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Postby Ultimate Warrior » Tue Nov 20, 2007 1:11 pm

Lillith Duskcutter wrote:Disaster has just struck. My Icelandic hunny, Danny, is freaking gay! He has a boyfriend :cry: .
I thought he was too gorgeous to be straight. Meh. There goes another cell in my heart.

*hugs LD* Poor thing, but never mind! Plenty more fish in the sea! :D :wink:

Mad Madame Mimm wrote: *mimms inner slut cries "I DOOOOOO!"*

Always knew you had one of them. :wink: :lol:
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Postby Lillith Duskcutter » Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:36 pm

Well, the good thing is that we're talking. I'm cool with it. I have nothing against gays. They're awesome people. *Huggles UW back*
But, you'll be glad to know that I've fallen for someone else. :lol:
Oh yeah. I bounce back fast, don't I? :oops:
I'm not continuing my story.
Sorry. I feel absolute zilch for Kalma now.
I will start a new one later.
Really sorry about that.
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Postby Mad Madam Mimm » Sun Nov 25, 2007 5:07 pm

thats cool, lillith. go with the artistic flow. Its better you write something you're passionate about then finish this off half hearted.
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Postby Lillith Duskcutter » Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:51 pm

Okay. In this next story......
Here we go.

A new beginning

Chp 1: Here.

A new beginning

Chp 1:

I sat in my livingroom, looking at the small contraption on the table. I was shocked beyond belief. I mean, yeah, it had happened, but, I never thought that anything would have come out of it....
Suddenly, the door burst open. I looked up in shock. I grabbed my gun and stood up, pointing it at the door.
"For the love of God, Anna. Put that thing down!" Came a familiar voice. I squealed and dropped the gun. I ran into the arms of my one true love, OX. He hugged me back.
"Jesus, it's been ages" I said. I pulled away. OX was still in his human form. Dear Lord, he was gorgeous.
"Tell me about it" He said, leaning down and kissing me tenderly. We pulled apart.
"OX, I have something to show you" I said, taking his hand and leading him into the livingroom. We both sat down. I picked up the contraption. OX's eyes bulged.
"Is that what I think it is?" He asked.
"Probably" I answered.
"Is that a pregnancy test thingy you humans use?" He asked. I looked at him, the answer in my eyes. His eyes widened.
"You're- Pregnant?" He asked.
"Yeah" I said. OX pulled me into his arms and kissed me. We pulled apart.
"That's amazing news, Anna" He said.
"How many months?" He continued.
"Well, it's been 5 months exactly since we did what we did, so...." I answered. He let me go.
"Come on. The others are doing some destroying. We can go back to the lair, if you want" He said with that look in his eyes.
"I don't think the baby would appreciate an intruder, and neither would I" I said. OX laughed.

Sorry! I've got a touch of writers block. Post more later.
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Postby Mad Madam Mimm » Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:59 pm

ooh, looks like it could be a good story! Cant wai to hear more
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Postby Ultimate Warrior » Thu Nov 29, 2007 10:43 pm

Looking good Lillith! Keep it up if and when you can! :wink:
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Postby Lillith Duskcutter » Thu Dec 20, 2007 6:08 pm

So sorry it took ages to reply!!! I'm really busy with my design unit in art. I've logged on Via the school computers, and I'm not really suposed top be on this site. :shock:
But anyhoo, I think it is time for an update.

Chp 1: Page 14
Chp 2: Here

A new beginning

Chp 2:

OX and I soon left my house.

So sorry! Gotta go again! Update soon, I promise!!!!!!!
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Postby judge death » Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:55 pm

Interesting story!
i will have my eyes here^^
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Postby Lillith Duskcutter » Fri Dec 28, 2007 6:38 pm

I don't seem to be in the mood to write anything these days......
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Postby ILoveMonsters » Wed Jan 02, 2008 5:03 am

Lillith Duskcutter wrote:I don't seem to be in the mood to write anything these days......

Oh no! This one is off to a good start, I've been looking forward to it. (I'm mostly a lurker, but I do read the FFs often). :D
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Postby Lillith Duskcutter » Wed Jan 02, 2008 6:28 pm

I seem to be a bit on the Arsty side of life. Listening to progressive music and what not.....
Ach weel! I suppose you wouldn't mind if I started a different story and continued with Anna's one later?
Well, I'll start one anyway. Later, though. Once I get more inspiration.
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Postby ILoveMonsters » Sat Jan 12, 2008 2:54 am

Lillith Duskcutter wrote:I seem to be a bit on the Arsty side of life. Listening to progressive music and what not.....
Ach weel! I suppose you wouldn't mind if I started a different story and continued with Anna's one later?
Well, I'll start one anyway. Later, though. Once I get more inspiration.

Whenever you're ready, but I would like to read more of Anna's story, too. :D
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Postby Lillith Duskcutter » Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:22 pm

Okay, I thought I may continue the story on the first page of my fanfics.
Yes, Shadow's story continues. :D.

Here's Hard Rock hallelujah.

Title:Hard rock Hallelujah.
Author:I wonder.....
Pairings:OX and Shadow.
Summary:Okay, Shadow is an 18 year old girl, bullied by the jocks and cheerleaders of her highschool becuase she's a goth. One day, her life is completely changed when her faveourite band show up. Basically, it's what happens in the video, and a sort of sequel to it.
Disclaimer:I won't, can't and don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of ever owning the members of Lordi or the video. I only own my Character.

Chp 1:

