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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:51 pm

Yeah I know AOD its been forever and I'm sorry as all hell. It's been a rough time getting back and im glad at least one person hasnt lost total faith in me. Thanks a ton. I'll be posting the second half of the one shot when I get home hopefully. Again thanks a lot.
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:13 pm

you are welcome..looking forward to read that next shot :)
any ideas with Angel and Amen actually? :P
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:20 am

I may post a one shot about them :) probably be about Angels constant visions of the past and of course everyones favorite mummy will have some explaining to do :) so kinda short and sweet and im also planning a sort of prequel one shot to the Monster Tamers series featuring Kalma and OX when they first fought Kalmaged the time traveler. It'll be based on a video I saw but it was really close to what I had in mind for a prequel in which the Tamers are revealed to be humans and whatnot. I can't wait to show em to you guys ^^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:37 am

Okay since I'm home now, I can go ahead and post the second part of my Kalma/Lauren One Shot. I do have plans to make other one shots but they probably won't be this long. I'm writing/typing these cause I know if I'm gonna continue Monster Tamers I need to get back into how my characters are and all that. So yeah, I'll be doing couples as well as looking over various partnerships, friendships, and even a bromance or two lol.

Shena looked down at the Tracking Stones as they lay within the star, Kalma's being in the center along with a lavender scented candle. The psychic tamer closed her eyes and concentrated, but it appeared the young necromancer was beyond her power. She opened her hazel eyes and looked over at Phobos.
"You are a fool...I don't know what in the world gave you the idea that this would help anyone!"
The Red-Black Chaotic stayed quiet and Kalma looked like he was about to panic. OX stood in silence in one of the nearby corners. He shook his head slightly.
"So what, you can't find her?" Kalma asked.
"The problem is she's not in a different world, she's in a different time. Everyone knows my powers have limitations and this situation is a confusing one. See everyone seems to think time runs in a single direction, but that's not how it works. She's in one of many possible futures. See time is like a tree, it branches out, growing with every decision that everyone makes. And everyone's time is different".
"So is there any way to get her back?"
Shena sighed. "Unfortunately, there's nothing I know we can do but wait. If Phobos you sent her back, or forward, in time for a purpose, she must complete this purpose".
"What did you send her to do?"
"The only way Miss Ringers can return is if she admits the truth" Phobos answered.
"The truth?"
Phobos nodded and turned to walk out of the room. "Yes, the truth...she knows what that truth is".

Nicholas honestly didn't think he could find a better companion when not in the war zone. This Lauren girl was intriguing to say the least. There was something special, something oddly familiar about her, but he couldn't quite figure it out. He kept asking her if they had met but she always told him no. When not on the field, he was always found close to her. She told him stories, mostly ones she made up, but they held him in a trance. Or maybe it was just her. Either way, he couldn't get enough.
But it wasn't her stories that completely enthralled him, not entirely. Her kindness was something he treasured, and it was one night in particular that confirmed what he had been feeling for so long.
It had been a bloody fight that day, and Nicholas had gone into enemy territory for recon. He had returned with a foot long, profusely bleeding gash on the side of his back, right under his left shoulder blade. Nicholas ignored the other men saying he needed to get medical help immediately. He knew what he needed. He needed her...he needed to know if Lauren was safe. He couldn't explain but he had to know. So with his back burning and bleeding, he made his way back to the set of apartments he shared with her and found her waiting for him.
"Oh my god, you're back!" she greeted him and then saw the blood trickle through his clothing, "'re hurt".
"It's nothing. I-"
"Nothing my ass! Sit down and take your shirt off! I'm getting some cloths, rubbing alcohol, and some other stuff! Hold on!"
Lauren hurried out, leaving Nicholas to be a mix of confused and amazed.

A familiar wound stung in Kalma's back. Though why he was suddenly feeling it, he wasn't sure. Something in the alternate dimension/future must've been happening. Or maybe it was just his mind playing tricks. The zombie shook it off, knowing he'd probably have to talk to Shena about this, but in all honesty, he just didn't want to move. Everything hurt too much, especially a certain spot in his chest.
"Lauren...wherever you are, please...please do what you gotta do and hurry up...I miss you".
He reached a hand out on to the nightstand by her bed and picked up their favorite book: Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt. He managed to sit up even though his head throbbed and flipped through the pages until he got to his favorite part for them to read together. He of course was always Lord Death. But if there was one thing this book got right, it was what death had longed for so long.
Love was a powerful thing. It stirred the hearts of men and monsters and alike. It gave them hope, gave them something to fight for and cherish. Kalma had always wanted it, though he never believed himself entirely worthy of it. Not until he met Lauren. Finally one human who wouldn't be afraid of him, someone who could understand and look past the fact he was dead. he'd thought.
The one reason Lauren didn't reciprocate his feelings was because that he was dead. The one thing he thought would help was now a hindrance. Well, it wasn't like it was his choice to die...or had it been? He couldn't remember, not at the moment. After reading that single moment, when Keturah realized death's secret, Kalma fell into a fitful rest...

Lauren about dropped the medical supplies when she walked in. There sitting on the makeshift bed was a shirtless Nicholas Gore. He looked up, as if sensing her presence, his long blonde hair framing his face and his green eyes sharp and never missing a thing. He was riddled with scars, possibly from many battles, but it oddly enough only attracted Lauren all the more. She wanted to run her hands down his chest, trace each scar until each one was burned into her memory.
"What the hell?! Lauren, for god's sake this is still your partner! Snap out of it!" she thought to herself and shook her head.
Nicholas didn't fail to notice. He smirked. "What's the matter? See something you like?".
"Ha, in your dreams!" Lauren approached him and tried to ignore the growing warmth in her cheeks and the feeling of butterflies in her stomach.
She set the medical supplies down and started cleaning the wound, trying to concentrate only on the wound at hand, not on the other scars that crisscrossed his torso. But Lauren couldn't stop her curiosity.
"So you've fought many times?" she asked.
"I have" he nodded, "I know, they're...they're not the most attractive thing about me".
"I don't see it like that. This will sting a lot...hold on".
He let out a loud hiss as Lauren cleaned the gash with some alcohol. Lauren whimpered an apology and warned him she'd need to sew it soon to get it closed.
"Another scar...what's another scar worth?"
"It can be seen as a badge of honor".
"Can I ask you something?"
"You just did".
"Stop being an ass, you know what I mean".
"Sure thing. Fire away".
"Why didn't you go see the medics?"
"I...I don't know. My first thoughts, oddly enough, were on you".
"Yes you".
"I...I don't know" it was simple but true.
When she painfully stitched him up and bandaged the wound, Nicholas was finally able to lay down. He didn't bother getting another shirt on, much to Lauren's guilty pleasure. He felt her staring.
"You thought of me...why?"
"As I said, I don't know".
"You're lying. I can tell".
Nick rolled his eyes. "I was just worried okay, no big deal. I know you're safe that's what matters".
"If it helps...I was kind worried about you too".
"That so? Why's that?"
"If you died, what would happen to me?"
Nicholas shot up so fast it nearly scared her. His face was mere inches from hers and Lauren felt her heart race. She stared into those intense green eyes and he found her eyes.
"I would never let anything happen to you, Lauren...never" he reached a hand up to touch her face.
She was so used to his hands being cold, the warmth of his living skin almost made Lauren jump. But instead, she did quite the opposite. Lauren held his hand against her face and closed her eyes as his thumb traced a little under her eye. She felt his warm breath on her face and sighed lightly.
"You're so beautiful...I can't believe I didn't notice..." Nicholas put his head against hers and ran his other hand through her dark brown hair.
In that moment, she forgot who this man was, what he would mean to her in another time, another place. Right now he was only a man, a man who had easily caught her attention...and her all too vulnerable heart...

