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As we now have outr own fanfic section. I decide to pull my fanfics out of the main thread and into their own thread. I will try and post my main story here at the moment, and any other bits I do. If you want me to put in the first part to "Through The Looking Glass" then i will

Through The Looking Glass 2


Jen, who had never fitted in, found her way through to another world in the mirror, a world run and used by monsters. They were nice, and requested her help to fight the demon world. The only snag was that if she close the gate to the demon world, she would also close the gate to the human and monster worlds. Jen defeated the demon lord, and decided to stay in the monster world with her friends. Last time we left them, all was harmony within the world.

Now we rejoin them six months later, and Jen is still getting used to life in the monster realm, helped by her friends Lordi, OX, Kita, Awa and Amen

Chapter I

“Wake up, come on sleepyhead, wake up.”

Someone was gently shaking her until she woke up. By the sound of the voice, it was Amen. Jen smiled in her sleep, and turned to face him. “Morning,” she stretched her arms up, hitting something soft. “Why did you wake me so early for?”
“There’s something I want you to come and have a look at. It was autumn when you came, and now we’ve been through the winter, it’s the first sunrise of spring.” Amen took Jen’s hand, helping her up. He led her out of their room, and took her down the passageway, meeting a door at the bottom.
“It’s a bit chilly, you’ll need this.” He handed her a long woollen cloak and wrapped it around them. Pushing open the door, he led Jen out into the springtime dawn, the sun rising and just touching the hills, sending red-tinged glints over everything. They sat and watched the sun rising, the beauty of this new world now evident to Jen.
“Can we explore? Just a little?” The explorer in Jen coming out, she wanted to look. Amen nodded, as if entertaining a child, and led her out, into what could either be a garden or just the doorway into a new place.
“Do we tell them now?”
“No no, not yet Awa. She’s still exploring the world. Let her grow to love it first ,then we can tell her what you have seen.”
“Yes Lordi, I understand.” A figure nodded in the darkness.”But I already think she loves it here, but what we have to say, it is important nonetheless.”
“Aye, that it is. A little over six months, and it didn’t work.” He sighed, it sounding like a rumble, and attracted the attention of Jen. She turned and beckoned both Lordi and Awa into the rising sunlight.
“Isn’t it beautiful? I haven’t seen anything this beautiful ever!” She looked around in wonderment, taking in the fresh smell of the early morning air. She watched as Kita came out, and sniffed the air expectantly, then ran about pouncing on anything that took his fancy.
“Oh, it’s been a while since I came out here.” Kita said. Jen still hadn’t got used to Kita, he was very aloof, and seemed diffident at times. She really hadn’t got used to any of them, except Amen. She had sat for hours, close to the fire, or sprawled on a fur, listening to them all talking about things, and feeling out on the edge again, out on her own. They tried to include her, Awa with helping her develop her skills, OX and Lordi teaching her how to use other weapons, Kita showing her how to hunt, and to follow trails. The only one she felt she knew was Amen. They would talk, and Amen would tell her of his life before, well what he could remember anyway.

“It’s like being at home, the sunrise. It’s the thing I miss the most.” She sat, huddled in the blanket.
“Do you miss being back there? Back in the “other” world?” Amen sat behind her, wrapping his arms around her and cuddling up close.
“No, not really. There wasn’t really anything there for me. But I feel so left out here sometimes, you all talk about things that I don’t know anything about. It makes me feel like I’m alone again,” Jen lowered her head, tears stinging her eyes.
“But you’re not alone, you’ve got us!” Amen pulled her closer. “We’ve always been here, we don’t know anything different. At times I wish I knew how you felt, but I don’t. But I can try to make it better.”

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” a sweet low voice said, interrupting Jen’s thoughts. It was Awa, and she looked concerned. “But I need you to come and look at something for me.”
Jen got up, and gave Amen a little nod, as if to say stay out here, I’ll be back soon. She then followed Awa in, back through the passageway, through the main meeting room, and up into the room of windows.

“Now, is it me, or can you see something in that window?”
Jen looked closely at the window, scrutinising it. “Yes, yes I can. I can see something hazy. But what does it mean?”

“It means something is back. Something we thought you had gotten rid of”

Chapter II

Lordi came out of the shadows, and stood with Awa and Jen. As they watched that one window, the haze seemed to lift slightly, and the picture cleared. It wasn’t of the demon world, or of the monster world. It was of the human world, and it looked out onto an empty room. Jen moved closer to the mirror, mindful of what could happen if she stood too close, and could hear someone crying, but it was faint, as if it was on a tape played low.

“There’s someone in there you know. And they’re crying. You can’t hear it, but I can.” I looked up at Lordi, looking him in the face.
“I know, well I know now. But what are we going to do? I thought you were the last one.” He looked back at her, those red eyes gleaming as he scanned her face.
“We’ve got to find out if they’re good or bad. If they’re going to open the way to the demon world, or if they would be willing to close the gates again.” Awa spoke quietly, realising Jen was trying to assert herself within the group, assert herself to Lordi, to prove herself.
“And how are we going to do that? We can’t just stroll in there looking like this?!” Lordi bellowed at Awa, the frustration showing in his voice.
“I don’t know,” I said quietly, still looking at Lordi, “but I’m sure there’s something we can do to find out. I don’t know what yet.”
“You don’t know?!” Lordi growled at Jen. “And do you expect ME to know? How am I meant to know, I’ve not had to deal with this before?!”
“Neither have I,” I shouted back, the fierce look on my face matching the anger in my voice. “So don’t look at me as if you expect me to know what to do all of a sudden. You’re the one who practically ignored me all winter, except when it came to training!”
“I ignored you? I IGNORED YOU!” Lordi rose up to his full height, a sudden darkness entering the room. “The only reason I ignored you was-“
“Shush Lordi, that’s enough, can’t you see what you’re doing to her?” A voice entered the room, Kita’s voice.

Three heads poked their way through the doorway, OX, Kita and Amen’s heads looked bodiless, as they watched the three in the room.
“We heard you shouting from outside, we came as fast as we could, what’s going on?” OX looked at Lordi, then looked at Jen, who was on the verge of tears. He stepped over out of the shadows towards me, but Amen got there first, and pulled me close to him, comforting me. Kita moved out of the doorway and watched Lordi warily, sensing the tension and the anger inside of him.

“You can’t go, but I can. After all, however different I look, I’m still human.” I looked at Lordi, tear streaks on her pale face, but the defiance shining through.
“You can’t go alone,” Amen said, “I won’t let you, and neither will anyone else.” He looked around, and Awa, Kita and OX looked back at him. OX nodded, as did Kita and Awa. Lordi looked at Amen, then looked at Awa, who seemed lost in thought.

“I can use that spell again,” Awa said, looking at him. “The one I used before, it could work again. I’d need Jen’s help to make it go on us all, and to last for as long as we needed it to.” Awa looked at me as Amen slipped away, and stood with OX, and Kita. Her eyes moved over to Lordi, who nodded grimly, and stepped back, and stood with the others, forming a rough circle around us.

“Once you make the circle, you cannot break it. For whatever reason.” Awa looked sternly at Amen. “If one of us falls, the other will carry the chant until it has worked. Are you ready Jen?” She looked at me, waiting for a response. I looked at the floor, then looked at my friends, then looked at Awa, and gave my consent with a slight nod of her head. I had to try, if not for myself but for them. But I wondered, what was Lordi going to say before he was interrupted?

Chapter III

“Out of the shadows and into the light. We sleep by day and walk by night. Now to turn us into you, make us look as you do.” Awa started to chant, it was so catchy and simple I couldn’t help but say it. We started to chant, faster and faster, it seemed as though the room was spinning around us even though we were standing still. My head felt as though a thousand bees were humming inside of it. I felt dizzy, but I knew I had to carry it on, if I didn’t I would fail.
“Out of the shadows and into the light, we sleep by day and walk by night, now to turn us into you, make us look as you do.” I was carrying the chant, Awa’s hand was limp in mine, and I looked at her as she slipped to the floor, I had to do this, I had to be strong. I closed my eyes and blocked out the pain and the buzzing, and concentrated on the chant, concentrated on leading it and carrying it.

As I did I looked to the floor, Awa didn’t look like Awa. The hair was the same, but the face and looks changed. Her dress changed, not a lot, but enough for her to look like me, look human. Even I had changed, slightly, my skin taking on a more natural tone. I lifted my eyes from their seemingly fixed position on the floor, and looked straight ahead at me. I wasn’t sure who it was in front of me, only glancing down and watching the hooves change into sturdy but battered brown boots, did I realise it was OX. Then I realised Awa was right, the spell had worked. I carried the chanting on and on, until I felt it was time to stop, that the spell had taken hold on everyone.

The second I stopped the chanting, I fell to the floor, landing next to Awa. I didn’t pass out, it just felt as though my legs were unable to take my weight anymore. I laid there for a few minutes, feeling very weak and tired.

“Do we need to go straight away?” A mid height slender man with dark hair looked at me. By the colour of his eyes and his voice I knew it was Kita.
“No, no we don’t.” Lordi had become a very tall, powerfully built man, but he still had his long pitch black hair hair, and his commanding stare, even if locked inside brown eyes. “Let the two girls rest, the spell will not really start to work until we leave our realm.” He picked me up, as OX picked up Awa, and looked down at me. I hadn’t noticed it before, but he had a look of what could only be concern in his now chocolate brown eyes. He carried me out into the main meeting room, and laid me onto the furs, Ox laying Awa near me.

