UKLFC.....back once more :P

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UKLFC.....back once more :P

Postby UKLFC » Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:13 am

Am back.
Am Lordicted.
Am obsessed with Amen.
Am giving you a story....

It doesn?t matter anymore.

I thought the pain was normal, that the tightness in my chest wasn?t caused by what I thought it was, but by something else.

And now I know that not to be true.

I?ve been obsessive, I know. I?ve been watching you online and looking at your details and your pictures, and the fired flame of green eyes settles over me like a haze, turning my mind red and presenting me with pictures that have no right to be in my mind. I know it?s because I?m not yours anymore, that it?s because I let you go and you?re moving on. It doesn?t stop me thinking what I want to do, something that when thought is eaten by the dragon of emotion that has settled in my chest, hard and heavy like a rock, unyielding and forcing emotional outbursts for no apparent reason.

Well, what they think to be no apparent reason.

In fact, I know your every move before you make it, I know how to twist and dangle the strings of a puppet like I?m the master puppeteer, I know how to make you dance and dangle and how to torture you into making the wrong decision, into questioning your very soul about whatever you?re doing. But even that right now isn?t enough, oh no, it?ll never be enough and I need more. I crave more, I crave the moment of pure power that can only come by the moves I make you follow, by looking at the chess board and by moving my pieces closer, by taking your allies until you are all that is left, and there?s me, chasing you around the board with as many pieces as I can muster.

Yet my pieces aren?t allies, they?re the twisted thoughts trapped in my insignificant (to you) mind. As no-one can see what I?m planning, it makes things a little easier. Ignorance is bliss and still you haven?t realised what I want to do, what I have to do, what I need to do. The siren song is running in my veins, but I must take each step slowly, as if I reveal my hand you?ll pull away and hide.

But I can always find you, for I am the one who set your places in stone, I am the one checkmating you at every turn, and sooner or later it?ll all fall into place. Soon it?ll all click inside my mind and I?ll know what I need to do, how I need to stop you, how I need the change of everything you?ve ever known. And now the pieces fall in closer, you?ve fallen for the bait of my trap, and insular me is going to cause your downfall.

Isn?t it sweet?

It?ll not take me long to pack my bag and get to the place we always used to meet at. It?s just the items that I need are harder to obtain, the steel shimmer of the sharpened blade sliding into the makeshift holder, the second one I made as the first was sliced through like butter, oozing and soft, like flesh, like fat. Like the muscles in my heart.
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