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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:19 am

Okay so I got the chapter done a little sooner than I thought. So I can go ahead and post this one. Don't worry Angel's Reply, also called Lullaby for a Pharaoh, will be posted probably when I get home from work tomorrow or whenever I have some free time, but Monster Tamers is my priority now thankfully.

Monster Tamers 4: Daylight's End
Chapter 3. I See Fire

They drove in constant darkness. Amari hadn't been lying when she said that something had seeped the world in eternal night. And being this far north did nothing to help. It was cold and nearly impossible to see. For Scarlet, it was a trial. But Amari was accustomed to such conditions. In the Monster World, she thrived with her pack in the cold darkness of Lapland, always in the service of her master despite her freedom.
Amari was in her wolf form, asleep in the backseat of the truck as Scarlet drove on. She still had many questions for her wolf demon partner, but noticed that she hadn't asked anything about her. Scarlet was only slightly offended, but she figured the wolf would open up more eventually.
The snow began to fall harder, an unmistakable sign that they were about to drive into a blizzard.
"Fan-frikkin-tastic! Amari, we might have an issue!"
What? she asked, her head bobbing up.
"There's a blizzard coming".
Amari cocked her head. So?
"It'll be near impossible to drive".
The wolf moved over to the passenger seat. We can keep going.
"How?" Scarlet asked.
You'll see before long. Just keep driving.
Scarlet rolled her eyes as she kept on. But while the wolf was awake, she couldn't think of a better time to ask questions.
"Where do you come from?" Scarlet asked.
Not from this world.
"Well I figured that. I mean...before you were here".
A world alternate to this one. A world that once was a part of this one.
"Once was? What happened to separate them?"
Amari was silent for a moment. According to my master, humans happened.
"So, did we like, drive you guys away or something?" Scarlet looked at the steering wheel, "No pun intended of course".
It is in human nature to fear what it doesn't understand. Amari explained, My master saw it was problematic, so using his power, he banished the world of monsters from the world of man. If you must know, my kind were ancient long before that time.
"So, you have a huge family or something?"
I'm not sure. I only knew my mother's family. And, for the most part, I was ashamed to know them.
"Why's that?"
They betrayed and killed my mother. They turned around and sold me to goblins.
"And who was your master? Were you like his pet or something?" Scarlet was fascinated now.
I was his servant. He saved me from the goblins as a pup and I grew up under his tutelage and protection until I was strong enough to take back my home.
"And he's a monster?".
A hybrid, like myself. He's a demontroll.
"Well...that doesn't seem scary at all..."
"So, is he doing all this?"
I don't think so. While he has the power, he would never do this. As powerful and frightening as my master is, he would never cause an event so evil as this.
"If it isn't him, then who or what is it?"
I don't know. Amari shook her head, But I hope to find out soon.

"I'm not sure where the heck he'd be hiding" Theia admitted, "We don't even know if he's in the states yet".
"Well it's too cold now for bugs to survive above ground" Phobos observed, "Maybe he's hiding somewhere underground".
"Don't you have your mental link to him now?" Clarissa asked as she clung to Phobos.
"I'm not sure. I mean my head doesn't feel any different".
"It doesn't have to" Phobos explained, "It just means Mana hasn't tried to contact you yet".
"Maybe you should try to contact him" Clarissa proposed, "The bug man is waiting for you to try I think".
"Hm...I guess I could try it".
The world around Theia turned quiet, with the exception of a low toned buzzing as she closed her eyes. She focused on the buzzing and felt another conscious slide against hers.
Ah! Look what we have here! Somebody finally decided to come calling!
"We need your help".
With what?
"Do you really have to ask?"
This is the end, Theia. There's nothing we can do about it.
"Yes there is! Mana, this wasn't supposed to happen!".
And how do you know that? It is the end, granted not the way I imagined it, but I think this is good. A lot sooner than I expected too, but eh, the sooner the better I suppose.
"You bastard!"
Um, I don't think so. My parents were married when they had me...I think so anyway. I can't really remember.
"So he won't help us?" Clarissa asked.
You cannot stop destiny, little one.
"No but we can change our destinies" Phobos argued, "I'm proof of that".
Mana appeared out of a thick horde of green and black flies. Clarissa's eyes went wide at the sight of him.
"Insectoman" she whispered, half to herself.
"Some destinies can be changed, but not this one" the pale pastor told them, "Why try to stop the inevitable?"
"Inevitable?" the little girl wondered not really sure what the word meant.
"Humanity will sooner or later destroy this world and itself with it. What Kalmageddon is doing is far more merciful than anything man can do".
"But this world is our home" Theia objected, "And your home once too".
"An unfortunate truth, I assure you. Being that which I am however has now opened my eyes to the evils of humankind. While the All-Father seeks to create, all you humans seem to do to entertain yourselves is destroy this world. And what little beauty is left you turn to filth and use it for your own selfish, meaningless, and greedy ends">
"Well someone's a pessimist aren't they?" Theia scoffed.
"Pessimist, perhaps. Honest, most definitely".
"But what about what little beauty hasn't been tarnished yet?" Phobos raised an eyebrow, "Isn't that worth saving now?"
Mana frowned. "It would be in vain to save it. Humans would be quick to destroy it".
"I wouldn't-" Clarissa started.
"Cease your arguments, human! In fact, cease to argue the truth. I cannot, will not, and shall not stop that which is meant to come to pass".
"Then you'll be destroyed with it" Theia told him.
"And you act as though that bothers me. There is nothing left in this world for me".
"So you think there's nothing in this world worth fighting for?"
Mana didn't answer as he disappeared into a horde of flies.
"Coward...Let's go. This was a waste".