“You need to rest now,” A sudden, and softer tone had crept into his voice, as he pushed my now blonde hair off my face tenderly. It was the first proper show of emotion from him, and he could obviously sense the shock I was feeling, as he stepped back and turned away. “Sleep, us boys will prepare whatever we need to take with us.”
“I’ll stay with the girls, if you don’t mind. This little lady looks a bit tired.” Amen came down next to me, and sat behind me, resting my head on his lap. The way he looked at Lordi was full of fury and jealously, well controlled. But the tremble of emotion entered into his voice.
“Hey Amen, you’re blonde. Like me,” I smiled and giggled softly.
“Yeah, I am. I never noticed that before. But look at OX, he doesn’t look happy.” Amen pointed at OX, who was sitting in a chair sorting through documents, looking most uncomfortable with the boots and the clothes he had on him. Kita was still scurrying about, regardless of the fact he was human, he was like a little dynamo, jumping about in the air and making sounds that were obviously attempted growls. He looked at me and winked. I felt as though I fitted in more now they could see how I had to face the world, how I had to cope with looking normal, but still having everyone’s hatred, as if I was different, as if I was tainted or spoiled. Now they knew what I felt.
Kita leapt up suddenly, and landed in a most unnatural way. A swear word escaped his lips, as he picked himself up, and started jumping about again, until Lordi grabbed him and pulled him into the next room to help. I giggled again, quietly, not able to help myself. I looked at Awa, hoping I hadn’t disturbed her. She had long black hair, a beautiful long dress that looked to be made of silk and a lot of corseting and long black pointed stiletto heeled boots. I looked up at Amen, into his deep icy blue eyes and fell asleep as Amen twirled my hair around and in between his fingers, restlessly.
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Through the Looking Glass II

Chapter IV

“Wake up sleepyhead, come on, we’ve got to go soon.” I recognised the voice as it spoke, and smiled a half sleepy smile as I opened my eyes. I recognised the voice but I didn’t recognise that face, it was different. I pushed my way back, until I hit the wall, and looked.
“Hey, hey calm down, don’t you remember what you did? The spell? It’s still me in here, it’s still me, I haven’t gone anywhere, the package may have changed but I’m still the same inside. Come on, don’t be scared.” He bent down towards me, stretching his hand out towards me. Leaning in closer, I realised it was Lordi.
“Where’s Amen? How come you’re getting me?” I was shocked, Amen would never leave him to get me, would he?
“He’s OK, he’s just busy, he asked me to come down and make sure you were ready to go. Amen’s been putting the final touches to a few things, can’t you tell?” I grasped his hand ,and allowed him to pull me out of my hiding place and to my feet. I looked at him, scanning him. Amen had made slight alterations to everyone’s clothes to make them look a little more on the human side. It suited Lordi, but I didn’t tell him as I pushed past him and went down the corridor to the mirror room.

Standing in the middle of the far wall was a big mirror, not unlike the one I had destroyed before. But this time, it didn’t show the demon world, it showed the human world, the one from whence I had come. It was weird, looking out on it, and seeing everyone scurrying about like ants, or rats in a trap. They didn’t know what I knew, they didn’t know I had saved their fate once before. As I looked I noticed little things that were different, that were out of sync with my world. Only little, but they were there.
“Wait, wait, this isn’t my world really is it?” Lordi and Awa exchanged guilty glances, I knew they had tricked me.
“This is a parallel world, isn’t it? You were going to send me into this world knowing it was a parallel and try to get me to get that person before the demons did? But why didn’t you tell me?!” I looked at them, my eyes blazing red, as the anger at being lied to and being played with shot out. Sparks flew from my eyes as I looked at them, seemingly trying to burn them into the ground. They had done what everyone else has done, they lied to me, they tricked me.
“You have done what everyone else has done. You’ve prove you two are no different to any one else I’ve ever known. It’s going to take time for you to regain my trust, and I don’t know if I want you to come with us.” I gestured at OX, Kita and Amen to come with me, all but Amen hung back, waiting for the word from their master.
“We’re coming,” Lordi said. “I’m sorry we lied to you, but I t was the only way we could do this without explaining everything. We will explain it to you when we come back ,this is only a scouting mission, just to find what different. I promise, when we return, I will tell you everything.”
“OK, but I’m still not going to trust you.” I looked at him warily, like a caged animal looked at the person who was trying to help. “Hadn’t we best go then?” I walked towards the mirror, and put my hand upon it. It rippled, and creaked, as if remembering what it had to do, then it shimmered. Ox went through first, followed by Awa. “I’m sorry,” she said, I only looked at her as she walked through. Then Kita went in, followed by Lordi, and lastly Amen, who grabbed my hand and took me through the looking glass back to the parallel human world. It wasn’t my own, but it was close enough.

Chapter V

We stepped out of the window, and out onto the street. Weirdly no one noticed where we had come from, but just hurried past, not noticing the strange group of six appearing from nowhere.
“Weird isn’t it?” Kita turned to me. “All they do is carry on, if they knew who we really were, they’d be screaming and shouting. Yet all they do is carry on scurrying, like they’re prey, and they’re escaping a predator.”
“I used to be like that, except I’d always be the one walking with my head down, trying not to get noticed. It worked, they’d always push past me, as if I was invisible.”
“Well, you don’t have to know.” Amen grabbed hold of my hand. “You can walk with your head held high, and make them take notice.” He started to walk up the street, pulling me along with him. I was still amazed at the strength in his small frame. I looked at the others, but they shrugged and carried on.
“Where are we going? Shouldn’t Kita be helping?” I tried to talk to Amen, but he was persistently pulling me.
“No no, for this we need you, you know what someone who’s different is like. You knew I was different didn’t you?” Amen smiled, and carried on. “You and Awa are the only ones who can tell us who’s different. Because they were crying, we think they’re at a college, like you were. So guess where we’re going?”

Oh no, we weren’t going back to my school? The place where this had all started, the place where the people who hated me were. I could imagine it all again in my head. The taunts, the accusations, the abuse, the fights, my screams of pain and me crying. I tried to drag my heels like a petulant child, but after a warning glare from OX I realised not only would I be letting myself down, but them down as well. I let Amen take me to somewhere I didn’t want to go, but as we walked, I realised things WERE different. Yeah there were still the odd one or two chavs who had to shout something out at the way we looked, but there was something not right. I couldn’t quite place my finger in it, but there was something different. I know I wasn’t the only one who realised it, even Kita was acting differently, he had trouble stopping himself from doing things that would make him stand out.

Finally we arrived at the college, it had the same name as my old one, it looked the same, but it wasn’t. The kids who hung around out front, weren’t chavs as I knew them. Here they looked harder, and carried weapons. What was so bad about this place that they carried weapons?
“Did you see the look he gave me as I looked at his excuse for a knife. Puny little thing, I should have brought my sword.” OX gave them a look of disdain as we walked up the steps leading into the main door.
“We’re here, now here’s what they have to do. If they ask, me, Awa, Kita and Ox are teachers, we’ve been sent in to cover lessons. You and Amen,” Lordi looked directly at me, “are to go and have a look about. If anyone asks, you’re students. Exchange students.” Amen nodded, and we split away, Lordi, Kita, Awa and OX going one way, me and Amen the other. We walked up one hall and down another, it seemed like a maze the way it was set out.

“How am I going to know who is like me? Will they sense me?” I was worried, wondering how they knew I could do it.
“You’ll just know, trust me. And no you can’t be sensed by another, not unless you’re looking, and you are. You’re used to the power, you can tell who has it. They don’t, they won’t know you’re looking for them.” He smiled at me, and grabbed my hand again. For a monster in human form, his hands were surprisingly cold against my hot, clammy ones. We carried on walking, hand in hand, not talking, past hall after hall of classrooms, past line after line of doors securely fastened shut against us.
“It’s here.” I looked at Amen, who looked back at me. “Don’t ask how I know, I just do. Get yourself back against those lockers, you don’t want to get smacked when the door opens. As we slunk back into the half dark, shadowy corner where the lockers were, four figures strode up the hall. I made a small hissing sound, and gestured for them to join us.
“Whoever it is, is in that room. And if I’m not mistaken, they’ll be coming out of the door. Watch for the one I point to. OX, I’ll need your help for this one.” OX nodded, and listened as I explained to him what eh would need to do. Not to cause a commotion, but to get their attention. It was the same thing Amen used to get me. He remembered, and I flushed as I too, remembered what he had done, how he had helped me with my things, how he had got my attention with those mesmerising red eyes. Red? But Amen’s were blue, why was I thinking red? Shaking off the thought, I carried on.

Just as I finished, the bell rang. Floods of people came out of door, but I knew the one I wanted, I could see their long black hair flowing down their back. I also saw the way the other kids treated them, pushing them around and cat calling, until one of them, the spit of the stupid Barbie doll who had done the same to me, stuck their leg out and tripped them to the floor, scattering their things all over.
“OX, now!” I said as quietly as I could, but still knowing he could hear me. He went over and bent down to her, helping her pick up her books and papers. I saw the flush that hit her cheeks and knew how she was feeling. Although the dimensions are different, some things never change.

Chapter VI

We’d done it, somehow we’d found the person. Now it was a case of getting back to the monster world. Why was I still calling it that? It’s my world as well now. All we had to do was get home, and then start the waiting game.
“Err, guys,” Lordi looked at us, still half-hidden in the shadows. “We’ve got to make it quick, we need to go now, look.” We looked down at ourselves. The spell was slowly wearing off, you could see the tips of Lordi’s claws, OX’s boots were changing into hooves, and Awa’s eyes had already retaken their white colour.
“I know a shortcut, if I’m thinking right, I know where there’s a shortcut, come with me!” I led everyone down the stairs and into the basement, I knew there would be one, as there was one in my old college. I led everyone down deeper into the chasms below the school, and down towards a place hidden by boxes.
“If I’m thinking right, there’s a tunnel there. I used to use one, when I wanted to make sure no one saw me. It leads right out close to where we can get back.”
Lordi and OX looked at each other, then looked at the boxes. They went over, and started lifting them as though they were full of feathers instead of full of heavy equipment.

As they moved the boxes a doorway about a metre and a half high and the same wide appeared. I crouched down ,and entered into it. It led out into a high ceilinged room and then, as I already knew, led out into the tunnel. I waited until everyone was in, and led us down the tunnel. Pipes dripped on us from overhead ,and rats scuttled about. Kita was delighted, and entertained himself by catching a few. The shrill squeaks and crunching told me he’d found at least a little prey to eat. The tunnel wound on down and around, the slight inclines and declines in the path telling me we were near our goal.
“It’s here, this should be the door back out onto the street.” I looked ahead, but all I could see was brick, no door, nothing. “It’s not here, where is it?” I started to panic, as I realised I may have trapped my friends here.

