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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

Postby Ghostrider93 » Sun May 07, 2017 1:02 am

I've been absent fora very long time, even if I know nobody's give a fuck, but I have a work to finish ;)
So, here is the thirs and last story of my Lordi Trilogy \m/

3. Rise of the Arockalypse

Summary: Two years after the events of “Dawn of the Deadache” and the death of Charlene, peace returned on the earth and the monsters have again showed their determination to want peace between them and humanity. Despite they are separated, Mathias and Hella are still together and more in love than ever. But one day, disturbing and terrifying events begin to occur around the world and natural disasters of an abnormal extent appear and begin to destroy everything. A wave of hatred and terror falls on the world, and some monsters affected begin to attack humans, without reason. Something very powerful seems to have unleashed the elements and forces of evil on the earth, but what and why? Gradually, the world falls into chaos, cities are destroyed one by one and the populations of humans and monsters are annihilated everywhere. Monsters and humanity are now threatened of extinction. For Mathias and Hella, the time is come to face their greatest enemy, with the help of Mr. Lordi and the whole brotherhood. It's up to them now to bring people of Lapland and the Earth into one big army against the most powerful enemy they will have to fight. The power of love is it enough to overcome evil itself? What fate awaits the alliance between humans and monsters? The Monsterican Connection can she once again save the world, or will it lead to the extinction of all life, and the beginning of the apocalypse?

Prologue: Hellbender Turbulence

An ancient Nordic song says: “When the evil demons will come back, the scream of the ancestral dragons will be heard from the sky, the chaos will wake up and that the titan monsters will arise from the earth, it will be the start of the apocalypse.”
“It is said that evil can not be defeated, it will always end up coming back, even more powerful. The universe is maintained in perfect balance, and when a positive force is created, it comes into existence with the advent of a equal negative force. Without darkness, light would not exist. In other words, the good can only exist if evil exists too, and that is what determines the balance of time. But when one of its forces trying to destroy the others, the balance of the time suffers serious transformations that can lead to devastating natural disasters or worse, to the total chaos and the end of the world. But there are two people, a human and a monster, which together have the power to maintain the balance of peace between the different worlds in destroying the evil forces which want to destroy this balance: The Monsterchild and the Monsterwoman, and the love power of the Monsterican Connection. The Monsterwoman had found her true love, and when she saved his life, the feelings of the young human awoke deep within him and he felt the same feelings for her. Together, they prevented a demon, Nox, to destroy the world, and they also defeated Miss Charlene, a demoness and sister of Nox, who wanted to avenge her brother by opening a vortex to release the worst threat of the universe on the human world. But the power of the Monsterican Connection and love were able to maintain balance and peace between the two worlds, as has predicted the legend. But still a question persists: that power is it powerful enough to destroy the evil at its source and prevent the apocalypse? Sometimes a power, even nice, becomes so powerful that it would lead to do more harm than good, unintentionally, especially if it were to fall into the wrong hands. My name is Mr. Lordi, and this is the following of our chronicles.”
Above the Atlantic Ocean, a plane flies slowly across the sky, from France to go to the United States. The ocean is calm, the sky is clear and the sun shines. On the plane, about fifty passengers who go in traveling or returning to their country. In the cockpit, the two drivers control the plane, perfectly, but suddenly one of them noticed something strange and looks at the sky.
(Pilot): "Hey, look. What is this?"
The other pilot turned to the sky, and also noticed something unusual. The sky begins to turn red, and many threatening dark clouds appear in the sky. Soon the light fades quickly and the ocean starts to become strangely agitated, and the wind suddenly rises. Through the windows of the aircraft, passengers watch in amazement the time that changes in seconds. A mother takes her two children in her arms, to reassure them. The dark clouds began to spit red lightnings all around the plane, and the sound of thunder echoes through the sky, like the roar of a monstrous creature. On the plane, passengers are increasingly worried and terrified. One of the pilots turns on the radio.
(Pilot): "Control Tower? You hear me?"
No answers, only parasites on frequency. This sudden storm blurs all communications. Despite the wind becoming stronger and lightning that explodes around, the plane continues to fly slowly. Suddenly, the clouds begin to turn in a circle just above the plane, and train like a whirlwind. Another monstrous roar echoes through the sky, and seems to come from the whirlwind, yet there is nothing. The plane began to shake all over, and drivers do not understand what is happening and try to regain control of the device. The control panel exploded and the two pilots were injured. The passengers began to scream in terror, others began to pray. A giant vortex forms above the airplane and a giant red lightning like a clawed hand, hits the plane and seizes it. In the airplane, it's total panic. The airplane is slowly taken in the vortex, which begins to breathe fire, like if hell tried to get out of the vortex. A third roar sounded, and also a terrifying and inhuman laugh. The plane is swallowed by the vortex, with all those passengers, and disappears in the giant flames, leaving no trace. The vortex closes, and in seconds, the time becomes calm and becomes normal again, as if nothing had happened. The control tower tried to call the airplane several times, but no response. Who or what has destroyed the aircraft and all those people? Monsters? Demons? No, worse than that. An even greater threat, coming from the past, and returns on the earth to finish what she wanted to start. Very powerful and destructive. Shortly after the plane has been taken, an ominous shadow hidden by clouds, and goes out of the vortex and opens her bright red eyes, with a look of hatred. She lets out a low growl and look to the horizon.
"The Earth. After all these centuries, I'm finally back. Now, I can take my revenge on those who banished me. They have defeated me there is long, but this time, victory will be mine. Their power will be their loss. I would be the absolute master. The time is come for......The Rise of the Arockalypse!”

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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Chapter 1: Heroes or Demons?

Two Years after the events of “Dawn of the Deadache

The monsters are a threat or not? So far, humans remained perplexed by this question. During centuries, humans have believed that they were the sole masters of the planet, until the monsters appear to them. At first the government tried to keep it a secret to avoid panic, but they failed and the existence of the monsters has been brought to light in the world. In newspapers, the monsters are made obvious and people have not forgotten the terrible battles that affected the country. For over a year now that the monsters living in the human world, in the forests, without contact with humans. But despite this, the majority of people are not reassured and military forces are on the alert at all times.
In Paris, a meeting was held at the Embassy. Outside the gates, hundreds of journalists trying to get information, but the guards did not let them enter. In the building, the Ambassador of France, Philippe Zeller, sits on his seat, accompanied by advisers, notaries and some other diplomats. Ambassadors of other countries of the world are come in the stands to attend to the conference. The Ambassador of France brings its files and spoke.
(Philippe): "Ladies and gentlemen, today we are gathered at the embassy of Paris to discuss about a case that changed the history of the world. As you all know, A year ago, the village of Soulaires, located in the central region, was the battleground between strange creatures and very dangerous. But some of these creatures, the monsters, say they want to live in peace with us and protect us. Since twenty months now, these monsters live in our world. But can we really trust them? Since they are here, the world has undergone changes and disturbing phenomena occurred repeatedly worldwide. We are gathered here today to discuss and take measures necessary for the situation."
Notaries start to discuss between them of this situation, but the ambassador asks for silence. Calm returns soon.
(Philippe): "To discuss about all this, I called the leader of the monsters, Mr. Lordi, to this meeting. He will also be the ambassador for his people. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the three representatives of the monsters: Mr. Lordi, Hella and Ox. "
Everyone turns to the big gates, and the guards open the doors. Mr. Lordi, Hella and Ox appear from a dark vortex, and advance into the room, under the eyes of the humans. For not to cause panic or anxiety, the three monsters are came unarmed and sit themselves on the seats reserved for them. The atmosphere is heavy and the humans look at the monsters with curiosity but also a bit of fear. Mr. Lordi begins to speak.
(Mr. Lordi): "I would first like to thank you for this convening and to place your trust in us for this meeting. I will speak in my name, and that of my allies and all my people. We were there during the battle that nearly destroyed the village of Soulaires, but I assure you that our mission was to protect you against the demons, they are the ones the true threat. We ask only to live in peace with you."
(Philippe): "But you are aware that your battle nearly triggered a war."
(Hella): "Yes, and we're really sorry. The world of monsters has already lived several wars, and we also know that your world has suffered with the terrible war of Lapland, or the two world wars that have nearly destroyed your world. Several centuries ago, there is nearly had a war between mankind and monsters, but it was avoided thanks to the power of the Monsterican Connection, that unites a human and a monster to form an alliance between the two worlds. Mr. Lordi says true, we want to live in peace with the humans, never war."
A reporter asks to speak, and is licensed by the ambassador. The man gets up from his chair and turns to the monsters to ask them a question.
(Reporter): "You say you want peace, but judging by the powers you have, your weapons and your armors, we can think that you are born to fight and that you like war."
(Ox): "There is a difference between fighting to make war and fight for peace, human."
With that, the reporter does not know what to say, and prefer to sit. The Ambassador of France took the floor again to the monsters.
(Philippe): "However, since several weeks, strange cases have been reported in the world: over the Atlantic Ocean, an airplane was sucked into a kind of vortex, with all its passengers. In the Pacific Ocean, a cruise ship was swallowed by a giant whirlpool that appeared under the boat in few seconds. There had no survivors. And finally, several military aircraft on patrol were attacked by entities shaped shadows very aggressive, and among the three drivers, only one managed to return alive. People are starting to ask questions and they think that you are responsible for these disasters."
Hella takes the floor again, while journalists take pictures of the monsters for newspapers.
(Hella): "We are very sorry for what is happening, and our condolences go to the families of the victims, but we are not responsible for that. A year ago when the demoness Charlene opened the giant vortex above the village of Soulaires, it was to release something very powerful and dangerous. Before dying, Charlene had said: the phoenix will finally reborn from its ashes."
(Philippe): "What does this mean?"
(Mr. Lordi): "I have a feeling of having already heard that name, but I'm not sure. My memories are confused. But whatever this thing, she has probably managed to find enough strength to enter in your world. I don’t know what this "phoenix" wants to do, but if it is the cause of these disasters in your world, we will find and destroy it, with all my means possible."
Notaries and journalists are starting to talk to each other, and the ambassador wants the silence before speaking again.
(Philippe): "But did you ever think it would be for you that the phoenix came on earth? You are the most powerful creatures in our world today. What is the phoenix would pick apart you? You are certainly its targets. So I think that if you go away, the phoenix too."
(Hella): "You mean ..... You want us to leave?"
(Philippe): "This option is not excluded indeed. We agreed that you live in our world, since twenty months now, and from what I know, one of yours would even have a loving relationship with a human."
By hearing this, most of the people in the room seem disgusted or shocked. The ambassador takes a remote control and presses a button. A photo of Mathias appears on a giant screen that everyone can see. When she sees the photo, Hella feels her heart beating and her gaze change.
(Philippe): "This young man of 21, Mathias Poupinais, was present during the two battles against demons, and with what we could see in the videos posted on the internet, he seems very close to you, Hella."
On the big screen, a video of the battle of Nogent le Rotrou appears and shows Mathias and Hella, side by side, fighting against the demons of Nox, and the couple holds by the hands for not to be separated in the fight. All humans are turning to Hella. Some women are disgusted and wondering how a young human can love a monstrous doll like Hella. The Scarbie is outraged that her relationship with Mathias have been uncovered like this in front of all the journalists, but she remains calm.
(Hella): "Yes, Mathias and I are together for twenty months now. He loves me and I love him, and for the life. Mathias is very different from other humans because he loves me for what I am, and he accepted the monsters and considers them like his brothers and friends. You think I'm ashamed that our relationship is brought to light? Well no, because I'm not ashamed to say that I love him and I want to spend my life with him, and I know that he would say the same if he was here."
(Philippe): "But, where is he? Are you sure you have not killed him? Because the monsters love blood and flesh, no?"
Arrogance was felt in his voice. With that, Hella rises from her chair and violently struck her fist on the table with a bad look towards the ambassador. The man had a burst of fear and back off towards his advisers. Mr. Lordi and Ox are there to calm Hella, who points her finger to the ambassador as to threaten him.
(Hella): "I forbid you to say that! I could never hurt the man I love! NEVER!"
The Scarbie resumes calm and sits on her chair with a sigh of anger. The ambassador calmly returned to his chair, but with a look intimidated because of Hella. He speaks again, gently.
(Philippe): "So to sum up ...... If ever it seems clear that this entity called" the phoenix" has come for you, monsters, and that the only solution is that you leave our world...... You will do it in a friendly way or not?"
(Mr. Lordi): "Your freedom is your right. If you make this request, we will answer. But tell me one thing: What will happen if we go away, and that you were wrong?"
With that, Mr. Lordi, Hella and Ox are raised of their chairs to leave the room quietly. The ambassador is left without response to the sentence Mr. Lordi. The conference ends, and the three monsters leave the embassy, under the gazes of the humans.

