Other rock / metal bands

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Other rock / metal bands

Postby Thomas » Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:16 pm

Share your musictaste with us, maybe someone here will be a fan of a new band? :) I'll list someone:

Alestorm - Great scottish "pirate metal" Huge partyfactor on these

Children Of Bodom - Finnish melodic death band

Disturbed - American hard rock band

Dream Evil - Swedish heavy metal, really good music and cheesy lyrics :P

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - One of THE BEST melodic death metal band ever heard.. From Finland

Hammerfall - Swedish powermetal

Kalmah - Finnish melodic death metal. First melodeath band I listened to, great band

Powerwolf - German powermetal, they have an unique sound to them

Rammstein - German industrial metal, plain catchy

Sabaton - Great powermetal band from Sweden

U.D.O - German heavy metal, former vocalist of Accept

Wig Wam - Norwegian hard rock /glam rock. Love them :)

I have probably forgot some bands, but check some of these out, maybe you will like it :)

Please tell us about other bands that you like
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Postby Ida » Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:12 pm

I'll go down the sunset strip and go (almost) all glam and sleaze! And also, not going for the big names as Pretty Boy Floyd or Poison...

Crashdiet - Swedish sleaze formed in 2000 by the now deceased Dave Lepard, Songs to check out: "Generation Wild", "In The Raw", "Breaking The Chainz" (and yes, it is three different singers for three different albums, Simon is the latest one, I hope he sticks! [in generation wild he is...] )

Reckless Love - Finnish glamband formed in '01 by Olli Herman (who was in Crashdiet for a year!) songs to check out: "Beautiful Bomb", "Romance", "One More Time"

Gotthard - Swiss classic hard rock formed ... back in the days. Songs to check out: "Anytime, Anywhere", "Lift U Up", "Need To Believe"

The Poodles - Swedish glam metal formed in '05 (maybe?) Songs to checkout: "Night Of Passion", "Seven Seas", "Live Like No Tomorrow"

H.E.A.T - Swedish glamband formed in '07, songs to checkout: "1000 Miles", "Keep On Dreaming", "We're Gonna Make It To The End"

Sabaton - Swedish heavy/powermetal formed.. a while ago, songs to check out: "Primo Victoria", " The Art Of War", "Coat Of Arms".
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Postby Isa » Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:20 pm

Sorry I don't begin put the style simply 'cos I don't always know which style it is exactly.

Sabaton : Swedish band that I discover in Graspop. A lot of people that I know did like them and that make me curious. You learn to appreciate them much more after seeing them live.

The Poodles : Also Swedish band discover in Graspop. I specially like their album and song "Metal Will Stand Tall". One of the band I listen most those last time

Joan Jett : Who don't know "I love Rock n' Roll" ? For me she's a classic of Rock and the best proove woman rock too

Hellcity 13 : Finnish band, mostly know for their clip where OX is guest. Their debut album "Hellcity 13" is until know the only one where I can't found a song I like less. They are working on their second album.

Steel Panther : American band. Some day OX talk on twitter about their song "Death to all but metal", by curiosity I am go see on Twitter and yeah typical band I like, they are funny, they are 80s and lyrics of song aren't that serious.

Dead By April : Swedish band. I discover them after someone post one of their video on Facebook. I directly like the mix of genre, fact they don't have one style but more there own style. A band to discover.

Slash : I always have like the guitarist, that it's during Gn'R, Velvet Revolver or in solo. He just is one you have his style, you can regognize when it's him who play. One of my guitar god.

Brother Firetribe : Finnish band.I discover them thanks MB and Monster-Girl (if I remember right), it's the other band of Emppu from Nightwish. They make good classic rock.

Slayer : American band. It's fast, it's not really glam or 80s, definitly very different than other band I listen to it but I learn like their music.

Buckcherry : American band. Pretty close from Motley Crue, if you like those last one, you should like Buckcherry.