And I leave you guys there lol. I'm evil :twisted: Don't worry there will be another update tomorrow night when I get home from work. Hope you liked this part and hopefully I'll finish this soon to work on other one shots I have planned. I am currently writing an Amen/Angel one that probably won't be as long as this one, but still it'll be sweet :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:25 pm

poor poor Kalma..he really wants her back, what I understand completely..
waiting for the next part and of course, also to the shot with Amen/Angel :P
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:17 pm

Im currently writing it as we speak, AOD :) its not gonna be as long as this one mind you but its gonna be pretty emotional and really sweet. Then I might write me some Shena/OX moment too then definitely working on the little prequel one shot which will be really action packed. Cant wait for you guys to see it :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:48 pm

that's really nice to hear...can't wait for it ^^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:06 pm

Can't wait for you to read it :) its gonna get a little sad and theres gonna be a major spoiler for the future of Monster Tamers :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:09 pm

you really make me curious :D
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:25 pm

Lol stay curious my friend its gonna be a good one ^^
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:26 pm

the curiousity won't go away ;)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:03 am

Good :D
So here's the next part of the shot. I think this might be the last part. I don't think there's gonna be a real conclusion until the next Monster Tamers, cause this is gonna be a much bigger plot point in that one. So careful if you don't want any spoilers, it's probably best if you don't read these cause they kinda give a few spoilers away. My next one that I will be posting of course will be Amen/Angel one shot and I spent most of my day when I wasn't working writing that one. And then after that I have a prequel one shot planned that will be primarily based around Kalma and OX after they're freed from Kalmaged's control. Anyway, here we go...

It was so bad at this point that Kalma couldn't move without pain. Shena had tried most of the healing balms she could make, but nothing could cure the severing of lifebonds. Even Izzy and Awa couldn't find a proper spell to help their comrade. All they could do now was wait and hope for the best. Kalma's breath came out in hitches and he trembled every so often. Shena was there, hardly ever leaving his side for anything.
"Did this happen to you when Mana cast that spell on me?" she asked OX as Kalma was finally forced into sleep.
"No, I just became a temperamental ass. I'm sorry, but this kinda makes me glad we aren't lifebonds" OX answered from a little ways from her.
"I can't imagine how hard it's gotta be for them...I wonder if Lauren feels what he goes through".
"Probably not seeing as how she's in a whole other dimension here. But I mean, it's possible. I personally don't think so though. And if she is where Phobos says she is, she's still close to him...well, in a sense, so that makes me wonder why he's feeling the way he is".
"That's what I've been wondering" Shena agreed, "If she's with Kalma in his previous life, then he should be okay. I mean that'd only make sense right?"
"It doesn't work that way" a voice interrupted them.
Shena and OX turned to see Lordi standing in the doorway.
"Hey, we thought you were out on patrol with Amen and the others?" Shena questioned.
"They can handle it just fine. How is he?"
"Not so great...He needs her back. It'll only be a matter of time before we lose him, and then I fear Thanatos will take over".
"No" Lordi shook his head, "Kalma is much stronger than that. He's resisted the Spirit of Thanatos before and he can do it again, with or without her. But at any rate, I don't think that's how lifebonding works. He has to be close to her, in this life preferably. But like said when we first found out they were lifebonds, not much is known about the connection itself. It's not easily severed, I can tell you that".
"So if she dies, will he? I mean, like for good, die?" OX asked.
"No, but he would be better off dead. He'd wander aimlessly looking for her, knowing full damn well she was dead".
"I can't see her future right now and I can't track her, but somehow I know she's safe".
"It's the mental link. Another quality between Tamers that's hard to sever, no matter where you are it seems".
"Lets just hope he can hang in there just a little longer..."