18 year old Shadow Carson walked along the hallway full of cheerleaders and Jocks. Her shoulder-length wavy black hair hid her face. Her beautiful brown eyes looked at the floor. She was listening to her faveourite band, Lordi. Shadow wore tight denim jeans and a "Dog Collar" belt. She wore a black top and a denim waist-coat. She wore various black bracelets and a "Dog collar" bracelet on her wrist. Around her neck she had various necklaces, and, once again, a dog collar choker. She carried in her hand a large notebook with the members of Lordi on the front of the book and the band name above the drawing. The Latino girl felt small around the jocks in their football gear. Shadow made her way to the gym hall where the "Popular" cheerleaders were practising a routine. She watched them,leaning against the door frame. How crazy, Shadow thought to herself. The cheerleaders dance fits with Hard Rock Hallelujah. Two cheerleaders then ran in, bumping into Shadow at exactly the same time that Kita hit the Hihat symbol on her tape player (A/N: was it a tape player?) Shadow watched the lead Cheerleader. The blonde caught Shadow's gaze, and Shadow looked to the floor. Then, suddenly, the lights went out. Lightning flashed. Shadow looked up, then heard an almighty crash. The other Gym doors had been knocked off their hinges. Shadow looked, and there stood Lordi himself, singing.T hat's when Shadow realised, her music had switched off, and it was real life. The Cheerleaders where screaming. As Lordi sung, he raised his hands, and brought them down. The cheerleaders fell to the ground. Shadow watched in Horror.
Then, all of a sudden, the whole band was playing infront of her. Leaves where being blown about in the wind and lightning flashed. Shadow was drawn forward in awe.
"Rock and Roll angels, brine that hard rock hallelujah" The band sung. But Shadow wasn't looking at Lordi, or the others, she was looking straight at OX. The Hellbull caught her gaze with his piercing green eyes.
"Wings on my back, I got horns on my head. My fangs are sharp and my eyes are red" Lordi sung. As he did so,the cheerleaders began to jerkily get up from where they had all fallen, but they had changed. They were Deadites. They stood up,arms bent, heads down. Then, every time Kita hit the Hihat, A few of the deadites heads snapped up and their arms went into the air. On hard rock hallelujah, the zombies thrust their arms out, surrounding Shadow with their pom poms. On the last Hard Rock hallelujah, the lead cheerleader held her pom pom above Shadow's head like a crown,and Lordi himself nodded. Shadow lead her group of deadites down the hall. The deadites clawed the air, eager to get at the jocks and the other girls. The jocks and the girls were screaming and running down the hall, but found that they couldn't get through the door.S hadow punched the air at "Hard Rock Hallelujah", and the zombies ran forward. Shadow then went back to the hall. The members of Lordi were still there. Shadow went up to Lordi himself.
"Thankyou, you guys saved me"She said.
"All believers shall be saved. Shadow, there is a profecy. It says that
a lonely girl of 18 who believes in something that no-one else does will lift the curse that has been cast upon us. That girl is you,Shadow."Lordi said.
"You mean, you're actually monsters?"Shadow asked.
"Yes. We were humans at one time, but, after the curse had been cast upon us, there was no going back. We were cursed into becoming the monsters that we dressed up as."Lordi said, rather sadly. Shadow looked at OX. Lordi saw this and smiled.
"You should have seen him when he was human. The girls in high school drooled over him"Lordi said. He then pushed Shadow towards OX quite easily. He then left her there, standing infront of OX. He looked at her.
"Hi" Shadow said. OX smiled. Shadow knew this because he was smiling with his eyes.
"You know, the Sorceress ((Eh-hem, Telfrodo!*Cough!*)) said that we would never see the sun in our monster form, but she was wrong, because the sun is right infront of me."OX said. Shadow blushed. That was the sweetest thing anyone had said to her, literally. OX took Shadows hand and brought it to his teeth and "Kissed" it. Shadow blushed even redder. She knew that this was his way of kissing her hand. OX let go of her hand.
"Shadow, I sense you have a question. What do you wish to know?"Lordi asked. Shadow turned to him.
"How do I lift the curse?"Shadow asked.
"You must love one of us and save us all by doing a heroic act. Do you wish to save us?"Lordi asked.
"Yeah, I do want to save you all. It's the profecy, right?"Shadow said.All eyes but Shadows turned to OX. He turned Shadow to face him again and placed his hands on her shoulders.
"You wish to be mine? You wish to Love me?"OX asked.
"Yes,I do" Shadow replied. OX's eyes widened and he hugged Shadow.
"Thankyou"He said. Shadow smiled, and tears rolled down her cheeks.
OX sensed this and he pulled away slightly. He wiped Shadows tears away.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"It's just, I've never had anyone like you guys as friends." She said. OX smiled.
"Well, we're glad to be your friends. You're the only kind human we've met in all our years on this planet" OX said.
"Stop it. You'll make me cry even harder"Shadow said, laughing weakly. The monsters smiled for the first time in their lives.
"I swear, if I wasn't a monster and had this horrible face, I would kiss you right now" Ox said. Shadow smiled, her face glowing.
"Shadow, it is time for us to go back to our hiding place. The sun will rise soon and as you know, we are creatures of the night" Lordi said. OX pulled away from Shadow, then lifted her up, bridal style. The 5 monsters and the human then left the now abandoned high school and made their way back to the place that the Sorceress vowed that they would spend the rest of their lives.

How was that for refreshing your memories. Conar says Hi! He's kinda busy eating the remains of human brains right now.
Now, chapter two*Sighs*

Chp 2:

When the monsters and Shadow reached the hiding place and went inside, Shadow gasped in Shock. It looked exactly like the house in the video for Blood Red Sandman. OX set Shadow down on her own two feet.
"Surprized?"He asked.
"Hell Yeah.This is the house for the video,Blood Red Sandman"Shadow said.
"It is the house for Blood Red Sandman" Lordi said.
"Whoa. Why did you guys decide to live here?" Shadow asked.
"Because, it was more like a house for the living dead than anything else and we all like this place" Awa said, speaking for the first time that night. Shadow turned to her and smiled. Shadow's stomach then rumbled.
She giggled then blushed.
"Humans." Lordi said, then he went through a door that Shadow didn't reconise. It wasn't in the video for Blood Red Sandman. Suddenly,Shadow felt very faint. Then, she keeled over. Fast as lightning, OX caught her. He lifted her up and carried her into a room- his room. He laid her down on the bed and took her shoes off. He then sat beside her and stroked her hair.
"You'll be fine, you just need some rest" He whispered. As if in reply, Shadow moaned. OX smiled and 'kissed' her on the cheek. He then stood up, went around to the other side of the bed and laid beside shadow. He wrapped an arm around Shadows shoulders and pulled her closer, as he knew, she was human and so could get very cold. With one last look at his girlfriend, OX fell asleep, and in his dreams, he was human and was dancing with Shadow.

