Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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1. Monsterican Souls

Summary: Lapland is struck by a curse .... The dead rise up and target the living, while the shadow spreads, engulfing everything in its wake. Unable to face this scourge alone, the high lord of Lapland, Mr. Lordi, comes to meet Awa, a young and beautiful English countess of the 17th century, having committed suicide but returned to life and having no purpose in her spirit life wandering and lost. Mr. Lordi and Awa then make an agreement: she will have to help him find powerful allies to fight the curse, and in exchange, he will help her find what she is looking for in order to restore a purpose to her existence. For the young countess, this is the beginning of a quest that will make her know both fear and hope, in a universe full of legends and creatures, while in the shadows, a very ancient but very real threat awaits its time. A threat that triggered a war against existence itself.....

Prologue: long ago....

Yes.....Indeed......It is said one day that the universe and all its worlds around would perish by fire, under a rain of ashes that would fall from the sky..... The light is dying, and darkness are coming from the deep, devouring everything on their way without mercy..... The time has come.... The monstrous thrones need new lords.....The world need new saviors.....
Lapland, ancestral and frozen land, out of time and isolated, whose vast and distant lands was enough to discourage the most adventurous adventurers, because too hostile to any form of life .... or almost, because one of between it managed to survive and make it its territory: the monsters. These creatures, unknown and misunderstood, lived in cash and scattered tribes across Lapland, remaining hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world during centuries..... But one day, this quietness ended ....
In the 11th century, Lapland was attacked by a hitherto unknown race of creatures, whose savagery was matched only by their darkness souls: the demons, entities born of all the evil perpetrated throughout the vast world and aspiring only to bury the world in total chaos. They were led by the most ignoble of all their race: The Duke, who after making hell his kingdom, wanted to extend beyond its borders, even in the world of the living. One after the other, the tribes of monsters were massacred without mercy, the forests were burned and the lakes turned to ashes ..... But some tribes of monsters chose to resist .... The elves, dwarves, minotaurs, trolls and the goblins formed a alliance and confronted the Duke legions on the slopes of the Black Tooth, the highest mountain in Lapland.
The fight was tough, and despite strong resistance, the races of elves, dwarves, trolls, minotaurs and goblins were defeated. TThe majority of goblins, elves, dwarves were killed. The minotaurs were exterminated, and the race was considered extinct. The troll males were also all killed without mercy. The troll females were captured and raped by the demons. The Duke himself raped a troll female named Angel, and made her his sex slave. A few months of torture later, Angel will lose his life by giving birth to a son, a hybrid being inherited from the brute force of the trolls, and the infernal powers of the demons. Just born, the hybrid child unleashed a devastating power, killing all the demons around him and escaped to the depths of Lapland.
A few years later, the monstrous child reappeared and killed his father in a duel to the death, thus ending his reign of terror. The demons returned to hell, and the monstrous child took the name of Lordi, and proclaimed himself lhigh ord of monsters and Lapland, succeeding in rallying the majority of the races to his cause..... But the story would not stop there .... On the contrary, it was just the beginning....
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Re: Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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Chapter 1: Lady Awa

England, 1802
City of Wormwell

Wormwell, small commercial and coastal town in southern England, whose main wealth came from fishing and the many mines scattered in the hills of the valley encircling the city. Wormwell was founded almost a hundred years ago by the De Paysant family, originally from Romania, whose founder, William de Paysant, had made a fortune from mining and decided to settle with his family in Grande Britain, even giving up its roots to get English status.
It was a quiet early afternoon that began in this cool September day. A gray sky and a slight hiding of the sun were on the horizon, as well as a cool, gentle breeze coming from the ocean's edge, making the grass of the hills and the leaves of the trees tremble and dance. In the city, the activity was in full swing as usual. The streets swarmed with people coming to shop at the city's many and varied merchants, touting their products as being of the highest quality. A group of children came back from school on the morning and came to buy some warm bread from the local baker. A group of young women, dressed in very elegant dresses, talked to each other and at the same time looked at the few young men passing by. On the docks, the sailors were working hard, carrying heavy wooden crates, repairing nets and preparing some boats to leave for new fishing expeditions. Some boats already ready were already leaving, slipping slowly on the opaque gray water of the sea, the sailors singing in chorus under the tumult of the seagulls, to motivate themselves and praying for the weather to remain calm.
Located outside the city but dominating it from the height of a large green hill, stood a grand and luxurious mansion, whose refined Victorian architecture evoked a wealth of the largest. The Manor de Paysant, built by Sir William de Paysant himself, was still in the possession of his family after all these years, the de Paysant family still having control of most of the shops in the city and the region. The House de Paysant even concluded agreements with certain other large British families, in order to strengthen their position and their social status with the larger ones. The present Lord of Wormwell was Richard de Paysant, a man of about fifty, slightly round and almost bald, proudly sporting a small, well-trimmed beard. Lord Richard was known as a good man, knowing how to reward those who did not disappoint him, but could also be intractable to those who disturb him.
On the first floor, in a room in the north wing of the manor, was a 23-year-old woman. Very beautiful, she had a small thin nose, thin lips and brown eyes of an angel. She wore a long, elegant purple linen dress, sewn with lace red threads, and a lace jabot around her neck. Her name was Awa de Paysant, and was the daughter of Lord Richard. Born in 1779, Awa did not know her mother, Elizabeth, who died giving birth to her. Although overwhelmed by grief, Richard had sworn to his late wife to take care of their child, and that was what he had done. All her life, Awa has never lacked anything, her father being very protective, sometimes even a little too much for her. Humming a song softly between her lips in her crystalline voice, Awa was sitting in front of her big mirror, busy styling her long, smooth hair as black as the night. Her room was more than comfortable. A comfortable carpet covering the floor, a large four-poster bed, a large wardrobe containing her dresses, and a silver chandelier on the ceiling ..... She did not have to complain about her fate. But despite her wealth, Awa sometimes felt trapped here. Putting her comb on the little desk under the mirror, she got up, pensive and slightly blowing. Glancing as if to be sure of not being seen, Awa then rises one of her hands towards her bedside table. The little candlestick on it began to tremble and magically rose a meter in the air, under the amused gaze of the young woman. Since she was five years old, Awa had discovered this gift of telekinesis, the origins of which she still does not know, and had never dared to tell anyone, not even her father. The people of Wormwell being very religious, she feared their reaction and had trained, secretly, exercising to master this gift.
BIM! A small sound of shock was heard suddenly against the window of the room, surprising Awa who lost her concentration and dropped the candlestick on the floor in a slight crash. Awa turned and walked to the window of her balcony, to see a slight crack on the window. Opening her window, the young woman discovered a little raven lying on the pavement and not moving. Taking pity, Awa gently took it in her hands. The bird seemed dead. Awa never saw a crow like this one, with blight red eyes.
(Awa) "My poor little one ..." she said. Looking again over her shoulder, Awa closed her eyes and focused. Several seconds passed during which the body of the raven was convulsed and suddenly, while Awa opened her eyes, the raven seemed to come back to life and let out a croak. Relieved to see this, Awa let him go and watched him fly away to the high hills. Another power that Awa possessed and had no idea of the origin. She could somehow project her mind into that of another living being, to see through him, talk to him, convince him, or even sometimes bring him back and prevent him from following the path of death. This power, however, required a lot of mental effort and Awa felt a slight headache and closed the window.
Knock! Knock! "Awa?"
A knock at the door followed by her father's voice made Awa react, who hastened to put the candlestick back in its place, to close one of the curtains to hide the crack on the window and went to sit at her desk, doing pretending to read a book.
(Awa): "Come in, father."
The door opened, and Lord Richard entered, followed by one of the servants, who held in his hands a large, thin cardboard box. Awa seemed perplexed about the sight of her smiling father.
(Awa): "What is this?" she asked, looking at the box.
(Richard): "Can not you guess? ..." he replied. Awa's face suddenly brightened and a smile appeared on her lips.
(Awa): "Is it ....?" She rose from her seat and opened the box, to discover, well folded and new, a white dress of satin and lace. Awa looked astonished and hugged her father, who hugged her too, glad to know that his daughter was.
(Awa): "Oh thank you father, thank you."
(Richard): "For the wedding of my adored daughter, nothing is too much."
The lord de Paysant then ordered the servant to retire with the box, wanting to remain alone for a moment with his daughter, which the servant did while bowing. Awa went back to her desk, while her father, his hands behind his back, stepped forward.
(Richard): "How are you feeling, Awa?" he asked, concerned. The young woman sighed softly.
(Awa): "Stressed, to be honest, but happy too. Just to see John tomorrow and know that he and I will be united for life ...."
She spoke like a dreamer, which made her father smile. He came to her, resting his hand on one of her shoulders and seemed to look at her as if it was the last time he saw her.
(Richard): "You grew up so fast .... All these years of taking care of you will only seem like a blink, but will remain for me among the happiest years of my life."
She saw the moisture in her old father's eyes.
(Awa): "Father ..." she said. The man went on and wiped his eyes.
(Richard): "... I wish your mother could see this day."
(Awa): "From where she is, father, she'll see him, that's for sure." she said to comfort him. Her father thanked her for these words and decided to leave her to her business, leaving the room and closing the door behind him. Awa was left alone, also reliving the painful memory of never having known her mother and seeing only her portraits on the walls of the manor. Sitting again in front of her mirror, Awa looked at her reflection, thinking back to a sentence that her father had told her when she was 18, and that she had never forgotten: "You are someone special. , Awa .... You may not be aware of it yet, but one day you'll know it."
Meanwhile, several miles from Wormwell, the red-eyed raven brought back to life by Awa continued to fly beyond the hills and small forests of the English countryside, under the gray sky and the fine rain that was beginning. Croaking, he went down to an old abandoned cemetery dating from the 10th century, and mostly covered by the nature having resumed his rights. The black bird flew among the tombs and other moldy vaults, and perched on an old marble cross, a remnant of an ancient tomb, and let loose several raspy croaks towards a large figure hidden in the shadow of a group of trees, whose shiny red eyes allowed a great force to be guessed. The great shadow listened to the raven and gave a deep sigh of reflection.
"I finally found her.... So the time has come."
The next day.....
