward him.
“Where are we going? And why?”
“You said you wanted to avenge your mother or something? Well, I know just the right person to help you become strong enough to do so.”
“Will he help me control my transformations?” she asked. “It’ll be full moon soon…”
“No, you will have to figure that out yourself. In case you can’t, there’s also a silver chain in the package. It will keep you from escaping on full moon nights.”
The child came closer, took the package in her hands and almost dropped it ; it was so heavy she could barely lift it. Then again, she was only seven years old.
She put it on the floor, opened it and picked up the clothes while carefully avoiding direct contact with the silver chain, which was the heaviest item in the package.
She got dressed and was surprised to find out the warm clothes fitted her perfectly.
“Mr.Lordi? Who exactly are we going to see?”
“None other than the fiercest warrior I know.”
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:15 pm

Sounds goooood ! :mrgreen:
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:54 am

(Thanks ^^)

Chapter 6

Lordi rose from his throne and took the little girl’s hand in his in order to guide her to the nearest wall. As he touched it with his free hand, the obsidian that covered everything from the floor to the ceiling changed ; engravings appeared, quickly forming a depiction of a mountain landscape. The landscape got more and more realistic as more details carved themselves.
Eventually, the grey of the rocks and the white of the snow appeared ; then Lune started to hear and feel the cold wind blowing and messing with her hair. She shivered despite her fur coat.
“Mr.Lordi?” she asked. “Where are we?”
“We’re on Mount Pain.”
“’Never heard of it.”
“Enary?” the monster called.
Soon, a pale woman with a mask covering the upper part of her face approached, her long blonde hair floating in the wind. The rest of her was covered in a long fur coat.
“What do you want, Lordi?” she asked. “You know I can’t leave this place. Not anymore. And who’s the girl?”
“With your help, she’ll become a nice little addition to my army”, the Monster Squad’s leader replied. “Her name is Lune. She was bitten by a werewolf and survived both the attack and the transformation.”
“Impressive…” Enary commented.
“I want you to teach her how to fight.”
“So she is the fiercest warrior you know?” Lune asked Mr.Lordi.
The woman smiled.
“Glad to know my talents are appreciated. And you, little girl, won’t find better warrior than me in this dimension. Come with me, we’ll start your training right now.”
As soon as Lordi was gone, Enary picked up a branch form her personal stack of firewood and handed it to the child, who took it without any comment.
“Come on”, the warrior said, “attack me.”
“But -”
“There is no ‘but’s. You wanna learn how to fight?”
Lune nodded.
“Then fight”, the monsterwoman told her. “You fought death itself ; you can gather enough courage to attack me, can’t you?”
The young werewolf brandished the branch and attempted to touch the masked woman, but before she knew it, she was laying on her back in the snow with Enary’s boot on her chest and her staff was flying in the air.
“And that’s how you disarm someone. Now go pick up your staff and try again. The day you manage to touch me, maybe I’ll let you use a real sword.”

When the full moon arrived, Lune was so tired from the training the silver chain wasn’t even necessary to prevent her from leaving Mount Pain. She did wander off during the night, but Enary quickly found her nearby, a wolf cub lying in the snow. She wrapped her up in her coat and brought her back to the little hut she lived in.
Once the first rays of the sun hit the mountain top, the child came back to her human form, still sleeping.
She woke up to the smell of fresh meat two hours later. The masked woman was cutting chunks of flesh from a rabbit caught earlier in the morning.
“Good morning, Lune”, she said.
“Mornin’… Did I do anything while in wolf form?” the little girl asked, realising she was wrapped in Enary’s coat.
“Not much”, the warrior replied without interrupting was she was doing. “Even then you still were a tired child who just needed some sleep. I must admit I didn’t go easy on you so far. And I don’t plan to. But I’ll let you rest each just-after-full-moon day. Do you want your meat raw or cooked?”
“I don’t care. I’m so hungry I could eat anything.”
“I’ll let you take care of this rabbit then.”
Lune got up, got dressed and ate some bite-sized chunks of food before asking :
“You didn’t use the silver chain. Why? It would be simpler than looking for me and bringing me back here.”
“You’d freely accept to see a part of yourself being chained?” Enary replied. “The beast is a part of you now. You have to accept it as it is.”
Lune nodded slowly and finished her breakfast. There wasn’t any training that day.
Even though the little girl couldn’t control or even remember her transformation, her hearing and sense of smell had greatly improved over the week. She could hear wolves howling in the distance, far away from Mount Pain. At first she feared the Pack might have found her, then Lune realised the sound must have come from actual wolves, not shape-shifting monsters.
All her young life, when the members of the Pack where “running” in the forest, she was locked up in the basement with her mother, so she had rarely actually seen any of them in wolf form.
Enary said the beast was a part of her. Maybe if she could learn more about real wolves, she could understand the wolf inside her better? It was worth a try.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:04 pm

