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Postby Mooneyman » Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:56 pm

Mr. Lordi, I feel this really needs to be said:

It takes a strong man to really react to positive fan feedback in a good way - it takes a stronger man to react to criticism fairly, constructively and with acceptance.

It's times like this, as Isa said, I honestly feel proud of being a fan - Lordi are one of the most deserving bands in the world.

We bow to you, sir, it's ruddy hard not to sometimes!

Oh, and that's an excellent point with the Iron Maiden shirts, can't believe I missed it! Thank you for pointing that out to me! :lol:

You're one of the best examples of a man we can all hope to be become. (although there's a minor complication there for the females on the board... :lol: )

Thank you - from everybody on MB.
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Postby Isa » Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:01 pm

I prefer say "You're one of the best examples of a man we all want look like " (or want take as example)

For me idolise it's like you mind he can never do anything wrong, he's perfect and it's more contrary we say in this topic

But in my eyes he's for sure someone we can want take as example 'cos he's human like us, have good and bad moment, make us. But way he react or way he mind can be taked as example

And also even I'm proud I have hard to say "one of the most deserving" not that they don't deserve but for me so many bands deserve
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Postby Mooneyman » Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:03 pm

Touche, Isa. Touche. :wink:
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Postby Rubenlink » Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:10 pm

NWH, you're right. And Mr. L too of course! Like Isa said, i'm proud to be a fan of such a good band, and not only good in music and act, the support for the fans, everything, is brilliant. My big thanks to everyone who works for this brilliant band. They changed my life and my view of life. Making music isn't their job to earn much money (altough it can come handy), it's their passion. Their life. That's why i respect these monsters so much. Really, a well-meant THANK YOU... I hope Lordi will exist many, many years after my writing. Life sucks, but thanks to Lordi my life's got a meaning, a goal. Again, a big thanks to everyone.

RIP Otus!
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Postby Sooophie » Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:12 pm

Rubenlink, It's the same for me. Sound exactly like me, what I feel. Can't thank them enough :D
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Postby Lilyth Von Gore » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:33 am

Lordi wrote:*About the shows, like so many of you already have said, it really is like this: WE as a band would LOVE to come to play in every single country and city and town you want us to. This is the honest truth. But it is NOT up to us. There has to be demand for us to come. There has to be a local promoter and a venue that WANTS us there. If there´s no request for us to come to, Poland for example, where would we come to play if there´s no place that wants us to play in? And sometimes, sadly, there might be long negotiations with the booking agency and some promoter/venue, but there´s not just enough money to have us. And it´s not about greed. You guys have to understand that we cannot come all the way from Finland and play if we wound up paying for it ourselves. The costs of traveling, paying the salaries for our crew and doing the show has to be all covered by the fee we get from the promoter of your city. And sometimes, sadly, the promoter or the venue just does not have enough, and we just cannot do it any cheaper. Sometimes gap is too big to fill and the ends are way too apart to make a show happen, sad but true.

Hey, that's what I said!
You just said it better. :P
Love ya, Mr. Lordi! ^^
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Postby The 13th Nightmare » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:34 am

It's posts like that from Mr. L that make me proud to be a fan of this band. The fact that he was good enough to come one here and explain the situation to us all about all the points that NWH made, it's just great if I am honest.

A very big thank you to Mr. L for doing that
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Postby Candy_Bra_Canadian » Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:06 am

Wow! You are so knowledgeable! I did not know this about Lordi or its fans. o.O Frankly, I don't know much behind the merch, management, or fans. It's not b/c I am a poor fan or not dedicated enough... I *live* Lordi (their songs are my morning alarms and I have Lordi tattooed in Egyptian hieroglyphs on my arm)... I can only make due with what I have. Technically, I am a "newer" fan b/c I hadn't known about them until 2009, but given that *nobody* in Canada even mentions them b/c the majority doesn't even know them, I don't have much to work with... I'm mostly relying on this site and Judge Death and Isa's "Lordi Fan Nation" fansite to catch up to *years* of trivia, facts, lyrics, etc.

The fans that I have met have all been super-friendly to me, but it could be that I am very lucky. So far, the fans that I have met have been some of the most fun, easygoing, and nicest people that I have ever met. :) When I was at the airport going back to Canada, I started to cry b/c who knows when I'll get to see them again? :'(

The merch *is* expensive... which is why I only have a sweater... And nothing else. To ship Lordi merch to Canada is the cost of the merch+international shipping charges. Sadly, by the time I pay shipping charges attached to the merch, the charge is almost DOUBLE (in euros) what the original cost was on the site, and the sweater alone was expensive... I know shipping has nothing to do with Lordi, but I know that some bands (and non-music related companies) have online "stores" based in other countries so the buyer pays local shipping charges, and to avoid confusion, pays in the currency of their country. I know it might sound silly to you guys, but the euro conversion still confuses (and angers) me sometimes.

As for albums, the problem for me is not the price actually... CDs are cheap here. The problem is that... Lordi albums AREN'T SOLD HERE.
(Unless you specially order them from the store, but then the cost of the album would go from $20 Canadian up to something like $30...)

That said, every person, regardless of their age or usual taste in music, FALL IN LOVE with Lordi whenever I introduce Lordi to them (my house, my music :P). I'm pretty sure Canadians will gladly accept Lordi as their own if they get a taste of what *real* music is. :)
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