Lauren woke to voices. A blanket was draped over her and she was lying on a big cot. Lauren's eyes were half lidded as she spotted Kalma, Nicholas she had to remember, speaking to someone she didn't know.
"It looks like a mild case of pneumonia. I've already given her some medicine, but she needs a lot of fluids and rest".
"So she'll live?" Nicholas asked.
"She should. But captain, if you don't mind me asking, if she's only a spy why keep her alive?"
"I don't think she's a spy. She's been following us, lingering around camp. I think she's just looking for a place to be safe. Thanks doc, I'll keep her off her feet".
The doctor nodded and exited the tent. Lauren closed her eyes again and pretended to still be sleeping. She felt the cot sag under his weight as Nick sat down. Lauren tried not to react, but keeping her eyes still under the lids was difficult at best.
"You alive in there, kid?" Nick asked.
Lauren sighed and tried to sit up, but her head throbbed and she was forced to stay down.
"How much did you hear?" he asked.
"That I have pneumonia. I gonna die?"
"Doc said you should be fine. You just need rest, meds, and a whole lot of fluids. Hot tea I hear is the best for clearing your throat, lungs and all that".
"I don't expect to be cared for by the captain".
"Well too bad kid. Until you can stand on your own two feet, you're stuck to me and I'm not letting you out of my sight either".
An awkward silence ensued. Lauren kept her eyes upward and Nick kept his green eyes on her.
"So where are you from kid?"
"Technically, New York".
"What part?"
"So we hail from the same place...let me guess, you're not from this time either?"
"How'd you know?"
"Because I myself am not from here. You mannerisms are from my own country so...what was the year?"
"I'm not sure if I should tell you that-"
"Okay so different from mine. Don't worry my lips are sealed about it".
"What about you?" Lauren asked.
"All I'll tell you is that this isn't the only war I've fought in. Vietnam..." Nick shuddered.
She knew Kalma had fought in Vietnam, but he never told her much about it. Maybe now she could find out more about her partner.
"I'm sorr-"
"I don't want your sympathy, kid. It doesn't mean anything".
"Wow" Lauren thought, "Even in this time, he's an ass".
She didn't reply but curled up under the blanket. Lauren found herself missing her friends, both human and monster.
"Please" she thought, "Let Kalma be okay".

When he was certain she was asleep again, Nick went back outside. It would be days before they could move again because of his new charge. His fellow rebels wouldn't be too happy about this. Not that Nick honestly cared as he was the one in charge, not them.
But what a coincidence that this girl was from the same city he was? Granted it was a different time, but had to mean something. Nick shook his head.
"Don't be stupid" he thought, "It doesn't change that she's an idiot. Wandered alone, got sick, and flat out refused help...girl's crazier than me and that's saying a lot".
"Somethin' on yer mind, captain?" a younger, scottish accented voice asked.
Nick looked to see his young spy master, Thomas, approach him with a bottle of scotch. The boy was only seventeen, too young to drink, so the liquor was most likely for him.
"God knows I need it" Nick thought, "Yeah, a lot of somethin's it seems".
"Perhaps a shot o' this'll help?"
"Ha! Screw the shot, I'll take the whole damn thing" Nick practically snatched the bottle away.
"How's she holdin' up in there?"
Nick took a swig of the alcohol. "She's got pneumonia like you'd not believe".
"Then why are ya takin' care of her?! Cap'n she needs to be with the meds!"
"Because someone needs to keep an eye on her. I'm not a gambling man, but I'm more than willing to bet the minute she can get on her feet she's gonna bolt" Nick took another drink.
"Suspicious if ya ask me, cap'n".
Nick looked skeptical as leaned against his harley. "I wouldn't say that".
"Why not?"
"Well maybe it's suspicious, but it could also be that she's fiercely independent. And I don't mind that".
Thomas snickered. "I know, ya like yer women like yer alcohol, and coffee-"
"Strong, but sweet. Damn straight, Tom".
Thomas watched his captain take another drink. A question burned within the young man but he chose to keep his silence. It didn't go unnoticed by Nick.
"Penny for your thoughts, kid?"
"Could I ask you somthin', Cap'n?"
"Fire away".
"What was it like for you?" he asked, "After the war I mean".
"Difficult at first. I tried going back home, but I felt like there was nothing for me there. Don't get me wrong, I loved my family and all, but...I felt like I didn't belong there anymore".
"Then where did you belong?"
Nick put the bottle down. "On the road, with my harley, my shotgun, and a will to survive".
"Was it ever...lonely?"
Nick looked thoughtful for a moment. "It had its moments".
"So you had no one? Never...someone special, I guess?"
"Tom, a little word of advice. The road may be lonesome, but when you're out there on this lovely piece of work, you're free. Truly free, and freedom is power".
"But what good's freedom when there's no on ta share in it?"
"Because everyone is and can be an island. You don't need to validate your existence through someone else to be happy".
"It's just, I feel like no one deserves ta be alone. Definitely not you, after all you're doin' for us".
"Don't thank me yet, not 'til the job's done".
"And the girl? Is she coming with us?"
"You bet she is. I'm keeping both eyes on her, rest assured".

Finally this chapters done! :D At long frikkin last...well I hope you guys liked. Please leave a comment ^.^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Scarletvixen » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:30 am

can we smack some sense into mana please.
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:31 am

Lol don't worry someone's gonna talk some sense into him :lol:
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Scarletvixen » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:35 am

and oh god.. the one thing i fear.. driving into a blizzard..though i dont drive so yeah
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:37 am

You forgot your character's ability didn't you? Or did you not want me to give away spoilers? :wink:
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Scarletvixen » Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:56 pm

for the second i wrote that comment i kinda forgot and its your choice shrugs
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:00 pm

Mana is acting like an asshole here, sorry :D
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:54 am

Lol that was kinda the intention there Angel :lol:
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:24 am

Okay so I'm currently working on the new chapter for Monster Tamers, but here's Angel's Reply AKA Lullaby for a Pharaoh to hold you guys over. I hope you like it. Again, I don't own the song. It's another MLP fanbase song called Luna's reply which is a reply to Lullaby for a Princess. Again, a really sad but kinda hopeful song that had me bawling like a baby when I first heard it. Anyway, this contains some spoilers for post Monster Tamers, but nothing I haven't really revealed yet. Enjoy ^^