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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Chapter 2: Last Kiss Goodbye

It is said that with a great power comes great responsibility. When a power becomes too powerful, it becomes the target of all the lusts. This power can be used for make good, but in the wrong hands, it can become the most terrible weapon of destruction.
Three weeks after the conference at the Embassy….

The snow falls gently on the forest and the village of Soulaires, France. Since thirty months now, this forest has become the refuge of the monsters of Lapland, but they are forced to stay away of the humans, yet. Even if there is peace, humans are still wary of the monsters, even if these latter claim that they are here as protectors, not as invaders. In the village of Soulaires, the children went out to play in the snow, under the supervision of their parents, who have strictly prohibits them from going to the forest now. In a few weeks, it's Christmas and the New Year. The entire village of Soulaires was decorated for the Christmas holidays and people are looking forward and enjoy, despite the presence of the monsters nearby. Kita the alien, patrols time to time in the village, passing on the roofs of houses, and as a ninja, uses the night to avoid being seen by humans. Kita ensures that all is well, even if there are no attacks since a long time, as a soldier, Kita done his duty. From the roof of a house, he observes the children playing in the snow. When he sees that everything is normal, Kita restarts again and disappears into the night.
Kita has again changed his outfit. His armor is more sophisticated, with peaks and a small cape on the back. He wears the symbol of his army on his outfit. His horns are shorter and pointed, and his teeth are less visible than before. He now has a red crest on his black hair. He still has his sword and trains himself with, in the middle of an empty field outside the village, while the snow continues to fall. Then he saw his ally, G-Stealer, who comes to him.
(Kita): "Good to see you, brother."
(G-Stealer): "You are anxious Kita. I watched you during your training, and sometimes you seemed elsewhere."
Kita knows he can not hide anything to an experienced soldier like G-Stealer. Both were born on the same planet and have been trained together. They see themselves as brothers. Kita turns to look at the sky with thoughtfully.
(Kita): "It's just that ..... Sometimes, I wonder if humans will accept us one day."
(G-Stealer): "As our masters have taught us, we must have patience. Mr. Lordi is convinced that humans can change their minds and accept us, and we must give them a chance."
Kita smiles and turns to his friend and decides to trust humans. But if for the humans, time is at the party, it is not for anyone else. In the small clearing in the forest, the house of Hella is now covered with snow. In the fireplace of the living room, a fire burns and heats the room. The house is in darkness and silence. The only sound heard was the wind blowing outside. The only visible light in the house is a candle placed on a desk, in room of Hella, upstairs. The doll is sitting at her desk and seems to write a letter to someone. The flame of the candle light is reflected on her face, showing a gaze of loneliness and sadness. Hella continues to write her letter without saying a word. But she raises her pencil on the desk and can no longer write. She slowly turns her head and looks out the window to see the snowflakes falling outside, and the wind blowing slowly in the trees leafless. If Hella has that sad look, it is for a good reason: Mathias. He misses her a lot, and she has not seen him since two years. Thirty months ago, she had found Mathias, the love of her life, and together with the power of the Monsterican Connection who unites the monsters and the humans, they defeated Nox, and there is now two years ago, they defeated his sister, Charlene. Hella began to guess that it is the power of the Monsterican Connection that drew all these demons in the human world, and that triggered all the fighting. The Scarbie begins to wonder if the power of the Monsterican Connection may do more harm than good in real?
Hella remembers the romantic dinner with Mathias, two years ago, in her house. It was the last time she had seen him. A few days after the romantic evening, Mr. Lordi was come to see Hella and to tell her he had a very bad feeling, and that it had to do with the giant vortex that Charlene had opened during the battle of Soulaires. The Lord of the monsters has felt a great change in the worlds, and this mysterious force can strike at any time, and he wants to find out what it is. For the safety of Mathias, Mr. Lordi had ask to Hella to not to see the young man, and do not to send him news, until this mystery is cleared up. The Scarbie had accepted but with great regret. By doing this, she felt like if she betrayed Mathias, but for his safety and for the love she feels for him, she had to do it.
Hella has remembered all this and comes back to the reality. She looks again the flame of the candle, dancing slowly. Hella is writing a letter to Mathias because she can not bear to stay away from him and know that he suffers also from this forced separation.
Hella stood up from her chair to advance towards the window of her room and watch the snowflakes fall from the sky in the night. But she thinks back to Mathias, and sheds a tear that running down her cheek. She loves him with all her heart, but for some reason, she also feels more and more away from him. Suddenly, the look of Hella changes and does not move. She felt a presence in the room. With a quick movement, Hella takes her dagger and turns as fast as lightning, to hit. A clawed hand stops the arm of the Scarbie. This is Mr. Lordi. Hella is surprised to see him here, but he does not seem surprised by the way she reacted to his presence. Mr. Lordi loosed the Hella's arm, which calms down.
(Mr. Lordi): "Nervous?"
(Hella): "Yes, we can say it like that. Humans are even more wary of us, the world is on the brink. I begin to wonder if our alliance will never see the day. "
The Monsterman felt anger in the voice of the Scarbie. While Hella resumes her dagger, he noticed the letter on the desk, and guesses right away what it is.
(Mr. Lordi): "You are nervous because of him, right?"
(Hella): "Mr. Lordi, I can not bear this isolation! Mathias and I we are in love, and be forced to live separately like this is unbearable!"
(Mr. Lordi): "I know Hella, and believe me, I do not do it by pleasure, but it was necessary. I felt even more serious upheavals than before. The balance of the worlds was affected by something...... An unknown thing, but which nevertheless seems familiar to me...... A thing I have not felt for a very long time..... And it seems to be attracted by something."
(Hella): "Let me guess: the power of the Monsterican Connection."
Mr. Lordi nods silently and Hella sighs. She was sure that this power, one more time, was going to attract evil on the world. Sometimes, she wishes to never have had this power.
(Hella): "Our power becomes too dangerous, Mr. Lordi. It has united our races, but it attracts the lusts of the evil forces."
(Mr. Lordi): "I don't know what this mysterious force called “the phoenix” wants to do, but it has already removed a plane and all his passengers, without a trace, and another disasters in the world. Obviously it is in search of the power of the Monsterican Connection, but for what purpose, I don’t know."
(Hella): "Mathias can help us to fight this thing! He has already proved his value, many times. He is human, but he is also one of ours!"
Hella shed tears of anger and sadness in saying that. Mr. Lordi puts his hands on her shoulders to comfort her.
(Mr. Lordi): "If I wanted that Mathias stays away of us, this is for his security, but for you too. I know how much you love him and if he is killed, nothing could repair your pain and sadness. Remember that it is your power that keeps the peace."
(Hella): "I .... I understand, but Mathias is my only love, and I don’t want to spend my life to avoid him. I have the feeling to have dropped him, and I suffer too much."
Mr. Lordi sighs but understands how Hella must feel. The Scarbie wipes the tears on her cheeks, and breathing normally.
(Hella): "In any case, Mr. Lordi, I intend to see Mathias, very soon, and don’t try to stop me."
(Mr. Lordi): "This is your love, your decision, your life, and I respect your choices as I respect you. You're like a sister to me, and I want your own good, to you and Mathias. But I know that there is another reason why you are so anxious to see him again and stay with him, and it’s for that I will not try to stop you, Hella."
Mr. Lordi looks at the belly of Hella after have says that. She puts her hand on her belly, and seems embarrassed, as if Mr. Lordi had guessed something that concerns her. Hella sighs turn and supports her hands on the desk. On the one hand, she knows she keeps Mathias safe to keeping at a distance, but at the same time, she suffers and he does suffer from the lack of this sincere love between them. The heart of the Scarbie is painful, and she feels that Mathias also suffers enormously from this absence. When she turns, Hella sees Mr. Lordi is already gone and she's alone again.
Hella returns to her letter, and while she looks at it, she recalls Mr. Lordi's words in her mind: "This is your love, your decision, your life...."
Then, Hella takes the letter and tore it into pieces before them burn in the flame of the candle. While the letter burns, Hella turns again to watch the snowstorm outside, but this time with a determined look.
(Hella): "No letter for that. I will see him, in person. Soon Mathias, my love, I would be with you again, as before."
She looks at the photo of her and Mathias on the desk, near the plug. They hold hands, like lovers. Hella smiles and sends a kiss with her hand to the photo, for Mathias. A last kiss for the night. Then, Hella lies in her bed and puts the candle on the bedside table. Hella think back then that mysterious force which affects the balance of both worlds, and seems to attract the Monsterican Connection. This power allows the peace and unity between humanity and monsters, but if its power becomes too large ... Such power would attract all the forces of evil, that would seek to destroy it. Hella ignores or it will all lead her, but for the first time in her life, she began to really fear for the future of the alliance monsters / humans, for the future of the worlds, and also for the future of her relationship with Mathias. How does it will end? She listens to a last time the wind blowing out, then extinguished the candle, and falls asleep gently rocked by the winter wind.
Meanwhile, hidden in the darkness, the entity called "the phoenix", free, continues to monitor the human world and assess how she can conquer this planet. With her ultra-powerful dark powers, the phoenix was able to observe the conversation between Mr. Lordi and Hella, undetected. The sight of the lord of Lapland triggers a deep feeling of hatred in the eyes of the demonic entity and her eyes glow red with anger, but even she sneers cruelly.
"Finally, my attacks on the human world have managed to attract the attention of the brotherhood. Mr. Lordi..... It’s been a long time since I'm waiting to get my revenge for what you dared to do, several centuries ago. And this young female monster Hella...... She seems strong, but she and her lover will be not enough to help him. They want to do good around them, but finally it's their power which will lead this world to the final destruction! "