When Shadow woke up, She found herself in the arms of OX. She smiled. Suddenly,his eyes opened.
"You humans. Why do you insist on waking up during the day?" OX asked.
"Because, my dear bulltaurus, it's natural for us to wake up when it's light because our body's sense the light and make us wake up"Shadow said. OX smiled, his eyes had an evil glint in them.
"OX, no. Don't you dare. Don't even think about it or so help me God I'll....." Shadow began, but too late. OX was ontop of her and began a full-blown tickle attack on Shadow's rib cage.
"No-no! OX! Pl-ha-ease, s-s-st-t-t-op! Pl-ha-ha-ha-ea-s-s-s-se" Shadow begged, but OX didn't stop. Shadow was laughing so hard, she was crying. Ox did finally stop. Shadow wiped her tears of laughter away.
"You evil Hellbull. Just you wait until you're human again. I will so get my revenge" Shadow said. OX laughed and got off of Shadow and sat beside her. Shadow sat up. The door then opened and in came Awa.
"What in Devil's name were you doing to her, OX?" She asked.
"That evil Hellbull tickled me" Shadow said. Awa laughed.
"Shadow, come with me, I have something for you" Awa said once she had recovered. Shadow got off the bed and followed Awa into her room. On the bed, there lay two dresses. Awa picked up one and handed it to Shadow. It was a dirty white dress that was torn.
"Go on, try it on." Awa said, closing the door behind her. Shadow shimmied out of her clothes, (except her girls boxers) and slipped the dress on. It fitted perfectly. It rested on her chest. Shadow walked over to the door. She could hear the voices of her monster friends. She opened the door and walked out into the living area where her friends were. They stopped short and stared. OX's jaw literally dropped. Lordi's eyes widened. Kita's mouth was wide open, Awa smiled warmly and Amen stared, opened mouthed.
"Are you guys trying to catch flies?" Shadow asked the boys. Their mouths shut immediately.
"Shadow, you look-amazing"Ox said. Lordi put a hand on Shadow's shoulder.
"Shadow, another part of the profecy, and a rather unfortunate one at that. Shadow, you must be turned into a monster, like us." Lordi said.
Shadow looked at Awa.
"He said what now?!"Shadow asked rather fearfully.Awa nodded solemly. A knock came on the front door,and Awa answered it. She came back in, followed by three monsters. Kalma, Enary and Magnum.
"This is the newbie?" Kalma asked.
"Yes, she is" Lordi replied. Kalma walked over to Shadow and ruffled her hair.
"Welcome to the gang, kiddo" He said. Enary walked over to Shadow too.
Enary smiled.
"Welcome to our world. It'll be nice to have more female members around this place" She said. Magnum sauntered over.
"Hello. I hope you'll enjoy your time here in this Hellhole" Magnum said.
"Friends, I think you must know, she is the girl the profecy speaks about. She is the one who shall lift the curse, and she has excepted" Lordi said. The monsters eyes widened.
"Wait, does that mean that she must be...." Enary began, and Lordi nodded. Enary looked sadly at Shadow.
"Whatever happens, you'll always have us to back you" Enary said. The monster then stood in a circle around Shadow. They then started a chant. After a while, Shadow began to lift off the ground. Her arms and legs stretched out to as far as they could go, as were her fingers. Her eyes were wide as the magick coursed through her body. Eventualy, Shadow fell to the ground, her hair covered her face. Enary and Awa rushed over to her. They helped Shadow up. She had changed. She had long white -blonde hair like Enary's. Her skin was white and her lips were blue and her once beautiful brown eyes were white. Shadow was dead, like the others.
"You are one of us now. You have done what most people would have run away from. You are the Corpse Bride, Shadow." Lordi said.
"What about the curse?"Shadow asked, fear filling her dead eyes.
"Do not fret. You will still be-able to lift the curse." Lordi replied.
"But what about me? Will I be returned to a human?" Shadow asked. Lordi nodded. Shadow sighed a relief.
"Come now, you need rest or you'll feel dead tired in the morning" Amen said. Everyone laughed, including Shadow. OX took hold of her hand and led her into their room. He helped her into the bed and got in beside her. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer. Shadow fell asleep, as did OX.

Chp 3.

Shadow woke up. When had she fallen asleep? Had it all been a dream?She looked at her surroundings. Nope, it was real. She saw herself wearing the brides dress. Yep, it happened. She was dead. She sat up. She saw that she was alone in her bed. OX must've woken up. She got out of the bed and stood up. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and yelped. She had a serious case of bedhead. She ran her hand over her hair, and, to her surprise, her hair straightened. She smiled, then walked through to the living area of the house. Her friends were there.
"Hello, all. How are you this hellish evening?"She asked.S he sat down beside OX, who was on the couch.
"Positively terrible, my dear" Lordi replied.
"How so?" Shadow asked.
"We feel terrible about turning you into a monster. We wish we could change you back." Awa said sadly. Shadows face softened.
"Don't feel terrible, guys. It had to be done. Hey, at least you won't have to keep me warm and feed me 24/7" Shadow said. Her friends laughed.Just then, the front door burst open, and there stood humans with pitchforks. Shadow sighed and stood up.
"What do you want?" She growled.
"To destroy the evil that killed our children!" One human yelled. The human made a move to attack the monsters, but Shadow grabbed them by the throat and lifted them up into the air. The human dropped his pitchfork.
"Listen, and listen good. Your children were killed for a reason. They tormented me when I was alive. They beat me, stole from me, and very nearly killed me. They got back what they gave and they deserved it." Shadow hissed. She dropped the human to the floor. He scrambled up to his feet, picking up his pitchfork.
"Now go,and don't you ever come back. We may not be so merciful next time." Shadow said. She turned her back to the human, but he attacked her. She turned around and grabbed him by the throat once again.
"I said leave!" Shadow yelled. She threw the human to the floor. He ran, as did the others.
"Wow, Shadow. You sure showed him!" Kalma said.
"No problem. I'd do anything to make sure you guys stay far from harms way" Shadow said.
"Besides, they had no right to disturb the dead. I know the rules. Do not disturb ye dead or their revenge on thou shalt be merciless" Shadow said. The monsters stared at her.
"What? I did study Shakespear for 10 years" Shadow said, folding her arms.
"Well, beautiful, strong and knows shakspearian language. Just like our Enary and Awa" Kalma said. Enary whacked him on the arm.
"I do not know Shakespearian language, you stupid old moldy zombie" Enary hissed. (A/N: Kalma, I love you really).
'Ouch' Shadow thought to herself. Kalma glared at Enary and rubbed the spot where she had hit him.
"Call me a old moldy zomby, will she" Kalma muttered. The other monster were trying their hardest not to laugh, but failing miserably. They all burst out laughing. Shadow had tears in her eyes. She stood up and walked over to Kalma. She placed a hand on his shoulder while she was shaking with laughter.
"I sympathsise, really, I do"She said in between laughter. She walked back over to the couch and sat in it. OX sat beside her. Everyone eventually calmed down. Ox cuddled Shadow. She rested her head on his chest and smiled. She had never been this happy, ever.
"Thankyou" She whispered.

*Laughs uncontrolably* Enary called Kalma an old moldy zombie. Please tell me what you think.

Chp 4:

Days went by. None of the monsters had any trouble from Humans, until, Lordi announced that another human was in trouble, just like Shadow had been.
"Shadow, here is your guitar. You know the tabs to Blood Red Sandman?" Lordi asked.
"Yes, why?" Shadow asked.
"You will lead Awa, OX, Amen and Kita to the human that is in trouble. You will do what I did when we saved you. Understand?" Lordi asked.
"Yes, I do"Shadow replied.
"Now, go." Lordi said. Shadow nodded, and left the room, Kita, OX, Awa and Amen following. She lead them to the place where the human girl was in trouble- Shadows old high school.
"You would have thought they'd have learned their lesson by now"Shadow growled. The monsters were invisible to the humans, but Shadow saw the human girl. She gasped.
"Oh my.... it's my sister" She whispered.
She stared as some cheerleaders pushed Shadows sister to the floor. Shadow lunged forward, but OX held her back.
"Don't reveal yourself yet. Wait until the right moment" OX whispered in Shadows ear. The monsters watched as Shadows sister got up from the ground and walked to the Gym Hall.
"Now" Shadow said, as she walked to the other the Entrance to the Gym hall. The other monsters followed. They heard high-pitched cheerleader laughter. Shadow knew that her sister was in trouble.
"Now we act"Ox said. Shadow kicked the door right off it's hinges and she walked through to the hall. The wind blew her hair about,l ightning flashed. The cheerleaders were screaming as they saw the monsters.
"They called me the leather apron
They called me smiling Jack
They prayed to the heavens above
That I would never ever come back" Shadow sang. Suddenly, the band were playing infront of Shadow's sister and the screaming cheerleaders.
"Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep.