Edit : I told a bit more about band and short list with put away the band that a lot already know
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Postby Mooneyman » Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:38 pm

WASP - Classics - Blackie's vocals are incredible, never heard anybody emulate it.
Disturbed - Was hooked when I saw the music video for the cover of 'Land of Confusion' - one of the greatest videos in history thans to Todd McFarlane
Genesis - Hooked a long time ago, one of those British bands that everybody's heard at one point in the UK :lol:
Accept - I barely even think these need mentioning... :lol:
UDO - Ditto? :P
Rob Zombie - I goddamn love this man! Hellbilly Deluxe is one of my favourite albums, ever!
Aerosmith - Don't really require an introduction. Really got to know them through Rock N' Rollercoaster at Paris.
Sabaton - My friend Matty got me listening - I love power metal.
Hammerfall - More powermetal from Sweden! The music video to Any Means Necessary got me more than interested enough!
KISS - Lordi got me into them and KISS got me further into Lordi. :wink:
Motley Crue - Despite Vince Neil losing a little bit of vocal talent the band's still a great one!
Alestorm - Scottish pirates playing metal - this is when you know there is a God.
Iron Maiden - One of my favourites, Eddie the Head for president! :lol:
Killswitch Engage - One of my college class's favourites.
Meat Loaf - Brilliant old timey rock and roll.
Heaven and Hell (RIP Dio - as a result this band is inactive) - Legendary vocals, brilliant songs, it's all good - I just wish we could have had more (And more of Dio besides.) :(
Black Sabbath - One of the founders!
Slipknot - I think they're somewhat overrated but I enjoy what I listen to. The industrial sound and visual work is beautifully done.
Skillet - Catchy tracks, nice vocal work, great writing - but I refuse to believe they're Christian Rock. It's madness!
The Scorpions - Just great all rounders. Very enjoyable.
Twisted Sister - Everyone knows who this is, right? :lol:
Whitesnake - Sorta in the same vent as Genesis.
The Poodles - Curse you Sweden! You're all very talented!
KORN - I love how raw this band sounds. Very rough. Love it!

Annnnd I think that's enough. Although I seriously doubt the probability of people not knowing half of these already...

Anyone heard of that band Lordi? They're pretty good! :lol:
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Postby Surma » Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:27 pm

Here the bands I have in my CD collection:

Alice Cooper
Amon Amarth
Animal Zero
Assorted Nails
Axel Rudi Pell
Barren Earth
Black Sabbath
Bullet For My Valentine
Burning Point
Children Of Bodom
Clean State
Dimmu Borgir
Double Diamond
Eternal Tango
Full Strike
Grave Digger
Guns N Roses
In Flames
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Legion Of The Damned
Mrs. Hippie
The Other
Over Kill
Rob Zombie
Saint Deamon
Scar Symmetry
This Ending
Twisted Sister
The 69Eyes
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Postby Dr.SinJoy » Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:28 pm

Mooneyman wrote:Anyone heard of that band Lordi? They're pretty good! :lol:
I think nobody of us here :D
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Postby Police Line Do Not Cross » Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:58 pm

Naked Idol Very nice band, Lordi fans should also check it, Magnum plays there :wink: But it's soo awesome band! Waiting for the debut- album..

Second Horizon This band makes nice rock- songs and they have a female singer what makes the songs very nice!
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Postby King » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:11 pm

I don't listen to many bands, but some of them are KISS, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sister. I like a lot more bands, most of them metal bands, some pop and some rock.
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Postby TheBear » Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:47 pm

I mostly listen to (besides that Finnish monstah band):
Iron Maiden
Rob Zombie
Dream Evil
Firelake (Ukrainian melodic death metal band who made a part of the OST for the first S.TA.L.K.E.R game)
Judas Priest
and there must be a band I forgot...
And there are of course there are Serbian metal bands like Pero Defformero (a genius band that combines metal music and Balkan folk vocals), AlogiA (progressive band), Kraljevski Apartman (Heavy) and Tanker (an awesome metal band from my town. Music is great and they sing in English, you should check them out)
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Postby judge death » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:10 am

A damn lot of metal bands I listen to I must say but I will not count up the ones who are famous or posted here already.