Lullaby for a Pharaoh
By: Shadow Hound
The spell had been cast, and the transformation had been rougher than they both imagined. The magic had been so strong that it had knocked Amen out cold. Angel hadn’t left his side as his body changed from dead to living. It was late but Angel Morris still hadn’t slept. She wouldn’t, not until she knew he was okay again.
Looking out the window at the full moon, Angel was suddenly reminded of the lullaby that she heard in her head so many years ago. By now, she knew it had been him and that her young mind’s attempt to block him out hadn’t been completely successful. Maybe it was that she needed a friend, or someone to talk to after the slaughter of her parents, she wasn’t too sure. But if nobody else had been there, he was always there singing that song in her head. It had scared her initially, his voice unsettling and dark after the centuries of silence, but the more times he did it the better, Angel had to admit, the mummy had gotten.
“Rest now dear Angel good night tamer mine. Rest now in moonlight’s embrace. Bear up my lullaby winds of the earth, through cloud and through time and through space” she remembered, “Carry the peace and the coolness of night, and carry my sorrow in kind. Angel you’re loved so much more than you know. Forgive me for being so blind”.
It was more than past time for her to return the favor. Angel turned back to the bed and put her hand on Amen’s head. She kissed his head and tried to fight back tears.
“Please” She begged, “Please come back to me.”
Unsure of what else she could do to help him, she started to sing a similar lullaby, as payment for what he had done for her so long ago.
“How your deeds pain you as time stretches long. How could I have been angry that way? So rest easy now, your punishment’s done. The weight of your crimes are now gone. But into that stillness, you brought me your song. With your voice, my company kept. For your tired eyes and sweet lullabies, in this hour I pay you my debt”.
Her hand moved down to his cheek and Amen seemed to respond, moving into her touch. Angel smiled and continued.
“Once did a pharaoh who lived by the moon look out on his kingdom and sigh. Dejected he cried “surely there is nobody who loves me or finds any love in my eyes”. So great was his pain he rose up in anger against those who cared for him most. He let his madness fall on those that he ruled and threatened to grip them in permanent cold”.
She knew that it was a dark time to talk about, but neither of them could deny what had happened. Angel sighed and looked out at the moon once more.
“All but one, Sheenataroma” Angel mumbled and looked back at her resting lover and partner. She continued her song.
“Rest now dear Amen, good night beloved mine. Rest now in starlight’s embrace. May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams, and ease you your passage of days. May my sympathies find you this night, and may my affections in kind. Amen, I love you much more than you know. Forgive me for having been so blind”.
At first she really had been blind. Blind to his own pain, to his own loneliness, which seemed to rival yet match her own. It was hard to forgive Amen for what he did to her parents, and she had some issues sometimes with it still. Bruises may fade, but the pain never truly changed. The ache was dulled but she missed them terribly some days and she knew her dearest partner could sense it. When they were first starting out, on days like those, Amen would try to avoid her like the plague, or come up with some way to take her mind off of it, as if to remind that he still suffered from his crime as much as she did.
“Soon did his priests do what was demanded and gave to their ruler his due. As he surrendered he saved his queen and they destroyed him as all wise priests must do. Such is the weight of the crown you wore, my love, duties you always uphold. May you forgive me, that foolishness mine, and live on with no burden upon your soul”.
Angel realized she had been a fool by misunderstanding that even in his madness he’d felt that same pain, maybe it was because of that madness. He’d gone from having everything to having nothing all because of his one failure. One slip up and he lost everything. But yet…Sheena hadn’t left him. She hadn’t lost faith in her beloved pharaoh so easily. From what she remembered from a talk with Amen, the priests had threatened his queen first, and so believing they would leave her alone, at least only banish her, he had surrendered and allowed himself to be killed for her.
“Rest now dear Amen, good night beloved mine. Rest now in starlight’s embrace. May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams, and ease you your passage of days. May my sympathies find you this night, and may my affections in kind. Amen I love you much more than you know. May troubles be far from your mind. And forgive me for having been so blind…”
Angel turned back to her sleeping partner once more and this time shook her head. She didn’t care what anyone else would think as she pulled the covers back and put her head on his already half rejuvenated chest. She heard the strong beat of his heart as she sang again.
“The space now before us, light and full of hope. May we never imagine we have to face it all alone. May this time of trouble swiftly pass I pray” tears pricked at her eyes as she wrapped his arm around her just a little, “I love you, I miss you, this little distance away. May all your dreams be sweet for evermore. Safe upon this bed, away from all the lights. And know not of heartache, fear, nor gloom. And when I dream I’ll fly away to meet you soon. Sleep…”
She let out a small, quiet sob as she fell asleep wrapped in him and the warm blankets. Angel now knew more than ever she couldn’t be away from him, and she would see him through this. And then after that, nothing would keep them apart. She kissed where his heart beat and fell into a deep sleep.