Once again, there is pain
I bring flames,
I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman,
Coming home
On this unholy night
I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman
Coming home again
I'm coming home again." Shadow and the others sung. By this time, the cheerleaders were on the ground, dead.
"Red drops stain satin so white
"-The way I sign my name"
The neighbor hood's pretty dead at night
"-And I'm the one to blame"" Shadow sung
"Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep.

Once again there is pain
I bring flames, I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman
Coming home
On this unholy night,
I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman,
Coming home again
I'm coming home again."The band sung. Shadow stepped off of the stage and to the remaining cheerleader, who was screaming.S hadow took hold of her by the throat.
"Scream all you want you won't wake up when you scream.
No one leaves
The monsterican dream" Shadow sung. She let go of the cheerleader, who was wimpering. Then, the Deadite cheerleaders started getting up while singing:
"Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep"
"Once again, there is pain
I bring flames,
I bring cold
I'm the Blood Red Sandman,
Coming home.
On this Unholy night
I will make you my own,
Blood Red Sandman,
Coming home again,
I'm coming home again

Once again, there is pain
I bring flames,
I bring cold,
I'm the Blood red Sandman,
Coming home
On this Unholy night
I will make you my own
blood Red Sandman,
Coming home again
I'm coming home again" Shadow sung. The band then finished the song.

Update soon.Love ya!

Chp 5:

Shadow walked up to her sister once the music had finished. Her sister looked up at her in fear.
"Do not be afraid. Karmen, it's me, Shadow" Shadow said. Karmen's eyes widened as she hugged her sister.
"Whoa! Hold up, sis!I am dead, you know!"Shadow said. Karmen pulled away.
"What do you mean, dead?" She asked.
"I'll explain once we get back." Shadow said.
"Back where?" Karmen asked.
"You know that place that they shot the video for Blood Red Sandman?That's my new home" Shadow said. She held her sisters hand and the 5 monsters and the human walked towards the home of the monsters.


Once they arrived and went inside, Karmen yelped and hid behind her sister. Shadow dragged her sister back to face Lordi and the others.
"It's okay, sis. They're my friends. They saved me. They won't harm you" Shadow said. Karmen looked at Lordi.
"You're that band, aren't you?" She asked.
"Yes, my child, we are. We were turned into the monsters that we dressed up as by an evil sorceress. Your sister has accepted to fulfill the profecy by saving us monsters and lifting the curse. But, also, the profecy stated that we must turn any human saved my one of us monsters, into a monster" Lordi said.
"You mean....."Karmen replied. Lordi nodded.
"Will I still be saved? And Shadow, too?" Karmen asked.
"Yes" Enary said.
"We must do it, there are no exceptions. When do you wish to go forward for the transformation?" Amen asked. Karmen looked at the mummy.
"Now." She whispered. The monsters stood in a circle around Karmen. They began the chant, even Shadow said the chant in time with the others. Karmen got lifted off the ground in the same way that Shadow had been, her arms, legs and fingers stretched out to as far as they could go. Then, Karmen fell to the ground, face covered by her hair. Shadow, Enary and Awa ran over to her.T hey slowly helped her up. Karmens hair, once blonde,w as a pure white. Her once clear blue eyes were a dark blue and her lips were blue also. Karmen was wearing a strapless black Corset that laced up at the back. She also wore a black floor-length skirt that was torn in places. Lordi smiled.
"Karmen, you are Amelia, the banshee."He said.
Amelia, once Karmen, smiled, before fainting. Fast as lightning, Kalma caught her in his arms. He lifted her up, bridal style, then carried her into his room. Shadow smiled. She wasn't blind. She knew what love looked like. Kalma was in love with her sister. Shadow turned to the others.
"So, now that it is nearly twilight, shall we get rest? Lordi, you never told me that turning cheerleaders into Deadites was so tiring" Shadow said. The memebers of Lordi laughed.
"You'll get ussssed to it. We were all like that when we turned our firsssst victimsssss into deaditessss. And yessss, we shall get some rrrresssst"Kita said, turning and retreating to his room. Lordi went into his room, as did Awa, Amen and Enary. Shadow and OX went into their room. They slid into the bed and cuddled up to one another.
"You were amazing today" OX said. Shadow smiled.
"Thankyou"She said. Then, with one last look at one another, the two fell into a dreamless sleep.

Ohhhhhh, Kalma's in love. Tell me what you think, please.

Next chapter!

Chp 6:

Shadow was now dreaming. In her dream, she was human once again. She was hiding in the corner of her living room of the house that she used to live in. A figure of a man stood over her, his fists clenched. Shadow had a bruise on her cheek and a black eye.
"That'll teach you to try and run away" The man hissed. It was her dad. He made a mover to hit her again, but Shadow woke up and sat bolt upright while shouting "No!". Her eyes were wide and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was breathing heavily .Shadow jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around. It was OX.
"What's wrong?"He asked. Shadow buried herself in OX's chest.
"I can't get away from him. He's always there in my dreams. I can't get away." Shadow sobbed. OX lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.
"Who, Shadow? Who can't you escape from?" OX asked.
"My father. He- he hit me,a lot. I tried to run, but, he caught me, and, he beat me up. He beat me into a coma and I was out of it for 2 months. I thought my life was going to be like that forever. Going home, getting the shit kicked out of me, but then you guys came, and you saved me from that life. And now that Karmen's safe too, he'll go after someone else who comes into his life" Shadow said.
"What about your mother?"OX asked.
"My Dad, he, killed her. He beat her till she was dead. I have to stop him, before he kills someone else" Shadow said.
"Okay, but we all need to do it. We'll tell Lordi and the others about it, then we'll let you get your revenge. He will go down for this, I promise" OX said softly. He stroked her cheek, and it sent shivers down her skin.
"What's going on?"Asked a groggy voice. Shadow and Ox looked. It was Enary.
"Shadow had a nightmare with a meaning behind it" OX said. Enary's eyes widened behind her mask.
"Oh, right. Well, go through to the living room and I'll wake the others" Enary said. She ran out of the room. OX and Shadow got out of the bed and walked through to the living room and sat down on the sofa. Shadow still had tears in her eyes and was shaking. Soon, Enary came back in with the other monsters, including Amelia. Amelia ran over to her sister and hugged her. Shadow hugged back.
"I thought we had gotten rid of him" Amelia whispered. She pulled away and sat on the other side of her sister.
"Shadow, tell us what happened in your dream, then tell us what happened before we saved you" Lordi said. So Shadow told them about what happened in the dream. She then told them about what happened before she was saved.
"He-He killied m-m-my Mom" Shadow said, voice shaking. Lordi and Amen looked at one another.Enary and Kalma looked at the floor. Kita and Awa looked at Shadow with sympathetic faces. The poor girl was still crying. It had shaken her up so badly.
"I think it's time you got some revenge on your father, Shadow" Lordi said.
"You mean..." Shadow began.
"Yes, kill him"Awa said. Kalma walked over to Shadow and ruffled her hair.
"It's okay,kiddo. He'll pay for making your life a misery with his life." He said

next chapter.

