What do your parents think about Lordi?

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Postby BabezForBreakfast » Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:13 pm

my mum likes lordi music and she thinks they are disgusting
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Postby Arwiel » Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:54 pm

My family have nothing against them. ;) They don't listen at them (Okey when I do, loud:D).

My dad don't talk about them so much, my mother can talk with me about them. :) They are happy for me, that I have a band to look up to :D
"The pain needs music from Lordi to be conquered, or else I wouldn't be able to bear it."
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Postby cahira » Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:42 am

M mom has banned on of their songs from me listening to it just because its says a few words.. but seirosly my mom hates them but you know what idont give a care what she thinks.
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Postby martinmaniac » Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:25 am

what song is that? :O
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Postby Thomas » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:38 pm

martinmaniac wrote:what song is that? :O

I am guessing for that it's Who's Your Daddy :P
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Postby Monsta » Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:12 pm

Or Babez For Breakfast... :wink:
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Postby AAore » Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:19 pm

Or maybe Devil is a loser :O his mother's maybe a satanist... :roll: who knows?
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Postby Dr.SinJoy » Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:09 pm

I think Wake the snake
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Postby King » Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:11 pm

Dr.SinJoy wrote:I think Wake the snake

There's nothing wrong if you don't know what the lyrics are about. :)
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Postby Erina » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:39 pm

Okay, time of wonders isn't over. I haven't told you this yet, but my mom actually cried a little when I told her Kita's left Lordi. Wow, pretty strange, don't you think?
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Postby TheBear » Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:10 am

Don't know how your mom feels about LoRDi, but the reaction is pretty strange when it comes from a parent.
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Postby cahira » Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:48 am

its the song babez for breakfeast...gah my mom is so annoying though
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Postby Erina » Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:07 pm

TheBear: Well, my mom always liked Kita, so maybe that's the explanation. Strange, though.
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Postby erin80 » Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:58 am

Ami wrote:Once my grandpa saw me with the Arockalypse shirt and he was like:What are these DOGS?!? :lol: :lol:
:lol: that's funny my parents aren't to sure with them. my mom is weirded out my dad dosn't seem to care he like's amen's guitar i guess cuz he also has a gibson but not the same one. although my mom did smile at a pic of them with santa :)
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Postby DevilsRedemption » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:15 am

My family love Lordi almost as much as I do :P Although I am constantly told to turn the volume down hehehe (unfortunately our neighbors aren't cultured enough to enjoy Lordi :P)

Actually the only person in the family who doesn't like Lordi is my paternal Grandmother, but she lets me ramble endlessly about them anyways :)
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Postby Jinna » Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:22 pm

My mum said Mr.Lordi is sick man after she read some lyrics. :lol: But she likes few songs, like Magistra Nocte and Amen's Lament To Ra. She said also that Devil's Lullaby is good song if you don't listen what Lordi is singing.

Dad says Lordi's music makes him nervous, but he likes It Snows In Hell anyway. He was suprised when he heard it, didn't believe it's really Lordi. He said it was too good to be Lordi's song. :roll:

When they saw me after Babez For Breakfast release gig, they both said that Lordi can't be bad thing, because I was so happy after seeing them. I'm happy that they accept Lordi. ^^
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Postby Jullie » Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:18 pm

My dad likes Lordi very much, especially lyrics of their songs :D My mum loves WYLAM and she have nothing against them. But my grandma...xd She liked them until she saw the cover of BFB and some pictures inside.. I REALLY don't know why she dislike it... :P
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Postby MrDeadache » Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:37 pm

What do your parents think about Lordi?

hahahaha, good question :lol: My dad like them, he says: 'Their image is so cute' :) Mom? ohhh. My mom hates Lordi, she hates heavy music. Always when I listen them, mom screams 'Turn this roar down'! :lol:

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Postby Prove_Your_Monsterloving » Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:21 pm

My parents do not understand them in a musical way or lyrical

Once my mam said "Maybe I'm too stupid to understand what's good in their songs.."

I answered: "You shouldn't have any brains to understnad Lordi because.. because they are lordi with their own style so they shouldn't be loved by everyone"

My family do not care about what I'm listening to and I'm grateful to them for this, because everyone has his own tastes in everything
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Postby Crispy-chan » Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:13 am

Well... I don't know, honestly. XD I haven't got any of their albums, and i normally only play loud music on my stereo, preferably when i'm alone in the apartment. XD
I hardly ever play loud music on my computer, only when i'm all alone or me and my friend are listening to some song together.
But seeing as my dad is a die hard-metalhead, and he even commented on some of the links i posted to their songs on facebook, i definately don't think he dislikes them :P
My mom's more ofa gospel-person, but i could never imagine that she would dislike the fact that i listen to certain music. She might not like it herself, but she wouldn't mind that i listen to it. XD
Actually, i don't think she knows about my Lordi-obsession yet. XD (Keep in mind, i hardly ever play loud music from my computer, and i haven't told her about it for some reason. XD)
I'm just your average 13 year old girl who loves rock 'n roll \m/
Oh how i wish Lordi would come to Denmark. <3
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Postby Hellbull_Clan » Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:02 am

My mothe LOVES the Lordi at a show they had in cleveland.My mother screamed Amen's name from the beginning of the show (so that shows how big of a fan she is) I think in a funny way it annoyed Mr. Lordi and I think my grandmother would have loved them she died before I had the chance to show her
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Postby Erina » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:02 pm

I just remembered that shortly after Lordi had won ESC my mom said that she thinks Amen looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Jeesh mom! Well, my mom is known to say everything crazy. She even said once that the guy who acts Hades in Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief looks like Jesus.

But still, she said she thinks Amen looked like Gollum! Holy crap!
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Postby bueroklammer » Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:19 pm

My mum likes Lordi. :D My dad probably wouldn't like them, he hates everything that has to do with monsters. ;)
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Postby Good To Be Bad Girl » Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:45 am

My parents only laugh and shake their heads... :lol: It's okay.

My dad saw my new Kita t-shirt today and he was like
"Lordi? I thought you were done and too old for that band?"
"Never too old for rock & roll dad... :P "
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Postby pessimistic » Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:51 pm

Good To Be Bad Girl wrote:My parents only laugh and shake their heads... :lol: It's okay.

My dad saw my new Kita t-shirt today and he was like
"Lordi? I thought you were done and too old for that band?"
"Never too old for rock & roll dad... :P "

Yeah, nobody's too old for Them...
At the beginning my parents thought it's just another episode of 'me and music'... But as the time passed, I didn't quit it - they started to like Lordi instead - so this is about the pester power and influence on parents :wink:

Do NOT try to persuade them that Lordi is a great band - just keep on rockin' and talking about Them and be sure that after some time your parents will resign, or even start to like them too!!! :twisted:
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