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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Chapter 3: Happy New Fear

We can not change the past, but we can make the future a better place. This is what I've always chosen to believe. My name is Mathias. It's been over a year since me and Hella we are together. We lived unforgettable moments, as difficult times. With the power of our connection, we have saved the world twice, and restored peace between humans and monsters. This peace lasts for two years now, and we must continue to preserve it. The monsters still live among us, but they do not mix to humans and live in remote areas far from any human presence. Sometimes I feel like the only one to understand the monsters and to accept them entirely. Humans do not seem to understand how a human could love a monster. Yes, I love Hella, and I could never stop. My body is human, but I have the powers and maybe, I have the soul of a monster now. What am I? I don’t know it myself.
Some weeks later…..

The church bells echoing softly in the morning. The village of Soulaires, France, slowly awakened after a very cold night. In his room, Mathias is already awake for several minutes and dresses himself in silence. Same style: black shirt, black pants, black socks...... The young man walks and opened the curtain to the window to look outside. The last traces of snow in January began to disappear and the weather warms up a bit. There are some days, Mathias celebrated Christmas and the New Year with his family, who now know his secret, but do not reject him either. But even if his family was present, Mathias did not had really have the heart to the party, for good reason: there is two years now he has not seen Hella. Yet the relationship between monsters and humans were not damaged, otherwise she would have warned him, and he knows she loves him, as strong he loves her. Mathias still remembers the last times he was with her: a great concert, the love song, and the kiss on the stage. And the romantic dinner in her house, then the kiss on the balcony at the full moon. When Mathias touches his lip, he still manages to feel a little heat of the kiss of Hella of this night. He also remembers that this night, he had been sleeping to the house of Hella, in her room, and had shared an intimate moment and in love with her. Mathias had never done this before with a girl. It was the first really intimate moment that they lived together, but it was a pleasant experience for him and for her. But after that night, he has not received new or sightseeing, as if the monsters had to going away of him. But why? He puts his hand against his chest and felt his heart pounding. Mathias down the stairs to go down in the living room. A great silence reigns in the house. His parents and sister came back from the trip, but now they are away at work, and her sister is going to high school. Mathias is alone for the day, and that's good, he wants to talk to anyone. The family of Mathias is aware of his secret and his relationship with Hella, but they don't talk about that, out of respect for Mathias, and he appreciates this from them. In passing in front of the fireplace, he looks at the picture of him and Hella together. On the photo, Mathias holds Hella by the size, and she blocked her arms around his neck. Then, the young man looks at the gold ring on his finger, which represents the love between him and Hella, and the pendent around his neck. Mathias smiled with a sense of nostalgia. Wars, demons, Nox, the first kiss with Hella, his monster friends, the powers he acquired, the battle against Charlene, ..... It all seems so far away now, and yet so close too. Mathias takes his breakfast in silence, watching outside, and the snow melt out on the trees. He is still a little tired because last night he was at a concert at the Zenith in Paris, to see one of his favorite rock bands: Motörhead. As he eats, Mathias listens to the radio and heard about the plane that disappeared without traces two months ago, and still has not been found. Mathias finds this surprising, but is not concerned over it and continues eating. Cleo, one of his cats, comes to rub against the legs of Mathias, to demand for food. The young man stroked the head of his cat gently and gives it kibble before returning to sit down to finish his breakfast. While he continues to eat, Mathias suddenly heard meowing Cleo with terror and the cat scurried under the fireplace. Mathias breathes and sees the air out of his mouth. Despite the heater, the air gets colder. But Mathias is not worried, and even has a little smile at the corner of the mouth before to look behind him.
(Mathias): "I'm glad to see you, Awa."
A gray mist appears of nowhere and starts to create a humanoid form to a few meters of the young man. The lights flicker for a few seconds and stop. The shape materializes and Awa appears in front of Mathias, and smiled. The young man did the same. Awa has again changed of appearance: her black hairs are spiky and she wears earrings pink. She is wearing a large dark green dress in tatters, adorned with pearls and jewels, and black boots on her feet. Her face is thinner and less aggressive than before. She still looks more like a vampire countess like that.
(Awa): "I am also pleased to see you, Mathias."
(Mathias): "What are you doing here?"
Awa almost feels the frustration in his voice, but she guesses why without problem, and she's not angry against Mathias. She sits in front of him to speak.
(Awa): "Mathias, I guesses you're frustrated, and I understand you. Humans have accepted us, but we must be discreet and do not mix with the population. That's why we are not come during all this time. Mr. Lordi thinks that the peace is possible, but not yet a total cohabitation with humans. And then Mr. Lordi had a hunch because of the vortex that Charlene opened two years ago. He thinks that despite our victory, the worse things are yet to come. He told Hella to stay away from you, the time to better understand the situation. Hella did it, to protect you, but she never stopped to love you. Believe me, she has also suffered more than you think."
(Mathias): "I know."
(Awa): "How?"
(Mathias): "Because when she suffers, I suffer too."
(Awa): "This proves that your love is always connected, because you feel what the other feels. The Power of the Monsterican Connection never ceases to amaze me."
(Mathias): "Me too."
Awa rises from her chair and puts her hand on the shoulder of Mathias, like an old friend. Mathias turned to her, and she smiled.
(Awa): "Do not worry. Hella will come back. You can not live without her, and she can not live without you."
(Mathias): "You really believe that?"
(Awa): "At the moment you will least expect it."
With that, she disappears into the gray mist and evaporates herself like a ghost, and the air returns to normal. Mathias is happy to have been able to speak with Awa and puts the cereal box in the closet. Then he goes back before the photo on the mantelpiece, and smiles. He touches the image of Hella with his hand and sighs.
(Mathias): "Yeah. It's true. I can not live without you, Hella."
The day passed without incident. Mathias has no job, but spent the day looking for jobs and sent his application to several companies in the hope of being caught in one of them. He has powers, he is friends with the most powerful creatures in the world, he saved the world twice with them, yet Mathias can not find a job. What irony. While he searching on his computer, he heard a low growl outside. Mathias turns his head to look out the window, and saw Kita away, perched on the roof of the village church, and roars before jumping again and disappear into the landscape. Mathias smiled seeing another of his friends, and returned to his research. While he is on his computer, Mathias listening to metal music, a group named Halestorm of which he is a big fan. The song echoes softly in the living room. Later, Mathias pauses and sits on the couch to watch TV. He zaps on the news channel, and the presenter appears in the screen.
(Presenter): "A terrible catastrophe occurred yesterday in the city of New York, US. Indeed, last night, the city was hit by a rain of fireballs, which are appeared from the sky. Several buildings were destroyed and more than 1,000 people were killed. For scientists, it's a meteor shower, but of a scale and an unusual power. Our support and condolences go to the families of the victims. Here is a video filmed by a civilian with his cell phone."
The video appears on TV. Mathias can see panicked people look to the sky, and large fireballs falling in mass on the buildings and the streets, causing explosions and the panic. Mathias is surprised and shocked at the same time. This is really terrible. What has intrigued even more is the power and size of these fireballs. For him, it's not meteorites. This is all very strange and disturbing.
In the evening, Mathias is exhausted and sits down on the couch. Outside, the night fell and the wind started to blow. As it is still a little cold, Mathias lit a fire in the fireplace and sat down in front for the warmth. The light of the flames is the only light in the room. The parents and sister of Mathias are asleep in their rooms, but the young man can not sleep. He thinks again about the fall of fireballs on the city of New York, and on this airplane that disappeared two months ago. Mathias wondered if the monsters are aware of this. In his mind, the young man has the feeling that something bad will happen, even more serious than anything that has happened so far. And if Awa was right: if the worst things are yet to come. Outside, Mathias can hear the wind blowing hard. Mathias thinks again to Hella and takes something in his pocket: a small black box, and inside, there is a gold ring adorned with a small shiny opal. Mathias had bought it a few months ago for a purpose: he is with Hella since more two years now, and he wanted to ask her to marry him. The young man never thought of getting married one day, and not with a monster, but he really loves Hella and wants seal their union forever, by the marriage. But Mathias is very shy and does not know how to say it to Hella. He puts the ring in his pocket, and continues to reflect. As he watches the flames, one of them seems to take the shape of a heart, and at the same time, Mathias hears a distant female voice that seems to come from the flames, and he recognizes the voice of his love.
(Hella): "Mathias...... I can not live without you......"
Mathias recognized the voice and feels his heart pounding. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply. Then he felt a presence behind him, and a soft hand placed gently on his shoulder. Mathias opens his eyes and turns, smiling. It's Hella, who stands behind him, and she also smiled with a loving gaze. The light of the flames reflecting off the face of the Scarbie, and Mathias can see that she has a new outfit. Hella's hair had not changed, but were now blond on the right side and black with some purple hues on the left side. The face of Scarbie remained the same, at once seductive and terrifying. Her outfit was quite strange. A black skirt, black leather boots, a white shirt tattered and above, a small black studded leather jacket without sleeves. She seems even wear a undone tie around her neck. She was almost like a zombified schoolgirl. First, Mathias did not pay much attention to the new outfit, but the fact of finally see again Hella after two long years of separation. Without hesitation, he gets up and hugged Hella in his arms with strength and love, and she did the same. Everyone could feel the joy of the other deep in their heart.
(Hella): "I missed you so much ...." Sighs Hella to break the silence of the room, with a tear rolling on her cheek.
(Mathias): "Me too ...... These two years without you have been for me a real torture. I was afraid even to never see you again."
(Hella): "You know however that I shall never abandoned you."
(Mathias): "I know."
During the embrace, Mathias gently stroked the silky hair of Hella with his hand. He knew it was not a dream or a hallucination, she was there, for real. Mathias and Hella then look in the eyes, and while the Scarbie wipes the tear from her cheek, the young man looks up and down, and seems to really like the new outfit.
(Mathias): "You're so beautiful, as always." He smiled.
(Hella): "Thank you." She said, blushing.
They sit down every two by the fireplace in the calm and silence, the darkness around them. Mathias always thought of the ring in the pocket, to make his request in Hella, but seeing the look of the Scarbie facing the flames, he guesses she seems preoccupied.
(Mathias): "I saw on TV how people judge you. It's really revolting. Yet you save our world, twice. You are heroes, but they do not see it."
(Hella): "I know, but in a sense, who can blame them? Humanity is terrified by the disturbing phenomena that occur around the world and they are not the only ones. The brotherhood is also worried, even Mr. Lordi is. Announcements are expressing fierce fighting in Lapland. Several members of the Brotherhood are coming back there, for more answers."
(Mathias): "I wish I could help you ..... Why have kept me away so long from you? You no longer trust me?"
(Hella): "Oh no, far from it. I wanted to see you, believe me, but Mr. Lordi ordered me to stay away from you a while ..... To protect you."
(Mathias): "Protect me from what?"
(Hella): "This entity named" the phoenix ".... Mr. Lordi thinks she came back to earth to seize the Monsterican Connection. We use it for good, but his power is such that between wrong hands, it could cause disaster of unparalleled magnitude."
(Mathias): "But ..... What we can do now?"
(Hella): "For now, all we can do is wait and hope that the phoenix will show himself, like that we could finish him. That's it, or so.... Your leaders will probably ordering us to return to our world forever. "
(Mathias): "WHAT? They do not have the right!"
(Hella): "I know. We are perhaps monsters, but we have sworn to defend your world, and if your leaders require our departure, we have to accept."
Mathias turns his gaze to flames, frustrated look and clenched fists. Decidedly, human stupidity had no limit. He feels the hand of Hella land on his own.
(Hella): "But I will do everything in my power to prevent this. They can separate us by billions of miles, they could never destroy our love."
Mathias smiled a little and still feels the gentle hand of Hella. With her other hand, she suddenly held out a small mistletoe over her head and that of Mathias. Seeing this, the young man guessed, by her smile also, what she wants to do.
(Mathias): "You know that the New Year celebration happened since several days already."
(Hella): "No matter ....... Come here ...." she whispers with love.
She was right after all. After two years of separation, Mathias and Hella finally kiss, with passion and love they wanted to feel again through their kisses. Over the seconds, the kiss becomes stronger, more intense and more passionate yet. Without interrupting the kiss, Hella and Mathias lie before the fireplace, Hella on the back, on the soft and comfortable carpet, and Mathias leaning over her. The young man wrapped his arms around the waist of Hella like to keep her close to him as she gently wrapped her arms around the neck of Mathias, like a spider clutching its prey. Mathias broke the kiss a moment to whisper something in the ear of the Scarbie.
(Mathias): "Happy New Year, Hella."
(Hella): "Happy New Year, Mathias." she replied in whispering and smiling.
And with that, they kiss again, under the light and the fiery heat of the flames of the fireplace.