Chp 7:

Shadow smiled and sorted her hair.
"When will we go?" She asked. The members of Lordi looked at one another.
"Maybe now, if you really wanna get rid of him" Awa said. Shadow looked at her, then at Lordi, her eyes full of want. Lordi nodded.
"We will go now."He said. Shadow, OX and Amelia stood up.
"Wait!" Shadow said. The monsters looked at her.
"What is it?" Amen asked.
"If I remember correctly, my Dad will be at the Pub with his mates, and, his mates, they-" Shadow said, pausing for a moment before looking back up at her friends, giving them that look.
"Oh no, they didn't" OX said.
"It's true, they did it to our Mother, then they did it to Shadow, then me. They would bind our hands to the bed posts and cover our mouths with tape and then they would-" Amelia said, pausing also.
"Shadow, Amelia, howabout a gift to welcome you to the family?" Enary said. Shadow and Amelia looked at Enary.S he gave them both a pendant each.T he pendant that Shadow had was a ruby. She tied it around her neck. Amelia had an amber. She tied it around her neck.
"Now, let's go and get some revenge" Shadow said.T he monsters then walked out of the house and into the moonlit night and towards Shadow and Amelia's father.


The monsters reached the Pub. Shadow went in first. She kicked the door off of it's hinges and the pub went silent. A wind blew Shadows hair about as she looked for her father. She spotted him,by the bar. She walked over to him and grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up.
"Hello, Daddy" She growled.One of his mates tried to grab Shadow, but Amelia grabbed him. She then kissed him, but her kiss was venomous. She pulled away and he fell to the ground, dead. Shadow tightened her grip on her fathers throat. She could feel him fading. She then threw him to the ground. He too was dead. The other members of Lordi walked in.
"For all of you who knew what my father and his friends did, I am disgusted in you. You could have helped us, you could have saved my mother, but you didn't. Make sure that everyone knows about what happened this night" Shadow said.S he then walked out of the pub, her tears frosted by the cold air......

Update soon

Okay, update.

Chp 8:

Shadow ran into an alleyway and leant against the wall and closed her eyes. She began to cry and slid down to the ground, head in her hands.
"Mama" She whispered. An anger of such depth came over her. She slammed her fist on the ground, leaving a rather large dent in the concrete.
"Why?!" She cried. She slumped against the wall crying harder than ever.
"Why, why, why?" She whispered.
"Shadow? Are you alright?" A voice asked. Shadow opened her eyes. It was Enary. She stood up and went into Enary's open arms.
"Why? Why was it so hard to kill him? I shouldn't feel this!" Shadow said.
"If you weren't feeling this, you'd truly be an evil monster. We all felt this way when we had to kill the our loved ones who were evil. If you weren't felling this way, I'd be bloody worried"Enary said, pulling away. She wiped Shadows tears away.
"Now, let's go back. The others are waiting for us back at the hut" Enary said. Taking hold of Shadow's hand, Enary led her back to the hut.
Once the two monsters arrived at the hut, the others looked up. Amelia moved over to her sister and hugged her.
"I know it was hard, but it had to be done." Lordi said.
"By doing it, you may have saved many womens lives" Kalma said. Shadow pulled away from her sister.
"But why do I regret it? I shouldn't be feeling this way about killing my own flesh and bone who just so happened to be an evil bastard! I shouldn't feel guilty, and I know I shouldn't feel guilty." Shadow said.
Everyone was silent.
"Excuse me" Shadow said angrilly and walked out of the room and into hers, slamming the door behind her, causing dust to fall from the ceiling. She fell onto the bed and began to cry. She never heard the door open and close. She felt someone sit on her bed and she looked up. It was OX. He pulled her into a cuddle and stroked her hair.
"Shhhhh, shhhhh. It's okay. You'll be fine, sweetie. I know it's hard, but trust me, you will feel guilty about killing someone. We all felt guilty when we first killed someone, it's natural. Trust me, we'll get through this I promise" OX whispered in her ear.
"It's just that,it's all coming back.I used to sit on my bed and cry for hours when I was human because the cheerleaders at school kicked the shit out of me,and I'd wonder to myself why did they do it me?What have I done to them?And then you guys came and saved my life from more than just cheerleaders,I thought that I'd never have to cry again,that I'd never be sad again,but I was wrong.Here I am,crying again"Shadow said,pulling away from her boyfriend.OX leant in closer and whispered in her ear
"I love you"
It sent shivers spiralling down Shadows spine.OX wrapped his arms around Shadows waist and pulled her down with him as he fell back wards so that she was lying beside him.Feeling safe in his arms,Shadow fell asleep,soon followed by OX.

*sniffles*aw man,that was pretty upsetting.Review,won't ya?

Okay,seeings how that a certain somebody hasn't updated their story,I'll update mine anyway.

Chp 9:

Shadow was dreaming again,this time,her mother stood infront of her.
"Mama?"She asked.Her mother nodded.
"Yes,my darling.It's me.I have come here to tell about how you can save your friends"Her mother said.Shadow looked at her mother warily.Her mother never helped her.
"You're not my Mama.She never helped me.She was stubborn to the end and never gave in.That's what killed her,refusing to give into Dad"Shadow said.Her mother shot forward and grabbed Shadow by the arm in a tight death-like grip.
"You're going down with me,Shadow."Her mother said,but it wasn't her Mama.She began to metamorphasise into Shadows father.Shadow gasped.
"Let go of me!"She yelled.
"Not a chance!"Her Dad hissed.Shadow kicked her Dad in the stomach and he let go,just as a white light appeared behind Shadow.
"Go into the light,Shadow!Hurry,before it closes forever!"A voice yelled.Shadow somehow trusted this voice,and she did as it said.She ran into the light just as it was closing,then,her eyes opened.she sat bolt upright.Her friends were all around her,worried looks on their faces.
"It was him.It was my Dad.He tried to take me down with him,but I escaped."Shadow said,breathing heavily.She looked at OX.
"Did a voice tell you to go into the light,Shadow?"He asked.
"I don't know.It was a male voice,but,I don't know who"Shadow replied.
The monsters smiled.
"It was your fathers good side,Shadow.He was here,in ghost form."Enary said.
"M-M-my father's good side?"Shadow asked,confusion filling her eyes.
"Yes,shadow.He does have a good side.Everybody does."Kalma said.Shadow didn't understand.How could her fatherhave a good side?
'Everybody does'She remembered Kalma say.Shadow sighed.
"well,what do I do now?If my Dad's evil side is haunting my dreams,how can I sleep?"Shadow asked.
"Fight back.Kick his asssss,make sure that he never comessss back"Kita said.
"C'mon,lets go and sort this....."Awa began,but they all got that feeling.someone was in trouble.shadow and OX jumped off the bed and the monsters went through to the living room.They all nodded,then walked out of the door.