So what'd you think? I had to tweak the lyrics a little bit before posting cause they didn't go exactly with the tune. But I hope you guys liked it anyway :D
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:19 pm

sorry that I didn't reply yesterday but a stomach flu brought me down..still feeling quite bad today but atleast good enough to check the forum here :)
this is very nicely sweet to see how Angel really loves Amen :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:29 pm

Oh jeez I thought something bad happened. Hope youre alright Angel and Yesss she really does love him to ribbons ^^ update to monster tamers should be up by next Thursday
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:15 am

no no, nothing too no worries about that :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:03 am

Well see I worry about my readers like my friends. So im glad you're okay :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:05 pm

just feeling a bit weak because I can barely eat but for the rest I'm okay :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:36 pm

Awesome im glad to know it :) rest up and get better my friend ^^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:07 pm

I will do that yes, thank you :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:46 am

Hey guys just wanted to give you an update of sorts. I am just about done with the chapter im currently writing so the next chapter should be coming later tomorrow or within the next three days. Just wanted to let you guys know, im actually writing chapter five, so I know I could update now and not be breaking my rule but I wanna keep a steady kinda even pace. If I feel inspired I may do a double update but that hasnt happened in forever so please dont get any hopes up
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:05 pm

take your time for it, no worries :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:45 am

Okay guys so we're in luck. I managed to finish the new chapter this afternoon and so I'm here to update :D Hope you guys like it ^^

Monster Tamers 4: Daylight's End
Chapter 4. Safe and Sound

"Are there any supernaturally charged places in Ontario?" Amari, now in her human form, asked.
"I heard there's a haunted skating ring. Supposedly there's a demon that lives there. Why?" Scarlet wondered.
"There may be a portal there" Amari told her.
"A portal?"
"It's how we travel between worlds, or from one place to another when normal travel is less than convenient".
" should it take us to New York?"
The wolf demon nodded. "If that's where we need it to. Magic is a lot simpler than you think. You just want something and let yourself have it. It's like the saying goes, if there's a will, there's a way. Magic is that way, but you can't use it too much".
"Magic overdose has been known to kill. It's like a drug. You have to be careful".
"Is there any like...forbidden magic?"
"Yes. Magic that screws with free will is very forbidden magic. Magic like this is also forbidden in our world. But it seems near boundless in this world".
"You make it seem like it's our fault".
"It isn't".
She stopped at the sound of sudden heavy rain. Amari raised an eyebrow.
"I couldn't even sense that. That's odd".
"Well it's not like it can be predicted right?"
"Perhaps not, but something doesn't feel right. I feel there's magic here" Amari stepped out and looked around.
The rain was surprisingly thick, and the darkness didn't help. But through the rainy dark, the two suddenly heard a loud yelling. Amari shifted to her wolf form faster than Scarlet had ever seen before.
Stay here! the wolf instructed.
When Amari was out of sight, Scarlet rolled her eyes. She wasn't going to let Amari face whatever was out there alone. Scarlet opened the truck's glove box and found a handgun.
"Huh" she said, "Nifty".

The white wolf seemed to have come out of nowhere. He'd been staggering in the dark, his phone and flashlight dead. And at the worst possible time. When the phone died, the pack of zombies attacked. He'd shot out at them blindly in the dark. The sparks from his gun seemed to scare zombies off, but he'd sustained injuries from the attack. Among those was a bite to the leg. The zombies seemed to notice and surrounded him once more.
"Shit" he cursed.
But the wolf suddenly leaped from the shadows. It snarled and snapped its jaws at any undead that dared to get too close. It growled, as if to tell the zombies that he was its prey. It only needed to tear one of their own apart to get its point across. The zombies scrambled away.
The last thing he remembered were a glowing pair of ruby red eyes peering at him through the darkness before his entire vision blackened.

When Scarlet found Amari, she was guarding the unconscious body of a man. He was huge, muscular and not too bad looking. There was a light tan to his skin and his hair was deep black with hints of silvery gray on the sides of his head. His left leg was bleeding.
"What happened?" Scarlet asked.
Zombie bite. Amari answered.
"Oh god, is he gonna turn into one?"
He shouldn't. I don't smell the venom in him.
"Venom? You mean it's not like a disease or anything?"
The wolf shook her head. No. It's more like a snake bite than anything else. He got lucky this time. They were looking for food, not a way to increase their numbers.
"So it was a dry bite?"
It would appear so. What I wonder is why this curse isn't effecting him?
Scarlet shrugged. "Beats me".
I can think of two reasons. Either he's a tamer, or...he's not human. Not entirely anyway.
"Then...what is he?"
That's the hard part. I don't trace anything magic in or on him. By all means, he's human.
"So...what's the plan?"
Get him to safety, take care of his wound, and find out who he is. Does he have an ID or anything?
Scarlet looked him over. "I don't see anything".
Amari picked the man up with her teeth. Think we can get him back to the truck? He'll freeze to death out here.
"We can try" Scarlet helped to get him on to Amari's back as the wolf demon increased her size to that of a horse.
The two brought him back to the truck and set him in the back seat.
"His wound's gonna need patching" Scarlet told her.
I know. I may need to wipe his memory too. He saw me...
"He saw you shift?"
No, but-
"Then when he comes to, stay in human form. You'll be fine".
Amari shifted to her human form and looked him over. "He's kinda attractive...for a human".
"Aren't you half human?" Scarlet asked.
"Thanks for the reminder..." Amari got into the passenger side of the truck.
But her mind was still on the human as they drove on through the rain which was now sleet. The blizzard was starting again somehow.