They were everywhere, the Oppressors, enemies of the revolution. Somehow they had found the hideout and were raiding it, killing everyone in sight. Lauren scrambled around, wide eyed, looking for Nicholas, for any sign of him. She hid when she needed to, called upon the spirits of the fallen to keep herself from normal eye views. But even in the guise, Lauren felt something, someone, watching her. The brave necromancer trembled under its power, whatever it was.
The spirits couldn't all keep her cloaked at the same time, eventually she was able to be seen again. She was pinned against the barricade, with two enemy soldiers pointing their guns at her. She was unarmed except for her powers, which she couldn't reveal in this time. She couldn't die, not here, not like this. Not without finding Nicholas...finding Kalma. She breathed heavy and looked between them. Lauren screamed as she heard gun fire in her direction and the voice of someone yelling: "NO!"
The world seemed to slow down in that instant. A leather clad figure fell to the ground at Lauren's feet, his long blonde locks covered in mud and blood. She took up the figure's shot gun and pointed it at a nearby barrel of gunpowder.
"Fall back!" she yelled, "Fall back or I blow the place!"
"Blow it up and take yourselves with it!"
Lauren looked down at the leather heap before her and then at the soldiers. Her finger grazed the trigger.
"And myself with it..."
"Back! BACK! Everyone get back! She's gonna blow it!"
The Oppressors quickly ran out, under the belief that she was going to do as she had threatened. Lauren threw the shotgun away and kneeled to the leather clad figure. Moving some bloody hair from its face she was shocked to find that it was...Nicholas!
"Nicholas...oh my god..." she sat him up a little in her arms and he grunted, "Oh god, did I hurt you?"
"Just a's okay...I'm fine".
"Why did you-"
"I promised nothing...ugh...nothing would happen to you. I couldn't let them...not you. The last" he coughed weakly, "damn good thing to ever happen to me. The last good thing to happen to me..."
"Don't talk like that. In fact don't talk at all, you''re hurt, but you're not gonna die. You can't die, not like this! Not because of me" Lauren's voice broke and her eyes filled with tears.
"Not...not because of you" he hissed in pain, "But for you...And I think...I think it's the greatest thing, you die for"
"Nicholas, please don't. I can get you inside and get you to a medic, it's gonna be fine!".
"No...Lauren...just stay, stay and let it be. You're all I need right now and satisfies".
Lauren closed her eyes, and was too tearful to speak. She felt his hand reach up and catch a falling tear with his thumb. Her eyes opened again and Nicholas smiled.
"I know those eyes...I'll remember them...I always will. I promise" his breathing became more labored and he trembled in her arms, "Promise me..."
"Promise kiss me when I'm gone...or maybe before...tell me you love me...even if you don't mean it".
The problem with that, was that she would mean it. She didn't want to admit it, but this man had done so much, too much for her to not love him. And now, here he was, dying so she could live.
Lauren leaned down and put her forehead to his. "I love you, Nicholas Gore...My name is Lauren Ringers...and we will see each other again" she kissed him before he could say another word and it was then slowly, he breathed his last.
Lauren sobbed loudly as she held his body close, kissing his head, his cheeks, anywhere she could reach. She could feel herself fading, but in that state, she felt something else. Something dark.
Something pure evil.
Lauren dared to look up and what she saw scared even her. It was a figure clad in a cloak of shadows. The skin that was visible was gray as old sea ice and translucent. His eyes were black as coals, with what appeared to be green and purple flames around them. Around his neck, oddly enough, was the rose quartz tracking stone. Phobos'.
"Oh you poor simple, naive little girl. Do you not see what you've done? What you've started?" his voice was deep but truly monstrous. It was the sound of every voice she ever knew, all rolled into one.
"Who...what are you?"
"Don't you fear for Nicholas Gore, for it's as you say. You will see him again. but in just a few moments...he won't even know you existed".
"You son of a keep your hands off of him!"
A wave of dark energy came from Lauren as she spoke this and the figure looked intrigued.
"Could it I could ever match him in such I've underestimated at least one of you petty humans".
"Don't touch him!"
"Oh but if what is to come to pass is to happen I must. It has already begun...the Spirit of Thanatos has chosen a new host...and you have your own time to return to. Begone, Lauren Ringers. I await the day we meet again!"
Her vision blackened and Lauren knew nothing else...

When she woke again, Lauren was on the floor of her bedroom at the Funeral Home. She trembled from the cold air drifting in through the window and weakly managed to stand. She looked around for any sign of Kalma. The bed had been used not too long ago, for the sheets and blankets were all in a disarray and the book, Keturah and Lord Death, was against the pillows. She picked up the book fondly and held it to her chest, smiling lightly. Thankfully her presence had changed nothing, or so Lauren hoped. She heard footsteps and looked toward her doorway.
"Shena!" the psychic was indeed in the hall passing by and to say she looked shocked to see Lauren was an understatement.
The two girls hugged and Lauren told her all about her experience in the past, with the exception of the strange figure from the last bit. She'd ask Kalma about that. But Lauren already had a good feeling as to who it had been.
"C'mon, he's been dying to see you...quite literally" Shena told her leading her to another room.
OX and the others looked surprised to see her, all asking her what had happened. All but one, Phobos. He knew what had happened. She'd completed her mission and now all he could do was hope that it worked.
"Guys I promise, I'll explain everything, but I need a moment with him...please?".
"Everyone out! NOW!" Skyler commanded and they all filed their way out of the room, with Phobos turning and winking at Lauren, who looked less than pleased at him.
The Chaotic shrugged and walked out, knowing she'd thank him later. Lauren sat down on the bed next to him, and gently moved a strand of white hair from his face. He stirred at her touch and in a flicker of emerald, an eye opened. He looked more than shocked to see her.
"Lauren!" his eyes went wide as he sat up quickly and looked her over, "I...I remember...".
"Remember what? You didn't forget me while I was gone did you?"
"No! No, no...Well, I did, but it wasn't like I chose to...Oh sweetheart, forgive me. It was like someone erased you up until this moment but..." he put a hand to her face, just like Nicholas once did, and looked in her eyes, "I remember those eyes...Lauren, it's me".
The necromancer looked into his own eyes and all she could see then was the man she'd grown to love in another place and time. Lauren smiled and new tears started to flow from her eyes. Happy ones.
"Nicholas...oh my god, it is you!" she hugged him tightly, "I'm so sorry you felt like you had to-"
"I couldn't let them hurt you...Sweetheart...I missed you so much. Did you mean it? When you said it?"
"Said heard that?"
"I did. But did you mean it?"
"This time? Yes, yes I did mean it".
Kalma pulled Lauren in closer. "Then stay with me. Don't ever, ever leave me again. I'm nothing without you, Lauren".
She snuggled into his chest just like all those years ago. "I promise...I'll never leave again...".

And so that ends that. I actually almost cried while typing this. Hope you guys liked it. Tomorrow I'll be starting work on Amen and Angel's lovely one shot :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:47 pm

aaww..that was a sweet shot..happy that they are together again and that Lauren finally said it :D
can't wait for the next shot ;)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:42 am

Okay so I finished my Amen/Angel one shot. Again, major spoilers for the upcoming Monster Tamers. Now granted some things aren't set in stone quite yet, but I get a feeling that this is how Amen and Angel's happy ending is gonna go. You'll know what I'm talking about when you're done reading this. So anyway, hope you like it. Next up is an MT prequel fic I've had on my mind for a while now.