“It’s ok,” Awa comforted me. “I can see where the door should be, it’s as if someone has either closed it or never found it to begin with. We can still get through.”
“You can see it, but how?” I pondered this for a while, then saw Kita smelling the air, inching closer to the wall.
“I can smell fresh air, I can smell those people moving about, We are close to it.” He pointed at the wall, where it needed to be broke. OX walked up to it, pondered it for a second, then swung his fist against the wall. The brickwork shuddered, and the air was full of cement dust. He punched the wall a few more times, and finally broke through. We all stepped forward, and started to pull bricks away. I realised that Awa WAS right, the door was here, but why was it blocked up? As it has been blocked up, the doorway became evident as we pulled more bricks away, it was in the right place, there was even a doorframe. But why?

We stepped out of the door, and sped up the next path. It led out into a back alley, quite close to the window. All we had to do now was get to where we needed to be. Luckily it was dusk, and a dull fog hung in the air, covering all of us until someone came up close. We walked quietly, not daring to talk, lest our voices gave us away. Soon we came up to the window, and I put my hand on it, feeling the ripple and creak that let me know it was open. Open for us to go home, and to wait.

Chapter VII

We came back through the gate, and everyone started shaking. I wondered why, until I realised they were shaking the spell off them. I shock my self, and brushed my hands down my arms and legs to rid myself of the enchantment, and to turn myself back to my now normal state. I looked at the others, they all appeared more or less normal, except Amen, who had a big patch left on his face.
“Here, let me do it.” I ran my hand down his face, brushing off the last of the enchantment, He grinned at me, and looked at me, his eyes holding me within a spell.
“Come on, you two have enough time to do that later.” OX said, laughing his deep throated laugh. “We have got to see if it’s worked.”
“Back up to the mirror room it is then.” Awa led us all back up, but I hung back, and so did Lordi .I wondered why, but didn’t linger on the thought too long. I didn’t want it to be what I was thinking it was, but if it was, someone was going to end up getting hurt. And not in a good way.

“Excuse me, don’t we need to be going?” I said, not looking at him, but my face looking at the floor.
“Pardon, I didn’t realise I was keeping you here.”
“You’re stood in the doorway, how am I supposed to get through?” I questioned him, raising my face, scanning my eyes over him as I looked directly at him. “You’re the one who stood there, YOU’RE the one in my way, so I suggest YOU move. Before I move you.”
“Move me?” He laughed, a long loud throaty laugh. “How in Hell are you going to move me?”
“I’ll show you.” Awa had been teaching me to develop this side of my power, and hadn’t told anyone I was learning it. I focused all of my energies upon him, and saw him start to shake slightly, as he lifted up off the floor. I focused on where I wanted to move him to, and did it.
“I never knew you could do that.”
“You never asked, did you?” I looked at him, questioningly, realising he was now seeing me in a new light. I wasn’t the outsider anymore, I was one of them.
“You remind me of someone, someone I was once very close to. I didn’t see it before, but now I do. I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Haven’t you noticed how Amen has been very protective of you?”
“Yeah,” I nodded, “but why?”
“Oh, I’ll let him tell you that, now it’s time for us to go back to the others.” He showed me the way with his hand, as if I didn’t know, but as I passed, he touched my arm. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say as my cheeks flushed a deep red. He had a look on his face that told me he wanted to devour me, and he wanted to as soon as he could.

I moved away quickly, and went upstairs to join the rest of the group.
“Hey, hey, you’re quiet, and you’re all flushed.” Amen looked at me, concern showing on his face. “What’s wrong?”
“J-j-just the after effects of the spell, I’ll be ok,” I let him pull me into his arms but I was constantly aware of him watching us, watching our every move.
“Can we get a bit closer, I want to see?” Amen nodded, and brought me closer, and let me look through the window as the girl on her bed. She was sitting how I used to, long hair flowing, back as she sat with her head on her knees and crying. I could hear her sobs over the music she was playing, I could feel the pain flowing through her and from her. I could feel the hatred and anguish, as it had affected me the same way it affects her, the loneliness and the abuse always there, always piling at you. My eyes filled with tears as I watched, yet I could not stop myself watching, I could not stop myself looking at her, until I saw her lay back, and curl into a big ball, and fall asleep, her tearful sobs still evident even within her sleep.

I watched her as she slept, feeling closer to her than to anyone. Amen tried to take me away from there, but even he couldn’t. I sat, watching her for hours, waiting until she woke, waiting until she saw what I had seen in the mirror. I let out a few silent tears, and sobbed quietly to myself when I was alone, I knew how much it hurt to be her, and in that one part of time, when I could watch as I had been watched, I felt lonelier than I ever had, even though I knew now I still had friends.

“She’s still watching her isn’t she?” Amen joined Lordi, who had been watching me for hours.
“Yes, she’s still watching, she was crying earlier, but thankfully she has stopped. When she feels sad we all feel it Amen, not only you.” The weariness was showing in Lordi’s face and in the way he stood as he watched me.
“I know, but I feel it the most. There’s nothing I can do to stop it, and there’s nothing I can do to help it, I wish I could but I don’t know what.” The pain and the frustration was showing as Amen’s voice cracked on the last few words. Lordi looked at him now, saw the pain and the exhaustion rolling through him simultaneously
“Go to bed, go to sleep, if she sleeps, I’ll bring her to you.” Amen nodded, and walked out of the door, leading Lordi watching Jen, his own thoughts about her playing in his mind.

“Come, Jen, it’s time you slept. I know how you feel, we all do, but you’re no good when you’re this tired.” I nodded sleepily, and allowed Lordi to lead me away from the window and down into my room, where Amen lay, seemingly asleep.
“I’ll let you know if anything changes, I have to. Good night, and sweet dreams angel.”
Angel? Hmmm. I pondered on this as I crept quietly over to the bed, and crawled in wearily, pulling one of the fur lined blankets over myself. I gave Amen a half sleepy smile as he curled up behind me, and drifted off into sleep, but my dreams were not of Amen ,they were of the one with the red eyes and fury like bolts of lightning.
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Through the Looking Glass II

Chapter VIII

A weird high pitched squealing filled my ears, as I suddenly awoke. I fought my way out of the blankets amid Amen’s protestations, and made my way back up to the meeting room.
“Nice clothes.” Kita winked and gave me a grin as I realised I wasn’t wearing very much. Scowling at him I picked up a fur and tried to cover myself, for it to slip as I put my hands to my ears to block the squealing.
“What’s that sound? It’s horrific, someone stop it!” I shouted, ears covered and eyes scrunched up. Whatever I tried wasn’t blocking it out very well.
“It’s the mirror!” Awa shouted. She was the same as I, ears covered. “It’s opened, you need to block the sound out, use your skills!” I thought about the sound being drowned out, and it faded, until it disappeared completely.
“Does this happen every time the window is opened?” I asked, relief stretched across my face.
“No, only when a new window is activated.” Awa said. “She must have picked it up and sat in the circle.”
Awa and I ran to the window room and looked through. Surely enough, there was someone looking back. Jet black hair, a small nose, and red lips with a cupid’s bow. She was cute, there was no denying that. I wasn’t the only one who noticed either. Judging by the sharp intake of breath standing behind me, I guessed it was Amen.
“Cute isn’t she?” I asked, waiting for a reaction.
“Yeah, but she ain’t as cute as you, don’t worry, I’m not going to want anyone but you.” He smiled, and I did too, as I knew he meant what he said. But there was still a niggling doubt at the back of my mind. Always I’d been plagued by the what ifs and here they were again. Amen must have known how I felt, as he pulled me away and span me in his arms. I could hear Awa giggling, as he pulled me closer and bent his head.
“There’s only one person who gets this,” he said as he kissed me. I kissed him back, long and hard, and meant it. A discouraging grunt from behind meant either OX or Lordi didn’t approve, but right now, I didn’t care. Right now, I was where I was meant to be.
“Mushy stuff, yeuch. Why you don’t just do what some of us do and get right to it is what I want to know.” Kita’s eyes glimmered, as OX cuffed him round the head, possibly for being so insensitive.
“He’s right you know.” Lordi’s voice took me by surprise, I was happy Amen already held me, as I could count the blush down to him. “We’ve got work to be doing, we need to plan this.”
“Can’t one of us just reach in and take her?” I asked. “As you did with me?”
“We can, if you want to. Surely it might not be so bad, her knowing one of us is similar to you.” Lordi gave me an approving half smile. “But this time, I’m not explaining it to her. You can Awa, you know it just as well as I do.” Awa looked at him, wanting to protest. But something in his look stopped her, and she merely nodded.

All of us stood back, Kita and Amen leaving the room. Lordi and myself moved back into the shadows, we weren’t needed. Yet. Ox stood close by, and waited as Awa opened the window. Ox put his hand in, and pulled. When his hand came back, he had hold of the girl’s wrist, and was pulling at it.

“OW OW OW OW OW! Let me go, god dammit! What in the hell did I do to you to get that?”

The figure shouted and screamed, looked at OX, and fainted in his arms. OX carried her to the main meeting room, Awa close at his heels, moving swiftly and silent past me and Lordi. We didn’t even notice she was there, she moved with spectral speed. As she left, it was just me and him. Left alone, together. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, sounding louder that the pounding of drums. I was sure he could hear, so I moved away, and went to the other end of the room.
“What’s got you so worked up?” He asked, his eyes moving slowly, his face filled with concern.
“N-n-n-othing,” I managed to stutter out. “Just a shock, it was so quick, I thought it took longer.”
“It usually does, it did with you, we had nothing to go on, nothing to work out whether you were truly who we thought you were. This time, however, we had you.” His voice had dropped the admonishing tone as he spoke, a sensual and lilting tone I had never heard before creeping into his voice.
“Shouldn’t we go down and see her?” I asked, unsure of what was going to happen next.
“Yes, we should. But I bet you still think it was Amen who brought you back here.”
I nodded, my mind stretched between a million thoughts, my heart pounding ceaselessly as I tried to work out what he was going to say next.

“Well it wasn’t Amen, it was me.”

“You? But why?”

“I wanted to, I had to. You reminded me so much of someone, my angel. He watched you, and I watched him. I saw you cry yourself to sleep, I watched, long into the shadows of the night when the candles had burnt down low and were popping in the holders, I watched even after he had left you, after I had told him to go to bed or he would be no use. He followed my orders, just as he always had. I put the thoughts in his head about you, as I knew I couldn’t have you. I knew I couldn’t keep someone like you. Fragile as the wind, yet as forceful as a winter gale buffeting a ship at sea.”