It was a virgin blue sky of all clouds and a radiant sun which was at the rendezvous for the long awaited day of the wedding. Today, Awa de Paysant married John Heart, the son and heir of another great English family and one of the trading partners of the Paysant family. The announcement of the event was made known throughout the region and a large number of guests, nobles as commoners, arrived at the courtyard of the manor and received by the servants who told them the place of the party. Large tables draped with white tablecloths and decorated with garlands of braided flowers had been installed in the large garden of the manor, offering a large and varied number of delicious savory and sweet dishes. Some guests came to eat, served by the servants, while others talked, talking about various things in a good mood. Next to the tables was a small empty space used as a dance floor, where a few couples came to start a waltz, under the music of the small orchestra composed of violins, flutes and harp on a small stage.
Richard de Paysant stood at the entrance to his estate and came to greet the guests, some of whom were old friends. A carriage pulled by four white stallions stopped in front of the gate and let appear a couple, almost fifty years old, very richly dressed, and a young man of 25 years equally elegant, short brown hair and very well coiffés and wearing a thin mustache. Smiling, Richard came to meet them.
(Richard): "Sir Thomas Heart, Lady Jillian Heart, it's a pleasure to see you again." he said with great pleasure and shaking hands with Thomas.
(Thomas): "Thank you my dear friend."
The 25-year-old stepped forward and, as a good nobleman, bowed respectfully to Richard.
(John): "Lord de Paysant, it's an honor."
(Richard): "The honor is shared, John."
(Jillian): "And where is the future bride? I would like to see her."
(Richard): "Awa is still in her room for the final preparations, but you can see her soon."
Jillian agreed and turned to her son, slapping him lightly on the shoulder.
(Jillian): "John, come on, hurry up and get ready too."
(John): "Yes, mother ..... Hum, Lord Richard, could you show me the bathroom please, I would like to refresh my face a little bit."
Awa had the impression of living a waking dream. Standing motionless in the middle of her room, she could contemplate herself in the large mirror, wearing that beautiful wedding dress as white as snow, decorated with threads of pearls running along the corset. She felt her throat knot, because of the emotion stronger and stronger. She had been waiting for this day for so long, since John, a few months ago, during a walk in a park in London, had proposed her in marriage. After the maids finished making the dress, Awa spoke to them.
(Awa): "I would like to stay alone for a moment, please."
The maids bowed and left the room, leaving the future bride alone. Stressed, Awa was breathing deeply, trying to convince herself that everything would be fine, that it was the happiest day of her life.
Suddenly, muffled noises were heard nearby. Awa almost stopped breathing to make sure she heard them. Intrigued, she opened the door of her room, to discover the corridor, desert of any presence. Still, the noises continued, seeming to come from one of the other rooms located at the end of the corridor. Awa walked down the corridor, even more puzzled, and as she approached, the noises were getting closer and more distinct, coming from behind a door that was badly closed. Awa recognized the sounds of hastily removed clothes, but also moans of pleasure and strong hugs. Awa approached quietly, and glanced through the opening of the door. What she saw then paralyzed her.
John Heart, her fiancé, was kissing the neck of another, younger woman with voracity, and with his hands, was busy undoing her corset, while she took off the young man's shirt and dropped it to the ground.
(Woman): "And .... And if we are found?"
(John): "Come on .... do not worry ...."
(Woman): "But yet ... I can not understand you want to marry Awa ..."
(John): "This is the right plan. By marrying Awa, I will have access to the immense fortune of her family. After a few tragic accidents, this fortune could be mine and you, you would become my lady ...."
The two of them exchanged a little laugh, while hidden behind the door, Awa had seen everything and heard. Frozen by pain, she felt her heart tear in half in her chest, and an indescribable pain spreading through her body and mind. Tears ran down her eyes and she sat idle while the couple continued, unaware of her presence. Awa felt silly, betrayed, abused .... How could John .....? Awa could not think anymore. Soon, the sadness gave way to something darker .... Anger, and a desire for revenge, that Awa would never have suspected in herself. With her telekinesis, and with a simple wink, Awa suddenly opened the door, slamming her against the wall and surprising the couple who turned to see her, eyes wide with surprise. Awa stepped forward in silence, her cheeks in tears and glare, while John pulled back from the other girl.
(John): "A .... Awa? I ... I can explain to you ...."
Still without saying anything, Awa violently closed the door behind her by telekinesis, under the terrified gaze of John and the other girl.
(John): "Awa ...."
(Awa): "SHUT UP!!" she cried with anger. "HOW COULD YOU.....?!"
John did not know what to do and tried to flee, but was blocked by a chair slipping in front of him and animated by the telekinesis of Awa just getting stronger. Terrorized by what he saw, John stepped back, joined by the other girl, also frightened. Awa looked at them with boundless hatred. The sheets of the bed became animated by telekinesis, and like snakes of fabric, came wrapping around John's necks and the young woman, lifting them from the ground and strangling them brutally. Awa contemplated them doing nothing, both hung over her and struggling with pain. And with a movement of her hand, Awa broke their necks with the sheets, and left the two lifeless corpses, falling back to the floor of the room. Awa had made a very serious gesture, but did not care. Silently, she advanced to John's body, which seemed to be looking at her with lifeless eyes and observing nothingness. Trembling, Awa let out a howl of anger and sadness. Her voice was so powerful, amplified by her power, that the glass of windows cracked and the bed of the room was raised by a brutal force and crashed on the floor. A servant, alerted by the noise, arrived at the door to discover the terrible spectacle.
(Servant): "Lady Awa ...." he barely had time to speak that a telekinetic wave hit him hard and sent him against the wall, knocking him out instantly. As if possessed, Awa went to her room, and took from the drawer of her bedside table a dagger, which had been offered to her by her father. The young woman came out the back of the manor, without being seen and looking straight ahead without saying anything, her cheeks dripping with tears, walked without stopping towards the labyrinth of hedge located towards the bottom of the domain. Without needing a map of the labyrinth, Awa crossed the labyrinth without getting lost, until reaching the center, an open and round space, in which was a small marble altar, the same altar in front of which Richard had asked Elizabeth in marriage . Awa walked to the altar, the dagger in hand and listening to the wind hissing in the hedges.
Awa sits on the steps of the altar, and stays a few moments without moving, looking straight ahead and letting the cold wind caress her face and black hair. The blue sky and the sun began to give way to threatening black clouds, and a roar of thunder rumbled in the distance, as if nature expressed the same anger as the young woman. Awa looked at the dagger, absently and decidedly.
(Awa): "It must have been .... the most beautiful day of my life."
And with these words, she plunged the silver blade of the dagger into her heart. The pain was sudden and unsustainable. The breath cut and suffering the martyr, Awa pulled out the dagger reddened by blood, and stabbed herself a second time in the heart, then a third and fourth time, each blow being more painful than the previous one. No longer able to breathe, blood flowing from her nose and mouth, Awa dropped the dagger on the ground and collapsed, suffocating in her blood and letting the tears flow again. As she felt the cold breath of death come to seize her, Awa then saw the flying silhouette of a raven, coming to rest on the altar and looking at her, pushing a croak ..... A raven with red eyes ....
Lying in the middle of a growing puddle of her blood, Awa closed her eyes, after a last and weak sigh....
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Re: Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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Chapter 2: Rebirth of the Countess

The corpses of John and the unknown young woman, having been later revealed as the daughter of a count invited to the ceremony, were found by the servants of the manor. The sight of John's corpse unleashed the folly of his parents, whose mother finally fainted. As Awa remained untraceable, intensive research took place throughout the estate and its surroundings. The corpse of Awa will be found, several hours after her death, by her father and two servants.
A few days after her death, Awa was placed in an oak coffin and buried in the family vault, alongside her mother Elizabeth. The young woman being very much loved for her kindness and open-mindedness, a large number of servants will choose to give up their work and leave the mansion, their pain being too great. Richard having now lost his daughter and heiress, and now alone, sank gradually into melancholy, no longer eating, no longer sleeping, and spending his days vegetating in his chair. Richard de Paysant died a month after Awa's death, his grief being so painful that it eventually killed him. He was discovered by one of the few remaining servants, in his chair, as if he had fallen asleep and never woken up. Richard, being the last of the Paysant family, was buried beside his wife and daughter. Over the years, several large families bought the mansion, but no family stayed more than a year before deciding to leave, saying that there was a morbid atmosphere in the mansion, that the gardens were slowly dying without explanation. Finally, finding no more buyers, the manor was abandoned and access was forbidden after that several little satanic sects tried to make it their place of worship. Years and years passed, during which the manor slowly fell into ruins, nature gradually regaining its rights on the field of de Paysant. In 1852, fifty years after Awa's death, a sudden and violent storm ravaged the city of Wormwell, causing the death of its entire population in one night and leaving behind only a field of ruins. Located on the heights of the hills, the mansion was spared by the flood.
October 2018
The Manor of de Paysant, as well as the town of Wormwell, were nothing but the shadow of what they had been. Whereas once a prosperous and flourishing city was standing, a ghost town was now standing in the middle of the sleeping hills, dominated by the ruined manor house overlooking the valley, which had become cold and desolate.
Over the years, nature had regained its rights, covering the cemetery with roots and other invading plants that had torn open most graves, exploding skeletal skeletons and other putrefied remains in the open air. A silence of death reigned over the estate ..... Or almost.
One of the disemboweled tombs made a noise of friction, as if something was trying to get out of it. A hand emerged from the grave, followed by a body. Awakening like a bad dream, looking stunned and breathing heavily, Awa pulled herself out of her grave, kneeling on the damp earth of the cemetery. How .... How could she be here? everything was blurred in her mind. Eyes round and looking around her, she did not understand anything that was happening and tilting her head, could see her reflection in a puddle. What she saw almost made her scream in fear. Her skin had turned gray, and her dark hair was dusty. His eyes looked like those of cats and deep black. Her teeth had become sharp, like that of a vampire. She was still wearing her wedding dress, which had become dirty and ragged in some places. She also noticed the small tear in her chest, caused by the blade of the dagger when she ..... Petrified, Awa remembered everything, the images of a past now distant marching in her bruised spirit .. ... Her innocent childhood with her father .... Her meeting with John ..... The day of the wedding and ...... Her own death .... the pain of the blade slashing her flesh.... Everything came back to him in memory. Feeling a past pain return to her putrefied heart, Awa shed tears and uttered a cry of desperation that echoed through the valley. While crying, Awa was horrified to see what had become of her family's estate. The mansion, once majestic, was nothing more than an empty and abandoned pile of rubble.
In wanting to get up, Awa's eyes were attracted by two graves, lying next to hers. It was with even more suffering that she stared helplessly at the graves of Richard and Elizabeth de Paysant, her parents, as her own grave: here lies Awa de Paysant, 1779 - 1802, loving and beloved daughter. Awa came to her parents' graves, and with tears in her eyes, fell on her knees before her, her hands trembling.