Memoria Praeteritorum
By: Shadow Hound

There were many things Angel knew about the former Egyptian Queen Sheenataroma. She had a thing for wolves, particularly white ones. Angel knew it was a god of some kind, but she couldn't remember which one. That was odd itself, as she had impeccable memory when it came to Egyptian mythology.
Reluctantly, Angel Morris pulled herself from the arms of her sleeping monster partner and lover. She pulled her dark brown hair away from her face and padded her way outside to get some air out on the balcony. She was thankful for the chill fall air, which was different here in New York, especially since she'd spent most of her life in California.
Angel had chosen to stay in New York at Amen's insistence, but it hadn't been easy adjusting to it all. Hell, she was still growing into her evolutionary powers, as well as her role as a Tamer. Looking out at the city lights, Angel wondered if she'd ever get fully used to this. Her life had gone from being a simple junior in high school to being the world's secret weapon in a matter of almost two years.
Angel breathed heavily, almost in a sigh, trying to ease her senses back to a more controllable level and cool herself off. It hadn't been a bad dream that caused this reaction in her. No, far from it. But it was, for lack of a more...appropriate word, heated. Angel rubbed the fossilized scarab on her wrist, whispering calming Egyptian words between breaths, a method Amen himself had taught her when she was still trying to control her powers the summer before.
The sound of soft strumming on guitar strings brought Angel out of her thoughts. When she went back inside, she found Amen in his human glamour, with one of her acoustics in hand. Never did he look more serene as when he had an instrument in hand. He played a couple notes before looking over at his tamer and lover.
"I was wondering where you went" he said as he put it aside.
"Sorry if it bothered you. I needed some air" she took her place next to him.
"Bad dream?"
Angel shrugged. "You could say that".
Amen raised an eyebrow. "Your heartbeat was spiking a few minutes ago. I could hear it. Mind telling me what's up?"
"It''s not for you to worry about. Just a lot on my mind I suppose".
"Angel Morris as your partner in love and combat anything wrong with you is mine to worry about".
"Nothing's wrong, I promise".
He heard her heartbeat as she said the words. A small spike, but it spoke volumes. She was lying.
"And you're lying. Angel, whatever's bothering you, you know you can tell me".
"It's complicated".
"No. I'm complicated. Calculus is complicated. You? Complicated? Nah...Hm...I could go digging into your head-"
"NO! Absolutely not!"
"Ah so you are hiding something in there" his faint blue eyes glinted mischievously, "Spill or I'm going in".
"I..." Angel sighed, "Fine, 'cause I can't seem to win with you".
"Good" the mummy's glamour faded and he laid back on the bed with his hands behind his head, "Get comfy, 'cause knowing you, this is a situation you're gonna blow out of proportion".
Angel rolled her eyes and laid down, putting her head on his chest. Amen put an arm around her, while his other hand ran soothingly through her hair. Angel sighed.
"You remember when I kept having visions of the past?" she asked.
"Yeah, why? Is it happening again?"
"I think so, just not in my waking life. Call me crazy, do I explain this without sounding preposterous?"
"Simple, just say it".
"Well...they're mostly about you and Sheena"
Amen went stiff. He was still particularly sensitive about this situation. "What all did you see?"
"A lot of stuff...and let's just say not all of it was pg rated..."
"Is that...jealousy I'm hearing?"
"I'm jealous yes, but not because of that".
"Oh?" things were about to get intense as he felt Angel's pulse quicken in an almost painful way.
"Yeah, like I said it's complicated".
"Nope, nowhere near...keep going, I know there's more".
Angel shifted so she was looking him right in the eyes. "I need to you still love her?"
Her partner's breath hitched. He hadn't expected Angel to put him on the spot like that. He knew the question would come, yes, but not this soon into the relationship. It was still young, still trying to take off. Amen had asked himself that many times and each time he admitted he still felt strongly for Sheenataroma. Of course he loved her still, how couldn't he? After all he'd gone through, even in his madness, she still had loved him. Angel deserved an honest answer.
"Yes" he told her with a sigh, "I always will".
Angel's eyes watered as she got up and tried to walk away.
"I won't make you choose then".
Amen wouldn't let her go easy. He never played nice, especially not with the ones he loved. "Then why walk away? You walk off, and that's forcing a choice. I admitted I loved her still, yes, but you can love more than one person at a time, especially if that other person is dead".
"You want her back" Angel said simply as she looked away.
Amen pulled her back down and held her close. "It'd be nice, but I know it'll never happen".
"So I'm just a second chance? Your second choice?"
"That's not what I meant. You are Sheenataroma and you are Angel Morris. You're not my first nor my second. No, you're my only choice and chance. And I wouldn't trade you for anything or anyone else".
Angel appeared thoughtful for a moment. "Tell me about her".
"What do you wanna know?"
"Anything. Everything. I'm thinking it might actually do us both some good".
So he told her and Angel listened intently. She recognized some parts of the story from her past life interference, but Angel never interrupted. She was a firm worshiper of the god Wepwawet, the wolf god of war and hunting. Sheenataroma had been the original Robin Hood, stealing from the nobles and giving them to the less fortunate. Her reputation proceeded her and Amen had been intrigued.
They met while on their own missions, catching one another in the process. Needless to say it was probably the most awkward situation Amen had ever been in. So, they struck a deal. She had tried to steal from him, the penalty for which was death. But at the same time, he knew the Queen of Thieves was a symbol to the people. Nothing good would come of killing her. So he would allow her to keep her life in exchange for her hand. Both would keep each other's secrets. Sheenataroma had reluctantly agreed.
"Jeez Amen, you were an ass even back then" Angel noted.
"Hey I couldn't afford to screw around back then. I did what I had to do to keep my little secret under wraps...crap, no pun intended".
So Sheena had been forced to marry the man she despised the most. In her mind, he was the reason her people suffered in Lykopolis. He hadn't understood her logic at first until he visited the city himself and saw firsthand how the nobility treated the poor. So, in hopes of winning the Thief Queen's heart, he placed in protective laws over the poorer citizens of the city, providing many families with as much food, clothing, and property as could be managed. As punishment, Amen dealt his own sense of justice to the oppressive nobles.
He took their lives and their families.
Sheena took their fortunes.
And under them, Egypt thrived.
Slowly but surely she had warmed up to him. She had seen that Amen was a capable leader and on top of that he'd practically saved her people. What had started out as a partnership, as a deal made in darkness, became one of history's most beautiful forgotten love stories.
But all stories had an ending, and the fall from grace was a hard fall indeed.
"I know they caught you first, but what happened to her?" Angel asked.
Amen's eyes turned to sharp jagged pieces of ice and his fist clenched. He closed his eyes and sighed.
"They swore if I came to them willingly they'd be merciful...they swore they would wait until after..." he couldn't bring himself to finish. If he did, he knew his heart would break all over again.
Angel understood and gasped lightly. Her heart broke all over again for him. She put his arms around her once more and snuggled back into his chest.
"I'm so horrible that must've been...but thank you for telling me all that. God I should've known...and now that I do it seems far too obvious".
"There was no way you could've" he kissed her head, trying to calm himself.
"Well I mean, maybe we were wrong. Maybe we shouldn't have rushed into this. needed time to properly grieve over this. You lost so much in one night-".
"True as that may be I've gained so much too. We didn't rush into anything, love".
Angel looked up at him once more with a small smile, which her partner returned in kind, but there was still a hint of sadness.
"It'll hurt for as long as I live, Angel. But don't you ever mistake that hurt for anymore than what it is. I can promise you, you're more precious to me than all the world".
"Also, I've been thinking. What's gonna happen when all this is over and you guys have to go back? I mean, will you just forget about me or what?"
"First off, forget you?! Hell no! Never gonna happen. Second...whoever said I was going back?"
Angel gazed up at him shocked. "You're not?!"
"Well...I was gonna wait til after all this was over to surprise you, but no, I'm not going back to the Monster World".
"But why? Its your home"
"This world was my home too, long before I became this".
"But wait, you're like...still dead and stuff".
"Which brings me to my next point. I've been talking to Izzy and Awa lately-"
"Oh god, everyone knows when you talk to Izzy nothing good comes of it".
"Anyway, I've been talking to them and they're working on a little something to possibly make human glamours...permanent. They think now that Clarissa's here, this may be more than possible".
"So you'd be a man again? An ordinary man?"
"Well they still have some kinks they have to work out but for the most part yes, I'll be just an ordinary guy".
"You would give all this up for me?".
"Angel, sweetheart, you are my world entire. Wherever you are, that's where I'm meant to be. One century in that world is nothing compared to one exquisite moment by your side".
Angel smiled. "Well look at you being all romantic, poetic and stuff".
"If that's what it takes to get you to agree to this little scheme of mine and of course it's the truth".
"Then you succeeded" Angel kissed him softly, "Now let's go back to sleep. I'm exhausted"
"Couldn't have said it better myself".
Angel closed her eyes and relaxed. Everything was fine now and they both knew that once and for all, they would never have to face such darkness alone ever again...