I looked at him, scared of what I knew I was capable of, scared of his powers that I now knew he had, yet he had never used. But still I remembered things. The half hidden, yet tall presence I felt watching me as I lay in my bed, many countless sleepness nights, worrying and wondering what those lowlifes at college were going to do to me next.

“I can make him forget about you. I can make his thoughts about you fickle, I can make him want another. But I can’t force you to want me, I can’t make you mine. You have to do that, of your own free will. I can plant the seeds, I can make him think things about you. But to force the bloom, I need you to say yes, I need to you to listen to me first, I need to talk to you,” Lordi’s hand grabbed out to me, as I ran down the hallway, into the main room.

Yet his words rung in my head. How did he know what I wanted? I didn’t even know. I thought I wanted one, but yet. As I thought about it, my heart sang, it told me who I truly wanted. I could feel his presence behind me.

“Do it, plant the seeds. I want to hear your story, and listen with a clear mind.” He nodded, knowing the task set before him, to break a spell. We walked together into the main room. Although all four were there, only one sat with the girl, it was Amen. Lordi walked up to him and whispered something into his ear, none of us heard, none of us knew, but the look on Amen’s face as he looked at me was one of sheer hatred. He didn’t want me, Lordi had done more than plant the seeds, he allowed it to bloom. I watched as Amen did for the girl what he had done for me, put my head on a fur so it wouldn’t hit the ground, listened to the others talking, watched the way he swept the hair off her face and played with it, entwining it between his fingers. The rage and the jealously built up inside me, like a volcano, like a fire. Little knowing what I was doing, I lifted a jug with my power and swung it into the fire, it smashed into smithereens as it hit the back fireplace wall. The liquid inside flared up the fire, OX and Kita stepping back in astonishment and looking directly at me. I did the one thing I could do. I ran.

I ran through the main meeting room, amid the shouts and protestations of them all, the shock at what I had done. I ran to what was our room, picking up my pen, a sketchbook, and a fur. My eyes filled with tears, as I ran out to the door, swung it wide open, and sat myself under a tree. The sobs were so strong it felt like they ripped out of my throat like screams, yet I could barely hear their sounds. The tears ebbed and flowed like the waves flowing in and out to sea, the stillness of the night only broken by my wretched crying. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, it felt like a part of me had to die, so the new part of me could live, so I could live. I screamed in frustration, anger and hatred, they hit the night sky and were scattered to the four corners.
I felt someone shift me forward, I didn’t even have to look, I knew who it was. Arms entwined around me and held me as I cried, held me as I got rid of all my frustration and anger. Why was it always me who ends up getting hurt?

Chapter IX

“I’m sorry,” he said as he held me, “I didn’t know it would happen that quickly, and I didn’t know how he’d react. All I can say is, if it happened that fast, he must have been doubting his feelings as well.”
“It doesn’t matter how long it takes,” I sobbed, pushing myself against him and into him. “It just hurts, I didn’t know something could hurt so damn much,”
“It will, of course it will. It always does. I’m sorry I can’t do anything to make the pain go away, but I can try and make you forget it a little.”
“Forget it? How?” I was curious, maybe he was going to tell me a story. The story he wanted to tell me before.
“I’m going to tell you a story, one that’ll let you know that I know how you’re feeling, how come I know that even if it hurts this badly right now, it will get easier.” He pulled me closer, as if I wasn’t close enough already, and he started to tell me a story.
“Once upon a time, long ago, when the worlds were as one, and before I had met Kita, Amen, Awa and OX, I wandered alone. I wandered over hill, over flat, over stream, under ground, through the dark pits of hell, for hundreds of years. I saw people come and go, civilisations fall, invasions and wars. Then I came to a forest. In this forest was a cave, and in this cave was Kita. He wasn’t the way you see him now, he was very wild, very vicious. Except with me. He took to me like anything, possibly because he sensed I wasn’t human, and because I was a lot bigger, and a lot stronger. He knew how to talk, being partly human, so I asked him about the area, and about the hunting. He told me of a big house nearby, so late one dark night, I crept up to the house, keeping my distance, when in the yard I saw a woman. Her hair was as black as pitch, her skin as pale and smooth as the purest cream, her eyes glistened in the starshine, and her voice was sweeter than angels. She didn’t see me, I tried not to let her, as I was sure I would scare the life out of her.
“Every night I would go back, and listen to her singing, listen to that sweet voice as she swept the dirt out of the house, and lit the lanterns that swung from the doors. I didn’t know if she had seen me before, or if she knew I was there, she kept looking in my direction. One night, I decided I had to talk to her, so when she had stopped singing, I asked “Why did you stop? Your voice brings light to the dark.” She looked around, but I wouldn’t reveal my presence. I thought I had scared her, I didn’t see her for two or three nights.
“Then when I went back, it was different. She came out, she still sang, but there was a saddened tone in her voice. “What’s wrong?” I asked, and half came out so she could see me. She didn’t seem scared, but instead ran to me She told me, of how her father was trying to marry her off, to what seemed the highest bidder, and had succeeded. The man willing to pay the biggest amount of money and who had the biggest farm was the ugliest, meanest man in the area, he kept people as slaves. Some say his last wife died from him beating her.”
I shuddered, as it hit the earliest hours of dawn, and the cold crept in. He pulled the fur around me and over him slightly, so nowhere I lay would be cold to the touch.
“I promised the woman I would watch over her, and unbeknownst to her, I went to this man’s house. I tore open the door, and went through as though the hounds of hell were at my feet.
By morning, when the servants went in, all that was left of him was a big blood spatter, and bits of him chopped up. I left his head on a spike in his office, his face open mouthed and wide eyed. I hid myself back in the woods, and sent Kita to listen. By now Kita trusted me, he looked up to me, he saw me as his alpha, he would die for me if I asked him to. He told me how they were all talking about the woman he was meant to marry, and were calling her a witch! How wrong they were, my beloved was not a witch, she wasn’t involved at all! I knew I had to protect her, but how? Did I bring her into the woods?
“I went to her that night for the final time, I told her of what the others had been saying, that she was a witch and that she did it, and that she deserved to burn, and that they would come for her at daybreak. I gave her the choice, to stay, or to wait til they came. I wish I hadn’t, but she came with me.
“For days we hid in the woods, everytime they came to seek her, we had to be careful. I got to know about this simple woman, how she was headstrong, powerful.”
“Fragile as the wind, yet as forceful as a winter gale buffeting a ship at sea?” I asked.
“Yes, she was as you are. I don’t mean in looks, I mean, you are both powerful underneath. But anyway, as I was saying, she came to the woods, she lived with us, she hid out with us, I grew to know her, she to us, she knew we would never hurt her, and she would never hurt us.

“In the end, she betrayed herself.”

“It had been about a week after, I had gone deeper in as the snows had started to fall, I wanted to gather up wood, and gather up food, mainly animal, for the pelts. She said she was going to the spring to get some water, and I guess that’s when they saw her, sitting by the spring, lost in thought. I heard her screams, I ran to see her, but it was all in vain, I was too late. I saw where there had been a struggle, I saw where she had fought before they tied her up and took her with them.” Tears streamed as he remembered something that was obviously so painful, he wasn’t scared to hide his emotions from me I guess. I reached under the blanket and put my hand on his.
“The next day, a sign went up, saying the witch had been caught, that there was going to be a burning two days from then. I decided I couldn’t rescue her, without risking ridicule and derision from them, without risking them catching me, or catching Kita. If I set her free and got myself caught, what good would it do? I knew I had to let fate take its course.
Two days later, I wrapped myself up and disguised myself, and went down to the town square. Everyone was there, it had been ten years since a burning, they were treating it all as if it was a party instead of an execution. It made my blood boil, I could have killed them all there and then, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to ruin my chances of seeing my angel for the last time. I waited until daybreak, until the tips of the clouds were tinged a bright red, and they wheeled out the cart that held her, tied to a pole, and bound hand and foot. Her long black hair had been chopped short, and her eyes that used to sparkle and glimmer, were now dark, no light glimmering. I knew she had given up, on life, and on me.
I watched, spellbound, as they untied her and retied her to the pole in the square. I watched as they gave her one last chance to confess, and I watched as they set the fire alight, I watched her burn, I watched the one person who had cracked my stone cold heart burn, and I felt like I had died along with them. She didn’t scream, she didn’t shout, but before she died, she looked at me, she knew I was there and I hadn’t done and thing, and she closed her eyes and turned her head away. Even at the last she saw me, even at the last I knew she wouldn’t want me.”
“But, why was she your angel?” I broke the silence, having been held spellbound by his story for most of the night.
“I never knew her name, all I could call her was my angel. I thought I had forgotten about her til I saw you.”
“Also, what was that about the worlds being whole? And about us being the same but not?” I was curious, and had meant to ask.
“Once,” he sighed, “long ago, the worlds were whole. It was harmonious, human and monster knew their roles, and the demon didn’t exist. I don’t know why the world split but it did. As I was saying before, you don’t look the same, but the fire burning in your soul is. I know you’ve been thinking about me, and you know I’ve been thinking about you, why do you think I keep my distance, if I get too close to anyone, they always end up dead.”
“Lordi, I’m not going to die, I have already don’t forget.” I reminded him of the time six months ago, when I had in fact died.
“True, there is that, you are already undead. Now nothing can kill you.” He smiled to himself, and I smiled as I sat, wrapped in his arms, watching the dawn light slant through the clouds, turning them russet and red. At the moment, I didn’t care for, nor did I want anyone else, or want to be anywhere else.

“Look at them, sat there,” Awa looked out of the door into the dawn light, watching us.
“Did you ever think he’d find someone again?” Kita said, lolloping closer to her to have a look. “Cos I really didn’t you know, I thought when he lost her a long time ago, he wouldn’t find someone else.”
“I know, but it is nice to see him happy, but, we have a job to do, we have to wait for the new girl to awake, and to tell her what she needs to know.”

I knew Awa and Kita had been talking, their voices carried in the still air, but I was thinking. If the world had been whole once, could it be whole again?

