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Postby Isa » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:49 am

I don't take like being technical but just like being precise.

When it's about Lordi we are more precise, from there bad habit, can be.

When we talk from evolution, it's normal for me that we mind on that.

A band who had "hard" for finally it happen or a band who's popular directly it's very different usually.

The fact it have take them time is for me important in story of the band, it let see that they never let fall even it wasn't easy, even a lot should have decide to change them for having a record deal they never do, no matter it take them years for having what they want.

It's one of the reason (not the only) why I respect them 'cos they never change what they would during this 1996 (1992)-2002 period and they do it

Some dreams are more hard, to make a reality from it but nothing is impossible that's what Lordi learn me then no I don't skip the period before get heavy.

After get heavy they become more popular but like all know ESC help to put a turbo for some thing but here come a hard period.

The popular period of ESC is over now and for some thing they should again be less popular, no matter how good they are but at same time, the ESC fans (understand their the people who come 'cos ESC but 2 years later are already go away and lost interest in band. A fan who discover them 'cos of ESC and still is there, I don't call it a ESC fan but just "a fan") are now away and the one who stay are usually the fans who should stay. Now they need work for not lose too much of what they have.

In europe it's make promo and let's see "helloooo we are still there". In new country it's make them learn and in USA continue like they are busy.

It isn't easy to make everybody happy since they go in states, european fans mind "don't forget us", they go in europe, states fan say "come back". At same time it's normal we want them all.

I thing we all can say "as long as the music kick-ass" but let's face the reality. If you didn't hear from them for a year, it isn't long a year, their should already be people who go away. I see it in Europe, only after 2 years without promo, it's already less people. If they become less popular, they should have more hard to make gigs in some country (even they want do this gig), don't say me you don't care about fact you can see them in your country or not.

I care about if they are famous or not, 'cos I care about fact that in 2, 5 or 10 years, I still can see them in a gigs and that also depend of their popularity

And about being fan from a band for have long or short career. I'm fan of Motley Crue and Aerosmith who both have a long carrer but also a big fan of Hellcity 13 who begin career. Then yeah it's very different, you are more "scare" for a band who begin, you want make them be discover but you are also so much frustrated when something don't work 'cos you know from one side, a album who don't work doesn't mean a lot since they are so popular, from other side, sale bad can mean no second album or one but hardly for band what is very hard when you know that a band deserve better than that but that it don't depend from you even you can help.

Even one personne alone can already help on her way
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Postby judge death » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:34 pm

Okay, nevermind, so that band isn't so new...I suppose. Damn, you guys have to get so technical with everything.
what else do you expect from Lordi fans? :wink:
Yes, happy. :)

And that is correct that Isa wrote there.
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