Great chapter, I liked how Enary was with Lune. :)
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:57 am

(Thanks again :D )

Chapter 7

“Ms.Enary?” Lune asked as the monsterwoman was feeding more wood to the fire in her hut.
“Please, just call me Enary. What do you want?”
“I hear wolves in the distance.”
“They must be pretty far, because I don’t hear them.”
“I just thought that… they could help me understand the beast in me better”, the child explained. “Maybe if I could at least see them…”
The adult turned around to look straight in her brown eyes.
“I can’t leave this place, so if you want to find the wolves, you’ll have to do it on your own.”
“Why can’t you leave?” the werewolf asked.
“It’s none of your business”, Enary snapped.
Lune was as curious as any child can be, however her instructor’s tone of voice made it clear she’d better not ask any more question on the subject.
One more lunar month passed, and even though the little girl didn’t managed to touch Enary even once, she did get much better at dodging attacks. Then again, when your master never goes easy on you despite being much stronger than you are, avoiding her blows is the first thing your body learns. This and handling the pain, but in Lune’s case, she had been through worse when becoming a werewolf.

As the sun was setting on Mount Pain, master and apprentice went back inside, left their training swords (actually pieces of wood cut in the shape of swords) against a wall and ate dinner in silence.
Since becoming a werewolf, Lune would sometimes eat raw meat like a wolf would, sometimes eat cooked meals like a human would. However, the urge for raw meat was stronger than usual that day, just like it was just before her first full moon.
“I guess I’ll have to let you hunt on your own, ‘cause otherwise you will devour every piece of meat I have”, Enary pointed out.
“Sorry”, the little girl apologized. “I’m just so hungry. They ate a lot too. The members of the Pack, I mean. They said it’s because it takes a lot of energy to turn into a wolf.”
“I know. I’m much older than I appear ; I’ve had time to learn many, many things. I may not be an expert on werewolves, but I know a thing or two. Anyway, you better get ready, the moon will rise soon.”
Just like the first time, Lune stepped closer to the fireplace while Enary went outside. Seeing a werewolf transform isn’t a pleasant sight.
Soon, the full moon rose, and the child felt growing pains in her whole body : she didn’t have much time before the beast took over. This time, she took her clothes off just in time to avoid ripping them off or getting tangled in them as she turned into a raging young wolf.
The monsterwoman heard her howling, and quickly opened the door. Just like all beasts, the creature that Lune had become hated being locked up indoors, therefore the best way to prevent it from destroying everything in the hut was to leave it a clearly visible opening.
Just as planned, the little, but angry and ravenous animal rushed to the door immediately and left the hut to find a prey. It didn’t look as tired as last time. After all, it had been about a month that the child’s training had begun ; she was starting to get used to it.
The warrior waited a few minutes, then went back inside, picked up her sword and its sheath, attached them so they were behind her back, and finally followed the beast’s footprints in the snow.
A normal wolf cub is pretty harmless, but a werewolf unable to control themselves is dangerous no matter their age. Enary soon found the beast her apprentice had become devouring a small animal that might or might not be still breathing. She remained at a safe distance from the wolf, observing its every move from afar. Blood was staining its white fur.
As it finished eating its prey, the creature howled as though it was answering a call only it could hear.
No, not it, Enary mentally corrected herself. Her. Despite not being completely herself, Lune was still there under the fur. Her brown, human eyes were still there to prove it.