Believe it or not but I listen to all of those often and also some more which I cannot remember now.

Keel : take a look on one of their album covers: ... re=related

Grim reaper -A band from the late 80s which is about speed metal, with classic singing.

Metal Church- A classic and one of the better metal bands from the 80s in my opinion.

Gravestone- A band which reminds me of Lordi, their high pitch singer with some great guitars. I recommend their song creating a monster.

D.R.I- German speed metal band.

Helloween- Thier classic halloween is great and I used to listen to this a lot before the Tavastia gig in 2008.

LIVING DEATH- Underated speed metal band with a unique singing voice and their fictional monster is fun and cool to see.

Tank- A band which sing about war and their singer sounds like Gene Simmons in some ways.

Risk- Speed metal band and their song russian nights is great but underated.

Megadeth- One of the kings of faster metal and their many albums are great!

Raven- Speed metal and not very popular band but I like their songs.

Warhead- Speed and war and classic singing, great!

Heavens gate- More of a fantasy band but it has some great guitars.

Tyran pace- Those are like the unknown Judas priest band, their song eye to eye reminds of some Judas songs.

Loudness- A japanese heavy metal band from the 80s and in Japan quite popular.

Razor- A very fast speed metal band with some cruel songs.

Tyrant- A tribute band to heavy metal in overall and their best song is probably metal rules.

Iced earth- A classic metal band which is more modern than most of those bands in the list.

Krokus- German speed metal band with some good songs.

Dokken- More german metal, yes I like this stuff.

Incubus- A more unknown bands but they have their good songs.

Rigor mortis-More agressive metal band and have some songs about death and monsters.

whiplash-Late thrash metal band which played together with Metalica once in the past.

Demolotion hammer- More faster metal bands and have some classics here.

Rage- One of the more famous bands but still a bit unknown to the masses.

WARBRINGER- This band gives Sabaton some competion, they sing about war and mostly about the americans.

Status quo- Classic metal band from the 70s and my fave is probably you are in the army now.

Holocaust- This band sings about completly other stuff than its name suggest, woth checking out.

Testament- One of the heavier and faster bands and their singer is very good.

CLOVEN HOOF-Very catchy songs and great guitar riffs and classic metal, me like a lot.

MANILLA ROAD- One of the more apockalypse thinking band from the 80s when most comic books was about that subject and those sings about that type of stories, great band.

Heavy load-A calmer metal band from the 80s with some great art covers and their songs are great.

Griffin- from the early 80s with some great riffs and guitars and the singer is more slow but strong in singing.

Bleak house-Classic type of metal in the middle of the 80s reminds a lot about the 70s metal.

Dark star-Insane guitars and a very unknown band which is mostly about space and america.

Acid-Very early 80s speed metal band from belgium with some great songs. And I like their singer a lot.

ASG- American old school metal band. Very promising and good singer.

Satan- Not a dark metal band or even growling, clear lyrics and not abouth the devil, more classic songs they make.

Municipal Waste- More garessive and faster type of metal with clear lyrics.

Vardis- They came on 1980 and is more of a 70s metal band but a lot faster and with an unique singer.

overkill-Speed metal and is still around today, many great songs from them.

Pain- Industrial metal and with some very good oens too, swedish band and it is their singer who write and do the albums all by himself, all on tour are just hired crew.

Amorphis-More modern band but is mainly old school and their singer is looking like Jack sparrow xD

Venom- More darker speed metal bands, on the edge of being a black metal or classic speed metal band.

Dark moor- A band about the medieval times and also some songs about true stories. Kinda like Saxon.