"So he's not gonna help us? Wow, what a dick" Jane rolled her eyes.
"You should let me talk to him" Jack said, "I can somewhat understand his reasons, but that is a dick move".
"You don't like humans either?" Clarissa asked.
"I try not to mind them so much, seeing as how you're a much younger race. My kind was created to protect yours, but when the veil between worlds was created, most of us died off without a purpose"
"But you didn't" Ox snorted.
"No. Why? Because I had a purpose".
"And that is?" Angel asked.
"My..." Jack hesitated, his fists clenching in anger, "My family".
"Family. One of the best motivators" Awa gave Jack an understanding look.
"But take that away and all you'll have is nothing" Jack replied darkly, "I had a family once. My wife, Tesla, she was a fae and my daughter...Lorelei. They killed Tesla, and I had to give Lorelei up so they wouldn't get her too. Giving her up was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do".
"I'm so sorry" Skyler said.
"I will see them again. Tesla's in the netherworld and I'm hellbent on finding a way to get to her".
Shena looked thoughtful for a moment. "How about a deal?"
"I'm not in the business of making deals with humans".
"Well what if one of us could make a way for you to find her?".
Jack cocked his head, interested now. "Who would have that power? You?"
Shena looked over at Skyler and Jack faced the artist. He addressed Shena but kept his gaze on Skyler.
"What can she do?"
"I can draw things and they come to life" Skyler answered.
"You can bring the dead back?"
"Not exactly. partner would be here..."
"Then how?"
"I could make a door to the Netherworld. The only problem is we'd have to seal it right when you're through".
"Hm" Jack pondered, "You know, that could work actually".
"And what about a way out?" Bella asked.
"I can make my own way out".
"And what's stopping you from getting in now?" Phobos raised an eyebrow.
"The conditions aren't right. Now they're even less so, compliments of this curse">
"Yeah, nice going, jack hole" Jane looked at Phobos, "You're causing all kinds of trouble. Why are you a partner again?"
Phobos flipped her the bird and Theia slapped his hand. The Chaotic rolled his eyes. Jack glared at Phobos.
"You did this?!" the knightmare asked.
"It's a long story" Theia started.
"I asked him. Not you".
"Yes I did this. But I did to help someone".
"And that would be?"
"Lauren" Izzy answered, "Our missing Tamer".
"And she's where?"
"In the year two thousand three hundred thirty-eight in an alternate timeline slash dimension" Ox answered.
"Mister Jack sir, do you and Kalmageddon know each other?" Clarissa asked.
Jack looked at the other Tamers. "Well, at least one of you caught on. I know what possesses him".
"We do too" Ox told him, "The Spirit of Thanatos".
"What's that?" Clarissa wondered.
"The spirit of Death himself. Thanatos is one of his many names. But centuries ago, I faced off against Thanatos, as he threatened to destroy humanity but plunging the world into eternal night and bringing his kingdom to the Human World".
"Like how he's doing now" Otus observed.
"Well, minus the zombies, but yeah pretty much".
"How'd you stop him?" Bella asked.
"After I destroyed the body he possessed, I trapped his soul in a piece of obsidian. People and monsters could still die, he just wasn't the one who collected their souls. I did. So yes, for a few centuries I was a knightmare and the grim reaper".
"So wait, does that mean you created the curse?" Shena asked.
"'re wrong. Thanatos created the curse a long time ago. I just don't know how he got out. I guess putting my faith in Androlus was a bad choice".
Ox looked up at the sound of his former master's name. His green eyes went wide.
"How do you know Androlus?!" the minotaur demanded.
"So you really are Asterion" Jack raised an eyebrow.
"It was the name he gave me, yes".
"I gave him the stone that contained Thanatos' soul, believing he could keep it. Needless to say, I was wrong".
"It wasn't his fault!" Ox growled, "Kalmaged the Time Traveler...he killed Androlus and I and stole the stone!"
The Tamers looked on, interested now. Shena looked worried at Ox as he huffed angrily. She put a hand on his arm in attempts to calm him, but it didn't work.
"He believed the spirit would choose him as its new host. When it didn't, he brought me back and the rest is history".
"Thanatos couldn't take a living body" Jack explained, "Kalmaged had a soul, he was alive".
"Well wait then why Kalma?" Bella wondered, "Why would the Spirit of Thanatos choose Kalma?"
"Was he dead when Kalmaged found him?" Jack asked, "If so, there's your answer".
Angel peered down thoughtfully. "I don't think that's the case. Not entirely".
"I agree" Shena nodded, "Since most of Kalmaged's Brotherhood was made up of undead monsters, why didn't Thanatos claim someone sooner?"
"That's what I was wondering as well" Izzy agreed, "I mean if that's the case, there was a reason Thanatos chose Kalma".
"Good question" Jack didn't even seem to know, "I always knew Thanatos was an opportunist, but why make his imprisonment any longer than it had to be?"
"Maybe it was just meant to be?" Izzy shrugged.
"Perhaps" Amen looked over at Ox, "Or there's gotta be some kind of connection between what's going on now and what happened with know what".
"What's that?" Skyler asked.
"The only connection I see is that he's destroying this world similar to how he banished that one" Ox replied, "But times are changed now. It could be anything".
"Wait, what's this about banishing worlds?" Jane asked.
"It's a long story" Ox started, "But to make it short, this isn't the first time Kalmageddon's made an appearance".
"Wait what?!" Skyler's jaw dropped.
"Kalmageddon showed up a little over a thousand years ago in our world. Kalma lost control over his power when he and I were sent to liberate the Time Empire. He banished it thought instead when Kalmageddon took control. That's why time flows differently between our worlds now".
"There has to be a link somewhere" Jack paced.
"We'll do research, find out any significant events that happened a thousand years ago that may have triggered that" Izzy assured him.
"Yeah, we'll find out why this is going on" Bella nodded.
"So you'll stay?" Clarissa asked Jack.
The knightmare kneeled to her height. "For you, little one, anything".
Phobos paled at the sight, turned on his heel, and walked out. It didn't go unnoticed...