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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Chapter 4: Love me Forever

Mr. Lordi finally arrived in his native Lapland, after a long trip through the vortex. He continually rethinks the conversation he had with Hella, but for now, he must focus on a very serious problem. According to a communication sent by Magnum by his communicator, Mr. Lordi has rushed to help his allies, because from Magnum, the situation became increasingly unstable and dangerous. As Hella, Mr. Lordi had changed his outfit: three points remained in his shoulder armors, but one was gray metal, like the rest of the outfit, and the other was brown. His armor looks like now volcanic stone. He also put mittens on his clawed hands. His boots had not really changed, his black cape too, and her face either, but his eyes were become more red and menacing than before.
Upon his arrival, Mr. Lordi notes the magnitude of the disaster. Standing in the middle of a large plain and hills, once covered with grass and trees in the spring time, were now transformed into field of gray and black ash, and the trees were dead, blackened up deep in their roots. Instead of white and pure snowflakes slowly falling ashes from the sky, darkened by a sea of menacing black clouds. The Lord of the monsters seems really shocked to see his homeland suffering the wrath of the demons back to get revenge. "The phoenix will pay for it," thought Mr. Lordi, his red eyes showing his anger. But on the ground, he could also see the corpses of dozens of demons, down in pools of black blood. At least, the brotherhood had fought valiantly to protect this land.
(Amen): "Mr Lordi! Over here!"
Turning his gaze to the right, Mr. Lordi saw his old friend, Amen, about thirty meters, beckoning him to come towards the small grove of trees still standing. Arriving in the grove, Mr. Lordi shakes hands with Amen, very happy to see him alive, and also sees Ox, Mana, Magnum, Enary and Kalma, all sitting and nursing their wounds. Enary was cleaning her sword, the blade was covered with demon blood. Kalma had suffered several wounds on his body, but the zombie biker did not seem to care, not bleeding and not feeling pain. Mana had been hit in the head and a trickle of blood ran down his forehead, but Kalma was going to help him. Ox was sitting on a rock, and Magnum was busy making something to one of the arms of the minotaur. When Mr. Lordi approaches, he notices that Ox now has right shoulder and arm fully robotic. The Minotaur had suffered many injuries during the battle but does not seem to suffer now.
(Mr. Lordi): "Ox, what happened?" he asks, worried about his friend.
(Ox): "A huge demon ..... This son of a bitch ripped off my arm..... But I managed to kill him anyway..... I hit him so hard that my fist crushed his face."
(Magnum): "Ox was bleeding to death, and he was too weak. With my technology, I built him a new arm. I managed to connect it with its neuronal connections. He can now control it, like a true arm of flesh and blood, but more powerful."
(Ox): "Thank you Magnum. Without you, I would be surely dead. Thanks bro." he said, shaking hands with Cyborg. Mr. Lordi smiled to see the family spirit still existing between the members of the Brotherhood, despite the time of anger and chaos. Mr. Lordi could see that Amen, Ox and Mana had also changed their outfits from the last time.
Amen no longer had his little cape. The skin of his face and body had become brown and withered. Most of his linen bandages were missing, and the remaining were in tatters. He added a little armor to his right shoulder and a new belt around his waist, wearing his symbol of great pharaoh.
Ox had changed a lot. His horns were the same, but the right side of his face was burned, and the left side was her skull without a piece of skin. He always wears his big coat, brown on one side, black on the other. He hung the fur of felins and wolves on his legs and shoulders. On his right shoulder, a large solid armor, and his right arm, made entirely of metal, sprinkled with a few pikes. On his chest, Ox now carries a small metal armor. This aspect half-robotic gave him an even more menacing aspect than before.
Mana also changed a lot. Her hair had again become longer and fell on his shoulders, and had more the appearance of dreadlocks now. His mandibles were smaller than before. Instead of wearing his outfit of pastor of darkness, Mana had this time taken a warrior outfit with a lightweight iron armor covering part of his body while his right arm. At his belt, he now wore a moth-shaped symbol, probably in connection with his bug-man origins.
All were tired after a terrible fight and most were injured, not fatally, but affected nonetheless. These demons seem much stronger and violent than before. Mr. Lordi recognized a form of familiar barbarism, cruelty and violence he had seen before, but where? Nox and Charlene's demons had been only small fry compared to what was coming now.
(Mr. Lordi): "So, what is the situation?"
(Amen): "The demons have taken us by surprise while we slept. We managed to push them back, but they have had time to devastated parts of the region."
(Mr. Lordi): "And the people of Lapland? What are they doing?"
(Mana): "We learned that the giants gathered to organize their resistance. Goblins and Trolls are raising armies. While for the other people, we have no news of them until now."
(Enary): "However, we saw a number of villages that have been destroyed. Unfortunately no survivors. Even children have not been spared."
(Kalma): "I have never felt any emotion in my long life, Mr. Lordi, but I must admit that for the first time, I could feel the rage that drives these entities. It is limitless."
Mr. Lordi sighs, without surprise, because he knows the cruelty of demons better than anyone.
Intense and distant light, orange-red color, nevertheless draws the attention of group of monsters who is watching to the north, all open big eyes, stunned. On the horizon, the biggest fire that the North ever seen. All pine forests on the horizon were on fire, showing a gigantic sea of flames.
(Ox): "Oh holy shit." sighed the Minotaur by seeing it.
(Amen): "We can not stay here. The entities will surely come back in feeling the blood of our wounds."
(Mr. Lordi): "Let's go back in the human world. We must absolutely warn the other members of the brotherhood, and all humanity."
Meanwhile, in the human world, after their kiss in front of the fireplace and as they don't find sleep, Mathias and Hella have decided to go for an evening walk near the small forest above the village of Soulaires. Ordinarily, nobody goes into the woods now, but Mathias knows what is hiding inside and has no fear. Some snowflakes keep falling slowly from the ink black sky, on the ground already covered with a layer of snow of several centimeters thick. Dressed in his black cloak, Mathias wondered how Hella can withstand the cold, but after all, she is a monster.
After walking for several minutes on the gravel path along the edge of the forest, the couple arrived hand in hand along the small pond of water, transformed into a giant ice rink by frost and surrounded by dead leaves surrounding trees. The light of the full moon is reflected on the frozen water and gave it small silvery reflections. Mathias and Hella observed this landscape, while watching the thousands of stars covering the sky.
(Mathias): "I had forgotten how winter could be as cold, but beautiful at the same time."
(Hella): "One day I will take you in Lapland, so you can admire the winter of the deep north, bordered by its dancing northern lights in the night sky."
With the description of Hella, Mathias had chills in the back.
(Mathias): "It must be really beautiful to see."
(Hella): "Since my creation, it's one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life."
(Mathias): "And we must make to preserve these things. In that way, future generations could also enjoy the beauty of these landscapes, as we have done."
Hella could be only agree with this. She gives a little kiss on the cheek of Mathias, who blushed and smile appears on his lips. The warmth of that kiss managed to warm his heart despite the cold.
(Hella): "You sound like the greatest lords of Lapland."
(Mathias): "Mr Lordi is not the only one?"
(Hella): "He was not the first anyway. He told me about the great warriors of the free peoples of Lapland, who led the fighting against demons, centuries before his birth. These leaders fought and died for the survival of Lapland, and the entire world. "
Mathias was fascinated by what she was saying. The greatest heroes who ever existed, and yet today, were unknown to all mankind. The irony sometimes has a cruel sense of humor. Mathias begins to have increasingly cold and the night progresses more and more. Seeing him shivering, Hella decided it was time to go and had an idea in mind.
(Hella): "I have heard that in your great city named Paris, there was a concert right now. Would you go with me?"
(Mathias): "But how? If people see you, what they will say?"
The Scarbie gave a little smirk at the corner of the mouth.
(Hella): "Do not worry about it, trust me."
Mathias had full trust in it, and after all, he wanted to enjoy the evening as much as possible. Hella and him hugged. The power of Lapland's monsters began to appear around them in magical filaments lifting the snow and dust around the couple, and within seconds, disappeared into a vortex.
In just a few seconds, Mathias and Hella find themselves in a large park in the city of Paris, behind a tree, hiding from the look of others humans. The young man knows the monsters for a long time, but their powers are still continuing to surprise him. A little further, crowd screams are heard, as well as a powerful rock music and a familiar voice into a microphone. Mathias opens his eyes and a smile from ear to ear. It was them. Motörhead!
(Hella): "I know they are your favorite band. And for my part, since me and the Brotherhood have played this song in your village with human instruments, I am increasingly fascinated by Metal music."
(Mathias): "Let's go." he said with a smile, holding out his hand to his beloved.
Hella, also smiling, showed around her and the young man, a veil of invisibility that hide them to the eyes of the humans, the same veil she used to approach Mathias when she had met him for the first time. Side by side and invisible, Mathias and Hella approaching in the night and sees the immense crowd gathered in the park, before a large stage illuminated by hundreds of lights. In the midst of the crowd, the couple advance, being careful not to touch other fans, and not to be separated in the crowd. When they get near the front rows, Mathias and Hella can then better see what is happening on stage. On a mobile platform, Mikkey Dee, the drummer, is sitting behind the drums and prepared himself. On the left side, Phil Campbell, the guitarist, gives again its strings. And on the right, with his bass in hands, his hat, and dark glasses, the one and only Lemmy Kilmister, approaching the microphone to speak to the crowd. Hella was very happy to see Mathias also happy to see his idol.
(Lemmy): "The next song is rather special. For some years now, the world lived terrible things, but above all, we must continue to fight for freedom and love. This song is for all humans and monsters who fought for our world. It is called "Love me Forever.”
Under the moved applause and shouts of the crowd, the bass of Lemmy slowly begins to resonate in the air, followed by the guitare of Phil, and Mikkey drums. A quieter song than the others, but just as powerful. Hand in hand, Mathias and Hella begin to dance together to the rhythm of the music. The Scarbie is very impressed by the powerful song of the bass of Lemmy, and also by his voice, and his presence of character in front of thousands of people, like a warlord speaking to his troops. The leader of Motörhead approaches the microphone and began to sing.
(Lemmy):” Love me forever, or not at all,
End of our tether, backs to the wall,
Give me your hand, don't you ever ask why,
Promise me nothing, live 'til we die,