Lost Horizon-A power metal band like Sabaton almost in some ways.

Riot- Classic metal witha very high pitch singer, really great band from the 80s!

Artillery- Power metal which is from the early 90s.

Exumer- Dark singer but the guitars is great and it is speed metal they do.

Exciter- Classic thrash metal band and they are kinda like judas in some ways.

Evildead- More louder metal band from the 80s and with soem very great songs.

Pitiful Reign- Not very good singer but when you feel you want to scream and is mad when this s the band for you.

Toxik- A satire band about the community and they are from the 80s and they have some reall fats and great songs.

WARGASM-Classic metal band about undead and monsters and fictional stories in their songs.

AT WAR- Thrash metal band which sings about war and soldiers.

BLOOD FEAST-More faster type of metal and their singer is very high picth singer.

Warrant-a more puddles metal band, yes glam metal here.

deathrow-HEavy metal band about the dark ages with crusaders and barbarians.

Grinder- Speed metal band with many great songs.

Gammaray- Kinda classic band with some more or less famous songs.

Tankard-Thrash metal which is still around today.

Exodus- Speed metal band which its band members then leaving the band for forming more famous bands.

Danzig- Classic metal band.

Blind guardian- Power metal which sings about fantasy and fairy tales.

Grave digger- ITs the same band almost as the previous one I mentioned8blind guardian)

Running wild- more agressive classic metal band which is almost glam rockers. USes a lot of pyros on their gigs.

violent force- German thrash metal which is very fast and high pitch singing in, great according to me.

SACRED REICH- German speed metal which have some great songs.

Evile- A brittish thrash metal band, they are very good according to me.

ATROPHY- Early 90 speed metal band.

Agent Steel- Their singer sounds likes helloweens singer and they play old school metal!

holy terror- Classic metal which was criticed a lot when they released their song evils rising.

Assassin- Classic but a bit heavy metal band with a very great singer.

Armored Saint-Great speed metal.

Shok Paris- Great guitars and classic metal.

Bronz- Classic metal band which reminds a bit of Saxon.

Nightwing- Old school metal kinda like Kiss.

Glasgow- unknown metal band with classic old school music.

Revenge-Speed metal from columbia.

Rising- Fast metal of course.

Stitch-Kinda like megadeth

Axe Witch-Speed metal band with a good singer, kinda old school at the same time.

Cutty Sark-OLd school metal band from the 80s in Germany.

Steel Vengeance-American metal band with very unique music.

STEELWING-Speed metal with great singer.

Mass-Metal band from Germany and their album covers is something that would make this place in fire XD

Steeler-Early 80s band which is more glam than metal.

Attack- German heavy metal band.

Cannon- Heavy metal band which is influenced by judas priest and their logo is looking like pacman.

Stainless Steel-hungarian power metal band with stories and tales as songs.

Metal Priest-Heavy metal and influenced by accept and such.

Railway-Heavy metal band from Germany.

FirstStrike-Speed metal from USA, very good but rare to find.

Breaker-German heavy metal from the 80s, love their song street fighter.

Prestige old finnish metal band from the 80s which is very unknown apparently, never heard anyone talk about them.

Virus-Heavy metal band with some heavy guitars and cool art on the album covers.

Accuser- Classic heavy metal band which arent so old.

Warfare-thrash band from UK from the early 80s.

AVENGER- Would later come to change name to rage.

Jaguar- Metal band from the UK.

Sacred Blood-Power metal band about tales and old wars.

Forbidden-Thrash metal from the late 80s.

Wizard- Power metal and sings about glorifying metal and tales.

Xentrix- thrash metal from the early 90s.

Nebula-More like space metal.

Blind Fury-Classic metal and with a very great singer.

Elixir-Heavy metal band which reminds a bit of AC/DC

Iron Angel- German trash metal from the middle of the 80s.

Naked idol- A finnish newcomer and about to release a debut album.

