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PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:21 pm
by korovnikovd
Hello everyone!
Does anyone know the name of this sweet melody played by Hella during the 'Tour Beast or Not tour Beast' ? Or she is the author?
( )

Thanks in advance.

Re: Hella's

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:41 pm
by Crystal
Actually it's just a solo, but the song about Hella is called "Schizo Doll", from Lordi's new album.

Re: Hella's

PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:27 pm
by kappe
I asked from Hella about the solo. And here's her answer: "It is the beginning of a menuet I used to play long time ago...I should find out who was the composer of it. I chose it cause it sounds like a toy music box."