Everything changes, it all stays the same,
Everyone guilty, no one to blame,
Every way out, brings you back to the start,
Everyone dies to break somebody's heart,

We are the system, we are the law,
We are corruption, worm in the core,
One of another, laugh 'til you cry,
Faith unto death or a knife in the eye

Everything changes, it all stays the same,
Everyone guilty, no one to blame,
Every way out, brings you back to the start,
Everyone dies to break somebody's heart,
No more words for now, but the music both slow, powerful and melodic of Motörhead continued to resonate. To the rhythm of the song, Mathias and Hella looked each other into the eyes and hugging, began to dance to the rhythm, like a slow amid the crowd not noticing their presence. Then Lemmy takes again with the lyrics:
Love me or leave me, tell me no lies,
Ask me no questions, send me no spies,
You know love's a thief, steal your heart in the night,
Slip through your fingers, you best hold on tight

Everything changes, it all stays the same,
Everyone guilty, no one to blame,
Every way out, brings you back to the start,
Everyone dies to break somebody's heart.

The song then ends, once again unert applause and deafening screams of the fans. Mathias screams with all his might with applause and no longer feel the cold air around him. Touched by this song, Hella also applauded the band.
(Lemmy):"Thank you, motherfuckers. And don't forget: We are Motörhead, and we play Rock N Roll."
An hour later, Mathias and Hella are back, by the vortex, in the forest of Soulaires, or to the same place they were gone. They hugged again, but with love this time.
(Hella): "I spent a great evening with you Mathias. I'm so glad I finally saw you after all this time."
(Mathias): "Me too, I'll come see you tomorrow as soon as possible, okay?"
The Scarbie nods willingly. After a last kiss, Mathias starts to go towards the village, and made a last sign of goodbye with his hand before going into the night. Hella returned the sign, and in turn, goes to her house, located a little further in the heart of the forest.
After long minutes, Hella finally arrived at home. But just after closing the door, she immediately felt a very strange atmosphere in the house. All is silent, except for some wood cracking caused by the wind blowing outside. The house was plunged into almost total darkness, Hella advances in the lobby and walks to the living room to turn on the chandelier placed above the fireplace. But just when the flame lit, and an icy wind from nowhere makes it disappear in one second, under the bemused eyes of Scarbie, which has a bad feeling. No window and door are open, then from where comes the wind?
Over the seconds, Hella feels herself observed by something, something she can not see, in the shadows, watching his prey like a nocturnal predator. Hella is preparing an energy blade in a hand, ready to use.
(Hella): "Show yourself, creature of the shadows. I know you're here."
Her sentence is welcomed by a bloodcurdling laugh. A resonant laugh, shrill and inhuman. Suddenly, a shapeless and clawed arm, formed of organic shade, emerges from the darkness and strikes Hella in the chest and violently projected her against one wall of the living room, which shook under the shock. Hella falls to the ground with a breath of pain and surprise, but did not have time to react that already, the shadowy arm returns to the attack and seized her by the throat before to block her against the wall, disarmed and unable to move, as if a malevolent energy emanating from the arm that prevented her from moving.
By her eyes, Hella sees, stunned, a large floating shadow, with horned head, faceless, a body traveled by organic veinlets and provided with wings like a bat, slowly emerging from the darkness. The atmosphere in the room immediately becomes polar and ice even form on some walls. The entity approaches his face to Hella.
(Hella): "Who...Who are you?"
(Kriivah): "I am the eternal night ...... I am the death that picks you up when you are asleep ..... I am the end of all things.... Many gave me nicknames, but above all they know me as Kriivah, the phoenix of shadow. "
Her voice was female, deep, but disembodied and strident. Hella opens her eyes horrified after hearing the name.
(Hella): "The phoenix ? So is that you? You are responsible for all the disasters that happen in our worlds!"
The phoenix chuckled at that.
(Kriivah): "So much courage and determination .... As your dear human love.... But the real culprits will be appointed in due time. For now, prepare yourselves...."
(Hella): "For what?"
(Kriivah): "For the end!"
And with these threatening words, the entity disappears, leaving Hella fall to her knees on the floor, catching her breath. When Hella rises, blade in hand, the phoenix has already disappeared and the atmosphere of the house is back to normal. The beating heart and filled with fear, especially for the safety of Mathias, Hella is looking around her house, room by room, to ensure that no other entity is hiding in her home. After making sure everything is normal, Hella comes back in the living room, and at the sight of her photo with Mathias, clenches her fist, tightly.
(Hella): "It can not continue like this. Tomorrow, we must take the ultimate iniative."