Realm- Another unknown thrash metal band.

Nuclear Assault- Speed metal which is a bit more agressive type.

Demon: Speed metal band which sings about the future and war. High pitch singer and great guitars and amazing artwork.

More famous bands:
Do I even need to explain what they do for type of music?

Judas priest
Black sabbath
Alice cooper
Twisted sister
Deep purple
The 69 eyes
Backyard babies
Iron maiden
Sonata arctic

Okay now I´m way too tired to think out the rest of the bands I listen to. As you see it is very mixed styles of metal but no black metal or that type.
Some bands I do know but they shall not be mentioned here, nothing with Lordi or black metal or so, way worse.... But enough of that.
Will probably write down the rest of the bands I listen to and like. But not now.
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Postby Venom-Crawler » Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:52 am

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
Dimmu Borgir
Cradle of Filth
Gusn N Roses
Fear Factory
Running Wild
Lordi :P
Alice Cooper
Bon Jovi
Black Sabbath
Armored Saint
Rob Halford
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Arch Enemy
Quiet Riot
Rough Cutt
Steel Panther
Skid Row
Twisted Sister
Vanillla Ninja

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Re: Other rock / metal bands

Postby Hemitys » Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:27 am

Thomas wrote:Please tell us about other bands that you like

Like he said, tell us about the bands and don't just list them.
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Postby anushka » Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:51 pm

Apocalyptica- I think you know them.... finnish cello band. It´s very special band with very special and nice people (personal experience). Thought the new album "7th Symphony" is crapy and don´t stop love them :)

Die Happy- German rock band with czech (hot) singer Marta. They have really powerfull live shows thanks to Marta and again they are very kind and nice :)

The Rasmus- They were my big love years ago and thanks to them I started listen to more rock music. They also starts my love to finnish bands and all those things around. Thought I don´t like them so much as before I´m thankful for this :)

Oomph!- German industrial band. Singer Dero is the best lyrics writter I know. He sings in german and actually I hate almost all songs what he sings in english :lol: Good live shows, great lyrics, great sound and again very kind people.

Slash- Actually I have nerver been big fan of GnR but Slash is just something special. And when I saw him live I just wanted to say "I was in guitar heaven and I saw god!" :lol: But still he´s my fave giutarist nr. 2 (quess who is nr. 1 :lol: )

KISS- I can´t forget this band, of course. Saw them live and it was amazing. Catchy songs and it was fun to have Paul´s face paiting during the show :lol:
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Postby fl4sh » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:45 pm

All That Remains - First it was melodic death metal band, now a metalcore band.

S-KORE - Only for czech-speaking people. Nu-metal one man "band", awesome lyrics and instrumentals too. His songs are free for download.

Avenged Sevenfold - Heavy metal American band. Their album called Nightmare was no.1 in iTunes chart.

Celldweller - Celldweller is a one-man "band", combines many, many styles.
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Postby MBL » Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:01 pm

There are to damn many to count them down, last time i checked my playlist there were over 900 bands :lol:
But here are some i listen to mostly:

Rammstein - German industrial metal, great band, great live show, and amazing lyrics, they're my favorite band along with Lordi, i can't choose between those two.

Destruction - german thrash at it's best. In my opinion they're the best thrash metal band around.

System of a Down - those guys are really messed up :lol: But that's why i love them, one of the most original bands out there.

Belphegor - they're a mix of black and death metal, from Austria, they have a really great sound

Taake - my favorite black metal band, their melodies are so awesome

Prurient - not really metal (or music), he's a noise musician. Warning noise is not for everyone, it's pure chaos.

Putrid Pile - one of the most brutal bands i've ever heard

Testament - THRASH. nuff said

Behemoth - Polands best band, i hope Nergal gets well

J.B.O - if you are german, or speak german, you should check them out, they're hilarious.