(Awa): "Mother ..... Father ..... I am ..... So sorry ....."
She could not talk anymore because the pain was so great. Was this his punishment for committing two murders and his suicide? Did the Almighty himself condemn her to eternal wandering as an undead? The wind finally brought with him what looked like an old newspaper, which seemed to have been bouncing around for days. Awa glanced at the main page, and the date she saw horrified her. October 17 .... 2009?! Awa could not believe it and crushed the newspaper in her hands. Two centuries had passed?! No, she could not believe it.... Raising her eyes towards the cloud-filled sky, the young countess seemed to resign herself to her sad fate.
(Awa): "If this is to be my chastisement, lord, then so be it ...." she said with sadness.
A sudden croaking surprised her and made her turn around. Perched on one of the headstones, a raven with red eyes stood, impassive, and seemed to observe the young woman returned from the dead. Awa thought she dreamed by seeing him, and although it seemed impossible .... yes .... It was the same raven she had saved on her balcony. Awa got up without a sudden gesture and wanted to get closer to the black bird. When she was close enough, the raven flew away and headed north. But after several seconds, noticing that she was not following him and that she was just watching him go, the raven turned and circling over Awa, uttered several croaks. Awa watched him closely.
(Awa): "What do you want from me?" she asked, not expecting an answer from a bird, strange as it was. The raven landed on the ground and with its beak, picked up a few twigs of wood to form, under Awa's amazed eye, an arrow pointing to the north. Awa would have thought she would go mad if she had not even come back from the death.
(Awa): "Do you want ..... I follow you?"
And amazing, the raven seemed to nod and flew back to the north. More than intrigued and not seeing what else she could do, Awa, after a few seconds of hesitation and a last look at the manor, decided to follow the raven and left the cemetery, leaving behind the place where she was born, died, and came back to life.
The red-eyed raven was flying in the wind, croaking, and several tens of meters below, Awa was running after him, regularly glancing at him so as not to lose sight of him. She ran through the hills, like Alice following the white rabbit, wondering why she was doing this, but after all, what else could she do? A light icy rain began and Awa found herself running in the rain, following the raven that was not at all bothered by the rain and continued its flight. After almost half an hour, the raven finally led Awa to what appeared to be a circle of megaliths lost in the middle of the hills. The stones each measured several meters in height, and the surface eroded by the rain and the weather showed an obvious antiquity. Awa recognized this place, having already visited it several times with her father or friends. Named Gu Math Anam, meaning "Well of Souls" in Gaelic, this place was reputed, in ancient legends, to be a passage for the souls of the deceased and leading to the other world. Awa approached the megaliths and touched the surface of one of her with her palm, feeling the cold rock on her pale skin. The raven landed on top of one of the rocks, and with head gestures and croaking, seemed to encourage Awa come to the center of the circle.
Awa was suspicious. Was this raven a messenger of the devil, seeking to trap her poor wandering carcass in a trap leading straight to hell to punish her for her sins? The young woman refused to move forward.
(Awa): "Now that's enough, you'll tell me who you are and who sends you!" she almost threatened the bird, which did not seem frightened, but merely pushed another croaking.
The wind suddenly began to blow harder and harder, as if a storm was coming. In the wind, Awa thought she could hear a deep, unknown voice, a sinister, resonant laugh in the air. Horrified, she suddenly saw blood flowing over the surface of the megaliths, almost forming symbols of blood. The storm strengthened, and the ground in the center of the stone circle began to shake, then cracked to collapse on itself, revealing a kind of gaping hole and spinning on itself in the opposite direction of the needles of a watch. Awa wanted to move away, but she felt attracted by an invisible and very powerful force, impossible to resist. The sinister laugh was heard again. The raven remained unmoved by this.
(Awa): "Nooo! Nooo!" she screamed, trying desperately to cling to one of the megaliths, but nothing was done, she was swept into the vortex, in which the crow plunged right after Awa. The hole closed immediately, the ground reforming and the stones stopping bleeding, as if nothing had happened.
Awa felt more than bad. She could vaguely feel a hard floor, like stone, beneath her. Opening her eyes with difficulty, her eyes a little troubled, she straightened up. Once her sight returned to normal, she found that she was no longer in the hills of England, nor in the circle of megaliths. What she saw around her had no meaning to her. She was sitting on a floor of old stone slabs, in what appeared to be once a large cemetery, but no resemblance to that of her family's estate. This cemetery was very sinister, the majority of the tombs being empty, or having been disemboweled, overthrown or destroyed by the tall, leafless trees that had grown on it. Some of the trees seemed to show screaming faces on their bark, which added to the gloomy atmosphere. There was an odor and a deathly silence on this place, and the sky was as strange, covered with black clouds but showing a slight reddish hue.
(Awa): "But ..... where am I?!" she sighed, putting herself on her feet. Worried and lost, the young countess decided to find a way out of here and took a direction, without really knowing where she was going. Disturbing noises could be heard, and sometimes Awa felt as though she perceived from the corner of her eye a furtive form moving behind graves. Where was she? In purgatory, or any ancestral place where souls wait to be judged?
Awa saw several other crows, the latter not having red eyes, and devouring the decomposed remains of a corpse half emerged from his grave. Awa swallowed and continued on her way.
At a bend in the cemetery, Awa stopped suddenly. Several meters in front of her, stood what looked like a person, wearing a ragged coat. The person was standing, his back face to her, and did not seem to have noticed her presence. Suspicious, Awa advanced several discrete footsteps, except one, because she walked unintentionally on a dead branch. The person raised his head slightly and turned to Awa. The countess opened eyes filled with terror.
The person was no longer really one, sporting a rotting face, blackened teeth and emaciated feet and hands. Worms gesticulated in his filthy jaw and he emitted inhuman, brutal growls at the sight of the countess. A black and sticky liquid flowed from his nostrils, eyes, mouth and rotten skin.
(Awa) "My god ..." she sighed in horror and backed down several steps. The creature uttered a bestial roar, and rushed to Awa like a rabid animal.
(Awa): "No!" the Countess tried to protect herself, stretching out her hand, and unintentionally unleashed a telekinetic wave, which hit the creature with full force and threw him backwards, violently. Awa was amazed at how powerful her power seemed to have grown. Although his legs were broken and half of his torso was broken during the shock, the creature crawled hard towards Awa. One of his legs was unhooked, but the monster did not pay much attention. Disgusted, Awa decided to finish this thing, and used her telekinesis to tear off the head and throw it away. Deprived of head, the body fell motionless, while black liquid flowed on the ground.
(Awa): "But damn it, what is this nightmare spot ?!" Awa wondered as she continued on her way, and now more worried knowing that this place was potentially inhabited by other creatures.
After several minutes that seemed an eternity to her, Awa finally arrived at what appeared to be the exit of the cemetery, a large open space similar to a ruined monastery. Awa crossed what was once to be one of the buildings of the monastery, and soon after arrived in a kind of large rectangular courtyard composed of stone slabs, and fortunately she didn't met other creatures. In the middle of this court stood, on his knees, a kind of large statue measuring three meters and having the appearance of a warrior in armor, holding in his hand a huge spear. The details of this statue impressed Awa a lot, but she did not have time to admire and walked to the big doors behind. Awa grabbed the handles, but discovered with astonishment that the doors seemed closed from the outside, by chains. Damn it! she thought. I am stuck.
A cold wind rose again and the grim laughter, the same as in the megalith circles, was heard in the horizon, surprising Awa. Then a dull and strange sound was heard behind her. Turning around, she found, again with surprise, that the statue was starting to move. Standing on his feet and shaking the ground with each step, the giant warrior statue picked up his spear and turned to Awa. The empty eyes of the statue began to glow with a disturbing red glow.
Without warning or even uttering a word, the statue leaped towards Awa. The countess, at first surprised, jumped on the side, narrowly avoiding the devastating spear blow, which blew up the slabs on which she stood. Awa had rolled to the side, half blinded by the dust from the impact, as the statue turned toward her, impassive and determined to kill her.
(Awa): "Wait, I did not do anything to you... What ..." she did not have time to finish her sentence and avoid a new blow that would have beheaded her if she had not been pretty fast. The living statue seemed to completely ignore the Countess's words and was trying to slash her.
Awa found herself running in the yard, pursued by the monstrous golem, and avoiding, sometimes barely, its powerful blows. Unfortunately, Awa did not succeed in avoiding the kick that the statue inflicted on her, after she managed to dodge a side spear thrust. Awa was thrown back and her back hit one of the standing pillars of the yard. Although be an undead, she could still feel the pain and got up with difficulty. Seeing her on the ground, the statue began to run towards her, to inflict the blow of grace. But Awa decided not to let herself being killed without resistance. Concentrating her power, she lifted several slabs of stone by telekinesis, and threw them towards the golem, who was struck in the head and body by the projectiles of stone, and although the damage was minimal on him, he was stopped in his run and destroyed several projectiles with his spear. Taking advantage of him being busy, Awa used her power to lift an old, long-broken pillar. Blinded by the slabs raining down on him, the statue could not avoid the pillar having struck him violently on the chest and throwing him several meters back. But it was not enough, the golem spreading the pillar of his body and getting up. This thing is tough, Awa thought, wondering if she could beat him.
The statue then threw its spear with all its might towards Awa. The weapon going too fast, Awa would not have time to avoid it and would end up impaled. Feeling the fear grow in her, Awa saw, with astonishment, her whole body becoming transparent like a ghost, and witnessed the spear passing through her immaterial body. The spear hit the wall behind Awa, who became visible and touchable again. How could she do that? She surprised herself ... Was it the fear that had awakened this new power in her? No idea, but it saved her life, so to speak. Having no spear, the giant statue had struck Awa, who being too disconcerted by what she had done, could not avoid the punch that threw her against another pillar. Suffering a lot, Awa coughed and spat a little blood. Despite her blurred vision, she could see the statue picking up its spear and preparing to come to her to finish her. Getting up with great difficulty, Awa could have confessed to being defeated, but this newly discovered power gave her an idea, very risky but that could work.