Lauren woke to the soft strumming of a guitar. She moaned lightly, her head pounding and throat sore. Through her blurry vision, she made out the shape of a figure sitting with an ebony colored bass guitar. The strumming stopped as the figure, which she recognized as Nick, turned to face her.
"Don't move. Your fever's getting a little worse, but the doc says it'll break soon" he told her as he set the guitar down on a nearby stand.
" like music?" Lauren asked weakly.
Nick nodded. "Damn right. I think if it weren't for music, I'd be dead".
"Why's that?"
"Music is life, kid. I don't know how the deaf can live. I think I'd kill myself without music-"
"Don't talk like that!" Lauren suddenly snapped.
"Easy kid, I'm not suicidal or anything".
"I'd hope not".
"Look, about yesterday...I didn't mean to snap at ya like that, kid. Just sympathy doesn't really do anything".
"I know".
"But I do appreciate it. Thanks. So...uh...feelin' any better?"
"Pain's a little worse, but just slightly".
"Why'd you leave the camp, kid? It's dangerous out there, just like I warned you".
"I didn't wanna be a burden".
"A burden" Nick scoffed, "Nonsense. You don't need to be out there alone".
"It's just you already have so much to worry about, I didn't wanna add to it".
"And yet, here you are sick as a dog. Look kid, I'd rather-"
"Lauren. My name's Lauren".
"Okay...Lauren, look I'd rather have you safe here with us than risk you getting killed out there. It's a war zone. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if something happened to you and I could've done something about it. You hungry?"
"A little".
"Alright. I'll get some tea and soup for you. You're not quite ready fro completely solid food yet. Your stomach wouldn't be able to handle it".
Lauren nodded and watched him leave. She had to say she was genuinely surprised. Kalma really wasn't much too different from this time to when she knew him. Lauren hadn't been sick in ages, but she knew in her time if she ever was, Kalma would jealously take care of her. Was that why Nick was helping her now, because he didn't trust anyone else?
It touched her, truly. He didn't know her, not in this time, and yet he was taking care of her. It only served to endear Kalma even more to her.
He came back a few minutes later. "You alright, Lauren?" his voice pulled her from her thoughts.
Lauren turned in the cot to see Nick coming in with a tray of food and a small cup of hot tea. It was somewhat funny to see the leatherclad leader with it and it made Lauren smile. To her pleasant surprise, Nick smiled back.
"I'm fine, just got a little lost in thought is all" she answered.
"Will you need help eating?" Nick set the tray down.
Lauren shrugged. "I think I'll be okay. Thank you for asking though".
"Suit yourself" Nick sat on a nearby chair and took up his bass again.
As she started to eat, he started to play. Lauren looked over at him and her smile returned. Nick stopped.
"What? Weren't expecting dinner and a show, weren't ya?" he asked.
"Not really".
"Well relax and enjoy, kid. If it gets to be too much, let me know and I'll stop".
Both were up later than usual, enjoying the meal, the music and company. For the first time in a very long time, Lauren felt safe and happy.
And it was all thanks to him.
"Where do you sleep?" Lauren asked.
"I got some spare blankets and stuff. Been sleeping on the ground since your rescue".
"Oh! Please, there's room. You deserve the cot".
"But you need it. There's a difference between deserve and need".
"Oh okay" Lauren laid back in the pillows.
"It's alright. I'm fine. Not to mention, it'd be hardly appropriate".
"Good point" Lauren agreed, " night, Nick".
"Night Lauren, sleep tight kid".
He turned out the light and the two fell asleep, oddly warm from something they felt deep inside.

yay for a new chapter :D Anyway, let me know what you guys think :) Hopefully the next update will be soon, but I've hit writer's block again in my writing sadly
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:41 pm

interesting things happened again in the chapter..can't wait to read the next one and see what will happen :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:09 am

Hey guys sorry that I don't have an update but a lot of personal crap's been going on. I feel terrible and I just don't know when or if it's gonna end. I hate where I live and I see no way out of it. I just want out...but I don't have the means or anything else :'( I feel alone and lost and I just don't know what to do :( If you wanna know specifics, send me a PM and I'll tell you what's going on. I'd rather not give out all the details here. I will hopefully have an update sometime in the coming week. But I don't know for sure. Again, sorry guys but I just needed to take it out somewhere and I didn't know where else to turn :'(
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Mar 07, 2015 2:06 pm

whatever it is, you will get through are strong :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:24 am

Holy crap I can't believe it's been only two weeks since I've been on here last. It feels longer than that. Sorry for the late update guys, but I hope this chapter makes up for it. I'm still going through some stuff here at home and at work and it's not been a really creative environment for me. That and having my brain bombarded with ideas for other stories doesn't really help either...