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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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I really like the universe you created! Besides, your story is great for reading during long train trips. :mrgreen:
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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Thank you very much :) I hope you enjoyed the two first stories, and that you'll enjoy this one too. The next chapter will arrive very soon.
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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Chapter 5: My Heaven is your Hell

The night seemed better than the others for a long time. At dawn, Mathias awoke peacefully after a short but good night's rest. After have seen again Hella and spend the evening with her, he feels much better, as if life found again the taste in his esteem. In the silence and darkness semi-present of his room, he dressed himself in his usual garb of metalhead, then down the stairs to get to the kitchen and take his breakfast. But passing in the living room and bypassing the couch, something seemed strange. The day had risen, yet, outside, the sun did not appear. Mathias, perplexed, cast a glance out the window, and what he saw made him an odd effect. The weather was grim, a black and gray sky, filled with an endless sea of black storm clouds, hiding the sun rays. In the distance, thunder was heard. The trees swayed at the whim of wind gusts from the north. In the street, some neighbors of Mathias had left their houses, and watched towards the sky, talking between them with worried faces. Bird groups were taking-off and seemed to flee in all directions, as if they were afraid of something. In the house, Cleo, the black cat of Mathias, seems too scared and still hide under the chimney, not daring to go out. Faced with this strange meteorological phenomenon, Mathias good mood gave way to anxiety.
(Mathias): "I don't like that ..... I should talk to the Brotherhood."
Too bad for breakfast, there are more urgent. Taking his leather jacket and black hat, Mathias left the warmth and safety of his house and began walking down the street, toward the main village square. When they saw him pass, neighbors made him sign with their hands.
(Neighbor): "Mr Poupinais, have you an idea of what's going on?"
(Mathias): "Well ..... No."
He lied to half. He hates to lie, but he did not want to worry them more. A fine and icy rain begins slowly to fall on the region. Mathias continued to walk in the rain, seeing the drops running along the edges of his hat and sleeves of his jacket. At the corner of the street and arriving to the village center, he noticed a gathering of most of the population of the village in the main square. More he approach, and despite the rain and wind, he hear the strong and aggressive voice of villagers. Some are worried, others angry. Before the angry crowd, Mathias notices four of his friends monsters. Ox, Amen, Mana and Kita were here, trying to calm the crowd and preventing them from advancing further. An empty soda can was launched and Ox received it on the head. The minotaur had felt the blow, but he expressed no anger, rather a sorry sigh.
"It's your fault, monsters!" "You bring misfortune to our world!" "Leave our world, we do not want you here anymore!", Some phrases of the villagers echoed in the air, against Mathias friends. The young man felt revolted by such cruelty from the part of humans. He dismissed people on his way to break through the middle of the square. Mana was the first to notice him when he came to them.
(Mathias): "Guys, I'm really glad to see you."
(Mana): "This feeling is shared, Mathias."
(Mathias): "But tell me, what's happening? What's all this mess?"
(Ox): "The phenomena that affected Lapland seem to have reached the human world. Population make us guilty of all of this."
(Kita): "Last night, several small towns scattered across the world have disappeared, as well as their citizens. There are thousands of dead and missing, perhaps even millions."
Mathias was shocked such a revelation, and saw the sorry eyes of his friends. How can cities disappear? The anxiety went up a notch in his mind.
(Mathias): "I have to talk to Mr. Lordi and Hella. Where are they?"
(Amen): "By this, they are in the middle of the square, with the mayor of Soulaires."
The young man thanked his friends of the brotherhood and they leaving him pass. He had noticed the changes on each of them. The mechanical arm of Ox who replaced his former arm of flesh gave chills to him. Indeed, in the middle of the square, near the old water pump, Hella, accompanied by Mr. Lordi, is talking with the mayor. Awa is also with them, and greets Mathias with a smile when she sees him arrive. On arrival of Mathias, Mr. Lordi shook him by the hand like an old friend. Mathias and Hella hug in the rain. After that, Mathias joins in the conversation.
(Mayor): "Understand me, monsters. Since your arriving, the world has continued to change, and today, it is about to collapse."
(Mr. Lordi): "Your concern is understandable, but I assure you we are not responsible for these disasters. It is clear that someone or something tries to provoke discord among us."
(Mayor): "It is not what most of people believe. Frankly, how trust you now after all that has happened?"
(Mathias): "How can you accuse them without evidence?" Said the young man with a sense of anger in his voice, that everyone could feel. But Hella's hand grasping his own made him calm.
(Hella): "It is useless to get upset, Mathias." She said with calm.
She was right. While the crowd continues to react, the wind suddenly increases and the storm is becoming more violent, to the point that Mathias had to take his hat to keep it from flying away. In the atmosphere, a sense of death and desolation impregnates every soul present. All eyes are now looking to the sky. Clouds seem to congregate just above the village, and many of them merge and begin to form a sort of giant vortex and threatening. Mr. Lordi immediately grabbed his ax, with a bad look and eyes becoming red. Mathias and Hella, side by side, holding hands, worried. While the storm and rain are reinforcing, the panic is gaining the residents of Soulaires that in screaming, fled in all directions, some to hide in their homes, others to flee the village by taking their cars.
(Awa): "Get ready!"
(Mr. Lordi): "Brotherhood, protect the humans!"
Under the orders of their lord, the monsters come together, ready to fight if necessary. Ox makes vibrate the mechanisms of his metal arm and growls fiercely. Amen prepares his whip strips, Mana took two daggers of darkness, Kita draws his sword, in samurai position, and Awa brings out the palm of her hands, a shiny grey energy. Mathias and Hella are also preparing themselves, the young man again making out his metal claws of his hands, and the Scarbie, this time having replaced her dagger with a short sword blade and slightly bent backward. A dark steel blade that she had forged herself into the dark forges of the Lordi's castle.
The giant vortex turns faster and faster over the village, spitting several monstrous flashes, one of which struck and destroyed the church steeple. From the vortex appeared a humanoid form with a feminine appearance, with large black wings and a horned head. His white eyes without pupils reveal an incredible malice. His whole body seems to be made of incandescent black shadows and flames. Looking around, the winged creature sneers, spreading her arms crosswise, making explode thunderbolts around her to demonstrate her all-powerfulness.
(Kriivah): "Beware, mortal world, because the phoenix is back!"
Mr. Lordi remained speechless, for the first time, the others seemed almost to see fear in his eyes. He knew this thing. Hella, too, recognized the voice of the creature who threatened her in her house last night. When she saw Mr. Lordi, the phoenix descended a few meters and flies, proud and all-powerful.
(Kriivah): "After so many centuries, we are again face to face, Lord of Lapland."
(Mr. Lordi): "And I wish I could never see you again, Kriivah. You should have stayed where you were."
The Phoenix made no reply, except for a malicious sneer at the Monsterman, and then plunged her cruel glance towards the other members of the brotherhood, noticing the allies of her sworn enemy. And more particularly, her gaze turns towards Mathias and Hella, side by side, and holding by the hand. An evil, carnivorous smile forms on Kriivah's teeth.
(Kriivah): "So, it was true. I felt it. The couple of the Monsterican Connection. The power that will allow me to put down this world."
(Hella): "You will never have that power!" She said with a voice of defiance to the entity.
(Kriivah): "That's what we'll see."
And on these words too calm, the phoenix sneaks its wings, spitting clouds of lightning and black flames towards the brotherhood. The monsters do the best they can to avoid the projectiles. Mr. Lordi protects himself with his ax and emits a force field. Awa becomes transparent, while Ox and Mana on their sides, were struck by lightning and thrown back. Leaping like felines, Kita dodges the attacks and will make sure they are not hurt. Amen throws one of his strips around Kriivah's leg to try to block her, but the phoenix sneers at this attack. Kriivah grabs the strip, and with her strength brings Amen up to her and then throws him violently against a car. The mummy crashes with his whole body against the windshield that shatters itself in pieces. While Hella is attacking flames and lightning with her sword, Mathias tries his luck and tries to rush to Kriivah to pierce her, but the phoenix sees it all. She grabs the young man by the throat, strikes him in the head and throws him towards Hella, who seeing her lover in trouble, catches him in her arms before he touches the ground. Mathias, stunned by the blow and bleeding from the lip, thanked the Scarbie, but was annoyed by his own failure. Mr. Lordi concentrates his power, and by his ax sends a stream of red flames to the entity, but this one protects herself without any effort behind a veil of darkness formed by her giant wings. Kriivah, sneering worse than a demon, in an acrobatic frenzy, throws thousands of sharp blades out of her body and throws them in all directions. The members of the brotherhood throw themselves on the ground or protect themselves as best they can to avoid the blades. Many of these flying swords pierce innocent citizens trying to escape, killing them instantly. A mother falls to the ground, dead, with her daughter, dead too, in her arms, a blade of the phoenix having pierced them at the same time. Ox, with his metal arm, rips a piece of bitumen off the ground to throw it on her, but she destroys the fragment with a simple devastating kick. The movements of the phoenix are so fast and precise, as if she guessed the attacks of her enemies in advance. Beside, Mana regains his spirits and Kita stays before him, saber in hand, to protect him. Awa, levitating in the air, concentrates her inner strength, and striking her hands against each other, creates a powerful shock wave, which the dark phoenix reduces to nothing by a simple wing gesture. What power! The attack did not even touch her!
(Kriivah): "Is that all you can do? Really you disappoint me." She laughed, very sure of herself. "Now, my turn! My heaven is your hell!"
(Mr. Lordi): "Try to stop this!"
The Monsterman unleashed a devastating shockwave by hitting the ground with his ax, but again, the phoenix only had to reach out to stop the attack. Smiling, Kriivah chuckled.
(Kriivah): "I'm disappointed. I thought my brother bastard would be more powerful than that."
Mr. Lordi's heart leaped in his chest like all the others. Had he heard well what she had just said about it? The other members of the brotherhood exchanged the same cautious glances.
(Mr. Lordi):"Wh....What do you...."
(Kriivah): "Poor little monster, you did not know, then..." she sneered even more. "Yes, my dear, when my father invaded Lapland to extend our glorious demonic empire, he raped a female troll, and soon after, she gave you birth, a mix-blooded bastard. I was there when you killed our father on the battlefield, breaking the army of demons and freeing Lapland from us. You banished us from space and time, but today I come back to finish what my father had begun."
Putting her arms in cross, eyes toward the sky, the dark phoenix unleashes her power. In the sky, the vortex grew more and more, surrounded by flames and began, more and more strongly, to aspirate everything in its wake. Cars, lampposts, benches, and even people ..... Everything begins to be sucked by hundreds in the infernal vortex. A couple and their children are sucked into the vortex, helpless, and disappear in turn. Very quickly, it is the houses that are one by one, torn from the ground, reduced to pieces and swallowed by the flames of the vortex. In the distance Mathias sees his own house being swept away in the infernal storm and seeing it disappear forever, knowing that his family and his cat were still inside.
(Mathias): "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
His heart torn by anger and sadness, the young man clings nevertheless as he can not to be carried away in the wake of the phoenix. Beside him, Hella, seeing also the fate of the house and the family of her lover, feels sorry, and powerless for him. Around them, the other members of the brotherhood also cling for their lives. Mr. Lordi has planted his ax in the ground and keeps himself with all his grip. Kita did the same, with his saber. Ox uses his weight and physical strength to keep himself on the spot, seizing Awa and Mana by the wrists to hold them back. The minotaur blows with all his might, fighting against fatigue and pain. But suddenly, the brotherhood sees with horror Amen being carried away in the vortex. At the sight of one of his most faithful and old friends disappearing, Mr. Lordi can not help but scream his anger. Then, it is Kita, who despite his grip, is carried away by the force of the storm and swallowed by the infinite. Mathias and Hella, horrified to see their friends disappear one by one, do not know what to do. On his side, Ox weakens more and more, falling one knee on the ground but always willing to resist. Seeing his friend weaken, Mana sees only one way.
(Mana): "Ox, if this goes on, we'll be all three swallowed in the vortex, Leave me! Save Awa and yourself!"
At these words, the countess and the minotaur seems very surprised, and Ox shakes his head with resignation.
(Ox): "No! I refuse! I can not do that!"
(Awa): "Mana, hold on, we'll succeed!"
But in the eyes of her friend, she already saw that he had made his decision. Mana, with a desolate look, addresses his two allies and friends.
(Mana): "Better a life sacrificed than three."
The Pastor of darkness voluntarily releases his grip and under the stupefied and horrified eyes of Ox and Awa, is also carried away in the vortex, to the great sadistic joy of Kriivah, who in the sky continues to chuckle more beautifully, the hands overflowing with evil energy. Meanwhile, the village of Soulaires is being destroyed little by little, almost all houses have disappeared, as well as people. Beneath their feet, members of the remaining brotherhood observe with horror that the ground cracks, and that flows of molten lava begin to escape. In a short time, the whole valley will be swallowed up under the lava. In a desperate attempt, Mr. Lordi opens a vortex, and points the way to his friends. Ox and Awa are the first to get into the Lordi vortex. Mathias, blinded by tears and anger, does not seem to want to leave, despite Hella's hand holding him back.
(Hella): "Mathias, we must flee!"
(Mathias): "I do not give up my village! We have to fight!"
(Hella): "She's too powerful, you can not do anything!"
Helped by Mr. Lordi, Hella manages to take Mathias into the vortex, which immediately closes behind them, while Kriivah finishes her mass destruction by letting the ground of the valley collapse, engulfing what remained of the village under a torrent of lava.