Oh jeez I'm tired. Hope you guys liked that. The next update probably won't be for another few days 'cause I got an original story I'm working on, as well as my prequel one shot, which like said will be pretty action packed :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:09 pm

that chapter was so cute...Amen really loves Angel :)
can't wait to read that prequel :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:24 am

Thank you AOD and yes he most certainly does :)
The prequel will be coming to you guys soon, but I thought this funny little ficlet will hold you over for a bit. I got this from Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures: Gus's Squirrelly Situation. At least I think that's what it's called. But here goes nothing:

Kalma's Squirrelly Situation
By: Shadow Hound

OX looked up from his book as the door slammed and in stomped an angry Kalma. The zombie was covered in mud, possibly from the rain and all outside. He took a place at the dining room table, across from OX, a sour look on his face. He let out a huff of a breath. The minotaur rolled his eyes and sighed aggravated.
"What the hell happened now?" he asked, not even bothering to look up.
"I have a damn bone to pick again".
"With the damn squirrels at my cemetery!"
"Oh god..."
Amen popped his head out of the doorway to the kitchen, curious now. Something similar had happened before, and it was always funny when the zombie found himself in these situations. The mummy took a place a little ways from them and tried to hold back a laugh.
"Are you being bullied by small animals again, Kalma?"
"Shut the hell up, I'm not. Next time I'm just gonna shoot the little asshole".
"I don't see why you don't do that now" OX murmured, still not looking up from his book.
Amen smirked. "What happened?"
"There's this community garden kinda close to my cemetery, and Lauren goes there a lot and she grows fruits, vegetables, and crap".
"She grows crap? Didn't know that was possible" Amen chuckled.
"Shut up, Amen, god...Anyway, it's under a pecan tree so every once in a while like a little pecan will fall from the tree and a sprout will come up. Well Lauren decided it'd be nice to take a pecan and grow it by my grave. I thought that was really sweet of her so I let her do it".
"Awww, well ain't that nice" OX finally now looked up.
"Yeah, well, anyway, that was about a week ago-"
"Hold on, are you telling them about the squirrel?!" Lordi called from another room.
"Oh god, does everyone wanna hear it?!"
"It's too funny to not hear, what are you talking about?" the demontroll came in and took another spot at the table, "Don't mind me, continue".
Kalma sighed and rolled his eyes, " like she and I started taking care of it together. We were watering it and taking really good care of it and it was starting to take-"
When Kalma looked up, there were two others at the table. Awa and Kita had somehow snuck into the room and took spots near the table to listen. Despite feeling utterly humiliated, Kalma couldn't stop at this point.
"Seriously? was starting to take and turning all green and stuff it was awesome. Well, yesterday I went on patrol with Lordi here and...oh god...there at my grave site was that fucking squirrel!"
"Oh jeez..." Kita mumbled.
"What happened?" Awa asked, sounding surprisingly concerned.
"He had ripped it out of the ground, bit off the stem, bit off the root and just ate the nut that was like the seed! I was like...'What the fuck?!' and the squirrel goes running and I'm like 'God damn!'"
Amen, OX, Kita, and Lordi all burst into laughing fits. Kalma sunk in his chair as if from embarrassment, but continued on.
"I was like 'you fucking little asshole!'. Like he was starting to take off with it and I swear to god, he had it in his mouth and like turned to look at me as if to say 'deal with it!'. I was so fuckin' angry".
"Did...did you give chase?!" Amen asked between laughing fits.
Kalma looked down. "Yes...yes I chased him"
The laughing fits got louder and Kalma almost wanted to die all over again from the embarrassment of it all. He had been tempted to shoot the damn squirrel but he knew Lauren would've found out and she would've gotten upset that he'd killed a small animal.
"And that is why I frikkin' hate small animals...".