Chapter X

As the sun rose higher in the sky, I knew it was time for us to go back inside. I knew it was time for us to face the new girl. I slowly stood up, allowing the feeling to come back into my arms and legs, I had been sat for so long I hadn’t noticed the numbness creeping over me, but I didn’t feel tired, not yet. I had too many emotions and too many things to think about to be tired, my mind was going a million miles a minute, thinking about what had happened, thinking about who I truly wanted. And I still didn’t know. Did I want to be with him, did I want to try and match up to someone who had long been gone, but who I reminded him so much of?
“We should go back in you know, we’ve been out her all night. Surely the new one has awoken by now.” Lordi said from behind me. I turned to face him, and watched as he stretched up, like a cat, the sun glinting off his armour that he wore pretty much all the time, his red eyes catching the glimmers, seemingly reflecting everything in them. He took my hand, and ushered me back in, back up to the main meeting room.
I sat in a chair, and watched as everyone seemed to come to life. OX came in, yawning, his mouth open like a chasm. He abruptly shut it when he saw me trying to hide the giggles, and smiled himself. Kita wandered back through, muttering something about a pink fluffy slipper. I hadn’t seen Amen yet, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not, I wasn’t sure of his reaction. Specially after the way I had been last night, I don’t know if I was ashamed of myself more or of him.
“Don’t worry about Amen,” a soft feminine voice said. It was Awa. “We had a talk with him last night about you, and about him, and about, well, you know, Lordi. He said he won’t make things awkward for you, he didn’t know what came over him, it was like he was in a spell, and he is sorry for hurting you.”
“I’m sorry I hurt him,” I was sitting there, head bent, feeling even more rotten than I ever had before. “I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know.”
“I know, and now he knows as well. But I think his interests are somewhere else.”
She pointed at the girl, whose hair covered her face, and was sleeping soundly. Kita beckoned me over to her.
“What do you think of the new one?”
“I’m not sure,” I said, “I can sense her power, but there’s something not right with it, as if she does know about it, or as if she’s used it, and been aware she has.”
“Really? Then why hadn’t she picked up on us standing in the shadows yesterday?”
“I think she was more intent of getting out of what passed for her college yesterday, you saw the way they treated her then, I would have done anything to escape them as well.”
“True,” Kita said, “but she’s here now. All we have to do is wait for her to wake up, then we can talk.”
“I’m not,” I said, “I wouldn’t be able to think of what to tell her, I’ll just sit and wait until you have talked to her, then I’ll try and reassure her, I mean, I look more human that you.”
“For now you do anyway,” said Kita, “but that could soon be changing. I think I can see horns growing!”
“Where?!” I looked at him, and saw by the smile on his face he was kidding me. I punched him, and pushed him forward. As I did, I saw Amen come in, as if nothing had happened, and walk over.
“Hmm, I see she’s still not awake. Shall I wake her up?” he said, a mischievious look on his face.
“Go on,” I said, a glimmer of evil in my eyes, “I dare you.” Amen looked at me, looked at Kita, and looked about to see who was watching. He gave the girl a quick prod, and she awoke with a start, scurrying back just as I had as she saw the monstrous faces staring back at her.
“Where the hell am I, and who the hell are you?” she said, the fear evident.
“I’m Kita, that mummy is Amen, and this young lady is Jen,” Kita said, holding out his hand to her. She backed away from him, until she was nearly hugging the wall.
“But she looks human, she looks like me, what is she doing here?” As little as I wanted to get involved, I saw I would be the one who had to talk to her. I crouched down, and sat next to her, and talked to her.
I told her all about the windows, I asked if she had ever been able to see other people’s lives, even if for only a few seconds. She gasped and nodded, and let me continue. I told her all about what had happened before, about the demon world, about how I had died and came back, about how I had defeated the demon lord and had shut the windows, for what we had thought was forever. And how a few days ago, we had seen her through the window/mirror(I had to try and explain it to her as best I could, as I could see she was getting confused with the talk about windows and mirrors) and had realised that the doorways hadn’t shut, and that we had to go and find her, and see if she had the same powers I had. I asked if she had touched her mirror, and if it had rippled and glowed, and then the outer frame work had glowed. She nodded, spellbound by me, as I explained that this is what had happened to me, this is why I had come here, but I had chosen to stay because I love it here so much. Because, as I told her, why stay somewhere you’re hated, when you can go somewhere and all your friends are there.
“So, you can have a choice now,” I told her, “you can stay here and find out about your powers, and see what ones you’ve got, or you can go back to that world where you’re teased for being different, and never know what could have been.”
She looked at me, scrutinising me for a minute, trying to gauge if I was telling the truth or not.
“I think I’ll stay, for now. As you said, there’s nothing back there to hold me to anyone is there. By the way, I know you’re Jen, but that might get confusing, as that’s my name as well.”
“Ok, we’re going to have a bit of fun now. It’s lucky we don’t look the same!” I turned to look at her, realising that there were some different things, and yet some similar things about both of us.
“There is one way to solve the name confusion. Change a name.” Lordi said, I hadn’t realised he had come in, and had been listening to me talk.
“Who’s name are we going to change then?” I asked, curious.
“Yours I think,” he said, looking at me, I knew what he was thinking, I knew what he wanted to change my name to. “Since you seem to be blessed by something, I mean you died, you came back to life, you had El and Anna helping you in your head, You pretty much can do anything I think if you set your mind to it.”
“And what are you going to change it to?”
“I knew it,” said Kita, “I knew he’d find someone else one day.”
“Shut up,” hissed Awa, looking at him out of the corner of her eye.
Lordi looked at me. “You approve, Angel?” I looked at him, and I nodded. Something was telling me now I’d be going through a few more changes, first my clothing had changed, now my name. I wondered what would be next, but as I wondered, I realised I didn’t care.
I looked at Jen, she looked at me, and we smiled. We knew we were lucky, but we knew we would have to work together on this one.
“Right,” said Awa, “I’m going to take young Jen off to start her training.”
“And I,” said Lordi, “am going to finally get round to showing Angel how to handle a battleaxe.”
“What are us three meant to do?” said OX.
“Ox, I’m going to need your help with training, Amen, you can go and watch Awa and Jen, and Kita, stop trying to eat that damn pink fluffy slipper!”
I giggled, I didn’t know what lay ahead, but I knew I’d find out.

“Lordi, you know you said the world was whole, why did it split? And could we ever get it back together?”
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YEAH!!Great idea and great FF! :D Add more soon!
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THrough the Looking Glass II

Chapter XI

As we trudged our way down to the training room, I thought on my question. I had wondered about this all the time I was talking to Jen, and I had to ask him. I had to know if it was possible to do it again.
We reached the room ,but before pulling open the weapons chest, he sat back on his heels, and rocked, thinking about what I had asked him.
“The world was whole when I first came to it, I don’t remember how long ago it was. All I remember is that I used to roam the lands freely, monsters and humans knew about each other, humans had enough respect to leave us alone, so we didn’t hurt them, then sometime later, it had changed.” He inhaled deeply, as if it he had to get it out in one burst.
“I remember walking the pits of hell, I remember going back up to the world above. All I remember was that humans and monsters no longer respected each other, all I remember seeing were monsters being hunted down by packs of humans and killed for who they were, and that’s when the world started to split. I remember seeing the first of the demons, how they scorched the sky black, how they tainted the humans, so they blamed it on us, I remember them escaping. I also remember there being a secret place, and a human went there, and split the worlds. I remember being told the worlds were split because people couldn’t control themselves, and that the human world was on top, the monster world in the middle, and the demon world below. I take it you’ve heard fairy tales?”
I nodded, and looked at him, willing him to carry on.
“They weren’t fairy tales, they were true. They happened, before the split, but afterwards, people forgot, people didn’t remember how to cherish something different, all they knew was war and pestilence and famine and hatred. I remember when I came down here I met Kita again, and Amen. But there were different monsters before OX and Awa. Enary and Kalma were here then, but they had to leave, they had to go, I don’t know why, but something made them go. Maybe they’re in the human world, maybe the demon world, I don’t know, I haven’t seen them since.”
“And is there a way to bring the worlds back together?” I asked, I wanted to see if we could.
“Yes, there is,” he said, “but I cannot remember how to do it, I can’t remember who showed me how to do it. All I can remember is to start it, we need a circle, we need to have someone calling it, and we need to find the sacred area to make the circle.”
“But what about the parallel worlds? Won’t they need to be made into their own, turned whole, or will they suck into ours?” I was most concerned at this last bit, as the parallel world seemed violent and twisted.
“The parallel happened because of the worlds splitting. The human world is the only one with two. It has almost all the good in one, and almost all the bad in the other. The only reason it hasn’t descended into anarchy is because the strong minded are there, the weak willed are in the other, too scared and too stupid to even try anything. In each parallel there are things the same, but different. It’s like a mirror within a mirror, you can still think things are the same, they still look the same, but to you, they’re slightly out.”
“Is that why Jen’s power felt different to mine?” I asked. He nodded again, and continued speaking.
“There’s something not right about her to you, and there’s something not right about you to her. All she sees in you is that you’re different, all she knows is that you’re not the same, you may act the same, but you’re not.” He sighed, and carried on. “You’re the mirror images of each other, I think this is why that one gate has re-opened, I think you’re meant to be helping to join the worlds, to send the demons back to where they should be, and rejoin the parallels with the monster world. If I let you do that, I risk losing you. But if I don’t let you, I risk losing you and losing somewhere to come back to. This is the risk, I’m the one who has to decide if it’s worth it, if we can find the place.”
“No you’re not,” I said, realising now what I had to do. “Only I can decide if I want to help, only I can decide if I want to join the worlds. But it won’t just be me, it’ll be Jen as well, she has to decide if she can help me. But will it make me and her one?”
“Of course not, you’re two separate people, even if you are the other sides to each other, the yin and the yang. Now let’s fight, we can discuss this later.”