Monster Tamers 4. Daylight's End
Chapter 5. Somebody to Die For

Scarlet was surprised that the blizzard stopped only when they were safe. It seemed rather suspicious, but she didn't dare question it. Amari had been quiet, staying in her human shape. Like a guard dog, she kept an eye on the stranger they'd picked up.
"There's a motel not too far from here" Scarlet told her, "We could stop there for now".
Amari looked thoughtful for a moment. "Sure".
"Hey Amari, about earlier. I didn't mean to upset you about being half human".
"It's fine. I've heard worse I assure you".
"Do they criticize you for it? You know, discriminate against you for it?"
"They did once. I bit their throats out".
"Yeah...remind me to never piss you off".
"That would be most wise".
"So your dad was human. That's interesting".
"I never knew him. He came back to this world before I was born".
"How'd your parents even meet?" Scarlet asked, "That must be one helluva story".
"I really don't know how my father got to our world, but he got lost in the snow and darkness of Lapland. My mother was the wolf queen there and she took pity on him. One thing led to another and here I am".
They were silent the rest of the way to the motel. When they arrived, Amari shifted to her wolf form to help carry their stranger inside. The wolf set him down and broke down the door to a room. Scarlet looked on surprised.
"Damn...again, remind me to not to piss you off ever".
Good idea. Now let's get him inside.
The two were careful as they picked him up and set him on one of the two beds. The room itself was decent. It was dusty and dimly lit. Not the best room ever, but it worked. There was a small kitchen area with a working mini-fridge and coffee maker. By the window was a round table with two chairs and across from the beds was a television set and a large mirror. The bathroom was right next to the kitchen. One would've thought the conditions would be worse, but the girls were happy to believe it was luck.
So what'll we do? Amari asked.
"We're just outside of Ontario. We can head into the city after we get some rest".
What about him?
"I don't know. It'll depend on what his plans are".
I just don't get how he was awake out there. The curse puts all humans into a sleep like death. Except for tamers and animals...nobody should be awake.
"Maybe he was just lucky" Scarlet shrugged as she took the other bed.
I don't just doesn't make sense. It makes my skin crawl.
"You worry too much"
And you don't worry at all. Amari curled up on the carpeted floor between the beds, shrinking to the size of an ordinary wolf.
"It's not that I don't have my suspicions but he's out cold. Right now he can't hurt us. Hey...did the blizzard just stop?"
Amari got up and looked outside. It seems to have calmed down somewhat.
"Holy crap...I was wanting it to end and it did. Amari" Scarlet sat up, "You said Tamers have special powers. Do you know what mine is?"
I think I do. Judged by this...You can control the weather...
They were so caught up in the moment they didn't realize their stranger had woken up. Amari heard the bed springs and jumped, spinning mid air, and pinning the man to the bed. Amari snapped her jaws in warning at the stranger's thick neck. It was like this she got a good look at his face.
Amari had never seen much of human men. The first thing that caught her attention about him were his eyes. They were deep brown in color, strong and sharp. Startled but definitely not fearful. They were all of those, and yet she could see a gentleness behind the deep pools of his eyes. His lashes were dark and somewhat long and his brows were bushy but oddly attractive. His skin was cinnamon colored and she could see traces of a beard on his chin that matched the dark color of his hair. Which his hair was as black as hers when she was human and ruffled handsomely.
The wolf snarled despite the quickening of her heartbeat.
"Get your damn dog off me!" the man's voice was harsh, Australian accented.
Amari's snarl turned into a full fledged growl. If there was anything she hated it was being called a dog.
"She's not She's a wolf, first off. Second, she's my partner. Amari, you pinning him down is hardly appropriate" Scarlet told her.
At her words the white wolf got up and before his eyes turned to her human shape. The look on his face was a mix of emotions. He was confused, perplexed, intrigued, and then...even Scarlet could see the gentleness in his eyes. If the young woman had been drawn to men, she probably would've found this charming, even attractive. Though Amari wouldn't say, he had her enthralled.
Amari in her human form was absolutely beautiful. She was pale, not deathly so, but it reflected the unblemished white of her fur when she was a wolf. Her eyes appeared ice blue, but red could faintly be seen behind it. Her eyes were as sharp as his, especially now that she was on the defensive. Her long hair was raven black, contrasting the white of her skin, but matching her black jacket and jeans perfectly. It was up in a messy bun and the man wondered what it was like to touch it.
"Who are you?" Amari asked.
"Tell me your names first...can never be too careful in a world like this" his voice was oddly calm, even if his words were untrusting.
"I'm Scarlet, Scarlet Reynolds" the woman told him.
"And what are you, some kind of werewolf or something?"
Amari snarled, showing still very wolf like teeth. The man stayed still, unflinching.
"My name is Amari Fenrirsulfur. And no I'm not a damn werewolf. You don't live in the world you think you do. Now...your name".
"Jaxxon...Jaxxon Monterri".

Angel looked out the window of her room. Amen was sitting on the bed, a guitar in hand. He noticed his lover's pensive look and set it down. The mummy surprised Angel with an arm around her. Amen growled softly into her hair. He kissed down from her temple to her ear.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"Do you...really think Kalma killed Mr. Lordi?"
"I don't wanna think so, but he hasn't come back and yet Kalmageddon's here...And now the world is trapped in eternal night".
"And we can't do anything about it?"
"Unfortunately I don't think so. Without Lauren, he won't let the sun rise".
Amen shrugged. "I think it's a metaphor he's taking too seriously".
He noticed Angel was then giving him a skeptical look.
"What?" he asked.
"Like someone else I know?"
"You, you big goofball! The one time someone told you to look beyond what you see, you tried to convince everyone you were telepathic and could see into people's souls".
Amen gave her a hilariously serious look. "Maybe I can" he said with finality.
Angel gave him a look that translated to "Seriously?" to which Amen shrugged and went back over to the bed, a smug look on his face.
"I can see into yours, which is good enough for me".
Angel couldn't help but smile. God knew she needed it. It amazed her to no end that despite all that was going on, even in an end of the world scenario, Amen never ceased to make her laugh. Angel knew he had his reasons, but she genuinely appreciated it nonetheless. She sat down with him and Amen took her hands.
"Even in an end of the world scenario, you deserve to be happy. I'm somewhat of an expert on that particular subject".
"Tell me, did you charm all the girls this way or am I just lucky?"
"Not lucky, but special. Precious and loved" Amen put his head to hers, "I love you, more than words can say".

Little did they know that they were being watched. Kalmageddon watched them through the Reaper's Glass in his world, Tuonela. Jack hadn't truly trapped him, but sent him home. A mistake on the knightmare's part. Here he could regenerate. Here, he could watch the little humans. Surma, his hellhound, sat faithfully at the reaper's side.
"They happy" the reaper watched them.
The hellhound looked up at his master. There was a sense of sadness around him, mixed with his anger. The hound growled as he also looked into the Glass.
Death wasn't evil, or at least he didn't see himself as such. He was just there, born of Darkness and Night and the twin of Sleep. Though the countless eons of his life, Thanatos learned humans were foolish creatures. They believed themselves to be better than others for their intelligence.
But despite that, they still believed he was their enemy. He didn't hurt the humans, life did. Life was often cruel, terrible, and tortuous to some. Death was their relief. But they would never understand that and he would never sympathize with his enemies. So now he seeped their world into eternal night. His kingdom would soon merge with their world, turning it into a new Tuonela, where time was irrelevant and all was dark and at peace.
"Soon" the reaper pet the hound's head, "I promise".
The reaper turned from this time and dimension to another. The Glass changed to a girl sleeping in a cot. His sunken eyes turned from blue to green as Kalma within recognized her. He gingerly touched the glass, as if to caress the girl's face.
"It was you...It's always been you".