Awa got back on her feet and faced the statue, which began running towards her. Awa also ran to the statue, and without warning, became transparent and plunged into the body of the golem, which seemed perplexed, and finding that the countess was inside his body, sought to kill her by impaling his own body. The statue inflicted itself heavy damage with its own spear, trying to touch Awa, without success. Once the golem was badly damaged, Awa pulled herself out of its stone body and became visible again. The golem seeing her again, walked towards her even more slowly and hard, her body and her limbs being very damaged by the blows he himself inflicted. Fortunately, this thing was only a puppet without a brain. Again, Awa used her telekinesis to throw another pillar on the golem, which was thrown into the ruins of the monastery. Then, using more concentration until have a headache, Awa made collapsed the rest of the building on the golem, which was crushed by tons of debris falling on him, reducing it to pieces.
Noting the destruction of the golem, Awa sighed with relief and fatigue, recovering rather badly from the blows she had received. A croaking made her raise her head and she saw the red-eyed raven, resting on a pillar rest and looking her in the eyes.
(Awa): "You!" she said, recognizing this damned bird.
But the doors of the monastery suddenly opened, to the astonishment of Awa who turned around. A tall dark form stood behind the doors, and once they opened, he walked nonchalantly into the courtyard towards Awa, who could see, split between terror and fascination, the appearance of the newcomer.
He was nearly two meters tall, with a stocky body in a fierce-looking metal armor. Metal boots. Armor of shoulders adorned with points. Clawed hands with black mittens. A long black cape floating on his back. A leather belt decorated with a screaming face. He was dressed like a demonic warrior coming from the deepest hell, but it was his face that marked Awa the most. He looked almost human, a demonic face with little horns, long black hair and a mustache and a black beard around his chin. His red eyes showed extraordinary strength and ferocity, like if the devil himself was watching you. Dominating Awa by a head and a half, he advanced and stopped a few meters in front of her, watching with interest the young countess. Suspicious, however, Awa faced him, ready to defend herself again.
(Awa): "Who are you?"
The monster made a small carnivorous smile and almost seemed to admire Awa's determination to face him. He spoke in a deep, powerful voice.
(Mr. Lordi): "My name is Mr. Lordi, and I know who you are ...... Awa."
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Re: Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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Chapter 3: Destiny

(Awa): "How ..... How do you know my name? How can you know who I am?"
The young vampire countess was suspicious and kept a certain distance with this strange, monstrous warrior who had come to meet her, and who, with a certain admiration in his demonic gaze, looked upon the old, completely collapsed monastery, which Awa had used to destroy the golem of stone who had tried to kill her. In her palms, Awa had concentrated a new telekinetic wave, ready to use it at the slightest gesture of the monster. He gave a little closed laugh and turned his red eyes in hers.
(Mr. Lordi): "I know it because I was there ..... The day when everything rocked for you ..."
She saw in his piercing gaze, shining like flames from hell, as if he was analyzing her mind, that he was telling the strictest truth. Awa looked disconcerted, but remained distant.
(Mr. Lordi): "No need to be on the defensive, Awa. I have no intention of hurting you."
(Awa): "After what I have just lived, allow me to strongly doubt it."
(Mr. Lordi): "And yet ..... you proved that you were strong, and worth living." he said pointing to the collapsed monastery. Awa was perplexed, but quickly guessed what he meant by that.
(Awa): "You mean that ..... this living statue was a test?!"
Mr. Lordi nodded without trying to hide himself about his intentions.
(Mr. Lordi): "This golem was one of my creations that I decided to use in order to evaluate the value of the first who would be worthy to become one of the lords of the thrones of Lapland, or in this case the lady." he said, turning to her. Awa was even more lost than before, at first furious at having been tested at her insue and in such a brutal way, but also, she seemed confused by Mr. Lordi's remarks.
(Awa): "Which thrones? Which lords? ..... I ... I do not understand anything ..."
She tried to think, to find a rational solution to everything that happened to her, but only got a terrible headache. Everything was mixing in her mind, forming a compact and chaotic fog. Mr. Lordi understood her distress and held out his clawed hand at her, without any aggressive gesture on his part.
(Mr. Lordi): "If you allow me, I'll explain ...... Come with me."
Awa stepped back a little, very hesitant to the proposal. This monster, Mr. Lordi, although seeming honest, did not hesitate to test her by sending a golem to kill her. She first wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but she thinks. Lost in this world of which she knew nothing, and not wanting to have to wander alone with all these creatures that could prowl, she said to herself that after all, there were really no other solutions ....
(Awa): "I guess I do not have a choice?" she asked in a rather cold tone. Mr. Lordi smiled slightly.
(Mr. Lordi): "You always have the choice, Awa ... I only hope you'll choose the right one."
She sighed and held out her hand to his.
(Awa): "I follow you."
The monster smiled again, satisfied with this answer, and brought her outside the courtyard of the monastery. Down the stone steps, Awa could see a new, more open landscape covered with thick snow. In the distance, a frozen lake stretched for several kilometers, encircled by a large pine forest, and even further, large snow-capped mountains rose and appeared like huge stone teeth. Awa's eyes shone before the majesty of this landscape.
(Mr. Lordi): "Lady Awa, welcome to Lapland, land of monsters and legends." he said as he walked in front of her. Awa did not answer, still looking around. Then, her attention turned to the foot of the steps, where waited what looked like a kind of big sleigh of gray and black metal, and pulled by ..... Awa was surprised to find that the three reindeer harnessed to the sled had a cadaverous appearance, and their yellow eyes shone with a supernatural glow. The three animals cast neutral glances at the countess, sniffing the air and scratching the snow with their hooves in search of some shoots of grass. A piercing hoot suddenly echoed through the air, Awa rise her eyes, and saw a beautiful snow-white, blue-eyed Lapland owl come down from the sky and come to rest on the shoulder of Mr. Lordi, who gently caressed the top of the head, which the bird appreciated. Awa watched with some perplexity that Mr. Lordi noticed.
(Mr. Lordi): "Awa, I present to you my guardian animals, or my old friends as I call them. They are the ones who found me and took care of me when I was a child."
Very strange, Awa thought. Three reindeer zombies and an owl from Lapland, having taken care of a child humanoid monster? It would almost look like a strange tale. On the other hand, Awa felt relieved to see that this monstrous warrior gave the family a high value, considering these special animals as his own. Opening the small door of his sled, Mr. Lordi moved aside and with a wave of the hand, invited Awa to climb.
(Mr. Lordi): "Lady, if you want to take a seat ..."
Rather gallant, for a monster, she thought in her head, but she did not make any manners and took her place in the sled. The raven with red eyes reappeared and came to rest on Awa's shoulder.
(Mr. Lordi): "It looks like he loves you a lot since you saved his life."
Awa did not answer. Mr. Lordi sits next to her and takes the reindeer in her clawed hands. Then Mr. Lordi slammed the bridles, and the reindeers began to gallop with great speed, which surprised Awa, through the snowy moors, towards the forest. Sliding through the snow, the sleigh glided along the snowy slope at a rapid pace, the reindeers seeming unstoppable running at a furious pace, and flying over them, the Lapland owl, which, like a white arrow, sped through the air but without moving away too much of the sled. Having grabbed her hand on the edge of the sled, Awa did not feel shaken by the speed of the sled, to her astonishment. Mr. Lordi, beside her, was focused on guiding the sled and seemed to be driving it to perfection, showing that it was not his first race. Despite the situation, Awa felt less threatened, and almost reassured by Mr. Lordi's presence at her side. Taking advantage of her sitting, she gazed again at the icy, beautiful and terrifying landscapes of Lapland, a land she never imagined to see one day, even in her craziest dreams. A powerful, distant animal noise caught her attention, and what she saw on the horizon, stunned her even more. Walking on the shores of the frozen lake below, a group of dozens of hairy, massive creatures that Awa recognized as mammoths, animals that were supposed being extinct for millennia. The prehistoric pachyderms walked slowly, heading north, in quest of food. Once again, Awa was speechless and stared at the tall creatures moving away little by little, under the magnificent northern lights that had just risen and danced in the immensity of the night sky. The sleigh road also crossed that of many ruins scattered in the vast moors, some of which could be like fortresses, monasteries, and others of simple villages, more or less old. Apparently, Lapland had seen many kingdoms be founded and disappear over the course of its existence.
While the sled was sliding on the snow, and taking advantage of this moment of respite, Awa took a few moments to close her eyes and take stock of her most unusual situation. She had died, having stabbed her heart several times, and yet had come back. She was trying to understand ..... Why was she brought back? For her, it could not be only by chance, there was necessarily a reason, but which one? She had read a lot of books on the occult mysteries and theories of life after death, but it seemed much more complex in reality. Since her resurrection, she felt something in her bruised heart ..... a void, but also a shy heat, like a small flame that can not grow ... Very strange ...
Awa opened her eyes as she felt the sled slow down and stop. Mr. Lordi went down first, and invited the Countess to follow him, which she did. She did not know how long exactly they had slipped on the snow, but the old monastery was no longer in sight and they had reached the edge of a dark forest of sleeping pines. Awa followed Mr. Lordi beyond the first trees, whose thick foliage and the layer of snow covering them masked without any problem the glow of the aurora borealis. Walking in the cottony snow, Awa no longer felt the cold. She held out her hand, letting some flakes fall softly into her palm and watched them melt, thoughtfully. The owl of Lapland, accompanied by the red-eyed raven, had landed on a branch and were watching around them. Awa continued to follow Mr. Lordi for several more meters, until he stopped in front of what appeared to be a rocky ark, worn by time and marked with strange symbols on its surface.
(Awa): "What is this?" asked the countess, perplexed.
(Mr. Lordi): "We call it a dimensional ark. Once, it allowed monsters to travel in other dimensions, or even in time. But today most of these artifacts are now asleep forever, their magic has been permanently extinguished."
The monster was talking, touching the rock with his clawed hand. Awa raised an eyebrow and folded her arms.
(Awa): "And why show me that?"
Mr. Lordi looked at her again, and she saw that he was very serious.
(Mr. Lordi): "In the 11th century, the demons of hell attacked Lapland, they raped the troll females. I was born from one of these rapes, my mother was a troll named Angel, and my father was neither more nor less than the leader of the demons. As a hybrid born, I had inherited the forces and powers of the two creatures, and I fled to the depths of the frozen lands to escape my fate. After wandering for weeks without eating neither drink, I was found, half dead, by my guardian animals, who took care of me. When I was growing up, I learned to master these powers that I had received, and I trained in a the only goal who was to kill the demons, and years later I defied my father in a dead battle, and I killed him by cutting off his head with my ax. The demons ended up being defeated, and I proclaimed myself High Lord of Lapland. , a title that had not been worn since immemorial times."