This brought a smile to my face even when I was typing it. I love that story so much. I might do another one of these where Kita finds his creeper parents on minecraft. I think that would be funny too :lol: . But anyway, I'll be working on the prequel tonight, I plan to write it out before I post it here, cause everyone knows I suck at action scenes and they take a lot of time for me to make.
-Amari the Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sat Jan 17, 2015 6:30 am

Okay so I got the prequel done a little sooner that I thought I would. Anyway, I think this was one of my more detailed one shots that's not in parts. Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

The Fall of the Time Empire
By: Shadow Hound
Over a thousand years ago, my brother in arms and I liberated the Time Empire, a once peaceful place that, as we know now, is its own dimension. Together, we moved to strike down the self proclaimed “King of Time”, a sorcerer whose desire to control us still burned…

Two lone figures stood atop of a ridge some distance from the once beautiful empire, which was now a warzone. The sky above them was dark, like a storm was on its way. The ground beneath them was covered in ash and stained red with the blood of the fallen and slaughtered. They both had seen many battles, but none so much like this.
Ox, once known as Asterion, was the bigger of the two. He appeared to be what we humans would call a minotaur, but an undead one. His black hair was covered in a helmet of sorts, made of tiger eye like material. But it was light weight enough for him to still be able to move. His peridot green eyes glinted in the faint light. In his hand was a large heavy looking war hammer and around his neck were six distinct stones, each one giving him a special power.
His smaller companion was more human, but still looked less than inviting. He was shorter of course, with dark gray decaying flesh. He was far more zombie than human. His white hair was tied back, unusual from what he was used to. His helmet was forged from what looked like gabbros, black granite or even obsidian, like the rest of his armor. In one hand he held a slim, ebony weapon which ended in a curved blade. It was a sickle, much smaller and easier to use than a scythe, though he probably would’ve preferred that weapon. Like his bigger companion he wore a chain of six other stones, and had been given an extra one by someone who cared for him, but it was in his armor, out of sight. He looked across the field to the dark crystal covered palace ahead with skeptical emerald eyes.
“Coward” the smaller one growled lightly, “Walled up in his fortress as if it were a tomb. And if we’re lucky, it just might be one here soon”.
Ox shook his head. “Our ground forces can’t advance beyond his crystal field. And you know what he can do to the rest of our brothers, unable to defend themselves without-“
“They’re not my brothers” the zombie spat.
“Kalma…I understand you have a lot of hatred for this…thing…but we need to plan this out and be careful. Rushing in to attack won’t get us anywhere. I want this over just as much as you do, but with as little bloodshed as possible. We only need a small window of attack now. To our credit, he’s lost a lot of ground. Our powers should do away with him nicely”.
Kalma looked skeptical. “And if they don’t?”
“Why do you think they’d fail?”
“Ox, surely you know by now that I’m a man that likes to look at the facts. And the fact of the matter is that we’re going up against someone with far more magic skills than us. In fact, he taught us all we know. He probably knows us better than anyone-“ Kalma noticed Ox was giving him a look that told him he was babbling, “I was simply being hypothetical”.
“Well, hypothetically speaking, Kalma, we’re prepared just in case”.
The zombie smirked confident and cocky now. “Indeed…he knows not what forces he’s tampering with. Come, let us not stay his, or perhaps our, end any further”.
Using his own special magic, Kalma disappeared into the shadows, becoming almost completely invisible. Ox rolled his eyes.
“Arrogant as ever…what am I gonna do with you, Kalma?” Ox followed in after him.
It took them a couple minutes, but finally the two of them broke in through one of the glass windows and the stones around their necks glowed, lighting the darkness around. Focusing their power, the two brothers in arms sent a ray of light down upon the figure cloaked in shadows. The dark crystals around them shattered and the air filled with debris and dark smoke. Kalma looked around.
“Was that it?” he asked.
Before anything else could be said, the shadow figure emerged from the dust and with a blast of dark energy, sent Ox flying through the air. The figure with his green and purple enflamed black eyes stared at Kalma, as if looking into his soul, or at least what was left of it. The sorcerer used another dark energy wave to send the zombie crash landing into the wall opposite of Ox, before sliding down the floor. The sorcerer turned his attention back to the undead minotaur, who, in a burst of energy sent another bright beam of energy at his former master.
The sorcerer was temporarily blinded, giving Ox enough time to make his move. Ox bashed Kalmaged’s chin with the war hammer, sending him flying in an almost comedic fashion. Meanwhile, Kalma managed to get up from his place on the floor, dodging falling pieces of crystal with his sickle and countering Kalmaged’s attacks. To Kalma’s envy, the time traveler wielded a scythe as his weapon. The zombie headbutt the sorcerer away and, with his own magic, leaped up in the air and levitated in place. Kalma concentrated his energy, creating what looked like a white pentacle in the air. The diversion gave Ox enough time to strike from behind and Kalma joined in at a rush on his own side. The sorcerer smirked arrogantly and before they could strike, cloaked the room in shadows, which pushed the two into opposite ends of the throne room.
Kalma’s vision went black as dark crystal pinned him against the wall and his sickle fell from his hand as he slid into near unconsciousness. Ox himself was encased in the dark crystal, but he would not falter. The minotaur busted out of the crystal like it were only glass and struck downwards toward Kalmaged. With dust and smoke surrounding him, Ox looked around, unable to see him at first.
“Show yourself, coward!” Ox roared.
A low toned, wicked laugh penetrated the air and Ox sensed a movement behind him. With his war hammer, he turned and matched up with Kalmaged’s scythe. Quicker than the sorcerer could blink, Ox had him down on the floor, the hammer and Ox’s hoof on his chest. Above him, the minotaur snarled.
“It’s over Kalmaged. Surrender now!” he commanded.
Kalmaged chuckled darkly. “So…much…hatred!” the scythe came to his hand and he used it to cut at Ox’s foot, the sting from it was enough to get him off, “You speak of cowardice, beast. Have you forgotten whose domain you are in?”
Ox growled as the cut in his foot healed. Kalmaged tried to strike once more with the scythe, but the minotaur dodged the attack and hit his face with the blunt handle of his hammer. Their weapons collided with a loud bang, as each one tried to overpower the other.
“I don’t care what dark deals you’ve made, and with whom, you will fall!” Ox threatened.
“It seems even the gods lack purity now. I can taste your wrath, beast. And it…is delicious”.
“Silence you monster!” Ox sent another beam of energy at his former master, who disappeared in a thick cloud of black smoke. The last thing Ox felt was the touch of something small and cold on the back of his neck…
Meanwhile, the crystal that held Kalma in place started to crack and the zombie was slowly stirring back into consciousness. He struggled to move a little while Ox was trapped in what he would describe later as a world of his own nightmare…
Ox opened his eyes and looked around. It was night and the room was darker than before. The minotaur snarled.
“Show yourself!” he yelled but when he looked around, there was only a lone, slim figure standing in front of a large, moonlit window.
Ox recognized it quickly as Kalma and he felt himself calm.
“Kalma…thank goodness. It’s just you”.
“Yes Ox…it is only me” he turned and Ox saw that the zombie’s eyes had gone from emerald green to sapphire blue, almost glowing. In his hands was a large ebony scythe.
The sight of this change, strange and unknown, unnerved Ox. But at the same time a primal part of him knew what it was and it made him tremble.
“No…Kalma…please. It doesn’t need to be like this…brother”.
“Oh…but I’m afraid it does!”
Kalmaged watched the illusion, intrigued by his former slave’s worst fear. Kalma, of all things…interesting.
The zombie heard Ox cry out his name and flew back into full blown consciousness. Kalmaged’s thoughts were interrupted as he felt something sharp stab into his back. The time traveler turned and saw that Kalma had broke free and surrounding him were six copies of the sickle that had landed into his back. Kalmaged gave the zombie a daring look as the wound instantly healed and the sickle copy faded.
“So be it then” Kalma thought, “Now is my chance…I won’t let them down”.
The zombie’s eyes glowed, sending the other copy sickles into the air at the sorcerer. Kalmaged summoned a large crystal from the floor and the sickles landed harmlessly into it. But Kalma rushed in, using the real sickle to cut through the crystal and strike his former master. Kalmaged parried the zombie’s blow and blasted him to the other side of the room. Kalma simply leaped off the wall and tried to strike again, but the time traveler was too quick as he moved out of the way.
