Selling LORDI Comic originals!

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Selling LORDI Comic originals!

Postby MrKaarle » Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:06 pm

Hello everybody! I guess this is a correct way to inform you guys about this.

So I am selling all the 12 original comic pages I did for the newest tourbook, comics about Otus, Hella and Mana. I'll be selling the pages of Otus' comic first through a Finnish web auction site, and the other two comics through here. But of course if Otus' comics won't get sold through there, I will put them on sale here too.

There is 4 pages per story. I will be selling them at the price of 80€ per page. This is because they are rare stuff to get your hands on, plus I think each of them as separate works of art, yet I don't want to sell them on too high prices because I know what it's like to be a fan (and a starving student) who doesn't have plenty of money to buy fan merchandise and I want everyone to have a chance. Usually original artworks, whether it be among any genre of art, can be pretty damn expensive - I know this since I work amongst the art industry and art circles, so compared to some prices I've seen, I think this is still quite tame pricing. :wink:

All of the pages are made to A3-sized bristol board papers. They are black and white, originally drawn in pencil, then inked. Mr. Lordi did the coloring digitally afterwards. And all of the pages have mine and Mr. Lordi's signature on the back to further proof authenticity.

Send me a pm if you're interested. :)
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