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Monsterboard Lordi FAQ

Postby Beauty of the beast » Fri Nov 10, 2006 8:11 pm

Monsterboard Lordi FAQ

Hell-o Monstermaniacs.

This is an FAQ that I beg you to check before you post any questions you feel may have already been asked and answered on the Monsterboard. Please feel free to send me any PM’s with more questions you believe should be added to this FAQ, I fully intend to update this as often as possible. Please feel free to contact me via any of the methods in my profile.

Lordi FAQ.

Q. Who is the bassist in Would You love A Monsterman (2002) ? He doesn’t look the same as the current bassist.

A. He was and is Magnum, the first bassist of Lordi. His reasons for leaving Lordi are not known. He was replaced by Kalma who served as the bassist for Lordi till late 2005 when OX took his place as the new bassist of Lordi.


Q. Who was the keyboard player from Would You Love A Monsterman (2002), Devil Is A Loser and Blood Red Sandman?

A. She was Enary, the original keyboardist for Lordi. She left the band in late 2005 and was replaced by Awa as the new keyboardist.


Q. Did Lordi release a song called Diva?

A. No Diva was not written or recorded by Lordi. The song appears on file sharing programs when Lordi is searched but the song was actually recorded by a band called Nightfall.


Q. Where can I get Lordi tabs?

A. Check out the Tabs thread . We have one of the very largest collections of Lordi tabs and it is frequently updated. Please feel free to ask in the thread for a tab that you can not find, a Monstermaniac somewhere is bound to have the tab you're looking for.


Q. What does 'Lordi' mean?

A. Lordi is the Finnish name for Lord, Mr. Lordi was nicknamed Lordi as a child and he decided to use this nickname as the name for his music projects as he grew up, this has grew into Lordi as the band we know today.


Q. Is there any way I can see Lordi unmasked?

A. What masks? :twisted: . No there are strict rules against anything to do with band members private lives and identities. Any such information will be deleted and the person responsible will be urged to leave the forums.


Q. Did Lordi record a cover version of the WASP song 'I wanna be somebody'?

A. No. That was done by another Finnish band called Sentenced. The only covers Lordi has done were Alice Coopers "He's Back" and Accepts "Midnight Mover".


Q. When will Lordi play in my home country/town?

A. Lordi tour dates and performances will be listed on or first. Please check these sites as they are the most up to date.


Q. How do I get back stage passes to a Lordi gig?

A. You may get backstage to a Lordi gig if you wear a costume to a gig or have been put on a backstage list via communication with the (if any) person(s) who arrange backstage visits during a Lordi tour.


Q. When is the new Album/sinle out?

A. You'll find out here and on first so please wait untill news is posted on the release of any upcoming Lordi releases.


Q. Who does "what" in "what" song?

A. Here's a great big list.

Get Heavy (2002)

Producer - T.T. Oksala

All songs were performed/made with:
Mr. Lordi - lead vocals, programming.
Mr. Kita - drums, backing vocals.
Miss. Enary - keyboards, piano, backing vocals.
Mr. Amen - guitars, backing vocals.
Mr. Kalma - some backing vocals, All bass recorded by Magnum.
Vocal training, co-lyrics and robotic vocals in "Monster Monster" by Tracy Lipp.

The Monsterican Dream (2004)

Producer - Hilli Hiilesmaa

All songs were performed/made with:
Mr. Lordi - lead vocals.
Mr. Kita - drums, backing vocals.
Miss. Enary - keyboards, backing vocals.
Mr. Amen - guitars, backing vocals.
Mr. Kalma - bass guitar, backing vocals.

Writing credits

Theatrical Trailer : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi,
Music - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Kita.

Bring It On (The Raging Hounds Return) : Lyrics - Mr. lordi.
Music - Mr. Lordi.

Blood Red Sandman : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi.
music - Mr. Lordi.

My Heaven Is Your Hell : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi
Music - Mr. Lordi

Pet The Destroyer : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Kita.
Music - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Kita

Children Of The Night : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi.
Music - Mr. Lordi.

Wake The Snake : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi.
Music - Mr. Lordi.

Shotgun Divorce : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi.
Music - Mr. Lordi.

Forsaken Fashion Dolls : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Amen.
Music - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Amen.

Haunted Town : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Kita.
Music - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Kita.

Fire In The Hole : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi
Music - Mr. Lordi.

Magistra Nocte : Music - Miss. Enary.

Kalmageddon : Lyrics - Mr. Lordi, Mr. Kalma.
Music - Mr. lordi, Mr. Kalma, P.K.Hell. < (Pete Kangas) Mr. Lordi correctly informed me of this :P.

*updated when I can be arsed*


Q. What instruments does Amen play?

A. Mr. Amen used to use a variety of guitars. These ranged from Gibson Les Pauls to a Tokai LS-75Q. Recently just before Eurovision Mr. Amen signed a deal with Gibson and now uses only Gibson guitars during his stage performances… He also has a custom built guitar that he used during the performances at Eurovision.


Stay Heavy Monstermaniacs :twisted: .
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