The little girl opened her eyes the next morning with no memory of the past night, just like the month before.
“Did I do anything this time?” was the first thing she said, even before checking if Enary was actually in the hut to hear her.
She didn’t need to check anyway : since she arrived in the warrior’s territory, she was nearby every time she woke up.
“You killed and ate a couple of small animals”, Enary responded without turning away from her sitting position in front of the fireplace. “You know, wolf cubs don’t actually hunt, but this rule doesn’t seem to apply to you.”
“Are you sure it doesn’t bother you to have to pick me up?” the child asked.
The adult shrugged.
“It gives me a distraction. You don’t meet werewolf children everyday, so I decided to observe you.”
“Observe me?”
Enary didn’t answer. Instead, she stood up and went outside to pick up some wood for the fire. She quickly returned, put the wood next to the fireplace and finally spoke again :
“You wanted to go see the real wolves, I recall? You can go find them whenever you feel ready. I’ll walk with you for a while, but once you’ll leave my territory, you will be on your own.”
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Rosalie » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:13 pm

Ooooh, it's getting exciting :mrgreen: I like the way you've portrayed Enary. In a lot of stories she seems kind of, well, bitchy :P
But, still, really great and I'm looking forward to reading more!! :mrgreen:
Yeah, you reading this.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:19 pm

Same as Rosalie!
*sits and wait for the next chapter*
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:23 am

Thanks for your comments girls :D
Bitchy Enary is good too. :mrgreen: But in this story she's more like the "old master living as an hermit" trope, except she doesn't look old. ^^ Anyway, here's the next chapter! Yeah! :D

Chapter 8

“This is as far as I’ll go”, Enary stated.
Her apprentice and she stood near the foot of the mountain. The wind was almost non-existent and snowflakes slowly fell on them, covering their hair and clothes. Lune took one more step, then froze, her eyes going back and forth between the snowy landscape in front of her and the monsterwoman. Seeing her hesitating, the masked woman asked her :
“What are you waiting for? Didn’t you want to go?”
“I… I’m scared”, the child confessed.
“Of course you’re scared. Life is terrifying.”
“… I don’t want to be alone.”
“Being alone isn’t really the problem. Being lonely is…” Enary sighed.
“Enary? Are you ok?”
“I am. Go now. I’ll send someone to find you.”
Lune took a deep breath and, despite being in human form, howled exactly like a wolf. Her call was answered by the collective voice of a wolf pack in the distance ; now she knew in which direction to go.
Master and apprentice looked into each other’s eyes and nodded in perfect unison.
The little girl finally broke the eye contact and set out to find the wolves, using the staff in her hand as a trekking pole.

This snowy pine forest was so different from the forest Lune knew. Of course the trees were of different kinds and the air was colder and brought much more snow, however there was something else. It didn’t only look different, it felt different as well. This was probably due to her heightened senses she didn’t have yet when she was in the Pack’s territory. Or was it?
There were footsteps, and from the sound of it they didn’t belong to a woodland animal.
The child’s first impulse was to hide behind a tree ; then she thought Enary would be ashamed of her if she ran away and cowered. She held her staff firmly in her hands, ready to use the skills she had learned if she had to.
The wind turned, bringing the smell of rotten flesh. The smell got stronger and stronger as the footsteps approached…
Wait a minute. It wasn’t the first time she experienced this phenomenon, therefore it didn’t take her long to put two and two together. An undead was approaching.
“I know you’re here” she called.
A zombie soon appeared from behind trees and bushes and tipped his top hat to Lune.
“Hell-o, nice to meet you too”, he said.
She didn’t lower her weapon.
“Who are you? Are you a friend of the Monster Squad?”
“Of course”, he replied. “And you must be Lune. Enary told you she’d send you someone, didn’t she? Name’s Kalma by the way.”
At the mention of her master’s name, the young werewolf finally lowered her staff. The zombie continued :
“I’ll be your baby sitter today. Sort of.”
“Hey, I’m not a baby!”
“Whatever. So, where are the wolves?”
Lune gave her best howl, which was soon answered by several others.
“They’re over there”, she said, pointing at the direction the sounds came from.
Kalma nodded and followed the child as she walked towards her goal.
The wind brought her the scents of the wolf pack while preventing said pack to smell the werewolf and her undead companion.