Okay, I'll update this tomorrow.
Love ya, monstermanics!
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Continue, please!
Yes, I would love a monsterman!
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Awesome work Lillith!

And don't worry too much about the writer's block thingy, we don't mind one iota! So long as we get it eventually :wink:

Hope your art projects go ok.
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Postby LIVING DEAD DOLLIE » Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:25 pm

I have been reading your whole storie so far, all of the chapters . And i really regret myself i haven,t took the time to read it earlier couse this is bloody brilliant . I just love this story about Shadow and the whole idea that Lordi has actually changed into real monsters by an curse . Thats brilliant . I LOVE IT :P I really loved to read more of this . So i will be hoping you will be coming back for more. I will keep my eyes open , thats for sure :wink:

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*Bangs head off desk*
I have no idea what's wrong with me! I can't write anything these days! It's like, permanent writers block!
I can't continue the story, and I don't know why.

Okay, scratch that.
I'll start a new one.

Dark Floors

Ya, I know. I nicked the name from the film. But it's just a fanfic. It's not like I'm publishing it....

Chp 1:

16 year old Tempest Grey walked down the halls of her school. She had chin-length black hair with yellow (Not blonde, yellow) streaks throught it. Her eyes were blue and her skin was pale. She was 5ft 8inches tall and pretty skinny for a girl of her height and age.
At her school, they had no uniform, so they pretty much wore whatever the Hell they wanted to. Tempest was a bit of a goth and listened to a hell of alot of rock music, but mainly this Finnish band called Lordi. She was bullied because she was different. How sad was that?
She walked into her English class and, to her dismay, the teacher wasn't there. Joy.
She sat in her usual seat at the front of the class. All of the Neds sat at the back as usual. She continued to listen to her iPod, ignoring the cat calls from the back. Bits of paper were thrown at her and Tempest closed her eyes.
'If anyone can hear me, please help me! I need your help! These people won't leave me alone because I'm a believer. Please' She thought, praying that someone would save her. She opened her eyes.
Suddeny, the lights started flickering. Windows slammed open and a wind picked up in the room. Leaves started blowing about. Tempest switched her iPod out, but the music still played.
"What the fuck is going on??!!" One of the neds yelled. Then, the door was kicked off it's hinges. Tempest stared in awe.
"Lordi" She whispered. He walked over to her and helped her to stand.
"Are you Tempest Grey, the girl who called for our help?" He asked. Tempest nodded. Lordi smiled.
"Then it is time for your revenge. Join us Tempest in starting the Arockalypse. Starting with this lot." Lordi said, looking at the Neds who were cowering in fear. Amen walked forwards and grabbed the nearest Nedette. He snapped her neck in half with a sickening crunch. She fell to the floor with a thud. Awa then rose out of the shadows. She too snapped the nearest Neds neck, letting him drop the floor. OX grabbed another Ned and squeezed his head like a watermelon. Tempest was nearly sick with the amount of blood that splattered all over the walls. Kita chewed on a few of the Neds and Nedettes. Tempest just watched in horror. Then Kalma came and she stopped still. He grabbed a Ned by the throat and squeezed. He lifted the Ned into the air, holding him by the throat. Kalma then let him go. He was dead. The monsters turned to Tempest and bowed.
Tempest then fainted.


She opened her eyes. She was in a hospital room. She sat up when a nurse walked in. She couldn't see her face.
"Where am I? What happened?" She asked.
"You are the only survivor of an attack at your school. Evreyone was brutally murdered" The Nurse said. Her voice sounded weird. Tempests eyes widened.
'I'm the only believer at my school' She thought to herself. She looked at the Nurse.
"Lordi. Where are they? Where are Lordi?" She asked the Nurse. The Nurse looked at her. Tempest screamed. The Nurse was a zombie. It was like she had lepracy. Bits of her skin was falling off. Tempests hands clamped over her mouth and she began to hyperventalate. The Nurse smiled and left the room. Then, Lordi himself came in.
"Tempest, I see that you're awake" He said, smiling. Tempest removed her hands from her mouth.
"What the Hell was that??!!" She squeaked.
"That was the Matron. You're not in a human hospital, Tempest. We couldn't risk the Police questioning you about what happened at your school" He said.
"So, what she said was true? I'm the only survivor?" Tempest asked.
"From your school. There are other believers that have been saved" Lordi said. Tempest looked at the floor, then back up at Lordi.
"I didn't want all of them to die. Some of them treated me nicely" She said. Her eyes suddenly widened.
"Wait, what about Kristin?" She asked. Lordi smiled and stepped to the side. The tall figure of a biker zombie walked in. He looked at Tempest and winked. Tempest gasped as he metamorphasised into what she knew as Kristin.
"Oh my God" She breathed. She placed her hand on her chest, brushing against the pentacle that she had received from Kristin. He then changed back to the zombie.
"Kristin was really Kalma. He was watching over you while you were at the school. That pentacle you wear was his way of making sure that you were alright. When you prayed, he heard you and called upon us" Lordi explained. Kalma walked over to Tempest and sat down on the side of the bed.
"Thankyou" Tempest breathed, looking at him. He touched her cheek with his hand.
"It's no problem at all, Tempest" He said, smiling. She felt a blush creep up her cheeks at his touch. Lordi smiled at the scene before him, then left the room, leaving the two staring at one another in awe.
"You know, you have such beautiful eyes, Tempest. Stormy blue" Kalma said. Tempest smiled.
"That's why my parents called me Tempest. They said that my eyes reminded them of a gathering storm. And I grew up with a temper to match, too" She said, giggling. Kalma chuckled. He just continued to stroke her cheek, staring into her eyes. Tempest swallowed, an awkward silence falling upon the room. They soon found themselves leaning closer to one another, their lips touching ever so slightly. Kalma's arm wrapped around Tempests' waist, holding her close to him. Tempest felt sparks shoot through her body as Kalma deepend the kiss, his tongue playing with her tongue peircing.

Sorry to leave it there!
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OK! I like ti! Bit of gore, murder, and a Hell of a lot of Ned-bashing! :D Keep it up! It looks promising! :wink:
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I'm sorry guys. I just don't feel like writing, especially about romance.
I've had a bad experience with the male species (Ie: nearly throwing up when a guy I thought I liked kissed me and practically shoved his tongue down my throat). Now even the thought of kissing a guy makes me want to puke. I just hope that if I do find another guy, he'll make me forget that day.
So, for now, the fanfic is on hold.
I'm really sorry.
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You tease, you.