Meanwhile, Jack dealt with another horde of undead as he made his way to central park. It was here he hoped to meet this reluctant hero, Mana. A part of the knightmare understood his reasons for wanting mankind to end. But if they were destroyed, the world wouldn't get any better. The world would just be dead, with no beauty. There would just be darkness, night, and death.
"A little fly told me you wished to speak".
Jack turned to see the cutterfly lord leaning against a tree. The knightmare raised an eyebrow.
"You're Mana?" he asked.
"And you are the legendary knightmare, Jacques Morgon Daniele. It is an honor. Speak by all means".
"Why do you not wish to help the Tamers? One of which is your own descendant".
"Humans...have you seen what they've done?" Mana asked, "Before man, the world was a natural, beautiful place. It was full of wonders, wonders that, thanks to mankind, will never be seen again".
Jack could understand that, for he had seen the world before man and marveled in its beauty. But he also understood nothing lasted forever. Mana continued when he didn't say anything.
"The humans destroy all that they touch. They're greedy, selfish creatures. They say we're monsters, but-"
"But are they so different from us? No, they aren't. I've seen humans do unspeakable, unimaginable things. They are capable of great and terrible atrocities. Believe me, my original purpose was to defend mankind from monsters".
"So then you understand why this must be".
"What I understand is that yes, mankind must one day end. But it cannot end like this".
"And why is this? Why do you stand for humans who fear and hate us?"
"Well, partly because I was created to do so. But I have seen the good that mankind can do as well. Think of the human species as like a child. Compared to us they might as well be".
"If there is a point to be had, get to it. You try my patience".
"Humans are a surprisingly young race. They still have much to learn. Can you blame a child for being a child? And didn't we once live up to our titles as monsters? Humans fear what they don't understand, and in their ignorance try to destroy it. We were the same way once upon a time. But we learned the hard way that destruction would only breed further misunderstanding. So our world was divided from theirs. They will learn, or they will perish as we almost did".
"But they aren't learning. Their ignorance blinds them all else. We should leave them to destroy themselves and stop wasting our time".
"And that leads me to my next point. Our world, not just theirs, was divided out of ignorance and fear. Everyone was harmed in some way or other. Children have parents and siblings to guide them. Perhaps we monsters are the "brother" race to humankind. And as siblings, guides to the human race, how can we allow them to suffer as we did? This is where I believe we went wrong. The monster world was never meant to exist. Thus far, we have failed humans as a sibling race. I strongly believe that we monsters were created first to guide the humans".
"So, are we just to forgive them their atrocities?" Mana asked.
"Sometimes, it's better to answer atrociousness with forgiveness, especially when the one in the wrong doesn't realize it's wrong, nor understand the effects of their actions".
"They've gotten along fine without us, to their credit. I doubt this city would exist if Lordi hadn't divided our worlds".
"Or perhaps we could've mad it better. And I think that's why the Tamers are a great team. They want to prove to mankind that monsters and humans can coexist".
"The city's full of problems".
"And what are you doing to fix them? Hiding out here is doing nothing".
Mana didn't reply and Jack continued.
"Your inaction is action, Mana. Your refusal to help humans only hurts your cause. Because, just like us, humans are capable of great kindness, of great love. I know you know that for a fact".
"I thought they were good once...and then they killed my Theia. She had magic, but she used it to help people".
Jack put a supportive hand on Mana's shoulder. "And now you have a chance to pick up where she left off. Hatred only breeds hatred. I know it's hard, Mana...Simon...whichever you go by now. But it's time to let go of what happened. Time has changed and humanity with it. I know that you're hurt, but it's time to put the hurt behind you and live. Do it for Theia if nothing else, both your Theia and your descendant, whom I believe is named in her honor".
Mana sighed. "I'll help them, but I won't take residence with them. Not after...what happened with the psychic one".
"Your choice, but to be fair, I don't think Shena holds it against you. But I thank you on their behalf".

Nick woke to Lauren's panicked moans. Faster than a bullet, he turned on the lamp to find the girl trembling under the blankets. Her face was wet with tears. She was either in pain or having a nightmare.
"Kid...Kid wake up! it's alright-" he decided it wasn't wise to wake her like that.
Nick put a hand to her cheek, catching a stray tear. She was really warm, having a fevered dream. Not caring for consequences, he took Lauren into his arms and held her close, letting the blanket fall a little so her shoulder could be seen. Nick put her head to his chest and laid down with her on top of him. He ran a hand through her hair, attempting to soothe her to a more peaceful sleep.
It felt...nice. Nick felt that warmth in his chest spread. It was unusual, for he had never felt so needed in his life. Sure, he had several women fall asleep on him, but there was something special here. There wasn't lust, but something he couldn't quite figure out. It felt strangely familiar, but he didn't get it.
Lauren stirred and then finally her eyes opened. She looked surprised, but relieved to see him. Small, unshed tears glittered in her eyes like jewels. Nick caught one with his thumb as it fell from her blue eyes.
"Hey" he told her, "It's gonna be okay. It was just a nightmare. It's over now".
"I thought I lost him, my best friend. It felt too real" Lauren's voice was strained as she told him.
"'s gonna be alright. I'm sure he's fine. In fact, I'll bet he's probably worried about you too".
"More than likely knowing him" Lauren replied with a hint of a smile.
"Well, I promise I'll keep you the safest I can until I get you safely home".
"Thank you" Lauren relaxed in Nick's arms.
"Don't thank me yet. Thank me when the job's done, kid. Get some sleep. Your fever should be broken tomorrow".
Nick didn't have to tell her twice. The girl fell into a calmer sleep, but the captain stayed awake. He didn't her to have nightmares ever again...

So the song that inspired this was Somebody to Die For. I believe it's by a band called Hurts or something like that. But it's a good song and it fits Lauren/Nick really well :) Anyway hope you guys liked ^^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:53 pm

wow, this was a long chapter to read but it was surely interesting to see how the story is developing :)
that part with Angel & Amen was cute :)
and take your time to rush. Personal life is more important :)
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