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Interview with MR LORDI

Postby Prove_Your_Monsterloving » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:44 pm

Hi guys, I came across the interview with Mr lordi that was taken in summer of 2009 by some Russian guy(, so I've translated some part of it and if you liked it I would translate more of it and post part by part later (btw, my english is bad but I hope you will be able to understand, not sure but hope))). So that is it:

Appearances are deceptive. This simple truth hasn't left my mind while friendly and cheerful
Mr. Lordi's voice have been murmuring in my receiver. He is whose shape provokes children's and nursing mother's bouts of diarrhea. He is the leader of monsterican band of apostles of new hard-rock wave, who won over the planet by rocking anthem "Hard Rock Hallelujah". He is who mixed primary dementia of Kiss into devilish card batch, smirking with rotten faces of horror-films characters.

"Yeah-yeah, - laughing this positive man, - I love them all. Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees
from "Friday the 13th", Saruman from "Lord of the rings", Michael Myers from "Hallowen",
serial killers, maniacs... The heart misses a beat when wathing something like "The Texas
Chain Saw Massacre"! The power, authority, depravity and ugliness - what can be better?" The fervent finnish guy made his contribution to the list of horror films: in 2004 he became a co-author and the actor of mini-film “The Kin”, in which recognizable demonic “nestlings” of Lordi’s nest are covering with their first bloody plumelets of inhuman atrocities. And in 2008 came out the film “Dark Floors”, on which the finish government gave the grant of 300 000 euro (the general budget is 4.2 million). “The own horror film- it’s like a realized dream, - saying the vocalist, monster and author of story line, - I with my friends have started to do such things in the school. Later I got the education of director (Bachelor of Arts – the author’s note). But the cinema for all that isn’t the main thing for me, side-project of a sort. Music, the band is taking the first place. I don’t think that I will ever change my profession.

By the way, just the school talent added Pete Riski to Lordi’s history. He has become a director of “Dark Floors” and the main creator of band’s clips. “Would you love a monsterman?”, “Devil Is a Loser”, “Blood Red Sandman”, “Hard Rock hallelujah”, “Who’s your daddy?”, “It snows in Hell” – the hot rotation of musical TV-channels chewed with pleasure the attractive pieces of reality-show from Hell. Though, as saying mr. Lordi, the band doesn’t take the clip-making with enthusiasm. “As for me, I like the shooting process, the working atmosphere as itself. But the rest of the musicians go out of their minds – they hate clips!.. Because the shooting is the endless hours of waiting, some pulled out days of life. You’re just sitting and waiting, sitting and waiting… anguish, you know”.

But if you have proclaimed yourself a monster so get into the mask, right? The real showmen should be scared of nothing: not of the film crew, not of the long-term process of preparations for the concert. For example, it takes more than 3 hours to prepare the band leader’s mask: it is necessary to glue together the little pieces of his face carefully. And after the concert it takes again more than 1,5 hours to tear off all this beauty from the skin, hair and beard. But for the rest of the band members it’s simpler: their masks are made from seamless pieces on basis of latex, so the transformation of civilian finish citizens into the limbs of the devil takes way less time – from half an hour to 1.5 hours. Each hard-rocker’s costume, which costs hundreds of euro, chokes, disturbs to play and squeezes sweat out of body – but beauty knows no pain and in Lordi’s case an importance of image component doesn’t come into the question. “Masks are not only disturbing us, - laughing the front man, - they’re also settling our accounts! Of course, we are hot in them, you’re perspiring and you don’t have a possibility to move as free as in normal clothes, but… we look cool! As a woman you should understand that to obtain an outstanding result you should to suffer a little. I consider our band the most beautiful, the most fascinating and catchy in the whole world! And for it's sake we don’t refuse to suffer a little”. The first character that charmed Mr.Lordi in his childhood was the hellish clown from filmization of the novel “It” be Steven King: the boy ornamented his face, imitating IT from the film and ran to his mother to take some pictures with her.

By the way, masks and costumes, which were being used by band on the different stages of creative work, are not missing in obscurity: they are either sold for many thousands of euros by auction or decorate “horror and rock” restaurant, ruled by Lordi members. “It is situated in our native town Rovaniemi in the north of Finland, the Arctic zone, - says the leader of devil’s band, - it’s very specific, unique restaurant. Masks, costumes, chains and other stage things – our own and presented by the other metal bands. Horror and metal – what can be better? Of course, the notorious financial crisis adversely affected our business so and the other finish restaurants. Many of them has already become bankrupt. The economy of European countries is crippled, people grow poorer, and the travel business endures gloomy times. Less of tourists mean less of visitors - that can be fatally for the restaurants of such little towns as Rovaniemi. But we still hold on and business is looking well. So to be unusual is even profitable!” However, maybe it’s all because of advertising.

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Postby Undeetch » Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:20 pm

I found this interesting reading. Really nice job with the translating!
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Postby judge death » Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:30 pm

Was interesting to read and would love to read more if you want to translate of course. :)
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