Awa had listened, and showed a sincere admiration for Mr. Lordi's rather tragic story, but she was not satisfied.
(Awa): "Believe me I'm sorry for what you went through, but you did not answer my question ..... Why did you bring me here? What do you expect from me?"
(Mr. Lordi): "Do you remember that undead creature that attacked you in the graveyard soon after you arrived?"
Awa was surprised. How could he know for that?
(Awa): "But, how .....?" she could not finish her sentence. Mr. Lordi continued his explanation.
(Mr. Lordi): "For several years now, I have been observing disturbing phenomena in Lapland, which are happening more and more...An invisible and very powerful force seems to be spreading, forests and lakes are dying, monsters are more and more rare, and legions of dead rise from their graves and attack anything that moves .... I suspected a possible return of the demons at first, but I found that it was something else ... something older, but still unknown ..... I've been struggling since, trying to repel this curse that is eating away at my world, but I went to evidence: I can not fight alone anymore. The reason I brought you here, Awa, is because I need you."
(Awa): "Need me? But ... But what do you want me to do against such a thing? ... I can not do anything." she said, overwhelmed by what she had just heard. The lord of the monsters himself asked her to help him. What a crazy story, she thought.
(Mr. Lordi): "No need to deny it, Awa. You have to prove that you are worthy of joining me, but we will need more allies if we want to hope to save this world, and existence in itself of this scourge."
(Awa): "But why me? I have nothing to do with all this! I'm just a wandering soul! I do not even know what my purpose is now!" she said, tears starting to appear in her eyes and running on her grey cheeks. She fell to her knees in the snow, crying, under the eyes of the Lord of Lapland, who took several steps and came to kneel beside her, placing his hand gently on her shoulder to support her.
(Mr. Lordi): "I know what you endured, Awa. Your heart suffers from a deep and bruised emptiness."
(Awa): "And I could never fill that emptiness now ..... I was betrayed by the only man I loved!"
(Mr. Lordi): "What if this man, this John Heart, had never been the right one?"
The countess looked up at him.
(Awa): What do you mean?
(Mr. Lordi): "Love and fate are some of the most complex things life has ever created. John and you may never have been supposed to be together, and all this happened to you because it had to. This would explain why you came back: it is here and now that your true destiny begins."
Awa had a hard time believing what he was saying. Everything was already written from the beginning? John had never been the man who would live with her until the end? Were there such forces existing in this world able to decide the destiny of each one in advance? It all seemed crazy and impossible, but after all she had seen so far, the impossible seemed no longer so improbable for the young woman.
(Awa): "If what you say is true ..... In this case, where is the one I really looking for?"
(Mr. Lordi): "There are an infinite number of worlds, but maybe he's here, somewhere, waiting for your coming .... Here's my proposal, Awa: help me gather allies to fight the curse, and I swear on my life to help you find the one that could repair your heart and restore a purpose to your life."
Awa wiped tears from her cheeks and thinking that somewhere there might be someone who could love her for who she is, hope returned to her heart.
(Awa): "I accept."
She squeezed Mr. Lordi's hand, who smiled at her, glad to see that she trusted him. Suddenly, the Monsterman's attitude changed abruptly. He looked around him, his eyes turning darker and emitting a ferocious grunt, as if he had felt danger. (Awa): "Mr Lordi ....?"
He interrupted with a wave of his hand and reached out his hand towards the rocky arch. The symbols on it glowed reddish light, and in the center appeared as a sort of fast, dark swirl. A vortex.
(Mr. Lordi): "There is no more time to lose ....." he said, showing in his hand a double blade metal ax. Not understanding why at first, Awa ends up seeing it. In the midst of the darkness of the trees, coming from several directions, silhouettes of the living dead rushed towards them, uttering monstrous and gurrutal grunts. The same sticky black liquid flowed from these animated corpses, testifying to that famous curse that raised the dead.
(Mr. Lordi): "Find allies, Awa ...... In the vortex, go ahead, now!" he said in a louder voice, then with a quick and supernatural leap, rushed upon the creatures. He decapitated the first zombie with a violent side ax blow, then hit the ground with his foot, triggering a powerful shock wave that crackled the ground and propelled two other undead against trees. One of the zombies jumped on him from behind, trying to stab him at the back of the neck with a rotten knife, but Mr. Lordi grabbed him by the head and threw him violently on the ground, before crushing the skull under his boot. The Monsterman uttered a powerful and ferocious roar that echoed through the forest. He held out his clawed hand towards three zombies, and they were paralyzed and fell to ashes. Awa had watched all this, impressed by the strength of this monster lord. But as he was killing dead people, others appeared, like ghosts, emerging from the darkness of the woods or crawling out of the snowy ground. All around, the forest seemed to became darker, more and more, and a macabre atmosphere was felt.
(Mr. Lordi): "What are you waiting for, Awa?! Go ahead!" Mr. Lordi repeated as he continued his fight, cutting and hitting the zombies one by one around him. The three reindeers came to the aid of their master, charging and striking the zombies with their antlers, while the Lapland owl and the red-eyed raven tore the eyes of one of them with their beak. Awa obeyed and ran towards the vortex, seeing that some zombies had turned their attention towards her and ran in her direction, nails and fangs ready to shred her. Although hesitant, Awa jumped inside the dark vortex, which closed behind her before the dead could reach her. Seeing this, Mr. Lordi smiled with all his sharp teeth, and roared again, continued his fight.
However, the atmosphere became more and more black and disturbing, so much so that the guardian animals began to move back, frightened by something in the air. Mr. Lordi could feel it too, from the depths of the woods, and getting closer and closer. An icy wind rose, the pines trembled and crackled, and the darkness grew in front of his eyes. From the depths of this growing darkness echoed an inhuman roar, heavy and vibrating the air. Being confident at first, Mr. Lordi's attitude changed into a deep concern, as if he had just seen something whose mere thought plunged him into unease.
(Mr. Lordi): "That can not be .......... Flee!" he ordered his guardian friends, what they did with him, running as fast as possible to get away from this wave of darkness gradually engulfing the forest behind them and letting these far-distant, disembodied roars be heard ..... A sound that, for Mr. Lordi, announced the coming of something very ancient, but even worse than an entire army of demons....
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Re: Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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Chapter 4: Meanwhile...

City of Chartres, France, human world
October 28, 2018
13:00 local time

Chartres, an average French city of more than 30,000 inhabitants, was mainly known for its cathedral, which is considered a real historical monument. This October day was marked by a gray sky and covered with thick gray clouds, masking the sun and spilling a fine drizzle on the city. The afternoon was just beginning, and the cold was getting stronger in the streets as the hours passed.
Walking a nonchalant step in the alleys of a cemetery, a young man advanced, his face dark. He was twenty-five years old, with a thin face, blue-green eyes, long brown hair falling on his shoulders, and a mustache and a little beard on his chin. He was dressed entirely in black, along with a long Ace of Spades jacket, and a black hat over his head, protecting him from the drizzle. His name was Mathias. Hands in his pockets, and in the utmost silence, he stopped in front of two graves, on which had been placed flowers. He looked at the names on the tombstones: Agnes and Laurent. His mother and father, both of whom died a week ago in a train accident. While returning from a trip abroad, the train derailed and crashed down a bridge. There were more than fifty dead. Laurent had died instantly, but Agnès had succumbed to her wounds a few hours later in the hospital, with Mathias at her bedside, helpless. Mathias remembered all this with great suffering, and laid on the tombs two roses which he had rather bought from a florist. With his face closed, Mathias remained for long minutes contemplating the resting place of his parents.
(Mathias): "Maman ..... Papa ..... I wish I could have saved you .... but I was not strong enough ..." he said morosely as judging himself for their death. Feeling his throat tighten and tears mounted, the young man breath heavily and left the cemetery. While walking through the streets of the city, crossing a few people on his way, Mathias took something out of his pocket. A mysterious envelope that his mother had given him, just before she died. On the envelope had been written: To read only a week after our death. Strangest, as if they had written that knowing that they were going to die. But despite this strangeness, Mathias had kept his promise and decided to read the letter once he returned home. Preciously storing the paper in his pocket, he resumed his walk towards the main square, to take a bus that would bring him back to the residential neighborhood where he was living.
Sitting under the bus shelter covered with advertising posters, Mathias waited patiently for the arrival of the bus, watching the messages on his mobile phone. Many messages from relatives and friends, supporting and offering condolences to the young man. This made him smile slightly, but no more.
"Sarah, come on, stay calm, please ...."
Mathias raised his head on hearing this man's voice, and saw a forty-year-old man, unshaven and with short dark brown hair, bringing with him a young girl with long brown hair, dressed warmly and sitting in a wheelchair. A father and his daughter surely. Both stopped under the bus shelter next to Mathias. While the father checked the bus schedules posted on the shelter, the girl named Sarah looked nervous, sometimes twitching, and spent her time mumbling incomprehensible words, while drawing with colored pencils on a drawing board resting on her lap.
She also sometimes glanced very quickly at Mathias, who, although not having to interfere in the lives of others, looked out of the corner of her eye for what she was drawing, without being able to see well. Well, after all, it was just a drawing, not something to worry about. The man seemed in a hurry, patting his foot several times on the sidewalk and turning to Mathias.
(Ben): "Excuse me, do you know how long the bus will be there?"
(Mathias): "Oh don't worry, the buses are always a few minutes late on this line, but it's coming."
The man thanked Mathias and seemed to resign himself to waiting, leaning towards his daughter to talk to her.
(Ben): "Don't worry, Sarah. I'll take you to a good hospital, and this time you'll be well treated, I promise you."
The girl seemed immersed in her drawing, as if she did not listen to him. Although he tries not to interfere with what does not concern him, Mathias hears. Suddenly, trembling more sharply, the girl dropped her red pencil, which rolled to the foot of Mathias.
(Sarah): "The .... The red pencil, I want the red pencil! I want the red pencil!" she began to repeat that phrase, panicked and breathed heavily. Her father tried to calm her by talking softly to her. Seeing this, Mathias leaned over to pick up the pencil and handed him in all politeness.
(Mathias): "Here is your pencil."
The girl seemed to calm down when she picked up the pencil between her fingers. At this moment, Mathias saw the drawing she made: in the middle a big black spiral. On the right side, a woman with black hair and wearing an victorian white dress, crying in front of two graves. And on the left, a young man dressed in black, with a closed face, in front of two graves. Mathias was puzzled by this.
