Finally my first Lordi gig...

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Finally my first Lordi gig...

Postby ZeHa » Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:28 pm

Hi there,

I am a Lordi fan since Get Heavy and I still think this is the best album and also one of my favorite albums in general. But I never really managed to see them live, and now finally it happened (one month ago, in Dornbirn (Austria)).

And I'm sad to say that I was very disappointed - but not so much because of the show, mostly because of the sound. It was really awful. The first two bands were already quite loud, but it was still "okay". When the soundcheck for Lordi was done, I was already fearing the worst - the single instruments already were quite loud (but still sounded good). But once they started playing, it was really really awful. Way too loud and totally screeching and squealing, way too much treble. I can't believe how this can happen. I put some paper tissues into my ears, that way it was okay, both from volume as well as from "equalization". But still, I am pretty disappointed, normally no sound technician should let that pass. Sadly, I have the feeling that it's a recent trend to exaggerate volume by all means, not just at Lordi's concert. Also I found most of the solos a bit pointless (especially Amen's solo was a joke basically - not sure if it was intended to be one).

Well then. At least I was glad they played 3 songs from Get Heavy, which I thought was cool, and also some of the 2nd and 3rd album, which I found cool because I don't know the more recent songs. But somehow I miss the Get Heavy era. I loved the songs and I also loved the costumes/members. Lordi has evolved, and I understand some might like that evolution or even prefer it. But for me, the real Lordi band will always be Amen, Enary, Kalma, Kita, and I think it's a pity I never saw them live in this set-up.
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