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Strangers Within - no budget indie home-invasion horror

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:12 am
by LiamRnR
Hey monstermaniacs, I'm Liam and a bit of a horror nut. Have written a couple things for/with Lordi which may materalise in the future so watch this space! Also worked on a horror feature called Darkwood Manor ( a horror short tribute called School Of The Dead (

I'm currently directing my second feature, a no budget home-invasion horror feature film called 'Strangers Within' (think Last House On The Left meets The Strangers) and we need your help to get it made.

Check out this little video and see what juicy rewards you can get in exchange for helping out. If you could share the link around that would also help us so much. We've only got 30 days to raise as much as we can and can't do it if we don't reach our goal.

Thanking you in advance!