(Ben): "Thank you." thanked the father politely, which Mathias replied with a gesture saying that it is nothing. His gaze crossed that of the girl, who stared at him for long seconds. Mathias felt very strange, as if harpooned by something invisible.
(Sarah): "It will be dark ..... very dark.... with no light, no hope ...." she said very calmly, and looking at a moment to the pocket of Mathias, there where the letter was stowed. Perplexed by what he had just heard, Mathias remained motionless, seeing the father and his daughter get on the bus finally arrived, and saw after the doors had closed, the girl taking a last look back, towards him. The bus went off into the street, leaving Mathias alone on the sidewalk, still lost by what he had just heard, and should wait for the next bus. He then noticed, lowering his eyes, in his hand and not having felt it before, the red pencil, which the girl had slipped into his hand without him noticing.
An hour later, after taking the bus, Mathias finally found himself in his residential area located near the city limits. A rather quiet neighborhood in which he had lived since his whole life with his parents, until now. He arrived in front of a modest, medium-sized house, crossed the little gate and the little garden, and finally went home, closing the door behind him. The house was neither too rich nor too poor, and Mathias did not have to complain about his financial situation, and was currently training to get a job later. On the living room sofa, a little black cat named Cléo was peacefully sleeping. Mathias gently caressed the top of the headof the kitten, and after removing his jacket and hat, went into the kitchen, the mysterious letter in his hand, and the red pencil he had kept.
After preparing a cup of hot chocolate to warm up a little, Mathias sat down at the dining room table, and finally opened the envelope. While drinking, he read carefully.
If you read these words, it is because we are unfortunately dead. Although you have been able to live a happy and innocent childhood, we have hidden many things from you in order to protect you. But you're an adult now, and now you're ready to continue the research your father and I have done in our lives, as did our parents and their parents before them. You will find, archived in the attic, these famous researches. However, take care, because these works will make you cross the door of a world of which you know nothing, and which, if you do not take care, could take your life as it did with us. Take care of yourself, my son. The fight between light and darkness never stops.
And signed by Agnes. Mathias had to take a few moments to accept what he had just read, resting his back against the back of the chair. What could his mother talk about? And this mention of combat between light and darkness? This made him think back to what this girl, Sarah, said ..... It will be dark .... without light, no hope ..... Mathias passed his hands on face, trying to understand what is happening in this day more and more strange. As if the sudden death of his parents was not heavy enough on his shoulders. In the envelope, with the letter, was a key that Mathias examined. His gaze then turned to the stairs leading upstairs, and thus to the attic. That same attic, which, now that he remembered, was always denied access for him, his parents telling him that it was too dangerous for various reasons. Why all this mystery? In away, that might explain why they were quite often away from home and had to leave him with other family members during their travels. Looking at the key with a decided look, the young man was finally going to find out.
Climbing the stairs at each step, Mathias felt his heart pounding in his chest. What would he finally discover in this attic after all these years? He was both scared, but also curious about what he had found. But why should his own parents hide something? From what had they wanted to protect him?
Arriving in the little corridor on the first floor, Mathias pulled on the small rope to open the hatch to the ceiling, which slid into a rusty squeak, and let appear a small scale. Hesitant for a moment, Mathias took on him and went up, finally reaching the darkness of the attic. This dark made him shudder, as if he expected something scary to jump on him. But he'd seen enough horror movies to know it was just fiction. Seeing nothing at first, he tried to feel the switch, which he found, and activated it. An old ceiling bulb sizzled for a few seconds, then unveiled the attic. Mathias remained stunned by what he saw in front of him.
On an entire wall had been hung hundreds of newspaper clippings, all more or less old, and some interconnected by red woolen threads pinned to the wall. Stacks of documents were everywhere, as well as cardboard boxes, all numbered. On a small, dusty desk was a closed laptop, but it still looked like it was working. Mathias approached to see better, but said nothing, his eyes wide with stupor and curiosity. Some photos were also hanging, mostly representing drawings or primal arts, some very old-looking, most of them showing unknown monstrous creatures with fierce appearance that were most terrifying than all the fictional horror creatures in horror movies. Each photo had a date and a specific place. The earliest dates seemed to date back to prehistoric times, showing photos of rock paintings depicting monstrous and emaciated forms. Newspaper clippings spoke of strange apparitions like UFOs, or creatures seen in forests or mountains, or sometimes mysterious disappearances of human beings, and sometimes even planes or boats in some parts of the world. On the walls, Mathias could see the drawings of some very popular creatures in the world, such as the bigfoot, the loch ness monster, the chupacabra, the slenderman ..... All the monsters were surrounded by a red circle and a red arrow pointing to a precise word: real! And another thing Mathias read, was the title of a folder on the desk, and written in bold and black: Lapland files N°174: They are real ......
(Mathias):"What the fucking hell is that?"
Mathias opened the laptop, wiping a little of the dust that covered it, and opening the file next to it, found several USB keys, all bearing a number. More than intrigued, Mathias sits facing the computer and plugged the first key, which opened a series of files. Mathias clicked on the first one, which was named "Incident Hospital, the Dark Floors case, 2016." Two years ago? The file was an old newspaper article about a mysterious incident that took place in a hospital in Finland. The hospital had caught fire and only two survivors could be recovered: a man named Ben and his autistic daughter, Sarah, who was one of the patients in the hospital. Seeing the picture, Mathias recognized, with amazement, the girl and the man he had seen at the bus stop. According to the report, the father had no memory of what happened, while the girl was locked in silence and was making strange drawings, repeating only one sentence: They were here ..... They will always be here....
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Re: Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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Chapter 5: The Fallen God

Awa did not know how long she had been in this vortex .... An hour? One day? A month? A year, who knows? She was losing all sense of time, as she felt herself falling into this distorted and anarchic tunnel, taking her, only god knew where. The countess looked at these flashes of strange colors running around her at the speed of light. Then, without warning, the landscape in front of her began to tear like paper, a giant slot being created and letting out a flash of white and blinding light. Awa was able to protect her eyes and was sucked into the light without being able to resist.
Everything happened in an instant. Awa found herself thrown out of the vortex and landed heavily on what was sand. Blinded by the raised dust and getting back on her feet, she went back to her senses to look around. The forest and the mountains of Lapland had disappeared, giving way to a desert of sand stretching as far as the eye could see in all directions. A sea of red dunes, under a virgin sky and illuminated by a burning sun. Awa looked around her, but saw no sign of life anywhere. She called several times only to hear the echo of her own voice as an answer. Resigning to the fact that there was no one, Awa decided not to stay under the burning sunlight and began to walk north. Or could she be, she wondered. In the Sahara? Was she only in the world of monsters, back in the human world, or had she even returned to the past or gone into the future? She did not know anything about it. She also thought of Mr. Lordi, who had stayed in Lapland to fight these undead things. Awa hoped he was well, even though she only knew him a short time ago, she had felt him like someone who could be trusted and who kept his promises.
After crossing the first dunes, Awa finally saw something that stood out from the landscape. A group of trees. An oasis. Awa went there, hoping that it was not a mirage, anyway she did not suffer any heat although the sunlight was a little annoying. Awa sat in the shade of one of the palm trees, and felt a little better. She took advantage of this moment of calm to regain some strength and reflect. But from the corner of her eye she saw a cobra slip out of the grass in the shade of the palm trees, and come undulating slowly towards her. The snake raised its head, and hissed heavily, showing its fangs to the countess. His body, two meters long, was covered with fine obsidian scales, with yellow eyes and purple motives on its crest. Not at all intimidated by the poisonous reptile, Awa looked him straight in the eye, and they stared at each other for several seconds. Finally, the cobra seemed to have given up and turned back, hiding in the tall grass.
Then, as she watched the surroundings, Awa saw something reflected behind a dune a little further. A light? Intrigued, the countess got up and left the shadow of the oasis to go towards the source of light. After a long walk in the thick sand, Awa arrived in front of something rather strange. In the middle of a large pit of sand were seven pillars of pale stone, arranged to form a large circle, around what looked like a large block of stone of the same color, but covered with gold and which seemed to be hermetically closed. Curious and fascinated, Awa slowly descended the slope and joined the pillars. Each of them seemed very old, and seemed to stand here for millennia. She went around and noticed, on each pillar, hyeroglyphs that seemed to tell a sort of story.
Awa was not an expert in hieroglyphics, even though she had read books about ancient egypt and her mythology, but manages to understand most things. A man, surely a Pharaoh, was represented, standing upright and proud, almighty and ruling over a vast empire of ancient Egypt. He stood like a god both feared and revered, bringing rain to feed the crops and his people, leading powerful armies at war, and killing his enemies without pity by tearing out their hearts and devouring them. He was also seen, surrounded by many women and children. This pharaoh, or rather this god, seemed to have reigned for centuries without sharing. But the following hieroglyphs became darker, more violent, showing the Pharaoh betrayed, encircled, vanquished, then mummified by his own servants who locked him in a tomb in the middle of the desert, and sealed access with seven pillars connected to seven heavy chains. Awa understood then, where she was.
As she advanced to the center of the circle, she noticed that among the seven chains, six of them had been broken, probably eaten away by time. The last one was still there, tense and inert, but rusty. Awa approached and touched her with the tip of her finger. But scarcely had she touched it than to her surprise the chain broke like a toothpick and fell into the sand. A low, disturbing roar sounded from the stone block in the center of the circle. Worried, Awa pulled back. Around her, the weather began to change, clouds gradually coming to cover the sky and masking the sun. A strong wind rose, creating a sandstorm that covered all the area. Half blinded and trying to resist, Awa watched what happened without understanding, but fearing the worst. One by one, the pillars collapsed, shaking the ground in their fall. The center block split in two to let out what looked like a large sarcophagus covered with gold and precious stones. The lid of the sarcophagus was then violently expelled by a monstrous force from within. An opaque, gray smoke began to pour out of the coffin, slipping on the ground like a smoke snake. Awa opened her eyes wide, at the sight of a tall, human figure slowly rising from the sarcophagus and letting out an inhuman groan. Putting one foot out of his prison, the creature cast an angry look on the countess.
He looked like a bald human, but with putrefied skin and no lips, showing his worn teeth. He wore a pharaoh outfit, gold bracelets around his wrists, and a gold ornament covering his chest. A few strips of rotten linen hung down her arms and legs. Despite this cadaverous state, Awa recognized the pharaoh-god represented on the pillars, and was stunned.
Grunting again, he pointed at Awa and spoke in a cavernous and threatening voice.
(Amen): "You, who dares to disturb my rest, prepare you to suffer the wrath of Amen Ra."