As he slammed open the weapon chest and pulled out two weapons, I could sense the tension inside him. He wasn’t willing to risk losing me so soon, but as I had told him, I was already dead, nothing could harm me, obviously for now this was a closed subject. He tossed me the axe and I caught it, and swung it in the air. He smiled appreciatively, as he had taught me this skill, and only recently had I begun to master it. We began to parry, the axe blades catching each other, clanging off each other, sparks flying as metal hit metal, the clanging sounds deafening in our ears. We got faster and faster and the blows were stronger and heavier, blows that would devastate anything in its path.
As we parried, I felt the presence of another, OX had come to join us. In an instant Lordi had thrown him his axe, picked up another, and was still able to block my blow. I looked at him, twirling the axe shaft in my hands, testing the weight of it, watching him, knowing where he was going to strike next. As the axe flew in my direction I dodged the blade, span up around behind him, dropped the axe and decided on a sword. I dodged back out of his way as he turned, keeping him in front of me, where I could see him, I hadn’t expected on OX sticking a foot out and tripping me, then pinning me to the floor between the split axe-head.
“Damn, I didn’t see that one coming,” I said, breathlessly. Weapons training was hard work. He helped me to my feel, yet I still kept the blade in my hand, retesting the lighter weight. I watched OX and Lordi spar, resting myself, and waiting for my opportunity to dive in myself.
The opportunity came, they parted for a second, so I jumped in, literally, I span Lordi round and tipped him off balance, he fell to the floor, gasping with exhaustion, the tip of my blade centred on the middle of his neck.
“Someone’s got the better of you I think,” Ox said, panting for breath.
I looked at Lordi, laying on the floor, and flung the blade to one side. It narrowly missed OX and slammed into the wall, splinters of wood flying everywhere. I offered him my hand to help him up, yet he pulled me to the floor beside him. OX left the room quietly, and shut the door. It slammed shut, and the blade quivered, hung for a second, and fell to the floor with a clang. I looked at him, and he looked at me, pulling me closer to him. We lay there for a few minutes, I didn’t even dare to move, it just didn’t seem like it was really happening.

“Err, guys, oh excuse me.” Kita was stood at the door, still holding that pink fluffy slipper like a talisman. “We need you upstairs, something’s going on.”
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Postby Harpie Lady » Wed Oct 18, 2006 6:54 pm

Very good Chapter, :shock: , add more!!
Harpie Lady

Postby UKLFC » Thu Oct 19, 2006 2:41 am

Sorry to come off the story, BUT.

I wrote this earlier, and I have been told by my nice Finnish man that hes going to use it as a song


I fear a thing, it has no face
I may be held, may go free
But I'll never lose the shadow
Of the thing that’s haunting me

(Chorus)She follows me through daytime
And in the bleakest night
She doesnt want to tell me
Why she wont take flight

I try to find a reason
It seems its out of place
Why theres always a shadow
And i never see the face


I cant run, cant turn my back
Always see, the thing in black
Never leaving, never ceasing
Always wants me for her own


She's going to find me in the darkness
She lives on pitch black night
I know I'm going to lose one day
When this creature bites

Outro: She's in shadow, she's in dark
She will take your soul
You can try to run, to can try to flee
She'll catch up with you,
As she caught

When the song is produced, i will put up a link for listening purposes
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Postby tessJuu » Thu Oct 19, 2006 6:51 pm

UKLFC i love your story SO MUCH :D
want to read more!!!!! :twisted:
the song is really good to
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Postby UKLFC » Thu Oct 19, 2006 7:12 pm

Through The Looking Glass II

Chapter XII

Before we were interrupted I was certain something was going to happen. I was so sure it was, it was a perfect moment for something to happen. I sat on the floor, hugging my knees, closing my eyes and smiling to myself.
“What are you smiling about?” Lordi asked a look of amusement on his face.
“Oh, nothing.” I smiled to myself, and allowed him to help me to my feet. He pulled me up, and closer to him, into his arms. They encircled me like a pair of snakes. I put my arms around him, as much as I could, and waited. He looked at me, those red eyes staring at me, burning into my very soul, as he dipped his head, and placed a feather soft kiss on my lips. My head was swimming, my heart was singing, as he kissed me again, longer this time, and with intent. I pulled away, slowly, not wanting to let this moment go. He ran a clawed finger softly down my face.
“We best go back, they’ll be wondering where we are,” I said quietly, not wanting to spoil anything.
“Let them wait,” he said, softly, his voice taking on a growling lilt. “They get to have their fun, but now it’s my turn.” With that, he dipped his head and kissed me again, sending fireworks racing through my head, I held him tighter, as he lifted me up to his level, not breaking the kiss, not spoiling the moment. He held me as he kissed me, tasting me.
“Now we had better go back, before I do anything more. This isn’t the time or the place,” Lordi said, kissing me one last time, before opening the door and going back upstairs. He let me go, and I went ahead of him.

I could hear the commotion before I even went upstairs, I could hear the loud voices, and a strange guttural sound. Looking back, the concern showing on my face, I rushed forward. I couldn’t see what was going on, all I could see was Awa, bent double, her face contorted as it appeared the sounds were coming from her. She had an iron grip on Jen, whose face was pale with fear, and with pain. I went to Awa, but as I tried to touch her, the heat emanating from her hands made it painful to try. I knew I had to get her to let go, but how? My powers! I stood back, and thought of Awa’s grip loosening, I thought of Jen’s hand slipping out of hers, and Awa’s hands cooling back down to their normal(if cold could be called normal) temperature. I thought of one person, and the power flowed through me as I watched it happen. Awa’s grip loosened, Jen’s hand became her own, and Awa’s fingers turned their normal off-white shade.
“Thank you, Angel.” Jen’s voice was shaky, as were her hands. Kita and OX both looked at Amen, who looked at me as he went over to her and hugged her, holding her as he used to hold me. I felt a shot of jealousy shoot up inside me as I watched them. He used to do that with me, I thought, my eyes turning to slits and my hands clenching.
“Are you ok?” asked OX. He had seen the look on my face, and watched my fists clench.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, just needed to get some air. Doing that took a lot out of me, I need to go and lay down I think.” I said, lying through my teeth and hoping the lie would go unnoticed. Ox looked at me, scrutinising me. I knew he had heard the lie, but let it pass, knowing what had happened before.

Excusing myself, I left the room, shaking with rage. Then I realised I had nowhere to go, where I once slept, I couldn’t sleep there any more, not after what had happened. I did a quick about face, then realised I couldn’t go back in the room either. I was too embarrassed of myself. I stood for about 30 seconds, thinking where I could go.
“You left suddenly, are you ok?” I realised it was Kita stood behind me, still holding that stupid slipper.
“Yeah, just, you know.” I told him. “I went to try and go and lie down, I can’t be in the same room, I just get jealous. And you know what happens.”
He nodded. “Don’t I just? You seemed to have a bit of trouble controlling it last night. I think it’s worse now, for you haven’t slept, and you need to.” He looked, and beckoned me forward. “Come with me, I know somewhere you can go and sleep.”
He led me to a door I had never noticed before; I had never been this far along the corridor. As he opened it, it led through to a set of stairs, lit by flaming torches. We walked higher and higher, and the stairs turned steeper and steeper. My fear increased as I realised I was in the middle of the helter skelter, I’d hated helter skelters as I never knew what was in the middle. And now I did.

At the top of the stairs there was a door. I looked at it, and then looked at Kita, who slowly made his way down. I looked, I knocked. I had found out no one was in before I went in myself. The room was huge, it was right at the top, and along one wall was a window that looked out onto the monster realm. I looked out of the window, and looked at the sights around me. There were twisted trees, weird plants and some weird animals roaming around. I looked for about 5 minutes, getting myself back together, and decided to go back down. I had to find out what the next plan was, and how, if we could, bring the worlds back together. I went back down, slowly following the stairs, making sure I didn’t trip. I went back through the door, and shut it silently, creeping along the passageway and listening to the conversation, unnoticed.
“Do you think she’s realised it yet? Angel, I mean?”
“Realised what?”
“You know what I’m on about; realised Jen is her exact opposite. The way they look, they way they talk, they way they act. The only thing similar is their power, but Angel’s is so much stronger, and the powers even work parallel.”
“Awa, what do you mean parallel?”
“Well, Lordi, Angel’s stronger power is one produced by love; Jen’s strongest power is produced by hatred, possibly because she has never felt love.”
“Hmm, that is true. Is that why you couldn’t break your grasp on Jen?”
“Yes, but I also discovered something. She knows where the sacred place is, she knows where we have to be to join the worlds. I think Jen and Angel HAVE to work together, to seal the gap.”
“But what happens to them? Do they become one? Do I lose another?”
“I don’t know to be honest, I wish I did.”

I stood back, I had only caught this part of the conversation, but I knew it was important, I knew I was meant to hear. I knew I had to go in and find out for myself.
I walked in, mid conversation, it was obvious I had heard them talking.

“What do you mean, she’s my opposite? And where is this place? And why haven’t we gone there yet?” My mind was full of questions, all wanting to be answered.
“Calm down, we don’t know a lot yet.” Awa said, looking at me, “I can only tell you what I know. According to what I picked up from Jen, the sacred place is nearby, it is near somewhere both of you know, somewhere you both felt at home. She can see it, but you can’t, which means it must be in her world. She can see it, but she doesn’t know how to call it, how to do the spell.”
“And we think you might Angel,” said Lordi. “Remember what I told you about the circle, about how I didn’t remember anything more than that?”
I nodded. “But how do I come into it? How am I meant to remember something I-“
It hit me, “I did know the spell. I didn’t know how, but I remembered when they used to sedate me, I used to think of a different place, and saying these words, and it made me feel whole.”
I now saw what they meant as the two halves. Without both of us, we couldn’t do the spell, we couldn’t find the place. But what would happen to me? Would we become one, or would we stay split, mirrors of each other?
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Postby Harpie Lady » Thu Oct 19, 2006 7:27 pm

Oh.. :oops: I can't wait! Oh.. so romantic.. :oops:
Harpie Lady

Postby UKLFC » Thu Oct 19, 2006 7:28 pm

Romance, action, comedy.

No gore yet, however, that will change
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Postby UKLFC » Fri Oct 20, 2006 9:27 pm

Through the Looking Glass II

Chapter XIII

I looked at Lordi, and I looked at Awa. Something told me they didn’t know what was going to happen either, and something else told me he wasn’t going to risk losing me after getting me so soon.
“So what are we going to do about it?” I asked.