Hidden behind the branches of one of the oldest trees around, Lune and Kalma stood motionless for what felt like hours. At least it wasn’t snowing anymore, or they would have been covered.
The child was observing the wolves from afar and trying to understand them. She wanted to approach them ; however she felt she wouldn’t be welcome. She was more human than wolf after all.
As for Kalma, he was silently watching over her like he had been told to. He was also wondering how long it was going to take.
After a while, he told Lune she could always come back later ; she nodded and soon, zombie and werewolf were walking together towards Mount Pain.
When they arrived, the moon, no longer full, was high in the sky, but Enary was still wide awake and waiting for them at the edge of her territory. She welcomed her apprentice back, thanked Kalma for his help.
“By the way Lune”, she said, “your boss wants to see you.”
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Rosalie » Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:47 am

Nice chapter, I wonder what Mr. Lordi wants with Lune...
Yeah, you reading this.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:04 am

You may find some answers here. ;)

Chapter 9

Lordi was indeed waiting in Enary’s hut, facing the fireplace. When he heard Lune enter, he turned around to meet her eyes.
“There you are at last”, he said. “I have a mission for you. You’ll go back to your training after that.”
“What kind of mission?” the child asked.
“There is this necromancer who dares to think he might top me one day. I want you to steal a few things from him, and leave him a small gift from me. You may have to deal with his skeletons, but you can handle that, can’t you?”
“They’re certainly not as strong as Enary…”
The child listened carefully to what the monsterman told her about the mission and memorized every bit of information. She felt like he didn’t tell her everything. He was giving her the information she needed to accomplish the mission and nothing more. He never mentioned what the objects she had to steal were for, or what was in the little black box she was supposed to leave under the necromancer’s bed.
Before Lune could speak a word and ask, Mr.Lordi grabbed her hand and the room around them changed. The heat of the fire and the coldness coming from the outside disappeared ; the hut gradually lost all its colours and turned obsidian black, everything looked less and less real and more and more like a very detailed carving in a smooth, darker than night stone. All the details progressively erased themselves until there was nothing left but obsidian.
The child and the adult soon found themselves in the throne room in the Monster Squad’s main headquarters.
“You’re gonna need different clothes”, he pointed out before leading her to the room she used when she first arrived.
Neatly folded child’s clothes had been placed in the closet. She chose a plain white t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants while Mr.Lordi was waiting in the corridor to give her some privacy. After she joined him, they walked towards the main entrance of the castle. He snapped his long fingers and the heavy double door opened, revealing a small city full of life. The sun was so bright it took some time for Lune’s eyes to adjust.
“Your target lives in a small mansion outside of town. ‘Not sure if it’s actually his. Just go north while always staying on the same sidewalk and you’ll find it.”
The child nodded and stepped out of the castle. The noises of the cars and the people were deafening. She turned around to find the closed entrance of a house which was much too small to possibly contain the castle. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. There was a window nearby even though the room she had just left didn’t have any. When she peeked through, all she could make out behind the curtains was a couch and the light of a television set which weren’t in the Monster Squad’s castle. Lune shrugged and hurried northward to escape the loud noises of the city.
She had never seen that many people in the same place at the same time. They mostly went about their own business, seemingly without even noticing her. Some looked at her, maybe wondering what a child was doing on the street alone instead of being at school or under any kind of adult supervision. One asked her where her parents were, and the young werewolf made up some lie that must have been believable enough since the person left her alone.