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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Chapter 6: Raise Hell in Heaven

In Lapland a silence of death had settled down and no one soul that lived in the neighborhood. Since the invasion of the forces of Kriivah, the kingdom of monsters had suffered a lot and had become a kingdom of desolation and death. In a pine forest partly still alive, a vortex suddenly opened, breaking the dreary silence of the woods. From this vortex came out Ox and Awa, then Mr. Lordi, Mathias and Hella, all exhausted and defeated. The destruction of the village of Mathias ..... The disappearance of all the inhabitants, as well as several members of the brotherhood ..... They had been brutally struck, both physically and mentally. Awa, remembering Mana's face before he disappeared in the vortex of the phoenix, could not help but sit against a rock, a tear streaming from her cheek, reproaching herself for not being able to do anything make. Ox, seeing her, came to hug her to comfort her, making her understand that no one could have done anything against the devastating power of Kriivah. For his part, Mr. Lordi, with a furious gesture, threw his ax at his feet before sitting on a rock, his face plunged into his clawed hands, and sighing with anger and despair at the same time. He is the lord of Lapland, and he could not do anything. The power of this enemy ..... He did not think so much....
Next to it, Mathias and Hella sat down side by side. The young man remains pensive, his face closed, constantly seeing the vision of his house, with all his family inside, reduced to pieces and sucking into the infernal vortex. Despite the presence of the Scarbie, Mathias' heart was deeply bruised. Hella, for her part, did not know what to do. Then she remembered that during the meeting, Mr. Lordi and Kriivah seemed to know each other. Turning to the Monsterman, she decided to find out more.
(Hella): "Mr. Lordi, maybe the moment is wrong, but if we want to have a chance, you have to tell us all. Who is this dark phoenix?"
All attentions were then directed towards Mr. Lordi, who, observing the urgency of the situation, saw no other way than to speak the truth.
(Mr. Lordi): "This is the most powerful of the demons, the supreme leader of their race. It was she who, in the 11th century, tried to invade Lapland, triggering the war between trolls and demons. I defeated her and her father towards the end of the first war, and I thought I had banished her forever in another dimension...... I was completely wrong..... And now, she wants to achieve what her father started.... My sister..... My own sister.....I can’t believe it."
(Ox): "You managed to defeat her in the past, yet she just destroyed us, when we were several."
(Mr. Lordi): "She was not so powerful in the past ..... Her power had to be strengthened, but that is not enough for her ... She wants more ..... Always more....."
(Hella): "But what exactly is she looking for?"
The gaze of the Monsterman, very concerned, then turns to her and Mathias.
(Mr. Lordi): "It is you. She wants your power. Wisely used, the power of the Monsterican Connection brings peace but in the hands of an evil spirit it becomes the most destructive weapon. If ever your power falls into the clutches of Kriivah ...... It will be the end of every form of life in all dimensions. The apocalypse....."
Mathias jumped up, and with a furious glance which surprised the monsters, proceeded to Mr. Lordi, and pointed his finger at him, as if to threaten him.
(Mathias): "And of course you decided not to tell me anything!! If you had decided to reveal this secret sooner, we could have been better prepared! My village could have been saved and my family would not have died ! "
The monsters had never seen Mathias in such a state of rage, but Mr. Lordi, understanding the pain of the young man, did not react violently and remained calm. Hella, taking Mathias's hands, begs him to calm down.
(Hella): "Please, calm down. You know that prepared or not, we could not have done anything."
For the first time Mathias was angry with them, and he sat down silently against the rock. But Hella, in a sense, seems agree with her lover. Awa, got up and spoke in his turn, feeling that the atmosphere soon became explosive.
(Awa): "I know that we are all going through a most tragic ordeal, but if we start to shred among ourselves, we will sign the victory of our enemy. We have to stay unite!"
She was right, and they all know it. But suddenly, an explosion of energy and flames emanates a little further on the top of a hill overlooking the forest. A snow black as flakes of ashes, then begins to fall from the sky drowned with black clouds. From the circle of flying flames emerges Kriivah, the dark phoenix, outstretched wings and a carnivorous smile on his face. She was determined to not let them escape. She felt them. Half concealed behind the rocks in the middle of the little clearing surrounded by the forest, the rest of the brotherhood waits, prepared to fight until death. From behind the phoenix, from the mist produced by the flames, emerges an army of creatures similar to humanoid shadows, with shining red eyes. Contemplating the forest, Kriivah chuckles.
(Kriivah): "Find them! Burn the entire forest!"
The shadows immediately obey and rush in the direction of the trees. Their hands are turned into organic and sharp blades, and others carry flaming torches, and begin to set fire to the first trunks. Other shadows, resembling large dogs with enormous jaws, run towards the clearing, barking and roaring with all their strength, and having felt the smell of the brotherhood with their flair. The fire spreads with abnormal rapidity, and in a few minutes the cleared clearing is completely surrounded by the flames. The brotherhood has no choice but to fight to defend its life. A first canine shadow leaped towards Hella. She impales the entity with her sword, which passes through its jaw to the back of the head. Mathias reacts too late and lets himself be shoved by another similar creature, who tries to bite him in the face while blocking him on the ground. Mathias pierces the body of the shadow with his claws and then pushes the corpse to the side. A group of humanoid shadows arrives, blades ready to strike. Mr. Lordi unleashes his fury, stretches out his hands in their direction, and by his powers, made them twist with pain before reducing their bodies to ashes. Ox and Awa decide to work together. With her telekinetic power, the countess vampire raises several demonic dogs from the ground, immobilizing them, while the minotaur, after having torn a tree trunk, uses it to strike one by one the shadows, which are thrown violently against the rocks or in the air.
Seeing that the monsters and the young human stand up against her first hordes, Kriivah immediately decides to move on to the next stage. Deploying her wings of black fire, the dark phoenix unleashes her power again and projects a thousands of fireballs, which blow up dozens of trees in their wake and cause monstrous damage throughout the area. One of these balls of fire explodes near of the group, throwing them all on the ground, stunned. When Hella raises her head, she sees Mathias a few meters away, moaning to the floor, wounded in the shoulder by the explosion. As best as she can, Scarbie gets back on her feet to help him. Ox and Awa also stand up, the minotaur carrying the countess in her arms to protect her. Mr. Lordi, grunting with grief and anger, recovers his ax. The hordes of shadows return to attack all around them, while the fire continues to devour the forest. A creature tries to kill Mathias from behind, but Hella kills her with a sword blow in the throat, then she takes the young man by the arm to help her get up.
(Hella): "Mathias, are you okay?"
(Mathias): "My ..... My shoulder ..... It burns me ....."
He suffers atrociously, and the Scarbie finds herself desolate. In spite of the pain, Mathias manages to kill, with a quick and precise claw blow, a shadow that approached. Next, a shadow appeared behind Ox and stabbed him in the shoulders, under Awa's eyes, surprised and horrified. The minotaur roars in pain, and with his metal arm grasps the entity by the head and crushes it violently against the rocky ground. Seeing the blood flowing from his wound, Ox resists as best he can to the pain. But the shadows, more and more numerous, quickly take the advantage. Mathias and Hella do not have time to get together as shadows rush over them, and catch them by the arms and legs. Mr. Lordi, surrounded by hordes of enemies, is also submerged. Despite the blows of axes, killing many shadows, the Monsterman finds himself trapped, but Ox intervenes, and by killing all the shadows in his path, manages to help his lord and friend to leave the trap. Awa, on her side, comes to help the couple of the Monsterican Connection. With her telekinesis, she lifts all the shadows holding the couple, and sends them burning in the flames.
(Mathias):"Thank you Awa!"
(Awa):"Anytime!" She smiled. But suddenly, under the eyes of the couple, Awa is hit hard by a black electric sphere. The countess, electrocuted, uttered a great cry of pain, before falling to the ground, unconscious. Kriivah comes forward, other spheres levitating in the palms of her hands, and that same wicked smile on her face. Ox wants to try to attack her, but another sphere comes to hit him from behind, and already wounded, the minotaur finds himself this time, completely on the ground. Holding by hands, Mathias and Hella are now facing the phoenix, and even knowing that they have little chance of defeating her, are ready to fight for their lives and love. Seeing them prepare their weapons, Kriivah sneers cruelly, while her shadows carry Ox and Awa, always stunned, into a inferno vortex. But out of nowhere suddenly comes a powerful shock wave that pushes Kriivah against a rock. Mr. Lordi arrives then, his eyes red with anger, and his ax in his hand. While the phoenix gathers her minds, Mr. Lordi opens a new vortex before turning to the couple.
(Mr. Lordi): "Let's go, quickly!"
The army of shadows having seen them, rushes again towards them. Being too few and too weak by the fight, the remaining trio of the brotherhood leapt into the vortex, which closed before the shadows could follow them. Seeing her main prey escape again, Kriivah clenches her teeth, her eyes fill with blood and fire, and with her hands, unleashes the hell that wakes deep and ends up destroying the rest of the forest in a tsunami of infernal flames.
(Kriivah): "No matter where you go, I will find you! Your power will be mine, and I will raise hell in heaven!"