(Awa): "Wait, I ...."
she could not finish her sentence. The mummy nonchalantly spread her arms, standing upright and almighty, staring at Awa. The sandstorm redoubled in intensity and violence. Awa was trying to watch, forced to protect herself against the sand that was flying in all directions. This ancient god commanded the elements of the desert with a disconcerting ease, the desert itself being submitted to him, even millennia after his death. The wind was so strong that one of the collapsed pillars was raised and thrown to Awa. Noticing it, the countess stopped him by telekinesis, locking him in the air. Amen seemed puzzled at seeing this. Determined to defend herself, Awa threw the pillar against Amen, who was hit hard and sent back. His back hit the tomb violently. He grunted, but more fury than pain and pushed the pillar away from him, effortlessly.
This shock, which would have killed a man in one blow, had no effect on him. the Pharaoh got up without fear and suffering no injury.
(Amen): "Impressive ....." he says in a neutral tone "... the fight promises to be interesting."
(Awa): "I did not come here to fight!"
(Amen): "Oh, it's a shame ..... Because I am."
With these words, and under Awa's eyes, he turned into sand and melted into the ground in a matter of seconds. Surprised by this power, the countess stood ready, looking attentively all around her. No more noise except the wind.
The ground suddenly exploded behind her, raising a cloud of sand, and the Pharaoh rose like a desert devil, roaring, and dealt a violent blow to Awa, who was thrown several meters back and rolled into the sand. Resuming his physical form, the fallen god Amen walked slowly towards her, seeming confident in his future victory. Suffering from the blow she had received, Awa got back on her feet, refusing to give up. Concentrating her telekinesis, she threw another pillar on the Pharaoh, who saw the attack coming, blocked the projectile with his hands, showing great physical strength. But Awa smiled, and without being able to react, Amen was hit in the back by another pillar, and found himself crushed between the two, which in the crash fell apart, burying it under their rubble. Awa had bet on the great trust of this god to make him believe in a single attack, instead of a double. But in spite of that, the gravas trembled then were removed by the god, extricating himself and standing up, always without expressing any pain. Awa wondered if she could stop him.
(Amen) "Who are you, who show such strength and will to survive against me?"
He crossed his arms while talking, straight and proud. Awa also stood straight and faced him in the midst of the storm and spoke without fear.
(Awa): "My name is Awa de Paysant, Countess and last heiress of the Paysant family, I was sent here by the High Lord of Lapland, Mr. Lordi."
At these words, the god seemed surprised and suddenly, the storm calmed to disappear entirely, bringing calm to the region. Amen showed no signs of aggression, but Awa was suspicious as he walked toward her.
(Amen): "Mr. Lordi? The heir to the first monster lords? The one who defeated the southern demons during the Great Lapland War? I heard about him and his exploits ..... But why did he send you to me?"
(Awa): "The time is serious .... A curse now strikes Lapland, and threatens to spread through all the other worlds .... Legions of undead rise up and threaten to eradicate any form of life .... Mr. Lordi sent me to find powerful allies who could help put an end to this plague."
The pharaoh seemed dubious.
(Amen) "But what about you?" What do you have to do with that?
(Awa): "I was human before, but I was betrayed by the man I thought I loved ... I put an end to my life, but the fate made me come back to life..... I did not have any more no purpose and I thought to wander alone for eternity ... Then, Mr. Lordi came to me, swearing to help me find the true one who will revive my heart, in exchange for my help to stop the curse."
Awa spoke, still feeling that pain in her heart as she spoke of her past. Amen looked at her, and seemed to understand better, nodding slowly. He came next to her, and pat her shoulder.
(Amen): "A story of betrayal and heartbreak, huh? ...... I know that feeling too, my dear ...." he said as he walked slowly to one of the collapsed pillars and brushed the surface with his hand palm, gazing at the hieroglyphs with a grave air. Awa listened to him as he was contemplating the desert all around him.
(Amen): "More than 3000 years ago, here was my empire, vast and rich, thanks to my powers, the crops were always fruitful, the cattle never fell ill and no other empire could threaten us. I reigned as absolute master, having dozens of women and children, but in spite of all this power, I was not happy, feeling lonelier than ever. All venerated me, but I also saw him, they were afraid of me. Afraid that I would do the same to them as I did to my enemies, my own people betrayed me and killed me, shutting my body in that grave, but even death did not succeed to stop me. Being furious to have been betrayed. I unleashed a curse that hit the entire kingdom. A sandstorm, the largest ever, swallowed up the entire empire, making it disappear forever, and making born the immense desert on which we stand today...."
Awa had listened to him, at once sorry and fascinated, and looking at this desert too. A whole country, buried under the sand and millions of lives destroyed, all in just a few minutes? The countess turned to the pharaoh, the last of his people, who knelt down, took a handful of sand in his hand, and slowly watched it flow through his fingers. Awa had before her a man with such power that he caused his loss as well as that of his people. Too much power only led to worse situations. Awa, too, was the last of her family, and perhaps she, without realizing it, in her pain and sorrow, had triggered the end of Wormwell. Love and power were two very different things, but mixed with sadness or anger, could lead to terrible consequences. In a sense, it made him one thing in common with Amen. She approached him and put her fine hand on his shoulder.
(Awa): "You are no longer alone now, Amen .... You have the power to repair what you have done, and thus soothe your soul, just as I am doing with mine.
(Amen): "How?"
(Awa): "Join me and Mr. Lordi. Fight by our side, and prove to all that you have never been the destroyer that is claimed, but Amen Râ, the greatest god that Egypt has known."
The pharaoh had listened, and if at first seemed unconvinced and after a few moments of reflection, sat up and faced Awa.
(Amen): "I would do it ..... I'll join you ..... No other world must suffer what I did to mine."
(Awa): "We will do it." she replied with a confident smile.
A few meters behind Amen, the landscape was torn again like paper, revealing the entrance of a new vortex. At first puzzled, Amen was reassured by Awa. Standing in front of the dimensional tunnel, she invited him in. Amen stepped forward, then took one last look at his world, before sinking into the vortex, followed by Awa. The tunnel closed immediately, leaving behind only the silent desert.
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Re: Monsterican Souls - a song of souls and monsters

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Chapter 6: The Lonely Destroyer

In Lapland, the situation seemed to have calmed down a bit. Mr. Lordi, accompanied by his guardian animals, had managed to escape the darkness of the curse of the dead and was now far from the pine forest, atop an isolated snowy hill in the midst of vast rocky plains, and from there which appeared to be the ruins of an ancient troll village that was in the grip of a fire a long time ago. Mr. Lordi, with a look of profound bitterness, looked at the remains of houses. It was here, long ago, that her mother lived with her tribe, and it was here that she was captured by the demons and raped by their leader. Mr. Lordi could almost hear the past cries of suffering, the roars of demons, resonating in this place marked forever by the horrors of the war. This village in ruins was the first thing he saw coming into the world .... The hundreds of bodies of dead trolls, scattered, the cruel demons laughing at their carnage, the smell of blood and death that stank the air....And his mother, lifeless, after she gave birth to him....
The three zombie reindeers grazed peacefully the few plants that had resisted the cold, while the owl and raven stood perched on rocks and like sentinels, watched the surroundings. At the top of the hill Mr. Lordi knelt beside a worn stone, erect and with a single name engraved on its surface. Angel. Sighing a little, Mr. Lordi put his clawed hand on top of the stone.
(Mr. Lordi): "Mother ..... So much time have passed, and yet I have never been able to know you as I would have liked .... I hope your soul could find peace now that you have been avenged ..... I have done everything to be a fair and protective lord, but now I can not fight alone .... Sometimes I ask myself if I have makes the right choices.... "
He spoke, as if expecting an answer from his mother's spirit. As he was mourning to his mother's grave, the lord suddenly heard the characteristic sound of an opening vortex. Looking back, he could see the landscape at the foot of the hill open in two, revealing a humanoid creature with rotten skin, who was not used to this means of transport, fell heavily in the snow, under the astonished eyes of the guardian animals. Mr. Lordi walked slowly down the slope, curiously observing the unknown monster that had just appeared, and standing up a little stunned after his fall, removing the snow from his arms and body.
The monster turned his gaze to Mr. Lordi.
(Mr. Lordi): "Who are you?" asked the lord, suspicious, and holding his ax in one of his hands. The mummified monster stepped forward, showing no signs of aggression.
(Amen): "My name is Amen Râ, Lord Lordi ..... I am sent here by Lady Awa."
Awa had finally taken the first step towards her destiny, and found the first ally who would join the fight against the abyss, in the person of Amen Ra, a fallen god of ancient Egypt, both loved and feared, betrayed once by his people and having caused their end in his anger. An ally from ancient times and with the powers of a strentgh that had been thought extinct for millennia. After sending him to join Mr. Lordi, Awa had continued her quest and set off for a new place, not knowing what other ordeals she would face. During her journey through the dimensional vortex, she began to think about what she could expect at the end of this trip. Would she find the one who will rekindle the flame of her heart and give back meaning to her life? Where was he? who was he? Was he too waiting for Awa to come without really knowing? So many questions that would sooner or later find their answers.
Coming out of the vortex, with more ease than the first time, Awa looked carefully at her new environment. No more red desert or hot sun. She was now walking on a rocky and virgin vegetation, at the edge of a calm sea and slowly licking the edge of the rocks, under the cries of some seagulls flying over the steep cliffs forming a real natural wall. Off the coast, the silhouettes of some islands were visible. Along the cliffs, Awa could see the remains of what looked like a temple, whose architecture unveiled the place where she was .... Greece. Judging by the innumerable islands around, and surely lying on one of them, Awa concludes that she was on one of the islands of the Aegean Sea. As for Egypt, Awa had read books on Greece, its mythology, as well as peoples and large cities such as Sparta, Athens or Olympia, which made the history of this old country. One of her favorite stories, she remembered, was that of a famous Spartan king, Leonidas, who, according to the stories, stood up with his troops against the Persian invader, who was nevertheless superior in numbers. Awa then thought of Mr. Lordi, also a lord and wanting to protect his kingdom, was facing an enemy visibly superior in number and power. Despite some differences, some stories seemed to repeat themselves, inexorably. In her lifetime, Awa would never have thought she would ever have to take part in a war, let alone in a world from whom she only knew before the legends and other fantasies.