I actually listen to every kind of metal, don't care if it's true or fake. I like bands from Rap Metal to Pornogrind, i just love the way how heavy guitars and drums go together. Other stuff i listen to is Rock, Punk (with hardcore punk), Noise, experimental, industrial/aggrotech, classical and some old school Hip Hop from the 80s
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Postby Erina » Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:19 pm

I don't really listen to any heavy/metal bands (except for Lordi), but I do like Nightwish. Tuomas writes really good songs, and I feel quite close to him (duh, we're both Disney crazed escapists). Also, the other guys in Nightwish play really well (Marco is the best aside from Tuomas). I don't know why they needed a new singer, Marco would've been well enough to take care of it. His voice is great. Anette's good, but I'm more "old school Nightwish" fan.

Also, a Japanese melodic metal band Versailles is quite great. I'm not a big fan, but some of their songs are good. For example, The Revenant Choir is good. Don't know what else to say. Except that Kamijo, the singer, is quite poor in English, but most of the Japanese are.
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Postby masmasmas9 » Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:19 am

Let me list them:

Skyfire - swedish melodic death metal with progressive metal, power metal, dark ambient, symphonic metal, and neo-classical metal influenses.

Dream theater - American progressive metal band + makes progressive rock and symphonic metal to.

cannibal corpse - Death metal band from America - is the most heavy band i listen to.

Avantasia - not much of a band more a side project of the edguy vocalist Tobias Sammet - symphnic metal + a lot more

soon editing and exstending this post
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Postby Deadly Kid » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:20 pm

Without sorting:

DIO (of course!)
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Re: Other rock / metal bands

Postby Hemitys » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:28 pm

Hemitys wrote:
Thomas wrote:Please tell us about other bands that you like

Like he said, tell us about the bands and don't just list them.

What he said.
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Postby Narif » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:11 pm

My favourite bands(metal,metalcore etc...)

Rammstein-I dont think I need to say much about this, I cant get through a day without listening to it, they just made something really original and I would really like to go one of their concerts(Listening right now to Roter it)
Alestorm-ARRR what a great band, the music is awesome and they have an awesome guitarist! He's very skilled, I also met them once, cool guys.
As I lay Dying-They are very skilled and make really awesome music, the guitar riffs are full with energy and they make really good concerts!
Parkwaydrive-Never been to any of the concerts but I would like to! Great music sometimes brutal sometimes soft.They are vey skilled too.

Oh and lets not forget System of a Down...they got me into metal when I was a little child but I dont really listen to them these days.
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Postby Mandorf64 » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:37 pm

Insomnium was a suprise for me. I don't usually like this type of music, but there was something with the harmonies that made me listen. I just heard this band recently from swedish radio P3 live, hopefully you can listen and decide yourself :) ... ramid=2663
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Re: Other rock / metal bands

Postby MichuP1 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:17 pm

Worth listening to power metal band ''DragonForce''. Their songs last a long time because of the length of the solos that last up to 2 minutes! Songs who are worth listening to:
- Valley of the Damned
- Through the Fire and Flames
- Fury of The Storm
- Cry for Eternity
- Heroes of Our Time.
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Re: Other rock / metal bands

Postby ksco » Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:16 pm

Alice Cooper
Alter Bridge
Guano Apes
Killswtich Engage
Limp Bizkit
Makeshift Romeo
Papa Roach
Rev Theory
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Re: Other rock / metal bands

Postby SUMA » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:07 pm

Turk rock singer-Feridun Düzağaç

Murat Yılmazyıldırım

Halil Sezai

Ozzy Osbourne

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Re: Other rock / metal bands

Postby Thomas » Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:15 am


Quality melodic death metal from Finland! As we know, Finland is one of the, if not THE best melodic death metal country. Insomnium is truly a hidden gem. Their music is really melodic, melancholic and emotional with some harsh and brutal growling. They also have som NICE acoustic parts in their songs. If you are a fan of melodic death metal, please check out these guys, you wont regret!

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