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Re: The Monsterican Connection Trilogy

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Chapter 7: Old Friends

A strong heat accompanied by a strong odor of putrefaction comes to draw Ox from its torpor. When he hardly opens his eyes, his limbs still numb, he finds that he is lying on a cold, rocky ground, in a sort of sinister cell surrounded by thick bars, in an immense cavern whose ceiling abounds with sharp stalactites. The minotaur stands up, with suffering, but gradually regains his unrestrained vision and senses. Pillars of flames rise from small craters and a river of molten lava flows a little farther. The room is full of skeletons and decaying bodies, all in cells or chained to the walls or hung by chains and hooks. A prison of hell.
(Amen): "Ox! Hey Ox! We're here!"
This voice was immediately familiar. Turning his eyes, Ox sees his friends Amen, Mana and Kita, still alive but wounded, locked up in the neighboring cell. Ox is delighted to see them alive and approaches them. But when he touches the bars, he is struck by a kind of shock very painful and immediately recedes.
(Kita): "We should have told you ..... The bars are bewitched. We can not get out."
(Ox): "It's clear ..... Fuck, it hurts...... But......Where are we?"
(Mana): "In hell."
This explanation, although short, was not to reassure the minotaur. His gaze froze in terror as he turned his eyes toward the center of the room. Facing the cells a few yards away, Awa is there, wrists and ankles tied by chains to the rock wall, and a gag on the mouth prevents her from making any sound except small groans.
(Ox): "AWA!!!"
The countess heard the voice, and moaned through the white piece of cloth to answer, his eyes showing her relief that Ox was still alive. A dull sound of door is heard, and by a dark corridor arrives Kriivah, escorted by several shadows heavily armed and armored. Seeing the awakening of the minotaur, the phoenix smiled evil and headed for the defenseless Awa. Ox, like the others, feared the worst for their friend.
(Kriivah): "Tell me, monsters.... Your friends, Mr. Lordi, and the couple of the Monsterican Connection. Where are they going? Tell me, now...."
(Ox): "I do not know where they are going, and even if I knew, I would not say anything!"
Kriivah shook her head nonchalantly, in tttt tttt tttt sounds whistling through her perfidious mouth.
(Kriivah): "Wrong answer."
And after removing the white cloth from Awa's mouth, Kriivah electrocutes the young countess vampire, under the horrified eyes of her friends, helpless. Ox, under the influence of anger and distress, throws himself against the bars, and despite the immense pain produced by the spell, does not let go.
For several hours now that they have escaped the dark phoenix and her infernal army of shadows, Mr. Lordi, Mathias and Hella are now in the midst of the wild lands of devastated Lapland in the midst of a small grove of trees that was miraculously spared by the fighting. The end of the day is approaching and the first signs of twilight are already manifesting. The cold intensifies and the wind becomes more ferocious. As Mathias and Hella start trying to set up a kind of camp for the night, they notice that Mr. Lordi seems to look around him, with a thoughtful and nostalgic air, as if he recognized this desolate place. Near the small grove of trees is the burned ruins of an old wooden hut, which seems to have been here for a very long time. Mr. Lordi remains motionless to watch this ruin, then is joined by Mathias and Hella.
(Hella) "Mr. Lordi, are you okay?"
(Mr. Lordi): "Yes ..... It's just that ...... I remembered ....."
(Mathias): "What is this place?"
(Mr. Lordi): "When I was a child, it was here that I lived alone, far from demons and monsters, where I learned to master my powers. And one day, a snow storm that lasted three days, furious that it did not cease, I unleashed my power, setting fire to the hut and the forest around.
(Mathias): "Wow. Well, what a story."
The cracking of the branches of a bush makes the trio turn back, who with astonishment saw strange animals come to meet them. Three reindeers with gray coats, yellow eyes and cadaverous appearance, and an owl of Lapland, white and majestic with opal eyes, which comes to rest on the branch of a tree, watching the group with attention. Fearing demonic creatures, Mathias and Hella prepare to fight, but Mr. Lordi, remaining calm and smiling, beckons to them to lower their weapons and goes towards the animals.
(Mr. Lordi): "My old friends ....... I missed you so much."
He caresses the head of the three reindeer zombies, and also the owl came to rest on his shoulder. The animals seem affectionate and not aggressive. Mathias and Hella look at each other in amazement.
(Hella): "Are these the guardian animals that you have talked about several times?"
(Mr. Lordi): "Yes, it is them. They are full members of the brotherhood. They protected me when I was a child, and without them I would have been dead for centuries. You can approach, they're not aggressive. The friends of their friend are their friends."
They trust the Lord of Lapland and approach the curious animals. The owl comes to rest on Hella's shoulder, watches her for a few seconds from the bottom up, and rubs her head against her cheek with affection. Hella smiled and stroked the chin of the bird. Mathias timidly extended his hand toward the reindeers. The zombified cervids sniff the young man's hand. It's probably the first time they smell a creature like me, Mathias thought. But the reindeers seem to accept him and allows the young man to touch them.
(Mr. Lordi): "This is a sign that they like you."
(Mathias): "And if they did not liked me?"
(Mr. Lordi): "Well .... You'd already be dead."
Mathias gulped, he would have preferred not to know. With the palm of his hand, he caressed the back of one of the reindeer, who is not offended and remains calm. Their coat is soft, in spite of their appearance as a living corpse. Mr. Lordi, meanwhile, still smiles to see that his old friends managed to survive the apocalyptic war that hit Lapland. Since they had fled, they had not encountered a single monster, not even a mere animal. The dark phoenix had struck Lapland so hard that the monsters were already all extinct? No, Mr. Lordi refused to believe such a thing.
A little later after the night fell, the trio of the brotherhood and the guardian animals gathered around a fire, protected by an immense flat rock that makes like a barrier against the wind howling of Lapland. That night, a rare thing, no aurora borealis made its appearance and the sky remained as black as ink. Was the evil influence of the phoenix on the worlds so powerful that it pushed certain natural phenomena to disappear altogether? No one had any idea of the extent of the powers of Kriivah, and, according to Mr. Lordi, she was now more powerful than in the 11th century. Perhaps she had even become the equal of a god, and in this case, how could they defeat a demonic god? Around the fire, the atmosphere was silent, and palpable. Mathias, sitting with his hands on his knees, contemplates the flames with an absent air, seeing sadness.
(Mathias): "My family, Awa, Ox, Amen, Kita, Mana ..... I can not believe they're gone ..."
(Hella): "Do not lose hope, Mathias, maybe they're still alive."
(Mr. Lordi): "Who knows what Kriivah intends to do with them, and that worries me more."
(Mathias): "All those innocent people who died ..... All those cities that have been destroyed ...... Kriivaah ..... I do not understand how one can be so evil."
(Mr. Lordi): "Kriivah is the very incarnation of evil, born of the darkest forces in the universe. In the 11th century she almost destroyed my people and my world. And today, she came back for another. The history epeats itself, inexorably."
(Hella): "The only thing that animates her is power, she wants to eat power, to breathe power ..... She thinks only about that, nothing else. It remembers me Nox a little."
(Mathias): "But Nox wanted power to use it for the sole purpose of an honorable but lost cause. This time we are dealing with the most powerful enemy we ever had, who is the very incarnation of chaos. This time, I don't think we can do something against her."
Suddenly, the guardian animals suddenly raise their heads and look around them, as if they've been taken by a bad presentiment. Seeing them thus, Mathias, Mr. Lordi, and Hella also look around, but see nothing but the cloud of night mist enveloping the surroundings and preventing a proper view. This thick coat of smoke is not a good thing, because it is an ideal hiding place for any kind of hostile creature who would to approach and attack them. Thanks to their nocturnal visions in their eyes of monsters, Hella and Mr. Lordi think, with difficult, to see dark, slow and humanoid silhouettes, to turn around them like ghosts. The Monsterman aggrips his ax firmly by his right hand, Hella seizes her sword, and Mathias seeing his companions do, clenches his fists, stands ready to use his metal claws. In the light of the fire and coming out of the mist hiding place, figures, at least ten, appear all around the small group. They are dressed in large black robes, like those worn by the monks, and their raised hoods prevent their faces from being seen. They seem to slip on the ground by advancing, which is rather abnormal. Their robes of monks are covered with cabalistic symbols, but one of them attracts particular attention. A symbol that Mathias and Hella recognize immediately, with amazement. The symbol of the Monsterican Connection. At first silent, the hooded figures kneel with respect in front of the couple and the Monsterman, who dare not say or do anything and observe this with curiosity. One of the dark monks then spoke, in a distant voice and curiously soothing.
(Monk): "We greet you, Lord of Lapland, and we greet you, couple of the Monsterican Connection. We were waiting for your arrival with hope."

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