Updated forum rules and guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Updated forum rules and guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING!

Postby psyanide » Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:48 pm

Here's some updated rules and guidelines of Monsterboard. These are out in the open very clearly and must be read by everyone before posting messages. The rules are subject to change and not having read these rules is not an excuse. So take a few minutes and read and interiorize these and help us to keep Monsterboard a place still worth visiting!


Monsterboard is in three languages. Finnish, English and German. Post your messages to the correct part of the forum. Posts written in any other language will be deleted without advance warning by the admins and moderators. We understand that not all the members of Monsterboard originate from a country that has English as a native language. Therefore we will not enforce you to write literary and standard English, but we do appreciate and encourage such posting. To keep the forum more readable for everyone, use punctuations properly and make whole sentences. Everyone here must have been at some point in their lives on an English (or any mother tongue) class, so you all know that a sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark. Playing by these guidelines keeps the forum more readable and nice and clean for everybody using it.

Posts without any point will probably get deleted. Like posts that consist of just a few words or smilies, like "OMG I AGREE!!!" or "YES ME TOO!?!?". To get yourself known around the forums is all about the content and significance of your posts, not the total amount of useless and insignificant waste in your total post count. If you don't have anything to say, then don't say anything!

Even though you can format and style your posts doesn't mean you have to. Use the text colouring option only when really necessary. Like when you want to hilight some part of your post. Do not colour your whole posts at any point. Same thing goes with bolding, underlining, italicising, changing the font size etc.

When starting a new topic, look around and use the forum search to check if there's already a thread about the same matter. If so, then make your posts to that topic. When opening a new topic, name it wisely. For example, we prefer "What is the title of Lordi's latest album?" over "What?". If a topic you opened gets locked or deleted, the main reason is that there's already discussion of that matter in some other topic. Again, use the search to find more. No more useless threads where you just list things. To have some productive discussion, always explain and give reasons to the things you've listed in topics like "Favourite album".

In the Gigs -forum, do not start topics like "When will Lordi come to country X?". Those topics won't help anyone at any time. Also, only one thread for each concert. If you have a review or live photos you want to share with people, post them to the corresponding topic of that particular gig. DO NOT start new topics for gigs there's already a threads about. If there's no topic for a particular event, then of course it's ok to start one :)

When replying to threads, use the quote-option when needed. It seems that many users here don't bother to read the earlier posts, so quoting those when replying helps to keep people on track especially in long topics. If the quoted text is very long, quote just the significant part of it. And always, try to stay on topic. Off-topicing threads are a huge pain in anyone's behind. Also, no double, triple etc. posting. Edit your earlier post to contain all the information. So DO NOT POST TWICE OR MORE IN A ROW to the threads.

Posts with flaming or severe profanity are not tolerated. Cursewords may slip out occasionally every now and then, but keep in mind that many of the users here are underaged children. Do not attack and go to an individual's personal matters or fight with other people on the boards. If you have to do that, then do it somewhere else. Note that Monsterboard also includes private messaging system for more personal types of things.

Monsterboard admins and moderators can edit and delete any post and lock threads without any advance warning. If your post gets deleted by the admins, DO NOT POST IT AGAIN. If it gets deleted, that means there's something the admins don't like. Complaining about it is futile.


When adding images to your posts, keep in mind that there are already the two main picture-threads in the Members -section of the board you can post images to (Post all band members pics here and Funny Lordi Pics). If a picture is so big that the layout of the forum suffers from it, then rather post a link to that image. Do not post images to other threads. Text links are always better. And also keep the copyright issues in mind. If the site you're about to post an image from says that you can't do it, it really means you're not allowed. Lordi-related photos you've taken yourself are always welcome!

YouTube etc. videos

It is not allowed to post links to YouTube (or other online service like that) videos that contain full, copyrighted songs ripped from the albums. If you want to listen to the Lordi songs, then you buy the albums. The online music stores have nowadays good quality previews of the tracks you're about to buy. Other videos like live clips and interviews are allowed, but keep the copyright issues in mind in those also. The user who doesn't obey these rules will be banned from Monsterboard without any advance warning for a indefinable period of time.

Band members

Even though the real names of the band members are now officially been let out in the open, it is still not allowed to use them here. Same goes with unmasked photos of the band members and linking to a webpage that might contain this kind of information. The band members may have other bands as side projects and such aside from Lordi, but it is not allowed to discuss or even mention them here on Monsterboard.

Signatures & avatars

As many of you have noticed, you can add a signature and an avatar to your profile. Here's some guidelines how to make a proper signature for Monsterboard. Do NOT use animated images in signatures or avatars. Admins can delete any signature or avatar without advance warning. If your signature or avatar gets deleted DO NOT ADD THE SAME IMAGE AGAIN! Read these rules and you know exactly why it got deleted.

Image signatures:
Signatures must be appropriate. No graphical sexual references and/or profanity directed to any one person is allowed. Maximum signature size has been set at 400pixels (width), 70pixels (height) and a file size of 50kb maximum. You are allowed to use as many images as you want in your signature as long as the total (all combined) width, height and file size does not surpass 400x70px and 50kb. If you do exceed these limitations your signature will be removed. Also, NO animated signatures!

To find out how big your signature image is, click on it with your right mouse button and select 'properties' from the dropdown list. There shall be no excuses for signatures that are too big.

Text signatures:
Black, blue, dark blue, dark red and indigo font colours are not allowed in your signature. You are not allowed to make use of bold, italics nor underline the text in your signature. Changing the font size in your signature is also not allowed. The total amount of lines you can write in your signature is not to exceed three lines (which includes a spacing).

Mixed signatures:
You are allowed to make use of an image that has a maximum of 400px (width), 70px (height) and a total file size of 50kb that is accompanied by two lines of text (which includes a spacing).

Avatars must be appropriate. No graphical sexual references are allowed. You are not allowed to use an avatar of a band member or an animated one. The avatar size is max. 80px (width) and 34px (height).
Do not use avatars already used by other board members! Make your own and not just steal others'. And remember to respect copyrights when creating avatars and signatures. If a website or an online service says you can't use their pictures, then don't. Simple as that.


Any Monsterboard user can, and is encouraged to, contact the admins or moderators via PM or email when noticing something fishy or questionable activity on the boards. It is not necessary for anyone to try to act as a moderator, but pointing out and commenting on something that breaks the rules may be appropriate.

Punishments & banning

Do not pick a fight with the admins or moderators at any point. By opposing and resisting you just get yourself in more trouble. Users who do not play by these rules and guidelines may, or may not be warned before banning them. The admins can ban anyone without any advance warning if they see that it's necessary and fitting and justified. A ban can be a specified amount of time, or for a indefinable period of time. Complaining about bans and punishments to the admins is useless and futile. Period.

And of course, if you don't agree and don't want to play by these rules, you can always go and start your own forum where anyone can write a dozen threads about the socks Mr. Lordi wears, post so big pictures on threads the layout suffers, colour their posts with all these cool options and change the font size to whatever they please and just plain act how they want. Then you can come here and tell us you really like it there. The administrators are not abusing their power here, so stop whining and go somewhere else if nothing's fine. We've administrated the Monsterboard more than half a decade, and we know exactly how this place would look and feel like if we'd just let everyone act how they please.


The FanFic forum rules can be viewed here and more information about the forum's functioning you'll find in the FAQ. Thanks!

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