“Do about what?” A voice from behind me spooked me for a minute, it was Amen. He and Jen had come back in the room, and she looked slightly dishevelled, but happy. I knew what they had been doing.
“Nothing, don’t worry, it doesn’t concern you. Nothing I do concerns you anymore now does it?” I said, the anger bubbling in my voice yet again.
“Yow, what have I done wrong?” Amen said, looking genuinely upset. “I only asked what was going on, and you bit my head off.”
“Don’t worry about it, oh look you obviously don’t.” I felt the anger rise inside me, consuming me like a fire. “You’re obviously only interested because it concerns her.” I said sarcastically, pointing at Jen, my eyes filled with hatred. “The only thing we were talking about was, hmm, how to put the worlds back together, and what me and Jen have to do. You see, the only bit that would concern you, is the fact that we might meld into one, and then, well, who knows.” I looked at him evilly, the smug smile on my face appearing at his gob smacked look.
“What do you mean, you might meld, what do you mean, she might disappear or something.” He said, looking at me. I nodded and laughed. He lunged at me, so I sidestepped him easily. At this moment nothing would have given me greater pleasure then to hurt him, the way he had hurt me, the way I still felt jealous, even though I shouldn’t.

“Right, you.” Lordi came over to me and picked me up. “Time you left the room and got some sleep. And you and I are going to have words. Awa, tell Amen what the hell Angel is on about. I’ll deal with her.” I tried to struggle against him, but he was too strong for me, he walked out of the room as if I wasn’t there, as if he wasn’t holding me.
“Why the hell did you react like that?” He said, angrily. “I thought you had managed to get rid of that jealousy thing?”
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I knew precisely what they had been up to. What I used to do with him. It just set me off. Maybe there’s just something I need to get out of my system.” I chuckled softy, knowing he should get what I meant by the tone of my voice.
“I know precisely what you’re on about, but you need to get some sleep. If you keep flipping like that, you’re going to put us all in danger.” His voice grew softer, I knew he really did care for me.
“I’ll only sleep if you stay with me. I couldn’t sleep on my own.”
“Ok, I’ll come up with you. I’ll stay with you, just promise me, if you think you’re going to do that again, go and take it out on me!” He carried me down the passage, past the door I had once used, and into the door Kita showed me.
“This is yours? Up here?”
“Yeah, I like to be away, I like to have time to think. How did you know it was here?”
“He’s got a right filthy mind, I swear it. Keeps trying to make things happen, but he is good at what he does, so we let him have his fun.”
By the time we had finished speaking, we were at the top of the steps. Lordi kicked the door open, and laid me on his bed. He took off his armour, it was the first time I’d seen him without it, and here was me thinking he slept in it. He saw me watching him.
“You think I’m going to sleep with all this on?” He chuckled, and I stood up, and helped him take it of, hearing it clunk as it hit the floor. Finally it was all off, he didn’t look much different, but it was weird seeing him without it.
“Don’t give me that look,” he said, “it’s time you got some sleep. And yes, I know precisely what you’re thinking. Later.”
I lay down, waiting for him to join me, which he did. He sat up, my head resting in his lap, and started to play with my hair. I sighed a contented sigh, and shifted slightly. He started to sing, in a language I had never heard, but the way the words rolled off his tongue settled and soothed me as I drifted off.

“Hey there, time for you to wake up I think.”

I opened my eyes, the room was lit by torchlight instead of by daylight. I could see the last of the sun hiding behind a hill, the sky looked like it was ablaze. I sat up, feeling refreshed for my sleep, feeling like I could face anything.
“Are you okay now Little Miss Grumpy?” He looked at me, teasing me.
“Yup, I feel all better now. Except my forehead itches.” I hadn’t noticed, but it did itch, a little. It was a fluttering tingle, but it was getting worse.
“Let me look? Please?” He knelt down to my level, close to me. I looked at him whilst he looked at my forehead.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, “What’s there?”
“You really want to know? Well, I’m sorry to say this but,”
“But? But what?”
“Don’t worry, you look so scared,” He laughed. “All that’s wrong with you, is that you’re growing horns, you’re finally growing into your monster self.”
“Horns?” I asked. “Why do I have horns?”
“Because you do, I don’t know why. Maybe you were meant to. Maybe you’re part monster, and this made it come out. I’d say the latter.”
I giggled. I didn’t realise I could be anything but human. The horns didn’t bother me much, they tingled and itched, but I was getting used to that.
“Can we go down now? I have to apologise.”
“Yeah, if you think you can, I know you can though.” He helped me to my feet, and ushered me over to the window, to watch the sunset. He stood behind me, arms wrapped around me. I could feel the heat rising off him as he lowered his head and planted butterfly kisses along my neck that made me shiver.
“Now, now, there’s a time and a place for that,” I said, my voice quivering.
“Who said I was doing anything? I’m just, hmm, giving you a taster.” He stopped and moved away, then gestured for us to go down.

We walked back into the main room, Kita shouting out extremely suggestive comments, and Ox giving him a clout for it. I went up to Amen, and apologised. (I don’t need to put precisely what we said, but we agreed. I was sorry, so was he).
“Time we got this into motion. If what Jen said was true, and she knows where it is, and it is close by, then we’ll get there soon.” Awa said, taking command.
“Do we really need that spell again?” I said, rubbing my forehead surreptitiously. “I mean, come on, it’s going to be night. By the look of things, Hallowe’en as well.”
“Ok, we’ll go like ourselves.” Awa said, “It’s going to be Hallowe’en, people wont care. But Kita, OX, no chasing after the girls please.” Kita and OX looked like a couple of schoolboys who had been caught plotting.
“Amen, you’re looking after Jen.” Lordi shouted over to him. “I’m going to have my hands full looking after this feisty little Angel.” I giggled, and gave him a cheeky look.
“Down to the weapons room guys. Angel, do you think you could handle one yourself this time?” Lordi asked.
“Only if I can have that sword again?” I asked hopefully.
“I know which sword she really wants,” said OX. I walked up to him, and gave him a clout, then went down with the others to pick up our weapons. Lordi with his axe, OX with his double handed broadsword, Amen with his knives and a shorter javelin, Kita with his chains. Jen and Awa held nothing in their hands, I knew they were going to use their powers. We went down to the mirror, all prepared. This time I didn’t touch the mirror, Jen did, and we all stepped through, ready to try and find the place to seal the worlds.
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Postby top hat t-bird » Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:18 pm

Hmm, you are a very good writer, very imaginative work there!
Easily one of the best works on this thing!
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Postby UKLFC » Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:20 pm

I live to write, I write to live.

And I'm very bored, being trapped at home. Hopefully itll be finished before Hallowe'en
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Postby top hat t-bird » Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:22 pm

UKLFC wrote: I live to write, I write to live.

Oo fantastic, I didn't know you wrote to live!
(OK I know now don't I :lol: )
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Postby UKLFC » Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:24 pm

I've written things since I was about 10/11, so thats 12 years of experience behind me. I dont write slush very easily, so i went for gothic horror (i do haev a hallowe'en scary story somewhere)
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Postby UKLFC » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:06 am

Through the Looking Glass II

Chapter XIV

We found ourselves in the same place, through the same window, the same street, but this time it was twilight. The lamps glowed and flickered above us, as we stared at shop fronts empty apart from mannequins and an empty street. Newspapers fluttered and blew across in the breeze, twirling and entwining at our feet. It was Hallowe’en, there was no doubt about it. But where was everybody, where were the trick or treaters, where were the adults looking after them?
“Something isn’t right guys. I mean, REALLY, something not right.” I said, I could feel a slow cold chill of intuition snake up my back, I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt it.
“Come on, we need to go.” Lordi said. “Angel, stay close.”

We walked up the deserted streets, only a few days ago had this been teeming with people, like rats in a run. Now I felt like we were the rats, and we were nearing the trap. I didn’t tell anyone my fears, but everyone appeared anxious and tense, except Jen. Why was it only us that felt the fear? Why didn’t she feel it as well? Shrugging off my thoughts, I looked at everyone, looked at OX holding his sword, Kita wanting to whip his chains. Even Awa looked serious, her face filled with some deadly intent.
“Why is everyone so tense?” I asked Lordi, looking up at him.
“I don’t know,” he answered, truthfully. “I wish I did, I mean look at us all, we’re all worked up and we’ve got nothing to be scared of, I mean no one is about, it’s Hallowe’en so we’d fit in, but I don’t know. I know I can feel it, but something is just off kilter, it isn’t right.” I knew what he meant, my instincts were more honed now than they ever were, but I didn’t know what was making us act like this, all we were doing was following Jen.
Jen? Why wasn’t she acting like we were, maybe she wasn’t attuned. No, that’s right, I remembered, she hadn’t changed into one of us yet, not like I had. I felt the places on my forehead, and felt two small lumps. My horns were growing quickly, it hurt still, they were sore, but it was the first sign. Lost in a world of my own thoughts, I carried on walking, not noticing where I was going.

“Come on everybody,” Jen said, suddenly, stopping at an alleyway. “It’s down here, then out into the open behind. It’s not a lot further.”
“Are you sure?” I said, hesitantly. “I don’t see anything.”
“Don’t you trust me?” she asked, looking at me closely. “I’m the one who’s seen it, I’m the one who knows where it is, aren’t I?”
“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” I agreed, but I didn’t trust her. How easily she had fitted in ,how she didn’t seem to fear or be scared of us after such a short time. It was strange. “But don’t forget to tell me when we’re where we need to be, so I can tell you how to do the spell.”
“Oh, I will do, don’t worry. In fact, if I remember right, you’ll know anyway.” Jen said, her hair whistling in the breeze.

I looked at Amen, who shrugged, and made to follow her down the alleyway. One hand slipped down onto the handle of my sword and gripped tightly. I wanted to be prepared if anything happened. My other hand went upwards, as if drawn by a force of its own, meeting a larger, stronger one, which clasped it firmly and safely. I knew he’d not let anything happen to me, but I knew as well that he was just as prepared as I was. In fact, we all were. I knew by some stupid thing everyone had their weapons at the ready, I could feel Awa putting herself through her mental exercises, stretching herself, preparing herself. This was unknown territory to us all. Kita sniffed the air headily, as if inhaling a sweet smell. I knew he was preparing himself, in his own way.
We turned off the alleyway and into an open concrete area. It looked like a car park or a disused lot. As we walked into it, light came on, as if from nowhere. By instinct, I went into the shadows, wondering what the hell was going on. Where the hell had these lights come from.
“Hey, there’s no need to hide. The lights come on automatically.” Jen said confidently. I still wasn’t sure, and I knew no one else was. It was so unlike any of them to be scared, they were always so confident, so headstrong, so sure. But this was a different realm, and there were different rules here.
“I’m going out, it smells okay to me.” Kita said, and he scampered out. Sure enough, nothing happened to him, and the rest of us followed out, quietly and slowly, keeping aware, making sure we could see the danger before it finds us.


