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Postby metalskull » Mon Jun 11, 2007 2:35 pm

on youtube you'll find an interview of amen and Kita:


while you can
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Postby Mad Madam Mimm » Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:35 pm

kita: I get lots of emails from girls saying they want to have sex with "kita"....

UW! What did i tell you about stalking people?! Lol great vid, thanks!
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Postby Eve » Mon Jun 11, 2007 9:23 pm

Oh...I saw this interview sometime ago with my brother :D I really enjoyed's very brother liked it too though he doesn't understand english...well, I translated some stuff for him :lol: :lol:

They have such nice voices... :oops: :lol: :lol:
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Postby Dark Thorn » Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:59 pm

In the beginning you can here all the voices and then you have a lot of blah blah blah by Mr. Lordi and a little by Lady Awa

Enjoy it :wink:
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Postby supermonstar13 » Tue Jun 12, 2007 5:00 pm

I have an interview of Kita and OX!
It's in greek, but I'll translate it-not now, later.

bye for now
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Postby Wings-Of-Fire » Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:14 pm

Mad Madam Mimm wrote:kita: I get lots of emails from girls saying they want to have sex with "kita"....

UW! What did i tell you about stalking people?! Lol great vid, thanks!

Actually im not sure it was UW... :oops:

Im kidding... I havnt been a fan long enough to stalk him properly... :P
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Postby Eve » Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:55 pm

I have no idea if this has been posted before but:
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Postby Joni Master » Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:39 pm

Eve wrote:I have no idea if this has been posted before but:

Here is my English translation. Enjoy. :P

The Lordi Finns, with the imagery similar to monsters left a film of horror, knew a career in tooth of saw: a first album altogether rather successful ("Get Heavy") in 2003, followed of "The Monsterican Dream" (2004), then definitely less good ("The Monster Show", 2005), all three left in the indifference except in their country - and in any event very little distributed elsewhere. Any rocker one evening of May 2006, during which the quintet is the subject of an incredible victory with go musical televised annual and impossible to circumvent of the families, Eurovision, provocative the tumult which you know. It is the dedication for the quasi unknown group, which sees itself offering a world deal by the Sony-BMG label. This one takes again the reindeers of Lappish and republishes "The Arockalypse" by including two titles: that which was worth to them the world recognition, the anthem "Hard rock Hallelujah", and "Bringing Back The Balls To Rock" - by specifying that those also were the subject of an individual exit the 06/06/2006. With their monstrous costumes, Lordi are not caught with serious and that feels in their compos marked of a hardware spangled and festive FM, involving and tied up well. To some extent, a return in strength to hard rock of the Eighties, with a resolutely modern and powerful sound. Although the first title of the album constitutes more than three minutes of talk-show without interest, the following pieces indicate of a strong print of the largest influence of Finnish, namely Kiss besides (the singer carries a mark homage to Gene Simmons on its costume, with you to find it!), like Alice Cooper and Motley Crüe - riffs, synthés and ballades included. Lappish the, originating ones in the same city that the Father Christmas, in the passing offered himself on this last album the participation of the legends of hard rock of which they acknowledge fans openly: Jay-Jay French and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Udo Dirkschneider (Accept) and Bruce Kulick (Kiss). Skilfully produced, "The Arockalypse" does not contain technical prowesses or pompeux agreements, but of the accrocheuses melodies and refrains pass key which one appreciates if one manages to determine the step of the group, namely to give pleasure without tearing off the hair... even if riffs or passages dissimulated among the twelve titles vaguely point out known references, the originality of the group residing especially in his skilfully designed costumes. If there were one word to retain: diverting! (7/10)