Lillith, Men suck. It is, unfortuantely, the one universal truth. If you ever want to randomly rant until you're blue in the face, drop me an email some time. I will have many stories to compare. And they will be funny cos they didn't happen to you.

Hope you write more soon though, you're bloomin' good.
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Okay, I've got inspiration for a new fic. No romance, just a whole load of hostility.

Okay, SOME romance.....

Dark Knights

Chp 1:

A girl sat in her dark livingroom. The only light was a single candle. She sat there, thinking.
It was only 5pm, but outside it was pitch black. The girl lived in Iceland, and when Winter came, the sun would only rise for two hours and then it would set.
The girl was thinking about her family. They had been gone for more than three hours. They had gone hunting for the Unholy Ones. Rumour has it that the Unholy Ones are in the city of Reykjavik. Thunder rumbled outside and lightning lit up the dark room for a split second, before plunging it into almost complete darkness again, save for the candle. The girl wasn't afraid. She was used to the Thunderstorms. She clutched her necklace, a force of habit. Suddenly, the door burst open. The girl screamed as the candle went out. She ran a wall, fumbling for a lightswitch. She found one and switched the lights on. She gasped sharply. The Unholy Ones were standing there in her living room. The leader pointed at her and two of his followers advanced on the girl. They grabbed her by the arms and held her tightly. The Leader advanced on her as she struggled. He reached her and grabbed her by the chin, smiling evilly down at her.
Thunder rumbled again. This time, the lightning struck the house. The lights exploded as the current went straight through them. The girl broke free and ran, stumbling through the dark. She ran into someone. The persons arm steadied her. She heard the hiss of a candle being lit. She looked up.
"Engill af Dauði" She whispered. He nodded at her, his brown eyes twinkling.
"Today is not your day to die, Valrdis. These monsters have no right being here" Engill af Dauði said. He looked at the Leader.
"Leave here, Lordi, or the Norse Gods will have your head" He said. Lordi glared. He looked at Valrdis.
"This isn't over. You will be mine one day, Valrdis" He said. In a flash the Unholy Ones were gone. Valrdis fainted. Engill af Dauði caught her, lifting her up in a Bridal Style lift. He carried her up the stairs into her room. He placed her on the bed, taking her shoes off. He gently pulled the covers out from underneath Valrdis and placed them over her up to her chin. Her eyes opened.
"Don't leave me...." She murmured. Engill af Dauði smiled softly at her, sitting beside her.
"I won't, not until the sun is in the sky. I will watch over you, Valrdis. I promise" He said, stroking her cheek softly.
She fell asleep.....


The next morning, Valrdis woke up, her hazel eyes fluttering open. She ran a hand through her long, golden brown hair. She remembered the night before and shuddered. If Engill af Dauði hadn't saved her, she might have ended up dead. Then it hit Valrdis with a sickening crunch. Her parents never came home. She stumbled out of bed and wrenched her door open. She raced down the hallway and into her parents room. She saw them lying there, fast asleep. They were breathing. Valrdis breathed a sigh of relief. She then realised that she had school, so she went back up the hallway and into the bathroom to shower.

* * * * *

After about 45 minutes, she was making her way towards her school. She was wearing her usual gothic attire. A black frilly knee-length skirt, rainbow kneehigh socks, her Doc Martins and a long-sleeved black top with a leather jacket over it. The leather was cracked and the metal studs poking through the shoulders reflected the hazy sunlight. The sun would only stay up for two hours before setting again. Now that Lordi was after her, she'd have to go home with a friend.
"Hey, Valrdis! Wait up!" Yelled a voice from behind her. She turned around and smiled. It was her friend, Hjalti. He caught up with her. They had been friends for years, ever since they were little kids running around with plastic sword pretending to be the The Æsir.
"Hey Hjalti" Valrdis said. Secretly, she was in love with Hjlati. He was gorgeous. Shirt spiked up brown hair, deep brown eyes and lips that looked irresistable. Everytime she saw Hjalti, she wanted to kiss him, but was too afraid to, just incase she alienated him. She didn't want to lose him.
"Hjalti, I was wondering, can you walk home with me tonight?" Valrdis asked. Hjalti looked at her.
"Why?" He asked. Valrdis sighed.
"The Unholy Ones came to my house last night and attacked me. If it wasn't for Engill af Dauði, I'd probably be dead by now" She said. Hjalti stopped her.
"Engill af Dauði saved you? But...." He began.
"I know. He said that it wasn't my time to die and that the Monsters had no right to even be near me" Valrdis said. Hjalti smiled softly at her.
"Fine. I'll walk home with you tonight" He said, Valrdis hugged him suddenly.
"Thankyou!" She said. She pulled away, still holding onto him. She looked into his eyes and saw the way he was looking at her lips. His eyes met hers. Their breathing shallowed as they found themselves leaning closer and closer to one another. Just as their mouths were inches apart, they heard the school bell ring in the distance. They pulled away. Valrdis was blushing heavily.
"Umm, come on. We'd better get to class before Mr. Thorsson has a hissy at us" Hjlati said. With that, they ran towards the school.....