Someone shouted from the darkness. Within seconds a group had surrounded us, and Jen moved back towards them.
“Jen! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!!” shouted Amen, clearly shocked at her.
“What the hell do you think I’m doing, dummy?” she said, calmly and clearly. “I’m doing what I was meant to do. You really didn’t think I’d gone all those years without knowing what I was did you? You didn’t think I wasn’t aware of you guys before then, aware of HER presence,” She pointed directly at me, the hatred filling her face. “I’ve known about you guys for a long time, I’ve always known about the split world. It’s been passed down through my family for generation upon generation, hoping the split gene would reveal itself. And it did, in me. And I’m going to make sure you can’t do what you want do. We made a deal, didn’t we?” She turned to the head of the gang. “I brought them here for you, now pay up.”
“Oh, I’ll; pay you alright, little one. You brought them here just like we asked you to.” The biggest one of the group came forward slightly. I didn’t recognise the looks, but I knew what was inside of him. Awa looked at me and nodded imperceptively. I knew she knew it too. I knew she knew he was part demon. He was the one who wanted the worlds left open. He wanted to cause death and destruction and he wanted to rule them all. But we couldn’t let it happen.
“Hey, girly, didn’t you want your payment?” Jen had turned to walk away, but as she turned back, he pulled up a shotgun, and shot her.

Once in the chest

A shot in both legs, bringing her down to the ground.

I heard the sickening gargle of blood in her lungs, and had a flashback. To my own death, when Amen had cradled me in his arms, as he rushed to do the same to Jen, as he rushed to hold her, he blood spilling all over him. I didn’t want to watch, but I was transfixed. I felt Lordi’s hand on me, moving around and snaking my waist, holding me. All I could do was watch as history repeated itself, all I could do was watch as Jen coughed up blood, it spittering and spattering on Amen, and spilling all over the floor, the blood pumping furiously around.
I couldn’t hear the words being spoken, all I could hear were flashes from my own death, how it felt to know that soon it would all be over, soon you would fade to black and into nothingness, how no one would be able to remember you, because you had gone so quickly.
“I just want you to know Amen,” I head Jen say, sputtering like an engine on a cold winter morning, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t want it to be this way.” Her voice croaked and slipped into gargles on the last few words, I knew she was close to death.
Seconds later, Amen let out a primeval roar, and I knew she had gone. I turned away, tears pouring down my face, not just for Jen, but for myself. I had never seen this before, but he had, he had seen it twice, and so soon. I buried my head in Lordi’s chest, sobbing, I could feel the tears pouring down my cheeks, I could feel the pounding of my own heart in my chest. I knew that whoever had done this would pay, I knew it would be brutal.
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Postby Yasha666 » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:39 am

Gawwwdd UKLFC I just love your story!<3 :D
And so much imagination.. and so great to read it, just can't wait for more chappies! :twisted:
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Postby UKLFC » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:46 pm

Through The Looking Glass II

Chapter XV

“Why did you need to do that?” Amen shouted at the group. “What was the point of doing it?”
“We had to. You wouldn’t understand, you don’t understand anything.” The half demon said, spitting the words out like bile. “You’re just a stupid monster, you don’t get anything do you? You don’t get that we’re going to win, we’re going to join the worlds, and you’re going to be lost forever.”

Now I knew. They had used her to draw us here, like pus out of a wound. They had hit the pressure point, they were hoping to split it wide open, like a gaping maw, and get rid of us.

“You really think it’s that’s easy,” I said, amazed at myself. “You really think all it’s going to take is a few words of derision from you and we’re going to let you walk all over us? I don’t think so.” I drew my sword, and twirled it in my hand, watching the blade gleam in the moonlight. “You wanna play, or are you all talk?” I levelled my sword, and heard everyone else unhooking their weapons, preparing themselves.

They looked at us, then looked at their leader, who nodded. They ran at us, ran at me. The first one to seek my path met my blade. I drove it into his stomach and twisted, hearing his insides exploding. I yanked my sword free, and blood spurted, hitting me in the face. I’d never felt as good as I did now, adrenaline pumping. I carried on, cutting down whoever got near me, I saw everyone do the same.

Awa throwing flame balls and confusing people enough for them to get in Kita’s path, I saw him eviscerate someone and disembowel them, then whack another with his chains, slicing the skin from his head like orange peel. I watched Amen, as he threw dagger after dagger, every single one hitting their target, eyes, heads, arms, legs. I saw OX, his swordwork flowing as if it was a natural extension of his arms, spinning and hitting, throwing up spurts of blood and flesh. I watched as Lordi brought his axe down on someone’s skull, the blood curdling crack as they dropped to the floor dead.

I felt a presence behind me, I turned, I met every blow he tired, blow for blow, parry for parry, onslaught for onslaught. He was bigger, he was more powerful, I couldn’t keep this up forever. I dropped my guard for a split second, to catch my breath, and all I saw was a blade coming towards me, and hearing a whoosh and a clang. I ducked, instinctively, only to look up and see this person’s sword embedded within the split of Lordi’s axe. He was constantly pushing him back, further and further. I moved away slightly, then leapt onto him and past him, my blade whistling through the air as it found its target, the front of this man’s neck. Blood geysered arterially, pumping, until he dropped to the floor. I was covered in blood, as was Lordi. He grinned at me, and I could feel the animal instinct to kill creeping up inside me, devouring me. The flame of battle was burning in my eyes, and I just couldn’t stop myself.

I swung my blade at everyone I met, hitting home and hitting hard, covering myself in blood and flesh and bits of bone, until we had cleared the group. All around us lay dead and dismembered bodies, chunks of flesh scattered and strewn about. Yet the leader was nowhere to be seen, somehow he had escaped whilst we were fighting.
Kita smelt the air apprehensively, catching a scent.

“Follow me,” he whispered. We didn’t cover our weapons, just held them, and scattered slightly, into a formation, Kita at the front, Amen, myself and Awa and the middle, Lordi and Ox at the back. If they got through us, they wouldn’t get through them. Kita led us on a path, back down the alleyway, back through the town, back down the street we passed as we came, and back near to where the tunnel we had used previously way. Kita sniffed around again, casting like a dog casts to catch a scent. He nodded, and pointed in there.
“He’s close,” he whispered. “He smells really rotten, like something dead.”

We snuck in closer, getting as near as we dared to the hole, the gaping chasm in the wall lined by bits of brick jutting out. We looked at each other, none of us wanting to go in first. For the first time, I think it wasn’t only me that was scared, we had seen what this thing was capable of, what his minions were capable of. But he hadn’t seen what we were capable of, he fled too soon into the fight to find out. We had the upper hand, for now.
“Isn’t anyone going to go in?” I whispered, and stepped forward myself, only to be dragged back.
“What do you think you’re playing at?” Lordi whispered angrily at me, “For all we know, it’s a trap.”
“Well, we won’t know unless we go in will we?” I whispered back, frantically trying to get him to loosen his grasp.
Amen looked at Lordi, who nodded, and he stepped forward, closer to the opening. The stench of brimstone and decomposing flesh met us, and he walked closer, skirting the edge, before stepping in, first one foot, then the other.
“Well, it’s ok,” Amen said, looking at us. “Come on then.” He beckoned us forward, and we all stepped in the first part of the tunnel.

As we arranged ourselves back into our group, back into Kita leading, this sound started. It was like a tearing and ripping, but with stone. It sounded like the whole world was crunching together, it was an unholy, inhuman roar. It was louder than anything I had ever heard, it hurt my ears to listen to it. Everyone looked around them, trying to find out what was going on, what was causing this.
“Watch out!” Ox shouted, and jumped forward. I looked at him, and stepped further back, moving into someone. The light from outside faded and turned into pitch black as the two halves of the brick wall came together and sealed into one perfect wall again.
I looked around for something to light, as did everyone else, felling with my feet, until I found a stack of wooden things. I picked one up, it looked suspiciously like a torch, it was like it had all been planned. I handed one to Awa, who lit it with a single wave of her hand. I picked up more, and passed them to her, she lit them in quick succession until we had one each, and we could see properly.
“Now we know why it was sealed,” said Awa. She didn’t say it, but I know she was worrying about the last time it was opened, and if the people inside had ever got out. I looked at her, and she looked back, tension written across her face. We had no choice, we had to go forward, into the unknown, into the breach, the only way we could go. There was no turning back now, and we didn’t know if we would ever get out. I didn’t know, and it scared me more than any other thought I had ever had.
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Postby tessJuu » Sat Oct 21, 2006 2:43 pm

UKLFC dont know how you do it but thanx to you i love to read again XD
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Postby UKLFC » Sat Oct 21, 2006 10:14 pm

Whilst I was bored this evening, I decided to make some backgrounds. I have given links, not posted them, as they are pretty big. ... lames2.jpg ... /wowza.jpg

If you would like to use them, please ask. And please dont take off my mark, or I'll get ya
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Postby NightChild » Sun Oct 22, 2006 12:03 am

UKLFC wrote: Whilst I was bored this evening, I decided to make some backgrounds. I have given links, not posted them, as they are pretty big. ... lames2.jpg ... /wowza.jpg

If you would like to use them, please ask. And please dont take off my mark, or I'll get ya

very nice girl! :D <3
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Postby top hat t-bird » Sun Oct 22, 2006 6:05 pm

Hey UK this story ROCKS!!!
Well done, It's great :!:
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Postby UKLFC » Sun Oct 22, 2006 8:27 pm

I also made these today (my story writing has gone on holiday until tomorrow)

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And a Awa Background: ... 6/awa1.jpg
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Postby FINATIA (MG & PoF) » Sun Oct 22, 2006 8:41 pm

UKLFC wrote:

hey KERR where did Mr. Lordi all at sudden go?! :x :?

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