Which is the life of Lordi before and after Eurovision? Lordi: With little close same the, sorry one to disappoint you! (laughter). Finally now our planning is charged obviously more, because we make promotion enormously. There is the chance to have more job: more concerts, more promotion, many interviews... And obviously, one is millionaires now (laughter). I joke... Champagne baths or other tricks of the style are not taken yet, but that will come! (laughter). The group exists for some time already, and recently, which really changed, it is our workload and the impact near the media, not only in Europe but in the whole world. People know to us now, therefore, there are more things to make... and one does not put any more the question to know how one will occupy our spare time, because one does not have any any more! How were you brought to take part in Eurovision, which is an emission primarily intended for the people of a certain age? Lordi: But one is old us too! (laughter). It was not really our idea. If you requests with any group of rock'n'roll or metal if it plans one day to take part in Eurovision, I bet that the answer will be large "Not, never"! In fact, there was a call of the Finnish jury of Eurovision last summer. It were presented, and proposed to us to take part in the semi-final for Finland. On the blow, one asked to them whether they joked, if they were foutaient of our mouth or if they had not been mistaken in number; but not, it was well a proposal in due form. One badly did not discuss between us the days which followed; the guitarist was super enthusiastic but I was rather negative. One ended up agreeing to take part by thinking that in any event, one would be likely certainly no to pass the semi-final, but that that would nevertheless make us good a promotion in Finland. One further did not see than that. The emission would be diffused in premium-time on a national chain in January, and like the exit of our new album was envisaged in February, it was the occasion to present a few pieces and to have repercussions presses free, then one went there. And the improbable one arrived: one gained the semi-finals, then the contest. But believe me, of any moment one thought that one could gain. How I said, until there any group rock'n'roll or metal would not have been interested to take part in Eurovision, but that perhaps will change as from the next year! Gives is different now. Why to have chosen the title "Hard rock Hallelujah" for Eurovision? Amen: Each artist taking part was to present two pieces, one had thus recorded "Hard rock Hallelujah" and another title, "Briging Back the Balls to Rock" especially for Eurovision. It is our house of discs which was due so that these are presented, one did not believe too much in these songs because they are not the best of the album. And at the time of the semi-final, Finnish voted for "Hard rock Hallelujah". Lordi: : As I said, one did not believe in the victory. One said oneself that these two pieces could be the first two individual potentials. But if one had presented "Bringing the Balls Back to Rock" which is nevertheless much more aggressive than "Hard Rock Hallelujah", one would have sat here? It nevertheless crowned one there combination of circumstances.

OX and Awa: you are the last arrived in the group, that makes you which effect to form part of Lordi? Lordi: Attention so that you will answer! (laughter) OX: It is brilliant to have gained Eurovision and to form part of the group. I am surrounded guys sympas! Lordi: Thank you! (laughter). Awa: I am not yet quite conscious of what arrived... It will take me at least a year to digest all that! How do you define your concept? Lordi: To make short, one will say that one is film monsters of horror which make melody hard rock... That explains all! Some of your idols took part in the album "The Arockalypse". How was that done? Kita: It is a long history! They invited us to say to us that they were entirely at our disposal... Not, it is not as that which that occurred (laughter). One met Bruce Kulick in Denmark during the last European round of Kiss. There was one day of free and one played in the same club the next evening, one thus was to see them and one found courage to ask to him whether it would be interested to take part in our next album. Surprisingly, he said yes! And via his turn manager in Europe, one could come into contact with the manager of Jay-Jay French and Dee Snider de Twister Sister. One owes him much! Jay-Jay and Dee have their own studio and sent the files to us. Udo came to Helsinki while one recorded and thus had the occasion to record with us. For us it was giant, kids, there were posters of them posted on our walls, and one still has some! Amen: Udo is certainly the coolest guy of the metal!

Did Kiss influence you? Lordi: The influence of Gene Simmons? Wow... Without Kiss, there would be no Lordi, or it would be completely different, visually and musicalement. Kita: I am a large fan of Gene Simons. Lordi: And me, I carry a small homage (it shows a part of its costume or a face draws the language). Tomi: you already took part in a short film, "The Kin" two years ago. Would you like to continue in the cinema? Lordi: Yes, it is a dream which I would like to carry out! I obtained a diploma of realizer of movies almost 15 years ago. It will be seen, perhaps that a day a producer will be interested by my projects for a full-length film.... If there are French producers by here?! (laughter).

Who designs your costumes? Lordi: Me! I am responsible for the design of all that you see here, our small pockets of discs, our tee-shirts, etc. Make-up, costumes, paintings, the visual ones of the albums... All. You are not too hot with that? Lordi: If! They are made in major part of latex and cover all the body. Ca makes sauna, as in Finland, one transports a little country with us! (laughter). With Awa share, its costume is out of fabric... it does not even perspire! (laughter) Amen: Blow, it does not take showers, even in summer! Etes you conscious that your look inspires more aggressiveness than your music? Lordi: We were it. But the houses of discs were it also, because that took ten years to us to take down a valid deal (laughter). One refused to sign us by saying to us that our music was sympathetic, but that our look did not stick. Therefore, either one kept our image and one gave up this style of music, or one remained as that but one was to put oneself at the black or the death. It is the music which one wanted to play and the image that one wanted to have, therefore one has to drop not badly from proposals. Our first demonstration left in 1992, and our first album in 2002... that took ten years. But this shift never really disturbed us; in fact, for us, it is as if there were not! We form an extreme version of Kiss, Alice Cooper or Twisted Sister.