By the time Lune reached the mansion, it was raining.
When she arrived at the front door, clothes soaked and hair sticking to her face, she knocked.
“Who’s there? What do you want?” asked a male voice coming from the other side of the door.
Lune knew what she had to do.
“My… my mum just had an accident down the road and… her phone doesn’t work… can I use yours? Please…”
“I’ll call the emergency myself. Go now.”
“But you don’t even know where she is or what happened! Please let me use your phone, mum might be dying!”
The child covered her face with hands and started sobbing very realistically. It was enough to convince the man : she heard him unlocking three different bolts before the door finally opened.
“The phone is in the next room, you’ll spot it easily. Make it quick”, he said.
“Thank you sir!” she replied while rushing towards the phone.
Everything was going better than she expected.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:35 pm

Lune's mission began well, I hope she'll be alright after that. ;)
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:36 pm

Chapter 10

Knowing the man was in the next room, Lune pretended to make a phone call. She had never used a phone herself but had seen the members of the Pack do it.
She talked into the receiver loud enough for the necromancer to hear. She hung up the phone and joined the adult in the next room to ask him if she could stay here until the rain stopped. He hesitated, sighed and reluctantly agreed.
“Just… go back to this room and stay in there. I have important things to do.”
Lune nodded and quietly sat on the leather armchair next to the phone while the man went about his business elsewhere in the mansion.
She couldn’t help sniffing the fragrance of leather. It smelt so good. But she needed to focus. She waited ten good minutes before moving, hoping it would be enough for the necromancer to forget her presence. Then, careful not to make any sound, she meticulously searched the room for any of the items Lordi had described to her. She probably wouldn’t find what she was looking for here ; it would be too simple. But she was instructed not to neglect anything, so she inspected the bookshelves anyway.
Wait a minute… one of those books wasn’t like the others. Was the necromancer that stupid?
Lune sniffed it out ; it smelt just like the old books Lordi stored in his castle. She took it in her hands and flipped through the pages ; the leather-bond tome was written in a language she couldn’t understand. It fitted the description the little girl was given though ; she hid it under her shirt and finished her inspection of the room without finding anything else of importance. It was time to move on to another room.
She took off her shoes in order to make sure she wouldn’t make a noise while walking and went back in the hallway.
The young werewolf stopped in front of the next door and listened ; the room behind it was as silent as it could be, so she entered knowing no-one was waiting for her inside. A careful inspection revealed there wasn’t anything she was looking for either. That same scenario repeated itself until she had visited all the rooms on the ground floor. Lune then went back to the hallway once more to climb the stairs at the end of it. The marble was so cold she could feel it through her thick socks.
As she arrived upstairs, she started hearing the faint sound of running water. The necromancer must be in taking a shower ; she would better avoid the bathroom.
She entered a bedroom which was a mess of books, pages covered in strange-looking symbols, empty bottles and various items Lune didn’t know the purpose of. On the floor around the four-poster bed, a five-pointed star in a circle had been traced in salt.
It must be his own bed, the child thought. She produced the little black box from her pocket then entered the circle while trying not to mess it up. If she did, he would know she had been there…
Lune slipped the box under the bed and then lifted the pillows just in case something was hidden under them. There actually was : a book near-identical to the one she had already found was there ; she took it and searched the rest of the room. As she left and silently closed the door behind her, another door opened, revealing a walking skeleton holding a dagger which glowed in an unnaturally dark green light. The child’s lips mouthed the word “no” ; she couldn’t fight that thing without alerting the necromancer of her presence on this floor!
She rushed to the stairs while the undead followed her. It was still climbing down the stairs when the werewolf was already on the ground floor. She took a deep breath and waited until the walking skeleton had reached the long carpet of the hallway to throw one of her shoes at it, making its skull fall. While it was still confused, she sprang from her position, stole its dagger and ran back upstairs.
The door of the room the skeleton came from was still opened : she entered, dagger in front of her. Two more skeletons were here, standing still on either side of what looked like some kind of altar. On the altar was a little obsidian statuette shaped like a partially decomposed human being. That must be the last item.
The two bony guards didn’t move a phalanx as she approached. Lune froze, still firmly holding her dagger in front of her. She knew they could walk ; why didn’t they? Were they waiting for her to grab the statuette?
The child walked towards the one on the left and, using the glowing blade, tried to dislocate its knee and both its elbow to make it less dangerous. Once she finally managed to do so, she took care of the other skeleton. Then, she grabbed the statuette and rushed to the door while the two guards attempted to pursue her.
The third one was waiting for her up the stairs, putting its skull back in place.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:12 pm