The school day went by quicker than Valrdis expected. By the time it was time to go home, it was dark. Valrdis met up with Hjalti at the school gates and together, they made their way down the street towards Valrdis's house. After about three minutes of awkward silence, Valrdis finally broke it.
"Look, Hjalti. About this morning, um, I'm sorry if I weirded you out or anything" She said. Hjalti stopped and took a hold of Valrdis's hand, also making her stop. She looked at him.
"Don't appologise. It takes two to tango, Valrdis" He said. Valrdis suppressed a smile by looking down. When she looked up, Hjalti was giving her that same look that he had that morning. Once again, they found themselves inching closer to one another, their gazes locked, their breathing shallow. Closer and closer until their lips finally touched. Valrdis felt Hjalti's arms wrap around her waist, holding her closer. Her arms felt heavy as they wrapped around his neck. Valrdis opened her mouth when Hjalti's tongue rubbed against her lips. His tongue slid into her mouth, exploring every inch of it. A small moan escaped Valrdis's mouth.
"Awww, how cute. Little Valrdis has finally found love" Came a growl. Valrdis and Hjalti pulled apart adn turned to look in the direction that the voice came from. Valrdis glared.
"Lordi" She growled, rolling the R in his name. His followers were standing beside him, grinning evilly. Valrdis grabbed a hold of Hjalti's hand.
"I've come to claim you, Valrdis" Lordi said.
"When Hell freezes over" Valrdis growled. She looked up at the sky and saw the lightning flashing. She smiled, then looked abck down at Lordi.
"That can be arranged, darling" The zombie known as Kalma said. Valrdis snorted.
"I think you're forgetting that I have the Norse Gods on my side and also Engill af Dauði" She said. She grabbed her necklace again and silently prayed to The Norse God, Thor, keeping her eyes fixed on Lordi. Him and his followers laughed when they saw her whispering her prayer.
"Saying your Final Prayers, Valrdis?" Enary asked, giggling. Valrdis looked at her, smiling evilly.
"No. But you should be" She said. She let go of her necklace and using the same hand pointed at Enary. The monsters gasped as they saw electricity form at the point of her finger.
"Say hello to Hel for me, Enary. May you forever live the afterlife in constant pain" Valrdis growled. A bolt of lightning shot from Valrdis's finger, hitting Enary square in the chest. Enary screamed as the current coursed through her body, making it seem like she was fitting. She fell to the ground, dead.
"Enary!" Lordi cried, running to her side. Valrdis began to run, pulling Hjalti with her. As they ran, they heard Lordi yell:
"This isn't over, Valrdis! You will pay for this! YOU WILL BE MINE!" They ran into Valrdis's house, slamming the door shut. They were breathing hard.
"What in the name of Katla happened out there?!" Hjalti asked. Valrdis looked at him.
"I have no idea. I was praying to Thor, and before I knew it, I had shot a bolt of lightning at her. He must have possessed me or something" Valrdis said.
"No, Valrdis. Thor did not possess you" Came her Mothers voice. Both Valrdis and Hjalti turned to face Valrdis's mother. Her Father was standing there, too.
"Valrdis, in English, your name means The Dead Goddess. There's a Prophecy about a girl with that name who has the power to control Lightning. Legend has it that a Goddess lived up in Asgard was killed by Loki because of his jealousy. She was the Goddess of Lightning. When she died, Odin was unable to replace her. So he gave the power to Thor. The Prophecy states that when a girl with the name Valrdis awakens the power within her, Thor will no longer control lightning. He will control half of the Thunderstorm, the Thunder. The girl, that's you, will control the Lightning" Her Father said.
"So, who controls the life giving rain?" Valrdis asked.
"Whoever the girl chooses" Her Mother said, smiling at Hjalti. Valrdis and Hjalti looked at one another.
"Do you want to control it?" Valrdis asked. Hjalti smiled and took her hands in his.
"Anything to be with you, Valrdis" He said. She kissed him softly on the lips. She pulled away. Outside, they heard the pitter patter of the rain. Hjalti and Valrdis smiled at one another.
"Well done, Goddess" Came another voice. Valrdis and Hjalti turned and looked.
"Engill af Dauði" Valrdis whispered.
"It's true what your parents say. You are the Goddess of Lightning and you chose your lover to carry the power to make the rain. But remember, Hjalti. People now depend on you to keep the rain falling" Engill af Dauði said.
"Don't worry, I'm sure that while he's around me, he will" Valrdis said. Engill af Dauði bowed, winked at them, then dissapeared. Valrdis looked at Hjalti. He took her into his arms, leaned down and slanted his mouth across her. The rain began to get heavier outside. Valrdis's parents smiled at the two.
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Postby Mad Madam Mimm » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:12 pm

Oooh! Very creepy. I love it XD
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Here's what Hjalti looks like. He's my friend in real life and is also Icelandic.
We've been friends for about 3 months. ... Hjalti.jpg


Anyway, update time.

Chp 1: Page 14
Chp 2: Here.

Dark Knights

Chp 2:

The next day, Valrdis walked into the school building. She blushed when she saw Hjalti, remembering the night before.
"Hey, Valrdis" Came a voice. Valrdis sighed inf rustration and turned around. It was the Scourge of the school, Ragnar.
"What do you want, Ragnar?" She asked. He grabbed her by the waist pulling her closer. He leaned down and tried to kiss her, but she pressed her finger against his stomach. He yelped and let her go. He looked at her.
"What the fuck was that?!" He exclaimed. Thunder rumbled high above.
"Remeber that profecy we were told? The girl it speaks of is me. I am the long lost Goddess of Lightning. I was killed by Loki. But I have returned. And you can ask The Angel of Death if you don't believe me" Valrdis said. Hjalti walked over to her and took her by the hand. He glared at Ragnar. Ragnar just blinked in disbelief.
"You're lying. Thor controls Lightning!" He exclaimed. Thunder roared. A bolt of lightning struck the ground just meters from Ragnar. When the smoke cleared, everyone who had gathered gasped in awe.
"Thor" Valrdis gasped. He was just like she imagined. Tall, beard and hair as red as the fires within Katla and muscles as big a helium balloons. He had a helmet on his head and was carrying Mjolnir aswell as his sheild. he looked at Valrdis, who immedeatly got down on one knee. Hjalti followed.
"Valrdis, there is no need to bow down to me. Neither do you, Hjalti" Thor boomed, his voice shaking the land. Valrdis and Hjalti stood up, lacing fingers.
"Thor, why are you here?" Valrdis asked.
"Because I heard of your plight from Engill af Dauði and I know that you have claimed your powers. I also know that you defeated the one known as Enary. Odins daughter" Thor said. Valrdis gasped.
"I didn't know.... She was with the one known as Lordi. I did not mean to kill her, I....." She began, but was cut off by Thor raising his hand.
"Odin knows. He thanks you because Enary had been turned evil by Lordi. He couldn't destroy her himself, so he asked me to find someone to do it for him. When I heard about you, Valrdis, I helped you summon the power" Thor said.
"Thankyou" Valrdis said, curtseying.
"One day, when this is all over, Odin would like you both to come and live in Asgard with the other Gods. We will need your help for when Ragnarok arrives" Thor said.
"We would be glad to, but once we destroy the Unholy ones" Hjalti said. Thor bowed.
"Until then, members of the Æsir" He said. In a flash of lightning, he was gone. Everyone went quiet, looking at Valrdis and Hjalti.
"You're both members of the Æsir?" Ragnar whispered.
"Yes, we are. I control lightning and Hjalti controls life giving rain" Valrdis said.

* * * * *

Later on afetr school, Valrdis and Hjalti returned to Valrdis's house.
Valrdis's mother looked at her proudly.
"Valrdis, I think it's about time I told you the truth" She said. Valrdis looked at her.
"About what?" She asked. She sat on a stood in the kitchen where her Mother was washing dishes. Hjalti followed suit.
"About who your real Father is" Her mother said. Valrdis looked at her, her eyes wide.
"M-My real Father?" She asked.
"Nine months before you were born, I mysteriously became pregnant. I never went out anywhere, I didn't have a boyfriend, I didn't drink or take drugs. The Doctors were just as baffled as me. Then, the night you were born, there was a violent Thunderstorm. After the Birth, the power went out and I was left alone in the room. The lights went back on and Thor was standing there. I remember the way he looked at you, so gently. He then whispered "My daughter". He smiled at me, then dissapeared. Thor is your Father, Valrdis" Her mother said.

Update soon.
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Hello.... *peers round the door* anyone around?

Where'd the almighty Lillith Duskcutter go? :(

I've just caught up with all your stuff, truly awesome as ever. Hope you can write more soon.
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Postby Mad Madam Mimm » Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:29 am

Yay lillith! Another cool chapter
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