Awa walked inland to the deserted island, passing through a closed passage between two steep cliffs, but wide enough to allow her to pass. Daylight filtered through this passage, but it was enough clear to see where she was going. But the further she advanced, the darker and more disturbing the way was, filled with an aura of death and anger. She could feel it all around her, in the air and in her head. A powerful force was at work on this island .... A force filled with rage ....
Finally, she came to the end of the path, ending with a strange stone door carved into the cliff, and on its surface, a large horny skull sent a clear warning to anyone who saw it, as well as the few bones and skulls rotting at his feet. The aura of anger was even more felt. Though suspicious, Awa walked to the old sealed door and put her hand on the cold stone. Surprisingly, she saw her hand sink into the door, as well as the hidden mechanism she had activated without wanting to. Dull noises of old mechanisms were heard roaring in the rock, while in the dust, the heavy door was raised under the eyes of the countess, revealing in front of her a dark and long corridor gradually sinking into the darkness of the cliff. Taking her courage, Awa made her first steps in the dark corridor, and before her eyes, torches hung on either side flared with yellow flames, as if by magic. Impressive, she thought.
Awa began her exploration, not without remaining on guard. The place was a group of large corridors, right, left, straight ... a real labyrinth. Awa continued to walk cautiously, looking at the worn walls of this ancestral place. The ground was strewn with broken skulls and bones, as well as old Greek armors and weapons and shields rusted by the weather and humidity that reigned here. Awa looked at all this with some concern. How many men had died here? And above all, what could have killed them all? She understood better then the aura of death and violence that was trapped here after all this time. At the corner of a corridor, Awa saw on a wall strange strokes of scratches, as if something sharp, like a horn, had rubbed on it. Some walls had holes and others were completely broken, and seemed to have been destroyed with bare hands. Awa almost shivered. What could be strong enough to kill hundreds of warriors and destroy walls like dry biscuits? She felt deep in her mind that she was about to discover it.
After long minutes wandering the corridors, Awa came into a more open space, round in shape, and filled with even more skeletons, as well as gold and old parchments eaten away by moisture. A very old fresco had been painted on one of the walls and Awa approached to see it by the glow of a burning brazier nearby. The fresco showed a creature, humanoid and massive, horned head and having hooves as feet. The monster stood in a strong position, fighting warriors and slaughtering most of them in a real blood bath.
But while she admired this work from an ancient time, Awa suddenly felt the ground shake under her feet ..... Then a second time, and a third ..... A steady rhythm, and noises deaf, like footsteps approaching ..... Quickly, the countess went to snuggle against a wall and used her powers as a ghostly countess to make herself invisible.
Two minutes passed and suddenly, a tall creature arrived through one of the corridors and stepped heavily into the room, shaking the ground under its weight. Invisible, Awa stared in amazement at the monster that had just entered. It was two meters tall, maybe even more, walking with big black hooves as feet. He had a massive, humanoid body, dressed in a large tattered leather jacket and wearing leather bracelets on his strong arms and covered with a thin brown fur. But the most terrifying was his face, a skull devoid of skin with furious yellow eyes, a ring in his nose, two little horns on his forehead and long black hair falling on his shoulders. A minotaur! Awa had of course read the legend of theseus and the minotaur, but could not imagine that such a monster could really exist. The Minotaur sniffed around him, like a predator looking for prey, and uttered deep animal rumblings that made Awa's eardrums vibrate. Looking around him and finding that there is nothing, the monster seems to resign himself and goes in another corridor, disappearing in the darkness. After being sure he was far away, Awa became visible again and leaned against the wall, giving a slight sigh of relief.
CRACK!! Awa gave a little cry of surprise when she saw the powerful arm of the Minotaur piercing the wall, right next to her head. Moving away from the wall as quickly as possible, she saw a hole forming as a result of violent blows, and the Minotaur stuck his head through, roaring angrily at Awa. What an idiot, she thought of herself. He had guessed from the beginning that she was there. His flair should be as developed as that of a dog. After a violent blow, the wall collapsed entirely, and the Minotaur advanced, heavy and powerful, clenched fists and smoke coming out of his nostrils. His hateful gaze rested on the countess.
(Ox): "Finally, after all this time, a new opponent comes to stand in front of me!"
(Awa): "Listen to me, I'm not here to get into trouble. I've been sent to ...."
She was stopped in her sentence by the Minotaur rubbing the ground with his hooves and starting to charge with a superhuman speed towards her, grunting like a rabid animal. The whole room was shaken by the fast steps of the monster. Quickly, Awa became transparent and felt the colossus pass through her, striking the wall behind. Seeing that he had not reached his target, the Minotaur turned around, even more furious. He charged again, but Awa was waiting for him. With her hands forward, she sent a powerful telekinetic shockwave, striking the minotaur hard, but barely moving him back and barely stunning him. He is very strong, she thought.
Rumbling at Awa's attack, the Minotaur reached her at a blazing speed, and grabbed her by the throat before throwing her forcefully against one of the stone columns supporting the ceiling. Awa gave a cry of pain and fell to her knees on the ground, her back having hit the column. But she did not have time to catch her breath, the Minotaur still blowing smoke and rushing to give her a powerful punch. Not having time to use a spell, Awa jumped on the side, avoiding the fist of the monster that hit the column and blew it into hundreds of pieces of debris. The monster seemed tireless, wanting to give a new blow. Awa created a telekinetic mental barrier in front of her, which was struck instead of her. Awa was nevertheless pushed back a few meters by the impact. Sounded by the powerful attacks of this monster, Awa knew that in terms of physical strength, this monster was unbeatable. Perhaps even beyond the physical strength of Mr. Lordi, who knows? She could only rely on her powers to hope to beat him.
(Awa): "Listen to me, damn it! The High Lord of Lapland himself sent me because there is a threat to the worlds!"
(Ox): "Lie! You are here to kill me, like all those who before you have dared to come here! But no one will ever overcome me! I am invincible!"
Pushing a powerful roar that vibrated the foundations of the room, the Minotaur charged again, putting all his power into this attack. If Awa did not do anything, she would be pulverized by this impact. She closed her eyes, concentrating all her mental strength in this spell. Her black hair floated in the air, while a silver and fluid energy surrounded her. Then, with outstretched hands, Awa lifted the body of the Minotaur by telekinesis, which was surprised to see himself rising in the air and thrown against a wall. Immobilized by force, the Minotaur struggled fiercely, roaring with fury. Awa kept the spell, she also had to fight to keep the grip and not let the brute force of the monster break its magic.
(Ox): "Killing my master and my people was not enough for you?! Do you want to kill me too? Well, what are you waiting for, do it!" he grunted, howled like a possessed man. His fiery irises showed unbridled rage, but also deep buried sadness.
(Awa): "I don't know what you're talking about, but I did not come here to kill you. I promise to explain everything to you, only if you promise to stay calm."
At first he refused to give in, but the Minotaur appeared to reflect, then resigned, and accepted by a slight nod, accompanied by a deep sigh. Awa kept her word and canceled the spell, allowing the monster to feel the earth firmly under his hooves again. Awa did not expect it, but he too kept his word, ceasing to want to attack and just waited.
(Ox): "Who are you and what are you doing here? And don't lie to me, I will know it!"
In addition to being powerful, this monster was far from being a simple stupid brute, Awa felt it. Anyway, she had no reason to lie to him.
(Awa): "My name is Awa, and as I tried to tell you, a threat is spreading in Lapland and could invade all the other worlds too. The High Lord of Lapland gathers powerful allies to counter this curse ..... You are powerful, an ally like you would be a major asset ....... hum .... what is your name?"
The Minotaur had listened to what she had to say, and seemed to believe her. Breathing loudly, he turned to the old fresco, the representative surely, and contemplated it with a melancholy air, the flames of the brazier reflected in his irises.
(Ox): "I never really had a name, but Ox was the one I gave myself. I was part of a clan of Minotaurs. Once, my people was numerous in Greece, but one by one, our clans were decimated by humans. Being child, without family, I was saved by a mage named Androlus, who lived as a hermit on this island and raised me almost like a son. But one day, a rival mage of my master, Kalmaged, prompted the inhabitants of the other islands came up against us, and they killed my master, and I. Kalmaged used his dark magic to bring me back to life, while erasing my memory, and making me as his servant. But one day, I discovered what Kalmaged had done, and I killed him without the least pity, to avenge my one and only true master, who had been for me like a father. I was alone again, and this time condemned to eternal loneliness. Filled with hatred but also with despair, I built this labyrinth by myself, and decided to stay inside, to hide in the eyes of the world, as the abomination that I became .... "
Ox spoke, his hands shaking with an anger still very present. Awa had listened, and found himself very sorry for him. Just like Amen, had suffered from his condition of being exceptional. To believe that the fatality wanted to make suffer those who were nevertheless exceptional. She stepped forward, without fear, to the Minotaur, and gently placed her hand against his massive back. He felt it, but did nothing.
(Awa): "The abomination is not you, Ox, but this mage who killed your father and master. It is very easy to cling to anger and the desire for revenge by believing that they will help solve our problems, but they are poisons that will only consume you and lead you to more pain."
(Ox): "And what do you know about anger and the desire for revenge?" he said, turning to her. Awa thought back to these images of her past life ..... John betraying her for another woman... She, using her powers to kill him ..... Ox saw her bite her lip and sigh, a tear flowing on her cheek, which she wiped with her sleeve.
(Awa): "Believe me ..... I know it." she contented herself to answer. Seeing her thus, the Minotaur agreed to believe her.
(Ox): "You were talking about a threat, were not you?"
She nodded.
(Awa): "Yes, there is a war going on, and I fear we will be the only ones able to intervene."
(Ox): "In this case ....... in memory of my master, and what you learned me today ...... I will help you."
He held out his hand, and Awa, smiling at this answer, shook his hand to conclude this alliance.
However, before leaving, Ox and Awa came out of the labyrinth and went to the highest peak of the island, offering a magnificent view of the ocean and its archipelago of islands. Awa stayed a little behind as Ox stepped forward and knelt beside a modest tombstone facing the ocean, engraved with the name of his master, Androlus. One knee on the ground, his head slightly inclined, the Minotaur struck his fist against his chest.
(Ox): "Master Androlus ..... be my witness ..... I will not disappoint you anymore."
These were his words, and after standing up, looking up at the sky, uttered a loud roar which echoed through the archipelago and made all the birds fly around. The roar lasted for long seconds, letting out all the anger and pain he had accumulated over the centuries. Awa looked at him with some pride. Now ready to leave, Ox looked at her. A new vortex opened, and the Countess and the Minotaur entered inside, for the rest of the quest.
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