“Relentless as always, Nicholas. Why such lengths to protect his petty, imperialistic interests?” Kalmaged wondered aloud.
“You know, you’re an idiot if you think that’s what I’m fighting for!” Kalma summoned all his energy and teleported quickly to give Kalmaged two strikes across the face.
The sorcerer, quick as ever, used his scythe to knock Kalma to the ground and give him a cut of his own. Kalmaged disarmed him, tossing the sickle away. But Kalma wouldn’t give up so easily. Using the power from his spare stone, he created a temporarily effective barrier that gave him enough time to get up and heal himself. Kalmaged didn’t like that at all, and in that moment, Kalma saw the source of his power: A chain around his neck with a simple piece of rose quartz. Another Power Stone, Kalma realized with surprised. He had made one of his own. Kalmaged smirked and reduced the zombie’s sickle to ash while using shadow magic to trap the zombie in a dark crystalline prison. Kalma rushed against it, trying to break it, but it wouldn’t yield. He stared at Kalmaged with disgust and determination.
“Release me” he commanded.
Kalmaged chuckled. “Oh, in due time, Nicholas. I was curious as to why that beast would fear you. It’s clear he’s in the right to do so”.
“Ox doesn’t fear me!” Kalma objected.
“Hm, you shall see before long. Tell me, Kalma” the sorcerer inched closer to the crystal prison, “Do you really think any of these creatures you’ve aligned yourself with truly understand death, and all of its glory?”
“Don’t act as if you do either, Kalmaged”.
“Oh but that’s where you’re wrong. I understand it perfectly. Hm, if I’m meant to be a tyrant, if the best kind of slave is the most willing-“
“Shut up!” Kalma yelled and the prison shook with his rage.
“You can deny my warnings all you wish, Nicholas. But your fate will never change”.
“Shut the hell up!”
But Kalmaged continued. “Even if by some miracle you and Ox were to defeat me now, you’d only sooner fall to him…and then even to humans”.
“You’re lying! We’d never ally ourselves with humans!”
“You will see. In fact, if I recall correctly, you’ve already met the human you’re going to submit to someday. Extraordinary little creature that one. I can’t wait to face her someday”.
“You bastard…”
“But at any rate, why should you be forced to choose? You see, this world, and others even beyond it, will face many threats in the future. I’ve seen it. Wouldn’t it make sense to stand against them together?”
“I would sooner take my own life than submit to you again!”
“Submit?” Kalmaged chuckled, “Such a strong word…but you’ve already submitted to Ox, and even the mighty Lord of Lapland, and like you will to that little human?”
Kalma looked a little taken aback, which didn’t go unnoticed by Kalmaged. He went on, smiling darkly.
“I admire your resolve, Nicholas. I always have. Now I understand why the Spirit of Thanatos chose you as its newest host. You are strong. Far more fit to rule the Monster World. Far more deserving of respect than Ox, Lordi, or any of his inferior creatures. Because imagine, one day, even they must yield to you. But you have the opportunity now, right at this moment, to destroy them and take your rightful place, Kalma. Just as we always planned. Together, we can show this world what it truly means to fear Death”.
“Give me one good reason as to why I should? One you actually think I’d give a shit about”.
“Don’t you understand, Nicholas? They will tolerate you, maybe even pretend to accept you as one of their own. But never, never shall they trust or truly want you around. They know you carry the spirit of Thanatos, the ending of all endings”.
Kalma closed his eyes and appeared to take his words into consideration. A small part of him dared to believe it. But with that same realization came another: He didn’t care if they accepted or wanted him. All that mattered now was one thing: Redemption.
“You know…the only thing I can think of as you say that is simply this: You are an idiot” he dared to say it aloud, “You think I honestly care if they love or hate me? Do you think that’s what I care about?” Kalma could feel something rising in him, a strength he had never felt before, “Let them hate me. Let them lie to me and believe what they want. They don’t know me…anymore than you do!”
With his green eyes alight, with a single stomp of his foot, the black crystal cage shattered to tiny pieces around Kalma. The strength was he felt was almost beyond bearing. Kalmaged smirked, feeling it as well.
“So be it” the sorcerer dissolved into shadows and the two charged at one another. As they collided, Kalma felt nauseous as something small round and cold hit his neck. He realized it was Kalmaged’s stone. Trying to resist its effect, Kalma plunged and rolled to the ground, knocking his helmet off and breathing hard.
“Such a shame, Nicholas” Kalmaged murmured, “You had such potential” he turned his attention back to Ox, still stuck in his nightmare world.
Kalma’s breaths came out in gasps. His eyes went wide and his fists clenched. He kept telling himself to not give in, but another part, a deeper, darker part, had other plans. Kalma gave up the fight and closed his eyes. What he felt then was something he didn’t fully understand, but that he didn’t repulse or fear either. It felt…right. It felt…liberating. He started to laugh, not even sounding like himself.
Oh you simple minded creature” Kalma, but yet not Kalma, stated dangerously, “You think you found an ally in Death. Do you even comprehend the powers you’ve been gifted with? The same powers I was KILLED INTO!
When the zombie turned, he looked almost skeletal, with blue eyes that burned sapphire colored. He retained most of his armor, but across his chest was a pair of chains and the shadows flowed behind him like a cape, or perhaps even wings. Ox’s other stones were gone from his neck, merging with the other six that this creature, who, or whatever it was, wore. He approached Kalmaged, his eyes alight with a dreadful glee.
Where do you think souls of the wicked go to hide from light, from life? Just who do you think stands against them?” Kalma held out his hand and like a magnet the sorcerer’s scythe came to it, “What you possess is a mere fraction of their might, the same might I stand unyielding against each and every time something breathes its last!
“Stay back!” Kalmaged panicked and sent an orb of red energy at this creature, who swung the blade and sent the orb harmlessly away.
You see Kalmaged, you are nothing compared to them…you are nothing compared to ME!” Kalma lunged at the time traveler and held the blade of the scythe to his throat, “You claim you want to show the world to fear death?! I shall show you are there are fates worse than that! It’s the least I can do!
The sorcerer was wide eyed with fear. “What…what in the hell are you?”
The stones attached themselves to small slots in the handle of the scythe as Kalma smirked. “You can call me…Kalmageddon…The Unholy Ghost!
He swung the blade, and Kalmaged the Time Traveler, or at least one of his clones, was no more…
When Ox woke everything was all fog and ash again. He gasped and let out a cry: “Kalma!”
“What is it?” the zombie hurried to the minotaur’s side, back to how he was before the battle, as if nothing had even happened.
“Oh praise be you’re alright!” Ox got up and, not caring about Kalma’s reaction hugged him close, “Where are we…what happened to…” he looked at Kalma.
The zombie looked down with a guilty look. “Kalmaged is…is no more. Or at least I think it was him. It could’ve been one of his clones but I’m not sure. But the empire, the whole kingdom, he…I-“
“To banish an entire kingdom like this” Ox looked thoughtfully at the ground, “How much power and hatred were we really dealing with here?” he looked over at Kalma, “Overall, I’m just grateful you’re unharmed, and were able to get us out safely”.
“That’s not all. I got this” Kalma pulled out the rose quartz from a crack in his armor, “He created a Power Stone all his own. I think that’s what got you all caught up. I would know…he tried to use it on me as well”.
“Oh god…Kalma I’m so sorry-“
“Can I ask you a couple things? One’s a personal question but on the other I want an honest opinion”.
“Sure…I guess…”
“What do you think of the idea of allying with humans?” Kalma asked.
“Hm…I’m open to the idea. It’s actually one that Lordi has been considering. But right now, they’re not ready. The timing isn’t right. Kalmaged won’t be going for the human world anytime soon. What was the other?”
“Ox, have I ever given you any reason to be afraid of me?”
The minotaur looked at him strangely. “Kalma, I know you hate this, but we’re brothers in arms. No you’ve never given me a reason to be afraid of you. You have a lot of power at your disposal, and you’re possibly more efficient in magic than I am. But to be honest, no. You’ve never given me a reason to be afraid. Did Kalmaged try to tell you otherwise?”
Kalma simply nodded and Ox shook his head. “He screwed with both our heads apparently. C’mon, we need to bear news of this defeat to Lordi and the others. I hope they can understand that not every fight will be a victory”.
“I agree…brother”.
“Kalma…are you sure you’re alright?”
“Yeah I’m fine. Let’s get back. You lead the way”.
“Alright, but if you need to talk I’m here”.
“I’m fine, don’t worry”.
Kalma watched as Ox started off towards home, wherever that was now. Had he imagined all of that? What was that power he’d felt? It didn’t make any sense…but for just a minute, when Ox has his back turned, Kalma felt it again. Just a spark of power, but it was strong enough to send a message.
He hadn’t imagined a damn thing.
Slowly he followed Ox back into the cold arctic darkness, leaving behind what was left of a once powerful kingdom…