Yeah skeletons! I love them :mrgreen:
But I hope nonetheless Lune will be ok...
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Hisha » Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:51 pm

Chapter 11

While the skeleton was looking at the wrong direction, Lune put the statuette in her pocket and laid down on the floor in the hope that it would help her not to be seen. The undead remained focused on what was right in front of it and therefore didn’t seemed to notice the child crawling behind it on the right side of the stairwell.
Lune was really grateful those reanimated bones were slow in every definition of the term. She slowly stood up and threw her other shoe at the skeleton ; while it was busy getting the footwear out of the back of its ribcage, the little girl rushed towards the bottom of the stairs. Her bony friend followed her, throwing her shoe back at her ; she caught it, found the other one and put them back on her feet. She stepped back and the skeleton stepped forward until they were both at ground level in the hallway. To the child protectively holding the dagger in front of her, the undead looked like a giant. It attempted to take back the glowing blade, but Lune evaded the attack instinctively.
That skeleton is nothing compared to Enary, the child thought. But, even though avoiding its attacks was much easier than training with her master, she knew she couldn’t keep that up forever. And if its two comrades upstairs put themselves back together…
She ran to the door and fled.

Lune kept running until she was out of breath, feeling ashamed of fleeing from a fight. What would Enary think of her? Maybe it was best if she never knew.
The young werewolf could see the town in the distance. She did what Lordi wanted her to : it was time to go back to the castle.
She shoved the dagger under her shirt with the books and walked until she reached the first buildings of the town ; then a door next to her opened itself as she walked by. Behind it was a familiar room : the main entrance of the castle. After a second or two, the child decided not to question how said entrance could be at two different houses, as by now it was pretty obvious the Monster Squad’s home defied logic and the “laws of physics” her mother told her about. The child walked through the door and it silently shut behind her.
Lordi rose from the armchair he was sitting in and held out his hand. She gave him the books and statuette without a word.
“Good”, he said after checking if the books actually were those he wanted. “What about the box I gave you?”
“It’s under his bed now”, Lune replied. “By the way… what was in it anyway?”
She thought it would be better if he didn’t know she unsuccessfully attempted to open it while she was getting dressed earlier.
“A little surprise for him. When he goes to bed tonight, he just might never get up again.”
“…It’ll kill him?”
“No, but he’ll wish it did.”
Lune opened her mouth to speak then closed it, not sure if she really wanted to know.
“Anyway, you did a really good job here”, the monsterman complimented her. “You can stay in the castle tonight if you want. You’ll go back to your training tomorrow.”
The child nodded and went to her room.
She had caused a man to suffer a fate worse than death… or rather, it would happen very soon. Well, it wasn’t her idea, and she didn’t know, but…
The rumbling noises coming from her stomach interrupted Lune’s train of thought ; she therefore busied herself looking for the kitchen and asking the slaves if she could take something to eat.
For the first time, Lune started really talking with the slaves, or rather, they finally accepted to tell her about themselves.
Some of them were undead, and others, such as those in the kitchen with her, were regular living humans. None of them knew for sure why they were chosen ; they just woke up one day in the castle, were told to work, and never saw the light of day again. The living ones would either end up undead or completely dead ; they had a suspicion that it depended more on the Master’s (for some reason, they never referred to Lordi or any other member of the Monster Squad by name) mood than anything else.
Humans being held captive and forced to do tasks by monsters was a situation way too familiar for the child. But maybe this time around she could do something about it.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:00 pm

Yeah! Lune has cleared her mission! :)
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Rosalie » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:56 pm

well done Lune :mrgreen:
Eagerly awaiting more...
Yeah, you reading this.
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Re: Hisha's fanfics

Postby Miss-Elodia » Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:34 am

Hisha you promised you'd put the next chapter :evil:
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