What would you say to the detractors who affirm that you hawk an image satanist? Lordi: You awake, you have any forgery! This typically human attitude puts to me out of me: to open its mouth before even checking what one advances. Unfortunately, there are many stupid people who forge opinions without same seeking to include/understand what they speak, it is a fact. There is absolutely nothing to see with the satanism or the worship of the Demon. I know that these ideas are due to our image, but, the film realizers or actors of horror are also satanists? The monsters which they personalize are objects of satanic worship? Not... However, as soon as you form part of a group of rock'n'roll and that you are as beautiful as us, one catalogues you of satanist! Thus one wasted time to explain to people whom one has nothing to do with the satanism, but they continue rétorquer "nononon, one does not listen, you are admirers of Satan and it is all". But now, one does not pay any more attention; in the content, these people make us advertizing. There is even ready which wanted to attack us. It is as a little thanks to him as one obtained a platinum disc in Finland (laughter). Do you consider that you are representative of the emergence of the metal underground? Lordi: In what concerns us, I do not think, our music did not change. Since our victory, much of people consider our case and wonder which we are. While digging a little, they perhaps will take note of our influences and will see still unknown names for them: Kiss, Motley Crüe or Alice Cooper. I do not know if our victory in Eurovision will have a positive impact on general public with respect to the scene metal, and if one will see other groups of metal or hard rock in Eurovision. Amen: If they follow our logic, they will not listen to any more a rap... Because it is found that the rap, it is that, the music of the Hell! (laughter) a presenter of the tele Frenchwoman suggested that you seemed to leave a zoo... Lordi: It was right! ... and that you were not likely any to gain. Lordi: And there, it had any forgery! What would you like to answer him? Lordi: Of going to be made foutre! (laughter) It was surely the only person in the world with being certain which one would not gain. It represents a good example of those which do not include/understand absolutely the direction of our step. Ok, there is what to surprise to see unloading a group of heavy with paces of monsters to a contest of pop music. One even wondered whether it were a good place for us; one smelled oneself a little like a meat dish in a brewery vegetarian. But, that made here of the good feel like kings. That positions back certain people, those which were sure that one did not have our place and that one would never arrive there. That they will be made foutre now. In Finland, an expression said that if one day the country had suddenly gained Eurovision, it would start to snow in hell. Is this for that which you envisaged to leave "It Snows in Hell" for your second individual? Lordi: In fact, not! It is funny of coincidence. On the album there is a piece which is called "It Snows in Hell" and after Eurovision, one had provided that one left it into individual. But it is less sure now, that will be certainly another piece. It is a ballade and one wants something moreover rock'n'roll, finally, the label will make the decision. Indeed, for those which do not know the context: in Finland, since about thirty years, it was common of saying that the country will freeze in hell before one can one day gain Eurovision. And it is that one has a piece which is called "It Snows In Hell" on our album! Kita: Finland is an icy country and one is rather strong in all the winter sports. but Eurovision, that was never gained, finally until now!
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Postby Eve » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:13 pm

I've found this today:

Sorry if it has been posted before.... :oops:

I love when Awa says she is afraid of Amen.... :lol: :lol:
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Postby Lady Aleera » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:15 pm

WOOw!! Thanks Joni ! :D
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Postby judge death » Mon Dec 03, 2007 10:01 am

Dark Thorn wrote:

In the beginning you can here all the voices and then you have a lot of blah blah blah by Mr. Lordi and a little by Lady Awa

Enjoy it :wink:

How can their voices be so diefferent if you compare them from the gigs?
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Postby atrak » Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:54 pm

antiquus wrote:There's an interview, mostly with Mr. Lordi, but with Ox and Awa (all too briefly) as well here:

Note that it's a bit after 2 hours into the programme, so you can skip ahead if you want. Also this is the current week's programme so it's bound to change soon...

This is so cool interview! :P
OX and Awa are there too.
I love it! :wink:
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