It was a long time before we knew what actually happened that night. Kalmaged hadn’t banished the empire, Kalma himself had. It’d been accident of course, but we couldn’t believe it when we first heard about it. He had turned the Time Empire into its very own dimension, allowing time to flow freer, something that made our lives both easier and more difficult. But it was an even longer time before we discovered the reason why Kalma was so charged that night.
In another world, another place and time, a child was born. That child was a necromancer, and would begin a long line of necromancers. A bloodline, when traced forward over a thousand years later, would land on one girl, a simple human child with wavy brown hair…and the bluest eyes my brother ever recalled seeing…

That was long as heck! Oh my god I'm so tired after writing that. Anyway, I hope you guys liked it :)
-Amari The Hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:42 pm

poor Kalma, the other monsters laughing so with him..but it was funny, I have to admit that :D
the prequel surely was interesting to read, you did a good job with that :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:08 pm

Awww thanks AOD :) I worked hars on it. My next one shot is probably gonna be more Ox/Shena based. When im done writing one for the tamers im gonna go back to the actual story though my updates will be a little farther between. Sorry guys
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Angel Of Death » Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:20 pm

it's okay that the updates will be more far in worries about that :)
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Scarletvixen » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:14 am

Guess who :D.

Just wanted to say Im loving these one shots
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:21 am

Hello there vixen :) welcome back to the board ^^
A few more one shots to come either later tonight or tomorrow :D
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Scarletvixen » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:26 am

*squeeeee* I cant wait :D
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Shadow Hound » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:13 pm

Hey guys sorry I didn't post anything yesterday had a lot going on and I've made the decision to move out of my house here soon. Not sure when but soon ill be out of here and free from all the crap thats been going on and work on getting my sense of self worth back.
Im working on Shena and Ox's one shot and I even have plans for a new monster and tamer pair. Scarlet vixen you probably know who im talking about. Yep, Amari the Hellhound is getting a tamer! Dun! Dun! Dun! :shock: so she'll probably show up in the next monster tamers I cant wait ^^
-Amari the hellhound
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Re: The Hellhound comes home

Postby Scarletvixen » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:57 pm

hugs you tightly* you know you are the most amazing person. and hehe tis the reason i made an account to se you post your new stuff :D
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